tagBDSMThe Vassal Academy Ch. 28

The Vassal Academy Ch. 28


Chapter 28: Kristy's day as a slave.

Kristy was woken by a knocking on her door. She rose and unlocked the door to find Jeannette waiting for her. "Time huh?"

"Yes." Jeannette said. "Please go with Crystal, we'll give you anything you need."

Crystal stood and smiled in a friendly manner. "Come on Kristy, we're going to show you a slaves life."

After they had left, Jeannette woke the rest of the actors, and then went to see to her own morning routine. Kristy was with the slaves, really with them. She had closed the stall door in the staff bathroom, but otherwise was showering with them.

"So you all really live together?" Kristy asked as she rinsed her hair.

"Yeah. We do this every morning. We're family. We live, work, and play together." Diane explained as she stepped out of the shower and dried herself. "We have clothing for you."

Kristy accepted the dress, a button down summer dress that was made of very soft cotton. "Ok, where's my underwear?"

"We don't wear any." Geneva explained as she put her own slave dress on. "Except when instructed by Master."

Putting the dress on she looked around for hair driers or something. "No hair blower?"

"Nope." Crystal said brushing her hair out smooth and soft. "We serve Master with our hearts, not our hair or our faces."

"No make up either." Jeannette said. Then she started to brief the slaves. "Remember, they're guests, and no matter how insulting they are, don't react. Master has promised us all a spin on the table if we continue to behave as we have."

"Insult me all day if you want." Geneva said. "I'm not losing the table for anyone."

Kristy shook her head and brushed her own hair. She followed the slaves downstairs and into the kitchen. Josh was there and setting the food out. He spoke first. "Morning Jeannette. I got the message, an additional bowl for the slaves."

"Great Josh, thanks." Jeannette said taking the trays with plates and setting them on a cart. Then she pushed the cart into the dining hall Diane picked up an extra tray, with a bowl on it, obviously Jeannette's and followed carrying two trays. Everyone else got one. Kristy glanced at it and almost groaned. The plates had looked so nice. Cheese omelets, hash brown's, sausage, a biscuit, and a tall glass of orange juice. All of those items appeared to be in the bowl, but mixed together in what could only be called a mess.

She followed with her tray to the dining hall where the other actors were filing in. Jeannette was already seated and talking. "OK, training this morning. Master Devon feels that the largest area for improvement is going to be in ballet. So all those slated to play submissives are going to go with Mistress Ann and Master Thomas to Ballet Two, which is upstairs. She's going to be working on getting you gliding, instead of strutting, slouching, or whatever you're doing now. All those slated to be dominants will be with Mistress Rebecca and Master Devon in Ballet one, downstairs." She glanced at Kristy and then said. "Only two exceptions to that. Lisa, if you wish you can have some anal training with Master Andre, he'll help get you to enjoying it."

"Fuck that." Lisa answered.

"Then you'll be upstairs."

Elaine knew the other exception, she could see it with Kristy. Stone asked anyway. "The other exception?"

"Kristy is going to get a taste of what Slaves do today, which is why she's getting the bowl instead of a plate." Jeannette answered. "Her schedule is already set, and if any of you want to join her, please let me know and I'll speak with Master Devon."

The rest of the actors basically replied with variations on the answer Lisa had given.

Kristy found that the bowl was actually tasty. The chopped sausage, and potato and chopped omelet was there, and she could taste the individual elements, but it was actually pretty good. Since it was intended to be eaten, not admired, she decided that this wasn't exactly a bad thing, perhaps.

"Lunch is at the usual time, and if you have any problems, medical I mean, please ask any staff member to call Geneva." Jeannette said. "Diane, you're in ballet two helping Mistress Ann and Master Thomas."

"Sure Jeannette." Diane said as she finished her bowl.

"Kristy, you're with me." Geneva said. "Unless someone needs a medic."

The actors were the last out of the dining hall and Kristy hustled to keep up. She saw them lounging about after breakfast grumbling about the morning. All except Elane, who seemed to be amused by it all.

Kristy followed Geneva into the central area and glanced around. Geneva glided, but with a purpose. She moved towards Admin and explained as she went. "We're going to check on a couple things in admin, and you're going to talk to Master Devon first."

Devon was in his office, and waiting for her. Kristy entered and sat gingerly, trying to glide. She wasn't sure why she wanted to glide, but she did. "Good morning Devon, you wanted to see me?"

Devon nodded. "You're curious about this lifestyle, more so than most of the others."

