tagLesbian SexThe Vampire's Goddess

The Vampire's Goddess


Dirt, clay, and mud drenched the tires and painted the white pickup brown. The edges of the outer patch that held the tear in the metal on the driver's side of the bed together could barely be seen and the grill needed to be washed. But there was a slight smile on the goddess' face as she pulled into the driveway of her private residence and pulled around back. She rolled up right next to the lawn, glancing at the welding torch standing in front of the garage and wondering for a brief moment why it was between the two doors rather than in front of the one directly before her. She let it go, however, as she had probably moved it herself and forgotten. After more millennia than she could count of life, a deity's mind wasn't exactly perfect anymore.

The slamming of the truck door was not the first indication to a strange woman inside the large house that the mistress of his this home had at last returned. A black tapestry of stars topped the night-darkened mix of long shadows and hidden beauty, yet to the ancient vampire, it was as plain as day. Her lily-white skin was paler even than her lovely white dress, an old-fashioned Sunday best completed with diamond-covered fairy-shaped earrings, a dazzling diamond necklace resting comfortably between her ample breasts, and a pair of cute white sandals topped with daisies. Her golden-blonde bun left no stray hairs to be played with, and her nails were unpainted but perfect.

The mistress of the house was far less elegant. Unlike the vampire whose mind she sensed as she stepped inside, her face bore no freckles. Her steel-toed American flag Converse sneakers weren't completely clean, but neither were they filthy. Her form-fitting Wranglers had dirt stains on them and a few rips here and there in the legs, but they were as treasured to her as a chest of Spanish gold was to a pirate. Her black t-shirt bore the image of a happy Yoshi waving around Mario's hat - clearly marking her as a fan of Nintendo. The metroid earrings didn't hurt that image either, though unique among this apparent set was the bracelet on her left wrist: several lines of seashells strung together beautifully. Then, of course, there was the choker she wore: interlocking bronze plates flashing just below her blood-red hair. Her nails were painted a dark green and her hands were clean as they tossed her keys onto the small table. She locked the door behind her and turned to the woman. She didn't bother flipping on the hall light; she could see as well as the vampire in the darkness.

"What are you doing here?" the goddess asked the creature of the night.

The vampire did not smile. She seemed rather cold, though perhaps that was merely a marker of her undeath, yet graceful and elegant as she slowly stepped forward. While the goddess' voice was slightly deeper than that of a typical woman's and as strong as her body, the vampire's voice was smooth and coy like the babbling of a gentle brook as it sang nature's lullaby.

"I keep a legal investigator on retainer who keeps tabs on anything - or anyone - that might somehow trace back to me. It seems an attorney recently opened an investigation into the property I own, located at this address."

Ah, so that was it. At last, the owner of the property had been found.

"So it's you," the goddess said nonchalantly. "When I got a notice in the mail saying my house's value had been frozen in light of something like forty thousand owed in back taxes, I hired a lawyer to investigate. Turns out the last owner's will had a loophole thrown in for good measure: in the event of the property's sale prior to his death, the title would be split in half. I own the house, but I didn't know it wasn't part of the property; no one did. My attorney's been searching for the owner of the property to settle this while the state charges me a fee to let me keep living here. Basically, I'm paying rent to the landlord of a house I own."

The goddess did not sound at all happy about this, but her tone was relatively neutral. This was where the negotiating began. The goddess knew of the vampire and the vampire knew of the goddess, but neither had actually met the other before. Yet this was no casual visit; this was a meeting to determine if some arrangement could be made. Honestly, the vampire could care less about the Montana property; it was only sixteen square acres of barren land, though the garden upon it and the field for the goddess' grazing horses had obviously been put to very good use. Then again, this was the goddess of the earth, Gaia; it wasn't surprising that she could make things grow where others had not.

On the other hand, the vampire was pretty good at making things grow herself. She'd had more than three thousand years in which to learn a multitude of skills. But she still saw no use for the property herself, and so she was willing to make a deal.

"I could pay the back taxes easily. I could transfer the title of the property into your name. But yours is a strange situation, Gaia. How far you have fallen," she said, this last almost in a whisper as she shook her pretty head. "Showing off your body to mortals for a paltry few greenbacks. It is clear you cannot buy the property from me. Perhaps we can make another kind of deal."

