tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Vanilla Test - Day 01

The Vanilla Test - Day 01


"You are so full of it!"

Gretchen started to blush, embarrassed by her friend's reaction to her confession.

"You wouldn't mind if someone pulled your top down in public!?!? What, are you on drugs?" Petra continued. Gretchen felt mortified. Petra had been her friend since they were 8, and she had always shared all kinds of things with Petra. Whenever she had a new boyfriend, Petra was always the one she had called. Then when she broke up with those boyfriends, she called Petra. Nowadays she didn't have anything steady going on, but even when she was just hooking up, she always called Petra to tell her about it.

So, it had seemed obvious to tell her about how she had seen these videos on the web where strangers run up to a girl and rip or pull off her clothing. All she had said was that she didn't know why the women seemed so upset, that she didn't think she would mind that much if it happened to her. Now Petra was mocking her, making Gretchen flustered and embarrassed. She sipped her martini to try and regain some composure.

"I'm serious," she protested, "it wouldn't be that bad. It might even be a bit of a turn on."

"A turn-on? Really?" Petra had a mysterious, half-mischievous expression on her face. "What were you doing anyway, that you saw this video?"

That was a lot more complicated. Gretchen had recently made some amazing discoveries on the web that had literally changed her life. It had started with her just messing around watching YouTube, and she had come across some videos where a girl's friends would pull down her bottoms, or give her a wedgie. It was YouTube, so it never really showed anything, but it got her attention. It got her turned on. She started searching, and found other sites that had videos where girls were stripped or stripped themselves as they lost a bet. A lot of it was bogus, with really poor actors, but some of it looked real.

Then she found the stories. Oh my God, did those turned her on. She found sites that had stories ranging from cute little ones where girls accidentally flashed a little skin all the way to hard core ones where girls were forced to be naked in public and have sex with strangers and more. She loved them all. She read them every chance she could get. When she was alone she would strip naked in her apartment and masturbate while she pretended she was one of the girls in those stories, suddenly naked in front of strangers, and forced to do all kinds of deviant things. It embarrassed her how kinky these fantasies got sometimes, but the orgasms were unbelievable. It was almost like she was addicted.

"I... uhh... I just, ya know, found them."

"Them? You watched more than one?"

"Well... yeah, once I found one, I started searching and found more... and stories too.." Gretchen couldn't believe she was saying this out loud. She drained her drink as Petra pressed her for more details. "I found these sites that had stuff about girls being stripped or exposed against their will, it's crazy stuff, but I kinda liked it...." Actually she was obsessed by it, but no way was she saying that out loud.

"Hmmm," Petra had a thoughtful look on her face, "you're joking right? It turned you on? Why?"

"Well," Gretchen's face was burning, she couldn't believe she was talking about this. She needed to change the subject. "Do you want another drink?" She grabbed Petra's martini glass and headed over to the bar. It wasn't very crowded so the girl behind the bar had their refills ready right away and Gretchen brought the two martinis back to their booth. Petra pressured her to answer the question, and Gretchen gulped almost half the martini before she continued.

"I guess I never... I just could never be the kind of girl who'd flash her boobs at a concert or anything like that, but if someone else did, or made me do it, it wouldn't be my fault, ya know?"

"So you wanna be an exhibitionist, you're just too chicken, is that the deal?" Gretchen shrugged her shoulders and smiled weakly. "What a load of crap," Petra tore into her. "You are all talk and no action, girl. You talk about stuff like this, but there is no way you'd really let someone do it. Face it girlfriend, you're just plain vanilla, you're not cut out to be wild."

"I AM NOT VANILLA," Gretchen said louder than she meant to, causing a few other folks in the bar to look over at them. "I'm not," she continued in a softer voice, "I got plenty of action in me _girlfriend_." She said the last word scornfully. Maybe it was the alcohol, but she was seriously pissed. Petra had really hit a nerve, and she was one to talk. For all Gretchen knew, Petra was could even be a virgin. She never really had a boyfriend in high school. She never told Gretchen about anyone while she was away at college. It's not that Petra wasn't pretty, she could just be kind of shy and bookish. She was a computer programmer for chrissakes; she had the nerve to call Gretchen vanilla?

"Okay, prove it," Petra challenged her.

