tagBDSMThe Vassal Academy Ch. 20

The Vassal Academy Ch. 20


Chapter 20: Introduction to Extreme

After speaking with Dominique on the phone, Devon rose and headed into lunch. First he informed the gathering of the case against Matt, then he got to the future business. "Dominique is coming to dinner tonight, and I believe she's going to take Jeannette after dinner clean up."

Andre tried not to look relieved, but he certainly felt it. "Enticed her to dinner?"

"I think the floor show plans had a lot to do with that." Devon said easily.

Chuckles followed this observation and then Devon got back to business. "Ok, are we ready for this afternoon's entertainment?"

"Sure boss." Thomas chimed in. "Rebecca and I discussed it earlier. How we're going to bind Diane, the usual."

"I'm good to go." Andre said with a confidence he couldn't possibly feel.

"Your injury?" Devon asked.

"I just took a couple more Motrin, which helps to minimize the talking the bruise does. Also, I'm taking a couple intruders with me, to tie into place as I flog her." Andre explained.

Devon nodded. "About thirty or so minutes after you've gotten good and started, I'm going to take Crystal and Geneva to see what we're up to. I'm going to tell Crystal what's in store for her, and I'm going to tell Geneva about her floor show."

Ann looked surprised at this. "You're going to tell Crystal?"

Devon nodded and then turned to Rebecca. "How will Crystal respond to seeing and knowing what's in store for her?"

Rebecca considered for a moment. "She'll start to anticipate of course, and she'll probably get aroused from the thoughts of it."

Devon turned back to Ann. "A man's arousal is his eyes quite often. For a woman, it's the mind. By showing and talking to Crystal, I hope that her arousal kicks into over drive."

Andre nodded slightly. "Not bad, she'll spend the afternoon imagining herself doing those things, and since she's really submissive, she'll like it, and get off on the idea."

Devon nodded. "She hasn't been through arousal training yet, so this is the best I can do to get her into the spirit so to speak."

"Geneva?" Ann asked suspecting the answer.

"This will be a torture for her." Thomas chimed in. "She'll know she's too hurt to do it, but she'll want to. The idea of being taken by one or two of us in such a manner will be just what she's been hoping for."

Ann considered for a moment and ignored Devon's critical eye upon her. "That will give her something to look forward to, while she heals."

"Ok, any questions or concerns?" Devon asked next.

The room didn't have any. Devon nodded. "Andre, I believe you're up first."

Andre wiped his mouth and stood with his usual grin in place. "See you all later."

"Have a good time Andre." Devon said as he walked through the door.

Andre walked into the Slave's Dining-hall as they were nearly finished with their lunch. "Jeannette, I want you to come with me."

"Yes Master." Jeannette said surprised. Usually the Masters called on the radio, as she rose, she glanced at her watch to make sure it was on channel five, it appeared to be working. None of the others had gone off either, so he must have come personally for a reason.

Jeannette followed him out of the door and towards the training hall. The others looked confused and Diane shrugged. "I guess he's going to tell her what we're doing this afternoon."

"There was the idea of emptying out one of the live testing rooms to give us an additional ballet room." Crystal offered.

Thomas entered the dining room next and seemed to consider the three remaining slaves. "Diane, come with me."

"Yes Master." Diane said obviously confused.

She followed Master Thomas out of the room and left two very confused slaves behind. "I guess Master has her on another project." Geneva said slowly to prevent slurring of her words.

"I guess." Crystal said shrugging it off. "I'm in the kitchen so I guess I'll get started on clean up. If I get done early, I might sneak upstairs to watch TV for a while."

"Make it look like you're cleaning. That way they won't catch on." Geneva suggested.

Geneva helped take the trays into the kitchen and then returned to the Admin area. She had some things to attend to before the end of the day, including searching the web for the Vassal Academy. A policy Master had just implemented in order to maintain an idea what was being said. Master had explained it to her and told her that it probably wouldn't in and of itself eliminate another Matt from finding them. "However it will better prepare me to identify another Matt if one shows up." Master had told her.

Devon glanced at his watch and decided to wait a bit longer before taking Crystal and Geneva on a tour.

Jeannette found herself led downstairs and she wondered what Master wanted to show her. She was certain he had found a problem, and wished to punish her for it, but no one had been down here since long before Matt showed up. Jeannette personally made sure it was cleaned once a week, and no one had used it.