The goddess was slightly offended.

"You choose to live above mortals. I choose to live among them. Do not question how I choose to live. My lifestyle puts me close to the earth and the money I earn from stripping four nights a week pays the bills, buys my gas and other necessary automotive supplies and equipment. You want to judge someone, judge yourself. As for a deal, fine. What do you have in mind?"

The vampire cocked an eyebrow, but she said nothing to the goddess' rant. She merely smiled after a moment at what she might have in mind. Both women were of a bisexual nature, and the vampire had never tasted the blood of a goddess before. This could get interesting.

"Tell you what... one night with you, and not just for the obvious - although," she said with an even broader smile, "that's certainly a good one - and I will hand the title for the property over to you. I will pay the back taxes and you can sign to release the value of the home. Unfortunately, this will reset your home's value to zero, but there is nothing that can be done about that."

The goddess blinked. She should not have been surprised, but she was mentally laughing as she physically just... stared. This one certainly did have low expectations of the deities and high aspirations to boot, didn't she? Well, she hadn't been laid in about five years anyway. While she didn't exactly need to get laid every night like some people did, her body was human regardless of the immortality and the powers that it held. Some things were just instinctual. Besides, what was wrong with a little fun? It was an easy out that meant she wouldn't have to pull the goddess card or do something illegal.

So, after a moment of hesitation and slight amusement, she shrugged.

"All right, but first I need a shower."

With that, she headed down the hall and around a corner. She stepped into the sitting room, into which the vampire followed her, and emptied her pockets onto the coffee table: eighty-three dollars in a gold money clip, a brown iPhone, sixty-two cents in change, a six-inch switchblade, and a gold coin bearing a bust of the planet Earth on one side and the sun on the other. She kicked off her shoes and made her way into the bathroom.

"Wait out here."

The house itself was a simple country mansion with two floors, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a mid-sized kitchen and dining room blended into one large hall, a sitting room that doubled as a library, a couple of walk-in closets, an attic, and a huge basement with an attached wine cellar that was also accessible from out back. The bathroom into which Gaia stepped was an elegant one comprised of marble walls and a marble floor and ceiling. The toilet was hidden from immediate view by a marble half-wall, and the toilet itself - along with the sink - were made of ivory with gold handles and such. Only a few toiletries filled the place - a couple bars of soap, some shampoo-conditioner mix, a couple towels and washrags, and so on. The shower was one of those walk-in deals with a custom head, a small step, and a light barrier to prevent the step or the floor from getting wet. But the barrier to the rest of the bathroom was a brown-and-gold curtain.

A hamper rested near the door Gaia now closed, though she didn't bother locking it; she never did. She stripped off a pair of white ankle socks and undid her jeans. Sliding them down her body revealed a nice round ass as creamy as the rest of her apparently tender flesh and strong, athletic legs long enough to make any man take a second look. Her size-nine feet slipped out of the jeans' legs and she dropped them into the open hamper. She slipped off her dark-pink panties to reveal a uniquely shaved pussy: a tree-like arrow of crimson matching perfectly the hair atop her pretty head pointed down toward those gorgeous lower lips and a pair of equally red vertical strips flanked Gaia's luscious kitten. She dropped her panties into the hamper.

Then off came her shirt, displaying before the full-length mirror between the sink and the shower a strapless bra whose pink hue matched that of her panties. She removed it as well, revealing a beautiful pair of 36Cs with red nipples that would make any man's mouth water uncontrollably. It was a perfect rack on a perfect body. She slipped off her choker and earrings to put them into a jewelry box atop a small bureau between the sink and the half-wall; her bracelet followed them in.

Stepping into the shower, Gaia tested the water until it was nice and hot before finally pulling the curtain closed. She soaped herself up completely with a strawberry-scented body wash and used a pouf to scrub herself clean from head to toe, the water steaming up the room and the mirror as she washed herself. Even her pussy got a little attention during her shower, and then she took up a raspberry-scented shampoo-conditioner mix with which to wash her hair. She was just finishing that up when her thoughts distracted her from the quiet opening of the bathroom door. She had not had her mind on her shower at all, though her soon-to-be-lover had her mind on only that.

