tagBDSMThe Vassal Academy Ch. 22

The Vassal Academy Ch. 22


Andre merged into the proper lane and exited the highway near Middleton New York and followed the GPS prompts to the Medical Center. Parking the expensive car in a safe spot, they headed inside.

Geneva took the lead, having spent far more time in Hospitals than Andre had, she oriented herself quickly, and after getting the room number from the information desk, led the way towards the right wing.

Andre and Geneva stopped outside the open door. Josh way lying in bed, turned on his left side. His right arm seemed bound to him by bandages, crossing his chest and held immobile. He was staring out the window, his back to the two. Andre stepped around Geneva and she followed him in. Andre stepped closer quietly, to see if Josh was asleep, he wasn't, he was just staring out the window.

"Hey Josh, how are you feeling?" Andre asked.

Josh jumped in surprise and turned his head. Shock evident on his face. "Master Andre." Turning more he saw Geneva smiling at him. "Geneva, what happened to you? What are you doing here?"

"We just heard about your accident, and your loss, I'm very sorry Josh." Geneva said. "Master Andre and I came to see how you were doing."

Andre shifted slightly, uncomfortable. "Josh, we all were sorry to hear about Brad. It was a great shock to us, and we can't imagine how you must be feeling."

Josh kept looking from one to the other. "You came to visit me?"

Andre nodded and shrugged at the same time. "Yeah, we're not too busy right now, so Master Devon sent us to offer our assistance and support."

"We were happy to come Josh, really." Geneva said. Her eyes spoke volumes here, she saw his injury, and her training took over. She walked to the door and took the chart out of the slot near it. She began reading quickly, flipping pages as she went.

Andre started to chat, about Josh's injury, showing interest in his comfort, how he was doing.

Geneva finished reading and walked to the bed again. "It looks like you're going to be out of here in another day or two at the most."

Josh got sad again. "Yeah. Brad's brother wants me and my stuff out of the Apartment right away. He never liked me, and hated that we were together."

"I'm sorry Josh, sometimes family can be cruel." Andre sympathized. "We talked to Master Devon this morning, and he offered you one of our Guest rooms to use during your recovery."

Geneva jumped in. "You know them Josh, you helped clean them that evening."

Josh agreed. "Yeah, I saw them, barely more than that. I was just taking spare towels and all." He looked suspiciously from one to the other. "So you've been sent to visit me?"

Geneva sat down and glanced at Andre before replying. She was framed by the sunlight coming in the window as she sat on the sill. "Josh, you know we serve Master, you know we'd never disobey him, or fail to carry out any order he gave us right?"

Josh nodded and watched Geneva suspiciously. "This is one of those times when Obedience to Master is a pleasure, because I for one liked you. I even liked tormenting you. I liked it better when you were able to let me please you, but I jumped at the chance to come see you."

"What happened to your nose, your eyes?" Josh asked.

Geneva looked uncomfortable. She looked to Andre for help. Andre fielded the question. "She was attacked by a student, he beat her up. He broke her nose."

Josh looked horrified. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah, it's healing. It'll be fine in another couple weeks." Geneva said easily.

Turning to Master Andre, Josh had a bit of sarcasm in his voice as he asked the next question. "So I'm being offered a room, and what do I have to perform to have it?"

"Nothing. It's there for you. You know the quality of food. We have clinics nearby, for any follow up treatment you'd need. It would allow you to rest and recuperate." Andre said. "No strings attached."

"Why?" Josh asked.

Andre took his hand gently, and said. "Josh, we all were fond of you. We tormented you because it's what we do, and what you did, we don't know if you still want to. I'm sure you don't know either. This has been a huge shock to you, and we learned of it this morning. Master Devon learned last night, and the instructions for us were issued this morning. No, that's not right, they weren't instructions really. More like an offer to let us do this, we could have said no, neither of us did."

"Why me?"

"Josh, if you choose to stay in this life, and it's your choice, to make freely, there is a position available for you at the Academy. We'd take you in, finish your training, and work you near to death." Geneva said. She moved to stand next to Master Andre and leaned down a bit. "Besides, house slaves get play time, and I'd like having you around for that."

Josh smiled a bit. Then he got sad again. "Brad is getting buried tomorrow. The Doctor isn't sure I'll be out in time."