Andre walked to the spanking bench, a padded extra wide sawhorse which had shelves for arms and legs to rest upon. If used correctly, it could be used to seriously restrict the movement of a slave, and at the same time, open the slave up for penetration by any number of items, or people. Andre knew how to use it properly.

"Is there a problem with the spanking bench Master?" Jeannette asked assuming that Master Andre was upset about something he'd found.

"Not that I know of, I want you to take that shirt off, and get up on it. I want to give you a good workout on the bench Jeannette." Andre said with a wicked smile.

Jeannette blinked once. This was not what she had expected. She took her shirt off quickly and looked curiously at Master Andre. At his gesture she climbed up and positioned herself on the wide part of the sawhorse, so it ran up her body. Her ample breasts were hanging over the edges of the sawhorse, Andre took a moment and adjusted them so her nipples were able to be tormented.

Andre quickly and efficiently secured her ankles, and then her knees. Jeannette next found her arms secured and then surprising her Andre got heavy nipple clamps and attached them. He stepped to the table and retrieved a vibrator and a good sized butt plug. Stepping behind Jeannette he got the rope ready and said. "Slave, cunt."

Jeannette reacted automatically, smiling slightly as she understood what this afternoon was going to be. She was getting a workout, and judging from the choice of equipment, a rather extreme workout at that. Her sex opened and began to lubricate and as it did so, Andre would normally wait, he didn't today. He shoved the Vibrator into her looping the rope around the base to secure it in her hot hole.

"Slave Ass." Andre commanded next. He watched Jeannette react again and as she neared the point of readiness, he roughly shoved the large plug into her asshole. He picked up the carpet beater whip and flicked it a couple times to adjust to it's length and speed. "We've been thinking that you might have forgotten your training. So I volunteered to bring you down here, and give you a good reminder of who Master is, and why you're a slave."

"Yes Master." Jeannette said breathing deeply, getting accustomed to the feeling of two full holes, something she hadn't had in some time.

"I suppose you expect to come as you want, well, that's out." Andre said next as he gently ran the carpet beater down Jeannette's back. "Only with permission Slave, and I'm not feeling all that generous today."

Jeannette almost gasped at this. Master Andre always gave lots of Orgasms, and she knew his talent, his skill at binding and torturing a slave. She knew she'd be begging soon, and would be begging most of the afternoon if he was really reluctant to give orgasms today.

Andre began to work her gently at first, building up as her skin heated up, as the blood got pumping. Each whip lash made Jeannette jump, which made the nipple clamps bounce, which increased her pain. This was converted to pleasure as she breathed into subspace. Andre turned the vibrator on, and Jeannette found the tickler on this one touching her ring, and she gritted her teeth in an effort to resist the stimulation. She was out of practice in denying herself orgasms, and it was an effort of pure will to keep from coming from the stimulation of the pain/pleasure whipping and nipple torture. The full holes were almost more than she could resist.

Andre stepped up the whipping, flogging her everywhere. Even taking notice to strike her breasts which were partially squashed beneath her. Jeannette let out her first moan as she felt pleasure pulsing through her. "Master, I'm getting close, please let me come."

Andre smacked her ass harder this time, the rope holding the impalers in jiggling, and making them dance within her. "No slave, not yet. I'm only getting started." Andre answered wickedly.

Diane followed Master Thomas towards the training wing and was worried that something that was supposed to be clean wasn't. She watched him open the door to the Bondage Training room, and immediately saw the light was on. Someone had turned it on, it was normally off when not in use.

As Diane entered the room behind Master Thomas, she saw and heard Mistress Rebecca who was obviously selecting items to be used. "Good Thomas, I think arm binder and a dildo gag for now. We can always take it out if you want to fuck her face."

"That's not bad." Thomas said holding up some leather straps. "Wait Rebecca, you're not going to use that on her are you?"

Diane tried to see what they were talking about, but she couldn't see it on the table, they were blocking her view of whatever it was.

"Why not? We're going to torture the little slut, I figured it would help remind her that we're the Masters, because she said we were to be her Masters." Rebecca said casually.

"Now Devon said we could have some fun with her, but he didn't say anything about torturing her like that." Thomas said seriously.