As the goddess took her shower, the vampire slipped out of her sandals; she left them sitting by the coffee table as she pulled off her dress. She wore no panties at all, her own completely shaved pussy exposed to anyone that might get a peek beneath the fabric of her floral spring dress. Neither did she wear a bra, for what use was that? She produced no milk in her undead, and her vagina produced no bi-product of food as blood was consumed completely. So before the empty room now stood perky the pink nipples of her own 42Ds. Setting her own necklace and earrings within the folds of her dress, she smiled and stepped into the bathroom.

Her vision was only slightly obscured by the steam, but soon it would be obscured no longer. She slid open the curtain and stepped inside the shower. Gaia turned around quickly, having just been about to shut the water off, and covered herself with her hands by instinct. She almost told the vampire to get out, but considering their arrangement, an angry shout wasn't likely to help things here. One didn't just barge into another's bathroom while they showered! Had millennia of undeath lost this woman all her manners?! Yet she refrained from speaking, even allowing the woman to remove her arm from her breasts. The two women appeared to be no older than twenty-five, and so their hands were relatively perfect just as their bodies were. The vampire's perfect hands brushed lightly over the goddess' breasts; they were ice-cold and Gaia couldn't help but flinch suddenly at their icy touch. But she let the vampire squeeze her nipples until they were erect, and then squeeze her breasts playfully. The vampire smiled. She slipped one hand down the goddess' stomach and removed the hand that covered Gaia's pussy.

"The name I use now is Melinda," the vampire softly said to the goddess, "by the way."

Her fingers started to slowly stroke the water-soaked folds of Gaia's pussy, and Gaia did not resist. Brushing her nails along them, Melinda made Gaia's pussy tingle and she shifted her weight, not daring to remove the vampire's fingers. Neither of them was thinking of shutting off the water at this point, and so it cascaded down Gaia's back and her left arm as she received the first touch of another in a long time. Already warm from the shower, Gaia's pussy quickly began to grow hot and it was not long at all before it quivered at the vampire's touch. Standing five-foot-ten, Gaia was rather tall; by comparison, Melinda stood only five-foot-seven. Her lips were thus directly in line with Gaia's fine neck, and she began kissing it as she stroked the much-older goddess.

After only a couple moments of this, Gaia was breathing heavily and starting to desperately wish that Melinda would slide her fingers inside of her. But Melinda was not that kind. Instead, she slid the fingers of her other hand from Gaia's breasts and let her nails trace a ticklish line down the goddess' stomach, around her hip, and onto her ass. Though smaller, Melinda's own ass was just as fine as that of the goddess, and Gaia returned the playful squeezes she was now getting with one of her own hands, while her other hand played lightly upon Melinda's breasts. She moaned slightly when Melinda's fingers finally did slide inside her - first the middle, then the forefinger. They were pushed right to the knuckles as Melinda made sweet love to Gaia, making Gaia draw in a sharp breath. Then they began sliding slowly back and forth, brushing the walls of Gaia's tight pussy in such a way as to make her moan again.

Squeezing and playing with one another as they were, neither could have said that they were not enjoying the other's company. Gaia was getting the better end of the deal here, but this is where things got interesting. Gaia had not actually covered herself in earth in a very long time, and so her usually granite-like body was relatively tender for once. No mortal could have pierced it, but a three-thousand-year-old vampire had no trouble sinking her fangs lightly into the jugular of the goddess, eliciting a gasp as her red blood flowed between the pink lips of Melinda's waiting mouth. Squeezing her ass cheeks and tits harder as Melinda added a third finger to Gaia's pussy, Gaia added Melinda's moans of pleasure to her own. She could feel the blood draining from her, but the cut had only been deep enough - and in just the right place - to pierce the jugular; it had not broken her windpipe.

And so she pinched one of Melinda's nipples between her thumb and forefinger, eliciting a slight squeal and a moan from Melinda's feasting mouth. And as Gaia's pussy came more and more alive, Melinda's fingers went faster and faster inside her. As the pace with which Melinda fingered Gaia's pussy increased, so did the volume and quantity of Gaia's moans. She had closed her eyes now, losing herself to the pleasure of lesbian intercourse as whispers began to mix with her moans.