Kristy bit her lip. "I just want to do a good job in the movie, I think that will give me a better chance at a regular acting career."

Devon smiled. "Right." He glanced at the clock. "OK, I'll give you a couple choices. Do you want to spend the day doing chores with the slaves, or do you want to be trained as a true slave would be?"

Kristy considered. The chores would the safe bet. "What kind of training?"

"How about arousal training, this morning, we'll consider something for the afternoon." Devon said. He appeared uncomfortable for a moment. "Arousal training is usually done nude though. I'll allow you to do it dressed. We don't want you feeling uncomfortable."

Kristy shrugged. "I've been nude in a number of movies."

Devon nodded. "I am going to give you a safe word. What that means, to us, is that play ends and the slave is terminating the lifestyle agreement. In your case, it means that the scene ends, only the event which is causing you discomfort."

"OK." Kristy said confused.

"Come with me please." Devon said and stood. Walking to the hall he went to the Trainers office and found Andre where he was supposed to be. "Master Andre, would you be willing to teach an arousal class to Kristy?"

"Certainly Devon." Andre said and set his book down and stood up.

"Andre, if she says Orange, end the scene. Safe word is Orange." Devon said carefully and exactly.

"I understand Devon." Andre said. He turned to Kristy. "You understand, if you say the word Orange, I'll stop whatever we're doing?"

"Yes." Kristy answered.

Andre escorted Kristy to arousal training. The room was lit indirectly, and seemed more relaxing, more comfortable than the other classrooms she'd been in. At Andre's direction she got on the padded table, and tried to relax. He hadn't told her to strip, so she waited for it.

"OK Kristy, normally, this is done nude, but it's not required. So we'll leave you dressed." Andre began as he pulled a stool to sit by her head, his waist below her head, and allowing his upper body to be seen easily by her. "Arousal, for a woman, is in the mind. It's not visually associated as it often is with men, but often, it's mental." Andre began. "We're going to examine your mind, and simply put, try and find things that turn you on."

Kristy giggled a bit. She covered her mouth with her hand and shook her head. "I'm sorry." She said after a moment. "It's just that's not what I expected."

Andre smiled amiably. "It's all right. Movies and books make it seem like we'll tell you to get ready, and you're to play with yourself and struggle to do that. No, we're exploring today, that's all. Just a little chat."

Kristy nodded and settled down a bit. Andre began again. "So the question is, what do you find arousing? For some, it's an ideal. For others, an imagined activity. Geneva's favorite is a humiliating scene where she's treated like a slave. Jeannette loves to serve Master, and Diane, she imagines herself with Master Thomas." Andre said. "These are the keys to their arousal, what is yours?"

"I don't know, the mood I guess." Kristy said after a moment.

"The mood." Andre said softly. He absently placed one hand along her hair line, and began stroking gently. "The mood is important, especially for women." He agreed.

Kristy felt his hand, and decided he was just trying to make her comfortable. It wasn't anywhere near her sexual zones, so why object?

"Tell me about your favorite image, the one you use when you masturbate." Andre instructed again.

Kristy looked at him shocked. "I don't."

Andre smiled. "I do. Everyone does to my knowledge." He shrugged. "Sounds strange doesn't it? I have a house full of sexually active women, and the other trainers, all of whom would enjoy a good fuck, and once in a while I actually masturbate because I'd rather not be with one of them."

Kristy looked away embarrassed. "I can't."

"You can't do it? Or you can't talk about it?" Andre asked gently. "What you say here, is only between us. It may be hard to understand. However, for a slave, trusting Master with these secrets is important. Because it shows that Master has earned your trust."

Kristy bit her lip. Then she struggled obviously. "Candles. I love candles."

Andre nodded. "Yes, the flickering light, the glow, the warmth." He seemed to really appreciate the idea of candles. "Bodies bathed in the soft light. What a wonderful image you've chosen." Andre told her approvingly.

Andre was very good at running with whatever image was given to him by the slaves. He would not appear judgmental. If the subject of the training had said their favorite image was their archenemy being tarred and feathered, Andre would agree wholeheartedly in the arousal factor in the image.

Kristy smiled. He understood. "Yeah. The light and shadows, it's amazing."

Andre nodded. "So in your fantasy, there are candles lighting the room. Sorry, a bed, or perhaps a rug before a fire? A sheepskin, or bearskin rug?"

"Both, I've imagined both." Kristy admitted. She licked her lips, and felt a warmth begin to grow within her.

