tagNonHumanThe Vampire's Prize

The Vampire's Prize


He walked through the door and smiled at the sight before him. She was strapped tightly with velvet ties, spread eagle to his four-posted bed, nude. Her eyes were closed and her breath came in quick, short puffs. She was just as the others had said, beautiful and erotic. Her breasts were pushed upward, the effect made by the way her hands were bound to the sides of the cheery wood posts. Those soft creamy mounds were not large, but enough he would enjoy playing with. She was slim with a little bit of muscle. She must have enjoyed being readied for him, because when his gaze slid to her lower lips he saw moister.

As he walked slowly into the dimly lit room, towards the bed, he started to disrobe. Jacket and shirt he removed first, not even pausing while unbuttoning his white shirt. Then he stopped to tug off his tight pants, revealing pale skin. He knew how handsome he looked, and he was getting aroused after the few seconds of examining her lying there. Oh yes, she would satisfy him well tonight. He had won this prize and would enjoy her fully. When he was completely unclothed and standing at the side of the bed he bent to whisper in her ear. His voice was soft and low, even a little hoarse from his arousal.

"Open your eyes, my beauty. Max is going to bring you so much pleasure you'll be screaming your pretty little head off."

Her eyes flew wide. She had light brown eyes with a hint of green. And her golden blonde hair lay scattered across his pillow. She turned her head to meet his dark eyes. Her lips trembled and she failed to hold back a moan. When she spoke her voice was shaky, "Please, let me go." The tall man, with dark hair standing over her, shook his head and chuckled. It sent a shiver through her.

She remembered what that other creatures had said Max would do. The images it created caused another moan to come forth. She pictured blood red fangs and two holes in her neck. Was all of it true; was this really happening to her?

"No, my lovely. I can't do that. I haven't even begun yet. Tisk. Tisk. You won't want to miss the fun." With that said Max walked to the dresser and opened a drawer. When he returned he had a pair of silver nipple clamps. The look on the girl's face said she knew what they were. Max held them in one hand and stuck out his thumb on the other. His thumbnail lengthened and she gasped.

"How......how did you do that?" she stammered.

Max smiled and instead of answering he asked, "What is your name, pet?" He could have read her mind, but instead he watched her gulp and she whisper, "Scarlett." It was so quietly said a human might have missed it, but with his superhuman abilities he heard her. Her name was a lovely sound swirling in his mind.

She looked like a goddess, her beauty wonderful to his eyes. He then flicked one dusky nipple with his enlarged nail, then the other nipple. The beauty before Max hissed out her breath as they puckered. Then he clipped the clamps on each one and watched her bit her lower lip. Her lovely eyes were now wide with surprise and pain. He knew she also got pleasure from it, because her breathing picked up and he smelled her aroused scent even stronger then before.

Max couldn't help him self, he let his hand run down the valley in between Scarlett's breasts. Down her smooth stomach, and then bury his fingers in her naturally dark curls. They were trimmed and at contrast with her blonde hair. But he would have smelled the bleach if there were any. Scarlett was a unique human, so beautiful with soft, smooth skin and natural, but different color drapes. While he puzzled over her his fingers grew moist as her wetness connected with them. Max was really going to enjoy this one. She was growing more excited and his fingers just rested there. His digits slid between her damp folds and two of them slipped inside her. Max's thumb started to rub her already swollen clit. The soft, sweet moans that came from her made his cock harden even more. He was so hard now it was painful, but he still played with her pussy. The two fingers moving in and out, and the thumb rubbing faster, putting a little more pressure.

Scarlett was almost there, moaning and breathing hard. Her hips were bucking and her back was arched, but before she could cum Max removed his hand. He heard her moan of disappointment. He would have brought out some more things to erase that look of frustration, but she was so soft and delicate. The last thing he wanted to do was leave a mark on her perfection. He would leave two small reminders anyhow. His mind went back to what to do with his little prize. Max realized how hard he was and knew what he wanted to do next.