Andre gave his hand a gentle squeeze. "We'll take you to the grave, let you say good bye any time you want Josh."

"His Brother is being a Dick about me being in the apartment. He said I have to get out. He never did like me, or what Brad and I did." Josh said.

Andre pulled a chair up. "His brother is like many closed minded people. They don't understand anything they aren't involved in, and assume anyone who is doing something slightly different, well they're doing something wrong."

Josh snorted. "That's being polite. I just think of him as a Bigoted asshole."

Andre sighed. Geneva looked sad at him. "You've had a rough life haven't you?"

Josh nodded. "Yeah. My Dad tossed me out for being a fag." He wiped an eye briefly. "His mother, my Grandmother, wrote me out of the will for being a sissy."

Geneva put a hand on his shoulder, supportive, letting him know he wasn't alone. Josh continued. "The only people who seem to like me are people at the clubs, and who knew what Brad and I were. What Brad was, and what I was."

Andre wanted to offer something supportive, but he couldn't. He didn't know what to say. After a long moment he injected the obvious. "We understand this life, and we know what kind of dedication it takes to do it. We admire those with the courage to partake in it, and understand the sacrifices that people must make to follow their dreams."

Josh freed his hand again, and wiped an eye. "I miss Brad so much. I can't believe he's gone. I keep thinking he's going to walk in and wonder what I'm doing laying around when there's things to do."

"We really are very sorry for your loss Josh." Andre said.

Josh nodded. "I know, I'm not fishing for sympathy. I'm trying to get a grip on it. I really am." He rubbed his shoulder and rolled his neck as if trying to relieve a cramp. Geneva knew that meant the pain meds were wearing off, and he needed another dose.

"Josh, it takes time. It takes time to get used to big changes in life. It takes time to get used to the loss." Geneva said. She sat on the windowsill again. "All you need to do is make it through today, don't worry about tomorrow, just get through today."

Josh was quiet for a while, and then he looked at Andre. "Master, I don't know if I want to do this anymore."

Andre understood. "I know, and I really do understand. So does Devon. We figured you would have trouble with a place to stay while you are healing, so we offered the guest room. Slaves don't go to guest rooms, friends, and clients, like a visiting Master will stay there."

Josh nodded his head. "Thanks." He turned to Geneva. "How did you know they were going to release me in two days?"

"It's in your chart. The expected release date is noted. I'm a medic. I've spent years reading those kinds of things." Geneva said.

Josh nodded again. "They say I'm starting Physical Therapy this afternoon, start to move my arm. They said I'd need it for a couple months."

"It's not that big of a deal." Geneva said. "I've never worked in the therapy stuff, but I did get classes on it, in case I had to fill in for someone. That kind of thing."

'Did the Army teach you everything?" Andre asked as a joke.

"They teach you a lot. I know when someone needs surgery, and how badly they're hurt. Since we don't have many Doctors in the Army, we make due by having well trained Medics and PA's. One I worked with for a couple years was a former Medic from the Special Forces, and he taught me a bunch of things. That's how the Army does it really. They put you with someone who can train you, and then they put you with someone else. So you're always learning." Geneva said. "I liked taking care of people when I was in. I liked seeing to their injuries or when they were sick. I liked the idea that I was helping them."

"Why did you get out?" Josh asked.

"They wanted me to be in charge." Geneva looked sad now. "I don't want to be in charge. I don't want to be the one that the soldiers come to for answers. Yes, I know, I was supposed to be helping them that way too." Geneva dismissed this argument with a wave of her hand. "I wasn't. I was just the one who picked who went on patrols, and who didn't. I was the one who sent people to accompany a convoy, and if they got hurt, it was my fault." Geneva looked sick. "I couldn't sleep. I hated being in charge, just hated it."

Josh nodded understanding. "Sorry, I was just curious."

Geneva nodded. "It's OK. I'm able to do what I want now. Besides now I'm Master's medic, and I take care of Master, and his property, the rest of the slaves."

Josh nodded. "Master, this is the best offer I've had. Somewhere to rest, to recover." He looked suspicious for a moment. "No strings right?"

"No strings Josh. I promise." Master Andre said sincerely.

"Thank you Master." Josh answered softly.

Geneva stood and said. "I'm going to talk to the nurses. Find out if there's anything I should know since I'm going to be taking care of you too Josh." She walked to the door and turned left in the hallway.