"Oh Thomas, don't worry so much. I know your fond of her, but really, this will be good for her." Rebecca said. "Go ahead, start to wrap our little toy up, and I'll get my favorite strap on ready."

"You said you weren't going to use Clifford." Thomas objected.

Diane bit her lip. She'd seen Clifford, it was a huge red dildo, at least ten inches long, and as big around as her wrist. The legend is that it was named after the cartoon dog. It was big, red, and scary.

"Oh just tie her up already, don't worry about Clifford." Rebecca chided. "I know what she can take, and she's going to be just fine."

Thomas turned and shrugged looking at Diane as if to say. Sorry, it's not quite what I expected, but you should survive.

Diane felt some fear, she hadn't done a lot of Bondage here. Master Thomas approached holding a set of arm binders she had worn before. They hurt when used properly, they hurt a lot if the person using them really knew how to make it hurt. Master Thomas knew how to use them, and he knew how to make it really hurt. Diane obediently turned and offered her arms. Master Thomas began to wrap them quickly and efficiently.

Rebecca smiled and almost giggled at the fun that this was already, much less was going to be. She picked up a leather paddle and walked to Diane. "First, we're going to torment and torture you. Then we're going to fuck the living daylights out of you. Then, we'll do it all over again until we get bored slave."

Diane nodded and said. "Yes Mistress."

"Oh, Gag her already Thomas, I don't want to hear her crying as I paddle that ass of hers." Rebecca chided. "It throws my rhythm off to hear them squalling, you know that."

"Right Rebecca got the gag here." Thomas said holding it up and approaching Diane. Instead of the usual rubber ball gag, this was a penis gag, shaped like a big rubber cock, it would seem to fill her mouth.

Diane found to her relief, the penis gag had a hole through it, to help her breath. She was then bent over the bondage table, and another first, was tied down to it. Her legs spread lewdly apart. Her nipples attached to chains that had weights attached on the far side of the table. She felt like her tits were being drug over the table and down towards the floor.

Diane tried to breath into it like she'd been told to, then the paddle started to sing it's song. Diane yelped and cried into the gag, her arms ached, and her nipples were tugged with every jump. Her ass burned bright red, she could feel it burning.

Nodding Thomas said. "Slave Cunt."

Diane tried to relax, and found she was already aroused. Her cunt was wet when she felt Master Thomas touching her there. Then she felt him enter her sex.

Devon decided enough time had gone by. He stood and walked to the admin area. "Geneva, come with me."

She stood and followed him wordlessly as he walked towards the Kitchen. "Slave, kneel and wait for me." Devon said.

Geneva knelt and waited as instructed. Kind of surprised, master didn't normally do this. Master Devon walked out of the Kitchen followed by a surprised and confused looking Crystal. Her hands were wet, probably doing dishes.

"Geneva, follow me." Devon said as he walked through the dining room towards the central area and then on to the training wing. As he reached it he stopped. Turning to the slaves he made sure they were paying attention to him. "We're going to observe some rather extreme training. I don't want a word from either of you. No gasps, no sounds what so ever do you understand?"

Both the girls nodded and softly said. "Yes Master."

"From here on out, nod only. Cover your mouth if you must, but make no sounds." Devon said looking at both girls with a most serious face.

They both nodded and then followed as he walked down the hall. He stopped at the open door and nodded and gestured towards them.

Geneva was glad she had clamped her teeth tightly to keep from making any noise. If she hadn't, she certainly would have gasped at least. Diane was in there, gagged, bound, tied to the bondage table, and getting fucked by Master Thomas while Mistress Rebecca stroked her strap on dildo.

"Thomas, let me in there, I've been aching to do this to her for some time." Rebecca said. Thomas pulled out of Diane, and as he stepped away, Rebecca shoved her dildo into the hole that had just been full of Thomas. Diane groaned as she was filled so brutally. "You guys don't understand, we girls want you to move it around in us." Rebecca said as she shifted left and right, up and down with each long stroke of the big purple dildo. She held Clifford up and then brought it down on Diane's ass making Diane squeal into her gag.

Crystal stood there with her mouth open in shock. She had viewed porn sites, and seen movies, but this was live. She looked at Master Devon who tapped Geneva on the shoulder and waved them down further towards the end of the hall. Devon stopped at the stairwell and quietly said. "Silence still applies. No noise at all or I'll punish you myself."