I can't believe I would have cum, Scarlett thought. She didn't even know this guy. Two beefed-up fellows had striped and tied her up on the bed after they had taken her off the streets when her car broke down, and now her body was enjoying this stranger's touches. What was wrong with her tonight! This guy, named Max, was very handsome, but that didn't explain what was going on with her. He must be at least 6 feet, if not taller. His chest was lightly covered in dark curly hair that made her fingers ache. She was dying to touch his skin. She just knew she was going nuts. Never before had she felt drawn to anyone like this!

With his dick sticking up and out, Max straddled her naked shoulders, his strong thighs on each side, and tilted Scarlett's head so her mouth was lined up with his excited member. He wasn't too big, but eight and a half inches were a lot for most women. But for her it was a masterpiece. She didn't understand why she felt like this. Yes, all of it was new, but she wasn't suppose to enjoy this, was she? Scarlett told her self that she wasn't going to, and shook her head as he rubbed his pinked tip over her lips. She wanted nothing more then to taste him, but she was trying to resist any way. The shake made her closed lips rub at the tip and made him groan as he pulled back a little.

"My sweet, open that kiss-able mouth. And I wouldn't use your teeth if I was you." Max made the demand in a hoarse voice.

With a tug of the nipple clamps and her gasp, Max eased the head inside her warm mouth. He then slid it slowly in until it was at the back of her mouth. Max started to pull out and push in, over and over. His hand gripped Scarlett's hair, keeping her head still while he got faster and faster. Deep throating her mouth. He growled and ordered her to use her tongue. When she did he almost lost his self right then and there! He was a man of control and he used it at that moment to steady himself. He wanted to feel this pleasure as long as possible.

The woman's eyes were as big as saucers and seemed to grow bigger. Scarlett wasn't sure if she was doing it right, but she didn't want to stop just yet. She was starting to like it. She blushed at that thought, but realized it was useless to deny it. His member was thrusting in and out of her mouth, and she tried to lick the head every time he pulled back. The taste of pre-cum met Scarlett's tongue when it licked. She didn't care much for his pulling of her hair, though. Max started to get faster and almost gagged her a couple of times. She felt his hand tighten in her hair and his thick muscled thighs tighten too.

Max growled loudly as he filled Scarlett's mouth with his cum. She had no choice but to swallow. By the time he stopped the sensation of her throat working made him cum yet again. Max didn't think he had ever cum this hard before. She was so good at this, and yet she seemed like she didn't know what to do. He thought Scarlett had done a better job then any of the others. Max pulled away and out of the warmth of her mouth. He slid down her body until he rested between her legs. Her tongue came out to lick her lips as a curious look appeared on her face. Max smiled and slipped the nipple clamps off. Scarlett exhaled loudly as he did so. He sensed she was different from his other women, but didn't know what exactly, too busy to stop and think about it. He bent his head to tongue her tender nipples and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath.

Max was licking and sucking her tortured nipples, and it felt wonderful! She moaned and purred her pleasure. He gave both nipples a pinch and then resumed his wet administrations. Oh maybe it wasn't so bad after all. What Max was doing to her felt good, very good. The little pain she felt, from the nipple clamps, were more pleasurable then painful. Scarlett liked what he was doing, and she knew what was yet to come. She had talked to her friends about sex and in truth she couldn't wait. He was big though, and she had doubts about him fitting. Max sucked deeply on one nipple and all Scarlett's thoughts fled. All she could do was enjoy this and the waves of pleasure that hit her. Her breathing had sped up again when Max stopped and positioned his self between her legs. The head of his enlarged dick slipped into her entrance and she gasped in shock at the stretching. Oh she didn't see how he was going to fit. Scarlett heard him take a deep breath then pushed farther inside her. As Max push farther and farther, easing into her, he finally shoved past her maidenhead. She knew there would be pain, and so she bit down on her bottom lip.

Max had noticed how tight she was, but didn't think anything of it, too involved in the pleasure that tightness brought. He missed her sharp intake of breath as he slid all the way in, because of his blood pounding in his head. God was she tight, he thought. Then he vaguely remembered the slight barrier that he'd broken through. Damn. She was a virgin! He stilled and decided to let her body adjust to his invasion. God, but it took every bit of his control to keep from thrusting in and out of her tightness. After Max got his breathing under control he glanced at her face. The droplet of blood on her bottom lip, where she was biting into it, made guilt wash over him. He cooed softly to her to calm her down some.

