tagBDSMThe Vassal Academy Ch. 32

The Vassal Academy Ch. 32


Part 32: Preparations for Graduation

Cardinal Wong, the Papal Nuncio to the United States, which read in diplomatic speak meant the Ambassador to the United States from the Vatican, looked up in surprise as two men entered his office. After greeting the one he knew, Bishop Jacoby, he was introduced to Father Francisco, and they sat to discuss something that Bishop Jacoby considered extremely important.

"Your Eminence, I believe that this report should be transmitted to Rome without delay, and that it should go by the Diplomatic Pouch, hand delivered if you will." Bishop Jacoby explained.

"This is hardly something I would need to attend to personally." The Cardinal said truthfully.

"I felt that you should be aware Your Eminence."

The Cardinal shrugged and accepted the judgment of his subordinate. He took the leather folder and opened it. He began to read the memorandum inside.

Report of discussions with Deputy US Marshal Ken Blackburn, Witness Protection section of the Federal Marshal's Service.

For the last two weeks, I have been counseling Ken Blackburn, who sought me out to help him work through a difficult situation. The difficulty became overwhelming to Ken after he discovered that there was an informer of a criminal organization within the United States Marshall's service Witness Protection division.

Ken Blackburn was assigned a woman to protect nearly two years ago, and after six months, she ran. Jeannette Sessions of Atlanta Georgia (USA) was kidnapped, brainwashed, and sold into slavery by a group of unknown persons. During that time, she was subjected to what can only be considered barbarities of the most evil nature. After three years, the programming broke, and she was able to effect an escape. This escape resulted in the death of Dieter Weiss by self inflected gunshot wound.

As may be recalled, Dieter Weiss was a multi national industrialist who had very powerful friends. As may be further recalled, the story of his death got very little press, and I believe we now know why.

Four months ago, Ken Blackburn was preparing to transition to a more supervisory role in the Witness Protection Program, and was giving his relief agent the cases currently assigned to Marshall Blackburn. Marshall Blackburn became aware that one of the "open/inactive" files which denotes a person who is entitled to protection, but not currently in protection required a normal annual update.

Marshall Blackburn was intending to pass it off on to the replacement, when he decided to do it himself. This burst of industriousness, led him to discover that the information in the stand alone computer had been changed, which meant that one of twelve US Marshall's, the only people with access to the computer, had changed it. The information was also changed in the NCIC, or National Crime Information Computer, and INTERPOL.

The subject, Jeannette Sessions had a different picture, and the file numbers were changed to lead nowhere. The expiration date of the alerts was fast approaching, which meant that the information would soon be deleted through normal housekeeping methods.

Marshall Blackburn began to investigate on his own, and through the use of Internet Café computers in and around Washington DC found that Jeannette was now in the public eye. Part of an academy of slavery in Connecticut. While she is using a different name, it is undoubtedly her.

Further, her contact in the organization that had kidnapped her and tortured her was known as Master Devon, and there is a Master Devon associated with this school near New York City.

Marshall Blackburn has further learned of the corporate protection that this Devon and Jeannette enjoy, including one of the more prestigious law firms in the nation representing them on civil and business matters.

Subsequent investigation of the matter led Marshall Blackburn to discover that Devon Jamison, who is listed as the lead trainer of the Vassal Academy, has the same fingerprint as a birth record listed under the name of David Edwards, who is shown as a runaway boy at the age of fourteen.

The individual listed as Rebecca Adamson, is similar in training and technique to a woman listed as missing presumed dead in Toronto known as Renee Hutchinson. Renee Hutchinson was a ballet dancer, of some skill, but insufficient to be considered a lead ballerina.

Similar discoveries by Marshall Blackburn has led him to believe that the US Department of Justice is aware, and unwilling to take any action on this. He believes that it is because the Justice Department is penetrated by this International Criminal Organization.

Marshall Blackburn further believes that this ICO considers Jeannette, Devon, and the rest to be absolutely vital to their plan, which Marshall Blackburn believes follows this path.

First, with the increase in banking scrutiny under the international hunt for terrorists, that the business of kidnapping and brainwashing people for slavery is becoming more difficult and less profitable. More people need to be bribed, and more money needs to be spent on security which results in a lower profit margin.

Second, that the international moral state is such that this fantasy of slavery is more open, and accepted in society.

These factors combine to lead Marshall Blackburn to believe that the group is using Jeanette, Devon, and the rest of them to create a more profitable business using the techniques developed in the long history of the criminal enterprise.

Marshall Blackburn also believes that this is akin to "going legit" a song sung by Mafia people from time to time.

Upon due consideration, Marshall Blackburn felt that it was not in Jeannette's nor his own best interest to establish contact.

Marshall Blackburn also believes that Devon is hedging his bets on going legit. He has essentially appointed as his second in command a former Deputy Sheriff known as Ann Carter.

It is believed that Ann Carter will assume command of the Academy in Connecticut when Devon leaves to set up additional facilities.