Grethen looked puzzled. "Prove it? Whaddya mean? You want me to walk around in a tube top until some random guy pulls it down?" She polished off her second martini feeling that she was regaining the upper hand.

"Let me get you another drink, and I'll explain." Petra's glass was still mostly full, but she had to drive, while Gretchen only lived four blocks away. Petra came back with some kind of a clear martini, not a blueberry one like Gretchen had been drinking. "I figured you'd need something stronger," she said as she settled into the booth next to Gretchen instead of across from her. Gretchen thought it was odd, as was the drink choice, but Petra started talking before Gretchen could comment. "So I'll tell you what, you want to show me that you aren't Miss Vanilla? Here's the deal -- I'll give you ten assignments over the next ten days where you end up ahh... exposed shall we say... and if at the end you've done them I'll admit that I was wrong and you aren't just full of hot air. "

"What? Are you nuts? I'm not that crazy," Gretchen protested. It was insane, but part of her was getting excited. She squeezed her thighs together as she took a few big gulps of her martini, feeling the delicious pressure that was building. Obviously, there was no way she was going to do it, but for just a second she enjoyed the thoughts of have ten tasks where she might end up exposing herself against her will. She had to admit it turned her on.

"I knew it -- vanilla," Petra smirked.

"Goddamit -- stop saying that. I am not!"

"Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla." Petra was grinning and looking so superior that it really made Gretchen's blood boil.

"That does it, I think you're full of it too," Gretchen let loose. "You wouldn't even know what to do if I said yes -- I'll bet _you_ are all talk and no action!"

"I'll take that as a yes. I'll start you off easy. Sitting here in this booth I want you to take off your panties, and remove enough from your top that you only have one layer over your boobs. Do it now, or I'm gonna call you vanilla every time I see you from now on"

Gretchen laughed nervously. Petra stunned her. Gretchen had been sure that Petra was bluffing, but it was almost like she had planned it all out. Gretchen looked down at her clothes. She had changed after work and was wearing a tight turquoise top over a white tank top, and a tight pair of button-fly jeans, plus her underwear. She decided that Petra is still bluffing, and that she'd be way too embarrassed to actually let Gretchen go through with it.

"Watch this bitch," said Gretchen, her confidence returning. She downed the last of her third martini, and she quickly peeled off the turquoise top. Next she removed her belt, and then giving Petra a teasing look, she undid the top button on her jeans.

"Now we're talking," Petra grinned, "but there are a couple more conditions. If you unbutton, unzip, or unfasten anything it has to stay undone. So that top button doesn't get re-buttoned the rest of the night."

Gretchen swore at herself. She had been sure that Petra would get embarrassed and try to stop her, but here Petra was egging her on. Her head was swimming from all the alcohol, and that pressure between her legs was getting harder to ignore. She decided to take it a bit farther, knowing that if she chickened out now, Petra would harass her about it forever. She just had to take it to where Petra was the one who got embarrassed and chickened out. She tried to push her jeans down with only the one button undone, but they were too tight. Once she undid the second one she was just barely able to get the jeans past her hips, but they pulled her panties with them. Fortunately with Petra sitting next to her in the booth, no one in the bar could see her.

"Sexy," Petra smiled as Gretchen's bush came into view. Gretchen gave herself haircuts fairly often, and shaved around the edges to keep her pubic hair from getting too out of hand, but she had always had a nice furry muff. It made her feel very womanly to keep it that way.

Pressing on, she pushed the jeans and panties all the way down, and worked them off her feet. While she was busy with that, Petra picked up the turquoise top, put it in her purse, and then held out her hand. Gretchen couldn't believe that Petra was going to make her go through with this, but she was determined to show Petra that she was wrong about her. She got the panties free of her jeans, and handed them to Petra, who made them disappear. Gretchen carefully wriggled back into her jeans, grateful that no one at the bar had walked by and seen her bottomless. She carefully pulled the flaps of her jeans together and pulled her tank top down over them so no one can see they were unbuttoned.