Andre held Josh's hand. "We'll help you get on your feet. After that, well we'll talk about that when it's time."

Josh nodded.

Devon was at lunch. "So in short, right now Andre and Geneva are offering support and friendship, and a guest room, to a friend who's had a hard time."

Ann spoke first. "Devon, you used similar language this morning, and at the time I thought you were using euphemism's for recruiting Josh as a house slave. I'm sorry."

"I was." Devon said.

Ann looked uncomfortable. "Are you still?"

"No." Devon shifted and glanced at Rebecca and Thomas. "I've been a fool lately." Before anyone could object he raised his hand. "I've been unwilling to forgive my mistake with Matt. I've been reliving it time and time again."

"We all make mistakes Devon." Ann protested.

"I've never before misjudged anyone so badly Ann. It's taken some time to get used to." Devon admitted.

Rebecca who saw if not the old Devon, then a more accurate version of him. "What helped bring it into focus?"

"The behavior of the slaves this morning. Remembering something I read a while back." Devon explained. "There was a man, he was naked and beating up vending machines with a baseball bat when the police arrived. The news story said he was on a 72-hour psychiatric hold. I researched that this morning. It seems that the Psychiatrists think it takes three days to get a good idea of what a person is thinking. I had about twelve hours; from the time Matt arrived, to when he attacked Geneva. I decided that if the experts, people with literally years of education, and training, need three days to see a glimpse of the real person inside, I was an egotistical ass if I expected myself to see it in three minutes, or hours."

Thomas grinned a bit. "Can we refer to you that way?"

Devon snickered. "Not in front of the slaves. It might harm my image." He got more serious. "I'm instituting new policies. From now on, all slaves will be chained to the wall their first couple days, until we've had a chance to see them and learn about them. They can get out of the chains, but the alarm in my room will sound if they pull the string."

"Do we chain Donna and Yvette?" Ann asked.

He shook his head. "No, they've been here a week. We'll call it something like total control or training masters property to keep from wondering off or whatever."

Rebecca glanced at her watch and noted that she still had ten minutes. "Ok, any changes to how we're running today?"

Devon shook his head. "No. Run as normal. We have lot's to do right now."

Ann shifted slightly. "Devon, are you staying up?"

"No. I'm going back to bed. I didn't sleep much last night, and I want to head to town tonight." Devon seemed to be considering. "I'll take Diane with me tonight."

"I'll let the slaves know." Rebecca said.

At the Hospital in Middletown, Andre and Geneva were seeing to Josh's lunch, helping him to get things organized, chatting with him about things while he ate. Mostly, they understood that they were keeping him company. The Nurse came in and took his vital signs, Geneva introduced herself and asked a couple more questions. The Doctor would be around sometime after four was the only useful information she got.

When the Physical Therapists arrived, Geneva remained to watch and see what kind of exercises Josh would need to help his shoulder heal. Andre felt a hollow pit in his stomach, and assumed that Geneva felt the same way. He headed off to find somewhere to get a couple sandwiches for them. Stopping at a pay phone he called the Academy.

Devon was asleep according to Jeannette. "OK Jeannette. Tell him that Josh has accepted our invitation for a guest room, as a guest. We told him that there were no strings attached to the offer."

"Yes Master. Anything else?"

"Geneva wants to talk to the Doctor, and see what she needs to do as the house medic to care for Josh. He'll be here about four or so. I guess we'll come back sometime after that." Andre said vaguely.

"Master, I've been informed that Master Devon is going back to town tonight. He's probably going to take Diane with him." Jeannette informed him.

Andre asked her to relay the information, and get any instructions for him that were needed when Devon woke as they may not be able to call back, and probably wouldn't be back before seven in the evening.

After speaking with the Doctor, and getting special instructions for the long term care of Josh, and a promise from the Doctor to give them a referral they could use when they got home for follow up care, they departed as the Hospital was going to be serving Dinner. Josh understood, and seemed a little more cheerful when they left. Knowing you've got a place to sleep and friends helps you over a loss. It gives you something to look forward to, while you get used to the change in what was.

Devon listened to the report from Jeannette and issued additional instructions, Jeannette turned to go and was stopped. "Jeannette, would Josh fit in here? I mean as a house slave?"