"Yes... ohhh... oh, yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... yes... oh... ohhh... ohhh, yes... yes... oh... yes... "

But as Melinda brought Gaia closer and closer to to climax, Gaia slowly began to grow shaky from the loss of blood. Meanwhile, Melinda was... growing stronger. Much stronger. She could actually feel her muscles tightening and there seemed to be something she could not explain lingering at the edges of her consciousness. Suddenly, too, her mind was open. Gaia could 'hear' the surface thoughts and 'read' the deeper thoughts, memories, fears, goals, dreams, and so on of mortals; she could even pick up on the subtle or intense emotions of mortals and deities alike. Melinda now began slowly to experience this last form of psychic power as she drained more and more of Gaia's blood. She began to experience what she was doing to Gaia, and that only made her moan into Gaia's throat wound more.

Her nipple pinched, her ass squeezed, she suddenly felt her pussy getting as hot as the pussy she was now fingering. It was as though Melinda felt her own fingers inside herself even as they played with the pussy of her immortal lover. Her own moans soon matched those of Gaia, and together, they began screaming in ecstasy as they finally came. Their bodies tightened as they simultaneously climaxed, their juices covering each other's bodies as screams and moans of passion filled the small bathroom and echoed out into the now-steamy hallway. Shaking uncontrollably, both women almost collapsed as their feminine cream finally began to run out nearly thirty seconds later. Gaia, after a moment, actually did collapse and Melinda was forced to hold her up - which wasn't a problem for someone as strong as her. As her cum-drenched fingers slid smoothly out of Gaia's pussy, her mouth came away from a now nearly bloodless wound. She slid her fingers inside her mouth and sucked them clean, savoring the taste.

Using the shower to wash Gaia's body and her own, she stepped out of the shower with the goddess in her arms. She toweled them both off gently and then went to get her sandals. She carried the goddess outside through the back door of her home and knelt in the moonlight, laying Gaia's body gently upon the dirt. It was this that would restore the goddess, she knew, and so she began to roll Gaia slowly through the dirt. It soaked into her after a moment like water into a sponge, and there was a light moan as Gaia began to come to. Rolling her onto her back, Melinda smiled as she watched more dirt soaking into the woman's body. When she had come 'round and was strong enough to stand, Gaia led the way back into her home. No dirt caked the floor as she stepped inside, for the earth beneath her had become a part of her to restore her strength and her blood. Now healed and refreshed, she felt stronger than she had in a very long time; it had been a while since she had lain with the earth and covered herself in its richness.

Melinda slipped her sandals off and took Gaia's hand, smiling. She allowed Gaia to lead her gracefully up to the master bedroom. It was a room pained as green as Gaia's nails, though the carpet and silk bedding on the queen-sized bed were as white as snow. The room was filled with classical artwork depicting great battles led by women, several paintings devoted to Joan of Arc, and there was a statue in each of the four corners that depicted a different historical woman of power: Mother Mary, Joan of Arc, and two others whose names have been lost to all save history books.

Gaia practically threw Melinda onto the bed, who giggled. Yes, she actually giggled. She liked a woman who knew how to take charge, and this woman most certainly did love to take charge. Gaia slipped quickly onto the bed and immediately began French-kissing Melinda, their breasts touching as they made out. It almost felt kinky, all those faces staring down from the paintings and the sculptures as the two made love. Melinda's hands were all over Gaia's body as she was kissed and kissed right back. She sucked on Gaia's tongue and played with the tits that dangled just above her own. She cupped and stroked the mound that was Gaia's pussy, drawing another light moan from Gaia's mouth into her own. But then Gaia moved away, slightly disappointing the vampire. She was not disappointed for long.

Gaia's red lips locked upon one of Melinda's nipples and began suckling it, her tongue darting around the cute little pink thing, making her lover gasp and moan. A light sucking sound could be heard as Gaia's mouth played lovingly with Melinda's nipple - and then she made Melinda gasp again by biting her nipple. Melinda giggled a second time, loving this rough play. Her other nipple was receiving similarly rough attention, pinched between Gaia's thumb and forefinger as it was. Melinda slapped Gaia's ass hard, knowing she would like it. Sure enough, Gaia smiled as she bit and suckled one nipple and pinched the other. Melinda slapped her ass a second time and then raked her sharp nails down Gaia's back.

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