This would be consistent with the idea that the Academy is a pilot program intending to bring the ICO into a more legitimate business model.

My discussions with Marshall Blackburn will probably continue, although he has decided to reduce or eliminate the investigation which has been done on the side. He states that it is difficult to find excuses to leave the office and travel to the area on business.

Respectfully submitted.

Father James Francisco,

Society of Jesus

Cardinal Wong read the report twice before he set the pages down. He looked at the Monsignor first. "How much have you told him?"

"Nothing Eminence."

Cardinal Wong nodded. "You have done well James, bringing this to our attention. I thank you, and will forward this report to Rome, by hand delivery only. I wouldn't want Marshall Blackburn's name to be discovered by the NSA who takes great and perverse pleasure in reading our email."

"Yes Your Eminence."

After Father Francisco left Cardinal Wong looked at the report and said. "Praise God if this is true."

"The other documents are supporting information, that I thought you would like to see as well Eminence."

Cardinal Wong looked at them briefly. "Do not tell Father Francisco anything about the Vassal Group. I'm afraid that he would find it difficult to understand how it got started, don't you?"

"Yes Your Eminence."

Cardinal Wong took up a sheet of paper at his desk and sat with a fountain pen.


Attached you'll find a report from a young man who has stumbled onto some very valuable information. While it is obviously not the position of the Church to encourage sin, this situation makes it a quandary for us. On one hand, the establishment of these Academies would serve the interests of neither God nor the Church. On the other hand however, it is obviously in our interest to see this abomination we inadvertently created ended.

Perhaps, with His guidance, we can finally see the end of the group inspired by Torquemada.

Father Francisco is unaware of any reference to the Inquisitions, and I have instructed that he not be informed of them.

With your permission, I'd like to issue instructions through our Arch Diocese in New York to our Parish Priests in that area to take no notice of this Academy, and instead turn a blind eye to their activities.

Yours in Christ,


Cardinal Wong signed his name, and then put all the documents into a large manila envelope. He lit a candle, and dripped wax onto the flap. Then he pressed his signet ring into the wax sealing the envelope closed, and clearly showing that it was done personally by the Papal Nuncio. No one in the legation, or the Church would dare open the envelope, and as it was to be part of the diplomatic pouch carried by the courier then no one but the Cardinal assistant to the Pope himself would open it.

So the error of the Church is about to be rectified, by the greed of men no less. How strange that the work of God now has the One True Church hoping for the success of an evil. God does work in mysterious ways, as is evidenced by this turn of events.

That the efforts of the Church to root out the evil of Islam in Spain would have inadvertently started this mess is regrettable, and would cause the Church unendurable shame if it was ever learned by the public. Those perverted Priests who have abused their position were bad enough, but this would be intolerable.

Torquermada worked to torture information out of his prisoners, torturing them to confess to various sins, and directly led to the deaths of more than two thousand poor souls. That his inquisitors would leave his employ, and start on their own to create this perversion was unforeseeable, and highly regrettable.

God, I know you hear my prayers. Please clear the path for this Devon, Allow him to establish this evil in our midst. We mortals can fight this evil, but we must allow it to destroy a greater evil first. Please give those in Rome the guidance they need to serve You in this matter, and grant me the life to see the Vassal Group destroyed once and for all.

Cardinal Wong handed the envelope to the courier, and said nothing more about the envelope. It would do no one any good to have it known that the Cardinal was more than a little concerned about that bunch of documents.

In San Juan Puerto Rico, Carlos Menendez watched the rough cut video for the second time. He turned to the Maestro and asked. "Where is this Academy they speak of?"

"In The United States. Connecticut as I understand it." Maestro Cortez said.

"Where did you get this video?" Carlos asked next.

"From a friend, in the lifestyle. If you wish to learn how to be the best Maestro, you can spend years with me, or weeks with them."

"Maestro Cortez, you are the best Dominant in San Juan, are you as good as these people are?"

Cortez took a look at the scene currently playing. A woman knelt before her husband, and began to suck his cock. "I am good, the best in all of Puerto Rico." He hesitated. "I believe I'm as good as they are, The advantage they have is the structure which allows them to focus on teaching, only on training their students and their slaves."

Carlos recognized the bluster for what it was. Cortez was good, everyone in the local scene said so. Cortez was not at this level though. "Maestro, I'm certain you can teach me a great many things, and I'm just as certain that your knowledge, when added to theirs, would make a Dominant that others would strive to emulate."

Cortez took the left handed compliment in stride. Menendez was not a man to be trifled with, he had too much money, and too much power for that.

Menendez settled the matter by lifting his cell phone and tapping the buttons to get the call initiated. He spoke quickly when it was answered. "It's Carlos, book me a flight to New York, and find anything you can about the Vassal Academy. Get me a point of contact, I want to meet with someone from the academy right away."

There was a pause and Carlos concluded the conversation. "I will speak to my Father before I go, just book the flight. I want to leave tomorrow."

