tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Vanilla Test - Day 09

The Vanilla Test - Day 09


Gretchen decided to wear a sports bra under her work clothes on Tuesday. Petra had once again stolen her underwear last night, and so Gretchen's drawer was getting empty. If she lost this one, she would have to either wear a really old bra she didn't like, or go braless at work. The idea of not wearing underwear around her colleagues was both embarrassing and exciting. At least that decision could wait one more day.

Gretchen got dressed at the last minute, drove to work, and spent the whole day waiting for it to end. Once she left, she ran some errands, and went home. As was normal now, she stripped as soon as she entered her apartment. She ate a little dinner while surfing on her laptop and waited for Petra. A little before 7:00, Petra rang her doorbell and came up. Petra smiled when she saw that Gretchen was naked.

"Perfect outfit there babe, it'll make this easier. Let's get you ready," Petra started right in. Gretchen was concerned about Petra's comments, but she followed her into the bedroom. "Okay, you need to find a tight fitting T shirt, and I know you have an old pair of cut-offs." Gretchen dug out navy blue T shirt that she had gotten for free and was definitely a size too small, and found the pair of cut-offs . She started to get her sports bra to put it on when Petra waved her off. She told Gretchen to just put on the T-shirt for now. Once the T shirt was on, Petra pulled a magic marker out of her bag, and stepped close to Gretchen. Gretchen's nipples stood out as bumps on the fabric, and Petra gently pinched the left one as she brought the marker up to it. The sensation made Gretchen gasp, but then she settled down as a Petra marked the T shirt to show where the nipple was. Petra repeated the process on Gretchen's right breast, although it seemed to Gretchen that Petra kept her hands on Gretchen's breast longer than was strictly necessary.

Petra asked her to take the shirt off again and left with the shirt and shorts. She went to the bathroom, saying she would be right back. Petra stood naked in her bedroom, wondering what would happen next. Finally, Petra came out, and told Gretchen to put the shorts and T-shirt on.

"What should I wear for underwear," Gretchen asked hopefully.

"Oh no, not tonight. No bra, no panties, it just wouldn't work."

Gretchen worried about the cut-offs with no underwear, but she knew better than to argue with Petra at this point. She pulled on the T-shirt, and laughed a little as she looked down. Petra had cut two small holes, just barely bigger than her nipples right on the marks she had made. Petra helped rearrange Gretchen's boobs so the nipples poked out into the open. Gretchen looked at the cutoffs, and realized what the gimmick was. The crotch had been cut away from just below the fly to about about where her anus would be. If she wore this outfit out she might look like she was dressed, but it wouldn't cover her nipples or her kitty. It was impossible, and she said as much.

"I can't wear this, it doesn't hide anything, I'll get arrested," Gretchen protested.

"Just get it on vanilla girl, I'll show you how to wear it once it's on."

Gretchen pulled the shorts on. It felt weird without a crotch, but they went on okay. She looked down at her crotch, and standing up it was hard to tell that anything was wrong with the shorts. She had to squat to really see the effect. Gretchen had cut them off originally leaving a 3 inch inseam or so. Petra had removed a patch of fabric that was probably almost two inches at the widest. The opening went just from the beginning of her vagina down to just past her butthole. But when she stood back up it was hard to tell there was anything amiss.

"So here's what you do. If anyone's looking at you, you cover your boobs with your arms and you clench your legs together. No one will know a thing." Petra was grinning from ear to ear. Gretchen was not so sure that no one would notice.

"You have a twisted mind Petra. Very twisted. So where are we going?"

"Thank you," Petra smiled, "Let's get in my car and we'll find out!"

Gretchen walked downstairs very carefully, holding her arm across her breasts to cover her nipples. She hurried out and got in the passenger seat of Petra's car. As soon as they started driving, Petra told her to move her hands.

"Drop your hands and spread your legs wide. I want to make sure that if anyone looks they get the full show."

Gretchen dropped her arms, and spread her thighs wide. She looked down, first at her hard nipples, and then down to her shaved lips peeking out the hole in the shorts. If a car passed quickly, she would look completely dressed, but if anyone slowed to take a closer look, they would see everything. Just the thought of it made Gretchen squirm in her seat.

Petra drove to a newer mall in town, one that was all outside. More like a set of Main Streets rather than an indoor shopping center. She found a parking spot, and they got out. It had been a hot summer day, and the place was fairly busy with people enjoying the slightly cooler evening and the way the daylight stretched late into the evening. Gretchen wished it would get dark sooner to hide her outfit. She kept one arm across her breasts, and walked slowly, trying to make sure that she didn't show too much. She thought that maybe a couple guys noticed, but she couldn't be sure. A group of young girls walked by, and when they passed her they all started laughing, so she was pretty sure one of them had seen that her shorts didn't have a crotch.