"I love the fire image myself." Andre said with a distance to his voice, as though he was even now imagining himself on the rug, arms and legs intertwined making love.

"Yeah." Kristy agreed. She could see it in her mind. A fireplace gently crackling. A dozen candles lighting the room.

Andre watched her carefully, and saw the first signs of arousal showing. Her lips were wet. Her neck was starting to show the flush. The truth was, this is why the slaves didn't wear make up. The colors that women wore were intended to fake arousal. The flushed lips, the flushed cheeks, the sparkling eyes, all were signs of arousal. By covering it with make up, the trainers would fail to notice the first signs of arousal.

Andre leaned a little closer and lowered his voice. "A bearskin rug beneath you, the gentle caresses of the fur against your skin."

Kristy closed her eyes, she could almost feel it. Yeah, she knew how horrible fur was, but nothing felt like that, nothing else in the world.

Andre caressed her jaw line, running his hand along to her hair line again, always careful to keep her calm, keep her comfortable. "This Kristy, is how you pass arousal training. You associate pleasure with the commands that we give. When we give slave cunt, part of your mind would be transported to that room, the crackling fire, the rug, the candles. The passion you feel now, would begin to bubble inside of you."

Kristy shifted a bit, her thighs pressing together, squeezing her womanly lips. She breathed deeply and opened her eyes, and looked at Andre with lust clear in her eyes. "Andre, are you all really as good as we've been told?"

Andre nodded. "We are." He caressed her temple.

Kristy raised an arm and placed her hand on his head. "Prove it."

Andre smiled. Then he nodded, and lowered his head. He kissed her gently, and then with more feeling. She responded, her tongue flashing out to introduce itself to him. Andre gently and without any apparent effort undid the buttons on her dress, opening it to him, and she was surprised at how gently and easily he did it.

Andre smiled and then kissed her neck, and slowly, gently, kissed his way down her body, his hands stroking her breast, under them, along her ribs, and then finally he shifted and lay his mouth near her sex. He kissed her thigh, and then her mons. His tongue lapped and licked, caressed and he kissed. Gently, carefully, and with attention to her pleasure, he licked her. Kristy had never in her wildest dreams imagined herself getting pleasured like this. She gripped his head, holding him in place as her first climax washed over her. Then she wanted him. He stood up, and took his sports shirt off. He lowered his pants, and then smiled at her as he gave the command to himself.

Kristy felt him nudging her entrance, and she wanted him. He entered her slowly, gently, pushing his way into her. She arched her back instinctively, and she opened herself to him. He was big, not the largest she'd ever had, but he was big. He filled her with his cock, and then he began to gently thrust into her. His pelvis was tapping her clit each time he bottomed out. Kristy thought it was an accident at first, then it was clear it was no accident. It couldn't be an accident. He shifted and swiveled his hips, pushing into her pussy, pushing into her. The pleasure she felt was unlike anything she'd ever imagined, and her climax built, and then cascaded.

When Andre finally came inside her, giving her that wonderful pulsing feeling inside, she was a wreck. Kristy had lost count, but she would have sworn that a dozen climaxes had just been experienced. Her legs ached, her nipples were sore, and her pussy felt like she'd been filming all day. Nothing in her experience had ever made her feel so wonderfully complete. No one had ever played her so well. His hands, his cock, his mouth, everything was used, and it all was wonderful.

Kristy looked up at Andre, and she understood what the slaves felt. Love unlike anything. Kristy felt some of that too. Master knew her, knew her body, her desires, and her wants. "Wow, that was amazing." She said trying to re-establish some cool.

"You're welcome." Andre said with his omnipresent smile.

"I've never felt that before, nothing like that." Kristy gushed unable to contain herself. "My God, that was awesome."

Andre gently brushed her hair aside, away from her face. "The act of making love is a skill, we're very good at that skill."

"I'll say." Kristy agreed. Andre shifted, allowing his now flaccid cock to slip free from her. She felt a sense of loss as he did, as though, something had been taken from her. She shuddered at the sudden sense of being empty and groaned. She clamped her arms on him, gripping him tightly.

Andre held her for a moment, until the feeling passed. She looked up at him with love in her eyes. "It's all right Kristy, really, you're OK."

Nodding she tried to put it into words. "It felt like part of me left, when you pulled out."

Andre nodded. "I understand, really. It's OK."

Kristy bit her lip. "Can I go now?"