"I'm truly sorry, pet. If I'd known I would have been gentler. The pain will pass soon and you'll feel pleasure once again," he spoke as he pushed his mind into hers. Max erased the pain, but it took a few minutes.

At the sound of his voice Scarlett looked into his eyes. She felt a rush of heat in her mind and then the pain was fleeing her conscious. She also realized, gazing into his eyes, he really hadn't meant to hurt her. That helped her relax, along with his promise of pleasure. His face looked strained, and she marveled at how he hadn't just kept on moving, but had stopped. Max pulled out slowly when she had relaxed, and she took a sharp intake of breath. He then pushed in just as slowly. She felt the pleasure course through her with that same warming sensation.

The speed picked up, and he stopped adding pleasure through her mind to bring her pleasure through her body. Max was trusting in and out gaining speed slowly. He had her moaning and lifting her hips to meet his downward thrusts. He groaned his pleasure as she followed his rhythm, getting faster and faster. He reached up and untied Scarlett's wrists and felt her hands instantly bury in his dark hair. His own hands gripped her hips in a firm hold as they both began to climb the hill to their climax.

Oh she was so special. Max felt a pull from her, not physical, but like her soul pulling at his. Beautiful, sensitive, and passionate she was. The others were going to hear from him. They should have told him his prize was a virgin. A virgin was perfect to weaken his vampire senses. Later, he would deal with them later. For now Max wanted to concentrate on the present.

With his sexual lust being fulfilled Max's blood lust hit him like a hammer. He had kept it in check, barely, while he had first thrust into her. The smell of her virginal blood was driving his vampire senses crazy! On top of that he could hear Scarlett's pulse, drumming in his head. The need to feast was growing; it was what drove him to push harder and deeper. He moved his hips in a rotating movement and thrust deeply into her suddenly climaxing pussy. As Scarlett screamed out from the first of many waves of her orgasm, Max sank his fangs into the tender flesh of her neck. While her sweet life's juices filled his mouth, he felt his own powerful release crash upon him. The head vampire of a vampire coven buried his spraying member inside of her, and drank deeply from her neck.

Max continued to feed while her pleasure started to fade. Scarlett's hands pulled at his dark hair. She had come to her senses and realized that he was sucking her blood! At first she had enjoyed the feeling, until understanding of what he was doing flooded her mind. Panic hit, and moaning she tugged harder at his hair. When that didn't stop him she begged him to. Still Max drank. Scarlett had started to feel dizzy and lightheaded, when he finally growled and raised his head.

Her hands weren't gripping his hair when he stopped, but were holding on loosely. Max hadn't realized he'd been that hungry. Then a thought hit him, and he searched for her pulse using his unnatural senses. Her heart rate was slower then normal, but other then that she was fine. The last thing he wanted was to turn Scarlett into a ghoul, a slave with no thought of its own. Luckily Max hadn't taken too much for that to happen. To turn her vampire would be to give her his blood, and that may happen later on, but for now he wanted her human. Max nuzzled her neck, hearing her whimper. He smiled and rolled off her, sure she would sleep until late tomorrow evening.

Leaning down over the foot of the bed he untied her ankles. He covered her with a blanket and kissed Scarlett's forehead. In all his centuries he had yet to run across one with such beauty as her, beauty and passion. In sleep she looked so angelic. She was his now and Max knew he would never let her go like he had his other prizes. Though as he thought back on how she had resisted his feeding he knew he'd have to ease her into his world. That thought made his tongue tingle with the want of her tasty blood. So sweet, she was, on the inside and the out. He had his work cut out for him with her, but he knew he'd enjoy every moment. It made him smile as he walked from his room and his darling prize.

Then he frowned as he remembered she was a virgin and he'd not been told. Something had to be done.

The others he ruled over were in deep trouble. They were young, but they should know by now that it wasn't a game to play with the innocent. Max sighed, thinking he had better do something to make them realize what they had done. He'd also have to do it quick for he could feel Scarlett's blood weakening him, slowly, but surly. Now that she wasn't a virgin anymore he could enjoy her without the weakness it caused.

(I hope you enjoy this and tell mewhat you think. This was my first one ever written and desrcibes me very well.)

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