tagNonHumanThe Vampire of Halloween

The Vampire of Halloween


There is a myth around my little town of Kingwood, TX that there is a vampire who only arises on Halloween to feast and rape young virgins. Now I didn't believe that until last Halloween. My name is Larissa and this is my story.

It was Halloween night of 2001 and me and my little sister and some friends of ours were getting ready to go out to make our rounds at Trick-or-Treating. We had all heard the rumors about the vampire but we didn't think anything of it. That year I had decided to go dressed up as a harem dancer. So there I was in my skimpy little outfit with the make up piled on ready to go when my little sister decides she doesn’t want to go with me but she wants to go with mom and dad. So me and my friend Klarisia decided to go have some fun on our own. We had both decided that dressing, as harem dancers would best show off our 38C breasts and our flat stomachs. That and both of us were bi-sexual helped.

We had both fooled around with each other before so we were comfortable with each other and decided that tonight we would let the world know. We figured that being Halloween people would just think we were kidding. So as we set off my mom yelled, "don't forget about the vampire. Don't go near any dark alleys or the woods." "Ok mom," I yelled as we walked out the door laughing.

Both of us wanted to try and fool around a little bit while we were out but first we wanted the good stuff. As we were walking from house to house doing little dances or whatever for the people we teased each other as well. Everyone thought it was cute including the vampire that was watching us. I had felt a presence but thought that it was my imagination. I leaned out to Klarisia and asked "babe do you feel like something is watching us?" "Yeah I thought it was only me but I do feel it and I am glad you do too. Its kinda erotic knowing that maybe its a guy that is watching us get off on each other." We walked away from the last house laughing.

Tradlye, the vampire was standing there in the shadows watching us. We could feel him but couldn't see him. And somewhere in the back of my mind I knew his name and wanted to go to him, wanted him to take me and I knew that Klarisia wanted that as well. We had always shared that bond that we knew what each other wanted. Tradlye knew this and was taking advantage of it. He was luring us toward him and we were going willingly.

We walked up to him, he took us in his cape and we started to fly. And somehow as we were flying his mind started to strip us of our little harem outfits. Piece by piece they fell off to the ground below. When we got to his lair in the woods we were both completely naked and dripping wet for each other and for him. With his mind he commanded us to touch each other and make love to each other.

I started to kiss Klarisia and feel her breasts. As I started to go down on her Tradlye started to strip himself and enjoy what we were doing to each other. I could see his fangs starting to grow with bloodlust and I could see his cock grow with lust in itself. He was huge. At least 10 inches. Both of us started moaning when we saw it. I started to eat Klarisia out, darting my tongue in and out of her as she pulled on my hair and caressed her breasts. Tradlye commanded us to lie down and do a 69 so we did and conveniently there was a bed right there.

As Klarisia started to eat my out I saw Tradlye stroke his cock to the rhythm of our moans and groans. I stuck 2 fingers up inside her as she did the same to me. Tradlye came over teeth bared and bit Klarisia on the neck. As he sucked she sucked harder on my clit making me cum hard. I sucked on her and she came hard and fast enjoying the pleasure and the pain of both ends.

Tradlye pulled Klarisia off me and threw her to the side. He looked at me with eyes that told that he wanted me and wanted me now. I looked at him and said, "Take me but be warned I am a virgin." "My pet virgins are the only ones I take. Which is why I chose you and your friend. But then I realized that she isn’t a virgin but you are. So my pet tonight you are mine and tonight you will become mine forever." " But..." "No buts, tonight and forever you are mine."

He started to slip his finger inside me along with his teeth into my breast. I moaned out in pleasure and pain as he did this. When he felt that I was ready enough, he climbed on top of me and slid himself into me inch by inch. When he came the barrier he took me in his arms tighter, sunk his teeth all the way in and then completely took me by thrusting into me hard and fast. It was pure pleasure. I felt the pain but it did not register to me. I knew then that I would never be the same and never go back home. The thought didn’t bother me much. As he thrust in and out of me I was starting to feel weak with the loss of blood and the impending orgasm. I started to cum just as he sprayed his load into me screaming and crying out.

As I was cumming he slit his wrist with his nail and made me drink his blood. I drank and drank until he pulled away. As he pulled out of me I felt the changes come threw me. And I knew then I was his forever.

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