"Of course Master, you wouldn't offer it to him if he wouldn't." Jeannette said simply.

"What about Matt?" Devon asked suspecting her response.

"Master, you were giving him a week's trial for liking. You've done that with everyone except Geneva, and she proved she wanted to serve. Even then, you had her in the training wing until she was past phase one. You would have thrown her out if she hadn't demonstrated that this is really what she wanted."

"Thank you Jeannette, I was just curious as to how the slaves felt." Devon explained.

"Yes Master." Jeannette said left his room.

Devon stretched and rubbed his face. Deciding a shower would help wake him, he started his morning routine again.

Downstairs the trainee's were helping to take care of the house while Dinner was prepared. The Trainers were busy typing their reports of the days activities, and Diane was hustling in the kitchen, and realized she'd been sweating. Resolving to take a quick shower, she mustn't embarrass Master Devon by stinking,

Jeannette had taken the time to prepare clothing that she thought Master would like on Diane. Things that would accentuate her attributes, she had long legs, and a big inviting ass. Her neck was long, although at the moment, adverse to swallowing a cock, it would in time.

Jeannette headed downstairs to eat with Diane, so she could help prepare her to accompany Master Devon into town. Jeannette true to form, was explaining to Diane how to serve Master in public. "You did it before, with me when we won the bet with Luke."

"Yeah, but all I did was follow your lead Jeannette." Diane said.

"Just do the same thing. Obey his signals, be prepared to obey any command. Kneel until he gives you permission by a sign, to go and mingle. You know that routine, you've been mingling all your life." Jeannette told her over the simple meal. Advanced Ballet included the hand signs for the basic position commands. Diane knew she was trained in those, and also knew they would be no problem. Mistress Rebecca was reasonably pleased with her training there.

"Yeah, OK Jeannette. Worse case scenario, I get punished right?" Diane asked grinning.

"Slut." Jeannette said playfully obvious by the friendly smile on her face.

"Yep, but it feels so good." Diane said playing back. "What's up here tonight?"

"I don't know." Jeannette said. "If the Masters told the trainee's anything they didn't tell me. Andre and Geneva will probably be gone tomorrow. After chores, Crystal and I are going to play, she's wound tighter than a drum right now."

"Tell me about it. This afternoon, when I saw her. I was afraid we were going to start putting her to bed with Clifford strapped in." Diane said referencing the largest Dildo in the cunt training room. A big red monster named after a cartoon dog.

Jeannette giggled. "Clifford is as big as her arm." Crystal was petite. Perhaps five foot two, and had pert breasts, a shapely ass, cute pixie face, and was a dark blond, almost dirty blond who's exuberance would try the patience of everyone in the house at times.

Diane leaned closer. "You heard the Master's talking too right?"

Jeannette looked confused a moment. "About what?"

"Crystal. Is she really a natural pain nymphomaniac?" Diane asked.

"Geneva told you?" Jeannette asked.

Diane nodded. "She said we'd have to watch out for her. She won't know when to stop."

Jeannette considered. Breaking Master's trust hadn't really happened. Geneva had told Diane, but not to gossip, to keep an eye on Crystal. Much like Devon had told Jeannette, probably knowing that Geneva was listening, or he had probably come right out and discussed it with her, getting her medical opinion as well. "Yeah. That's what Master Devon told me. That Crystal is a natural pain nymph. She converts pain to sex drive, amazingly well according to him."

"Geneva said to keep an eye on her, that it was possible she'd get hurt if we weren't careful."

"Don't worry, I'm not going to kill her tonight." Jeannette offered as a means of lightening the conversation.

"No Jeannette that's not what I meant." Diane was serious now. "I don't know anything about this stuff. Geneva said to just keep an eye on her, especially during advanced training. She won't give you clues that you need to stop, she won't beg, or stop you. Depending on how advanced she is, she could literally die fucking with a big grin on her face."

Jeannette nodded. "Master is aware of that. I think he talked to Geneva to get her opinion; he usually does on medical things. He knows Crystal's a challenge." Jeannette hesitated, considering what she was saying, and what she felt comfortable saying to Diane. "I think Master is planning on finding out how developed this trait is, and addressing it, like we did with Geneva, turning her need to be humiliated into a need to serve and please Master."

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