Andre smiled and let go of her. "Certainly. I'll go upstairs for a quick shower, and you can too if you like. Staff wing would probably be best." He caressed her shoulder and arm as he talked. "You can use my room if you want to, or another if you want some privacy."

Kristy shook her head. "Staff wing, I'll use the bathroom I did this morning." She wanted to run away. She was falling in love with him, and his amazing cock. No, more than that. His understanding, his abilities were what attracted her.

Kristy closed her dress and almost ran from the room. This was bad, she wasn't here to fall in love. The idea that they were all that good was too unbelievable. Oh my fucking God. If I fall in love, I'll lose my mind when I have to leave. When Jason and I broke up, I thought I would die. Jesus help me.

There were tears in her eyes as she tossed the dress aside and jumped into the shower. She couldn't fall in love, not here, not now. That was behind her. No more.

Andre stopped in Admin and looked for Devon. He was apparently still in class. Frowning he found Geneva in the Kitchen. Pulling her aside he spoke quickly, giving her instructions, and sending her upstairs. Something was wrong with Kristy, she looked panicky at the end. Right now, Andre felt she needed a woman nearby, to help her. Geneva was good at this sort of thing.

Geneva entered the staff bathroom and heard the shower, she headed towards the stall to make it look like she happened in to use the bathroom herself, and then stopped. Kristy was sitting on the floor in the shower, the water running over her, and she was crying as she leaned against the wall.

Geneva leapt for her and ignored the water taking Kristy in her hands and then her arms in an embrace. Kristy was crying openly now. "Kristy, what's wrong, talk to me."

"I love him, and I can't love him." Kristy wailed. "It's not fair. It's not fair. I love him."

Geneva held Kristy and groaned inwardly. This was not on the schedule. "You love Andre?"

"All of them." Kristy shook her head. "They all can do things no one else can. Why didn't I run when I heard of this movie." She held Geneva tightly. "I can't fall in love. Not now I can't."

Geneva recognized the signs of a nearly hysterical person, and realized that there were some serious and deep-seated issues that Kristy needed to deal with. Groaning as she realized the depth of commitment this was going to take, she made several decisions at once. First, get Kristy to Geneva's own room, isolated from the rest of the actors. Second, let Master know she's nearly hysterical in fear. Third, let Crystal know she's got to cover the Kitchen. "Kristy, listen to me." Geneva held her head in her hands forcing Kristy to focus on herself. "I'm going to take care of you, we all are. You're going to be fine."

Kristy nodded. "I don't want to love Master." She cried again and shook her head. "I don't want to love them."

"Kristy, listen to me." Geneva began again. "I'm going to help you, but you have to work with me. I can help you."

Kristy nodded. She remained silent only softly weeping. Geneva stood her up, and then turned the water off. Taking a towel, she dried Kristy off and then herself. She tossed them aside. Glancing at her watch and groaning as she figured that the water had fried it she saw the numbers still showing. Pushing the button she said. "Master Devon."

Devon's voice came out. "Yes Geneva?"

"Master, may I see you in the staff rooms?" Geneva said softly and she hoped vaguely enough.

Taking a slave dress, she put it on Kristy, ignoring her own wet dress, and Kristy moved listlessly holding her arms up. She was still crying as Geneva led her towards Geneva's own room. The door said Slave Geneva. Geneva pulled the covers back, and then lay Kristy down. Devon arrived as Geneva was tucking her in.

"What happened?" Devon asked taking the scene in.

"Master, Master Andre contacted me in the kitchen, he said that Kristy looked suddenly panicky after her arousal class. He asked me to check on her. I came upstairs and found her sitting in the shower crying." Geneva hesitated a moment. "She said she loved him, Master, all of you, and she couldn't love you." Geneva summarized.

Devon blinked in surprise. He stepped closer to Kristy and saw her looking up at him, tears brimming in her eyes. He turned to Geneva. "Assessment?"

"She's got something, some demon that has her terrified of love Master. She's scared." Geneva said. "I put her here, and I want to keep her from the others for now."

Devon nodded. "OK. Good work Geneva." Kristy was sitting on the bed now, hugging her knees, and looking at him in fear while he stood in the doorway. "Kristy, you have nothing to fear from us." He saw distrust in her eyes, something else was there too, perhaps love? Devon didn't know, and didn't think he was the one to find out. Back to Geneva. "Please assist her in any way you can Geneva. Let me know if we should contact anyone. As always, I trust your judgment implicitly."

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