The girls nodded again. At the bottom of the stairs Crystal sat down on the stairs as she saw Jeannette getting flogged by Master Andre. A big Vibrator stuck buzzing out of Jeannette's pussy, and a big blue plug was seated in her ass. Crystal was nearly in shock, she hadn't seen anything like this here. She wasn't even sure they did that here.

Geneva was hugely aroused by the display, and could easily imagine herself in either of these positions. Being used in such a humiliating manner, begging to be given permission to orgasm. Squealing through the gag as pleasure pulsed out of her clit.

Crystal found herself wishing she could be there. Getting punished, whipped, flogged, and fucked silly. She wished that all the staff were there with her right now, her holes filled, even her untrained ass. None of the Masters she'd been with before had time to really do much to her before her Mother and the Security people would show up. Crystal had read about scenes like this, slaves hung up, and fucked to the point of exhaustion, cocks and dildo's filling her holes, her belly full of semen, and she had wondered what it would be like.

"Master, please, I'm going to come, please let me come." Jeannette wailed. "I can't hold out, the vibrator's too much."

"Slave, I'm not ready for you to come yet." Master Andre said evilly. He swatted Jeannette's ass.

"Master, please don't let me disobey you. Please let me come, I can't hold out forever Master, please." Jeannette cried in agony.

"So the slut wants to come, very well, come now slut." Andre said as he swatted her back again and again with the carpet beater.

Jeannette cried as her orgasm washed over her. She shook in her bindings, her muscles straining, sweat dampened hair in her eyes. She tried to collapse but was jerked back by more blows from the carpet beater. She had a long afternoon left.

Devon tapped Geneva and Crystal and pointed up the stairs. They went back to the training wing and down the hall. This time they paused at the door to the Bondage room and found Master Thomas fucking Diane's pussy as Rebecca fucked her mouth with the dildo.

"Look at this Thomas, she's sucking this dildo like the little slut she is. I told you she didn't care what you put in her mouth, she'd suck anything to get me to let her come." Rebecca said as she held Diane's head. "Slave, you may come now."

Diane didn't wait for more than a few seconds as the orgasm obviously gripped her. She came straining at her bindings. Pulling at them. Her legs trembled and Thomas slapped her ass hard and told her to enjoy it.

Devon moved the girls down the hallway and towards admin. Once in his office he gave them slave kneel and leaned back on his desk. "I wanted you to see that, to know we're the masters, and we'll do what we please, when we please, if we please."

Geneva shifted slightly. She could imagine herself in either situation. She felt her sex wet and hot. She hadn't felt like this for a long time, since her first couple weeks here.

Crystal was still in shock. "Yes Master."

"Crystal, I intend to use you myself this evening, after dinner. Geneva, you're still hurt, and you're not able to endure that." Devon said.

"Master, I'm sure I could." Geneva said.

Devon smiled and it wasn't his usual pleasant smile. It was almost wicked. "No, you can't. However, I don't see any reason you can't put a show on for us at dinner."

Geneva almost blushed deep red, Crystal didn't know about Geneva's habit of masturbating before she came here, and Master Devon practically told her. The humiliation, and fear of being found out rushed south and settled below her waist. It was hugely arousing.

"Master, I'm to service you this evening?" Crystal said confused.

"Yes, and I intend to invite Mistress Ann to join us, so don't disappoint me." Devon said. "Both of you back to your duties."

"Yes Master." They both said and rose as gracefully as they could to get back to work.

Crystal thought about what she saw and what she'd experienced so far. How would it feel to be bound, and used in such a degrading manner? The answer her mind gave was surprising, pretty damn good. Just imagine how awesome Jeannette must feel right now, that orgasm was a screamer. Diane sucking on that dildo as Mistress Rebecca fucked her face, and Master Thomas fucked her from behind, her nipples stretched tightly and obviously painfully. To be used in such a manner was so degrading that only a true slave could possibly get off on it, yet they had.

Crystal noticed that she was getting warm too. This relieved and surprised her at the same time. It surprised her that just thinking about sex was getting her hot, and relieved her because it confirmed yet again, despite her Mother's protestations to the contrary, Crystal was a slave at heart.

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