Petra was holding her hand out again, look at Gretchen with an arched eyebrow. In her alcohol haze it took her a while to realize that Petra was waiting for her bra. She grinned sheepishly and pulled the straps out over her arms. A guy coming from the bathroom saw her and did a double-take, but he kept walking. Quickly Gretchen pushed the bra down and twisted it so she could unclasp it and she handed it over to Petra, who stuck it in her purse along with Gretchen's top and panties. Gretchen looked down at her chest and was horrified. She was proud of her boobs, and so she liked to wear tight fitting tops, but she always, always, always wore a bra. Without the bra under it the tank top went from discreet yet sexy to totally slutty. The stretchy cotton clung to her breasts like a second skin, and her nipples showed as two dark points pushing out the cloth. She quickly used her arm to cover them.

"I have two more conditions. First, no hiding anything. So keep your hands at your sides the rest of the night, and pull up your shirt so people can see that your jeans aren't buttoned."

"You're nuts, I can't do that, we'll get thrown out."

"No one's going to throw us out, we're in a bar, not at church"

"I just can't"

"Look, vanilla girl, if you want to quit and go home, do it now and stop wasting my time. You said you wanted someone to make you, so NOW DO IT!"

The forcefulness of Petra's command shocked Gretchen, and she meekly bowed her head, pulled her shirt up and opened the flaps on her jeans. You couldn't actually see any of her pubic hair, but there was a hint of darkness at the bottom of the "V" shape that told her that if she opened any more her bush would be in view. She rested her hands at her side, and slowly looked up at Petra, who was grinning at her. Gretchen couldn't believe how her heart was pounding. She clenched her fists to stop them from trembling.

"So what's your other condition?"

"To make sure we keep this interesting, you need to make sure your headlines are on for the rest of the night. If your nips aren't rock hard, you need to pinch and play with them to get 'em up. I'm not sure they're on right now, so get to work girl."

Gretchen started to say something, but something about the way Petra was looking at her made her decide to just give in and get through the night. Petra was making her do it right? Why fight it? She lifted her hand to her boobs and started to trace her index finger around her nipples, brushing them up and down. She could feel them tighten up and her whole upper body got goosepimples. She giggled as she kept working her nipples, and squeezing her thighs together as she got more and more turned on.

"I don't think they're as hard as they can get," Petra comment when Gretchen stopped. "Give a few pinches. Harder. There you go!" Gretchen actually let a small moan escape her lips as she gave her nipples a hard tweak. "Okay, it's your turn to buy a round." Petra slid back to her side of the booth so Gretchen could get out.

After three martinis, there was no way Gretchen really needed a fourth, but Petra made it clear that she expected Gretchen to keep drinking. Gretchen slipped out of the booth, and walked up to the bar. It took all her will to hold her hands at her sides as she walked across the room to the bar. The guy who had spotted her earlier took one look and suddenly his eyes got huge as he stared at her barely concealed tits and then wandered down to the exposed skin above her crotch. Gretchen's knees wobbled as her pussy throbbed at the thought of the people staring at her.

"Well you look like you're getting comfortable," the girl behind the bar said in a bitchy tone of voice. Gretchen mumbled something lame about it being hot, even though the bar was well air conditioned. She felt like a total bimbo, standing there with her nipples pointing out in full salute and with her fly open, but even worse, she was getting turned on by how humiliating it was. She squeezing her thighs together as she waited, uncontrollably needing to stimulate her pussy. When the drinks came, she fished her credit card out of her back pocket and paid for the drinks, working her jeans a tiny bit down in the process.

As she headed back, Petra stood up and told her they were going to shoot pool. She did not ask, she told Gretchen. Gretchen found the way Petra was treating her even more humiliating. As they walked back to the pool table, Petra told her, quietly thank God, that her headlights weren't on. Gretchen thought to herself that Petra was crazy, she was so turned on that her nipples were like diamonds, but she had no energy to argue. As discretely as possible Gretchen used her free hand to pinch her nipples again. Gretchen heard some girls at a table break into laughter as she did this, and she realized she'd been caught. She felt her cheeks burning in embarrassment as she got to the pool table.

Petra made her rack the balls, and then break. The feel of her boobs swinging freely as she bent over the table to put the balls in the triangle was both strange and liberating. It was so unlike her to not wear a bra, but as she got used to it, she found she was enjoying it. Unfortunately it was also unlike her to drink so much, so she scratched on the break. After Petra stopped laughing at her, she told her to go again, but that she was playing for a button on her jeans. If Gretchen won, she could do up one button, if she lost, she'd have to undo another. Given the alcohol that worried Gretchen a bit, but sometimes her pool was better when she was drunk, so she focused in and managed a good break on her second try.