Petra led her to a quiet spot and got out her camera. She told Gretchen to drop her arm and stand with her feet apart. She snapped a couple photos with Gretchen showing everything, and people walking in the background. They walked some more, and then Petra said she wanted some pictures of Gretchen by a fountain. Gretchen sat on the edge of the fountain, keeping her thighs tight together. She was terrified that someone would see, but Petra kept egging her on. Petra told her to watch for when it was safe, and then she should open her legs, and Petra would snap the picture. It took several minutes of waiting, but soon there was no one behind Petra, so Gretchen lowered her arm and spread her legs. Gretchen snapped two pictures, grinning wickedly. Gretchen started to get into it, and even lowered her hand to spread her sex for the photo. She saw someone right after that, and slammed her legs together, giggling loudly. She and Petra rushed out of there, both of them laughing.

They spent the next half hour walking around taking pictures. As time went on they took more and more risks. There were pictures of Gretchen pinching her nipples, of her playing with herself, and even one where she worked a finger inside herself. They got pictures of her alone, pictures of her with people beside her, and then even a couple with her sitting on benches next to people who had no idea. The whole thing turned Gretchen on beyond belief, and she was flushed from all the excitement.

"Let's get a drink before we head home," Petra suggested after a while. Gretchen was not certain about this, but Petra pulled her into a bar, and grabbed a high-top near the window. At least it wasn't at the bar, so it was a little easier to hide. Petra bought them each a glass of wine and they chatted as they drank it. Occasionally Petra would dare Gretchen to open her legs up as she sat on the high stool, but she always let her close them again before too long. Gretchen was pretty sure no one saw her bare pussy, but it still made her extremely aroused. When their glasses of wine were gone, Petra announced it was time to go.

"Why don't you go to the bar and pay the bill?" Petra asked like it would be no big deal.

Gretchen wanted to argue, but decided it would be pointless. She managed to fish out her credit card one handed, and went to the bar to pay. When the card and slip came back, the slip was curled up in a roll; there was no way she could sign it one handed. Gretchen bit her lip, and just went for it. She used one hand to hold the slip, the other to sign it, and exposed her nipples for anyone to see.

"Thank you," she said quickly as she pushed the slip back to the bartender.

"You're wel -- ohmygod... your shirt," the bartender sputtered as he finally noticed her nipples. Gretchen just smiled at him and shrugged her shoulders as she turned around and walked out.

Petra had a new task for her as she came out of the bar. She told Gretchen to keep her arms at her sides, and walk normally back to the car. It was hard for her, but Gretchen managed to put her arms down, and leave her nipples exposed. It was dark now, so the way her crotch was exposed wasn't likely to get noticed, but the cutouts over her breasts were pretty obvious. At first no one seemed to notice, but soon they passed a group of young women, one of whom gasped and then started pointing Gretchen out to her friends. They were all laughing as Petra and Gretchen passed them. Gretchen was humiliated, but like normal, that just made her even more aroused.

When they got to the car, Petra snapped a few more photos of Gretchen, a couple of her squatting, fully exposed at the side of the car, and one of her bent over the hood of the car, reaching back and opening the hole in the shorts. The whole thing seemed incredibly perverted to Gretchen, but it left her turned on beyond all reason. Once they climbed in the car and started driving home she didn't even wait for Petra's encouragement, she just started to give herself some relief. Petra looked surprised, but then just smiled as her friend masturbated in the car. As she got close, Gretchen found herself reaching out and grabbing Petra's hand again, and she squeezed it tight as she climaxed.

Gretchen had managed to catch her breath when Petra pulled up in front of her place. They said there good-byes, and confirmed that Petra would come over the next night for them to go out clubbing. Petra seemed genuinely excited that Gretchen was almost ready to pass the test.

"One more night, and I won't be able to call you vanilla girl," she grinned.

"Like anything I've done lately could be called vanilla," Gretchen complained good-naturedly. "So will it really be over after tomorrow?" She was clearly concerned about the possibility.

"Well, we'll have to see how it goes tomorrow, then we can talk about it, OK?"

Gretchen reached over and hugged Petra. Petra reached around to hug Gretchen back, brushing her hand against one of Gretchen's exposed nipples. Gretchen shuddered at the stimulation. She held the hug for a bit longer, and then broke it off and went inside. She stripped naked as she entered her apartment, and got ready for bed. She played with herself lazily as she drifted off, wondering what Petra had in store for her.

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