As they played, she and Petra started talking about things other than the fact that she had just gotten partially undressed in a public bar, and talked more about Gretchen's job, the new website that Petra was developing for a client, old friends they knew, and all kinds of more normal things. Other than the way Gretchen's breasts would jiggle and swing as she tried to make her shots, and Petra's habit that of gently tugging Gretchen's jeans down a little bit whenever she passed by, it was like a normal girl's night. Neither of them were playing very good pool, but they were having fun. Eventually Gretchen had sunk all of her balls, and was looking at a chance to win the game and do up her jeans if she could sink the eight ball. She lined up her shot, called her pocket, and... totally blew the shot. She sunk the eight just fine, but the cue ball followed it right in.

"Scratch on the eight, oh that's such a bummer," Petra gloated. "Let's see you lose another button there honey!" Gretchen couldn't believe her luck, she had been so close. She looked down at her jeans, and slowly, reluctantly undid the third button and opened her jeans up some more. A tuft of pubic hair was exposed for all to see.

"Hey there, you need a hand with that?" Gretchen jumped as the guy who had spotted her earlier came up with his buddy. He was grinning ear to ear as his eyes went back and forth between Gretchen's tits and her crotch. Gretchen thought to herself that the guy might not even realize that she had a face.

"She's fine," Petra took control of the situation, "she just can't help herself sometimes. Do you guys want to play us for the table?" The guys jumped at the chance, but Gretchen started to protest. She hadn't even finished her first word before Petra cut her off. "Your headlights need fixing." Gretchen gasped at the thought of playing with her nipples right in front of these guys. "Now," Petra insisted.

As the first guy was racking the balls, Gretchen took a long drink from her martini, and then slowly, hesitatingly raised her hand toward her tits. Finally she had to close her eyes, and she started to play with her nipples, alternating between rubbing and pinching them, right there where practically everyone in the bar could watch her. She heard some girls laughing across the room, and the guy at the table swore softly. Gretchen's head went back as the erotic sensations washed over her. She kept teasing her nipples as she felt her crotch get warm and squishy. It was all she could do to not shove her hands down her pants and go at herself.

"Okay there, try to control yourself you slut," Petra slapped her ass, jolting Gretchen back to reality. "Let's play some pool, you break." The guys were looking at Gretchen with their mouths open in stunned silence, making Gretchen feel even more awkward. She walked to the table, set the cue, and shot the break. Before she could straighten up, Petra came up and pulled her jeans halfway down her ass, showing the whole bar how white her butt was.

"Nice tan line," Petra teased her. As Gretchen pulled her pants back up she noticed that the bartender had an unpleasant look on her face. She clearly wasn't pleased with their behavior. Gretchen sunk two more balls before the guys got to take their turn. Petra whispered in her ear that she should make sure to distract the guys to throw their game. Giggling, Gretchen made sure to stand right in the guy's line of site as he shot and started playing with her nipples again, causing him to miss horribly.

Petra managed to miss her shot, not because of Gretchen, but because she plain sucked at pool. For the next guy, Gretchen started rubbing her belly, slowly working her hand closer and closer to her snatch, finally putting a finger down the front of her jeans right as the guy shot. Gretchen laughed out loud as his shot went way wide. She had not expected this kind of control from being so exposed, it was exhilarating, and very erotic.

As she went to make her shot, the first guy came up behind her and tried to pull her pants down the way Petra had. Gretchen shrieked, dropped the cue, and grabbed her pants before he could pull them very far. She swore at him as he laughed and kept trying to pull her jeans down. Neither of them noticed the bartender come over.

"I'm going to have to ask the 'lady' to leave," the bartender said, the word "lady" dripping with sarcasm. "We don't need trashy whores ruining our image."

"Ahh we were just leaving,' Petra jumped in, pulling Gretchen away from her tormentor, "this place is a frickin dump anyway." The guys laughed as Petra dissed the bartender. One of them offered to take the girls to his place so they could have some fun, but Petra shut him down.

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