Carlos hung up the phone, and said. "The bonus scene again please."

Maestro Cortez tapped the computer keyboard and selected the right scene. The interviews with the stars of the movie took about fifteen minutes. In addition to the jocularity that seemed out of place in the film set, but totally human all the same, there were two interesting things.

First, all of the actors sang praises for the Academy for helping to prepare them for the movie.

Second, they all mentioned Master Devon and they called him that. Master Devon.

The grace, and behavior of the actors and actresses were astounding. Carlos shook his head in amazement.

Three hours later, he was speaking to his Father at the family home. He'd already been to his apartment to pack. The conversation was somewhat heated, and Spanish is an excellent language for emotional discussions. "Father, I am not needed at work. All of the memo's from my office are dictated by Uncle Fernando. All of the work I'm assigned is always done by another, and I'm supposed to supervise." He waved a hand. "Bah. You know I have a window seat. I can show up and stare out the window for all I accomplish."

"Carlo, you have to think this through, the police are done with you, yes, but this could blow up in your face. I might not be able to save you next time."

"Papa, I hurt that girl because I had no idea what I was doing. She ended up in hospital for a week because I was a fool. I will not make that mistake again. I will learn, and they are the best."

"Let him go Father." Alejandro said. "If my brother wishes to learn how to be happy at the hands of this academy, then he should go."

"Alejandro, you don't understand either."

"Papa, he's a man. He's grown up in your shadow, and mine. He isn't you, and he isn't me. He isn't Uncle Fernando, and he isn't like Belicia, He must find his own path."

"If you go." Rafael Menendez said growling the threat. "Then your job will not be here when you return."

Before Carlos could respond, Alejandro had leapt to his feet. "I am in charge of Operations, and I decide if he has a job, or not. You made me the Vice President, and the Vice Chairman of the Board Father. You have already given me the stock I need to secure my position. I owe you, but I will not turn him out like that." Alejandro turned to his brother and said. "You have a months leave of absence, if you need more time to chase this dream my Brother, then you need only ask me for it."

The conversation grew more heated and then settled down. Finally it was agreed that Carlos could go, and the job would be here when he got back. The family business would not throw him out, and it would not turn it's back on him. It was an empty threat. The shame in public of the business elite of the world knowing that there was one child who did not work for the family business was worse than the possible reaction of the world that Carlos had gone to the Academy to learn to be a proper Dominant man.

Either way, Carlos would have a family, and a job to return to.

Dominique took the phone call the next afternoon. "Dominique speaking, may I help you?"

"Dominique? I understand you are the President of the Vassal Academy."

"I am. How may I help you?"

"My name is Carlos Mendoza, I'm on a flight from Puerto Rico to New York right now, and I'd like to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss training."

Dominique shrugged. "We can meet tomorrow if you like."

"What are you doing this evening?" Carlos countered.

"I'm having dinner and then I'll be at the Club de Sade. I don't suppose you're a member are you?"

"No, I'm afraid not. Could I meet you there to discuss my desires?"

Pushy bastard. Or desperate, but either way, he's a potential client and that's the reason we're members of the clubs in the first place. "I can meet you there. Tell the doorman you're my guest, they'll be expecting you Mr. Mendoza."

"Thank you Dominique, I'm sorry, I didn't get your last name."

"It's Gavarro but no one uses it." Dominique said.

"Thank you Senora Gavarro, I'll see you tonight."

Dominique set the phone down and then turned to her computer. She started to search the web for rich boys, for he sounded fairly young, from Puerto Rico. She found him almost instantly, and then she started to familiarize herself with his family, their business, and the gossip around him. Some of the pages were in Spanish, which was no challenge for her.

Dominique was Spanish by very distant descent. She had been captured by the Vassal Group at the age of sixteen. They had an order for several young girls of Spanish descent, and she fit the bill. The group held onto her, when they discovered her above average intelligence, and instead turned her into a trainer. She was a very good trainer, and soon became a lead and in time, moved up to supervisory slots.

Dominique did not spend any time, waste any time that is, considering her life to date. She was, where she was, doing what she was doing. How and why she came to be doing it was a waste of energy. If she had not been captured, she would either have spent her life in a sweatshop earning pennies an hour, or been a prostitute for a few dollars a trick. Such is the life of a Peruvian Refugee who is running from the Cartels because her Father didn't want to plant the right crops. Because he resisted the desires of the Cartels, he was murdered, and Dominique and her Mother had started running. Always heading north, always headed towards the United States. Where freedom and opportunity existed.

Dominique's Mother got ill as they crossed Mexico, and she never lived to see the border for the United States.

A Coyote, who smuggled people across the border agreed to take her, if she would agree to work for his friend for two years. She agreed, and joined a group of young women who were headed north. Dominique's last view of freedom had been as she squatted in the back of the truck and watched the door close as they prepared to sneak across the border to the United States.

Dominique considered the information before her, and wondered what his request would be. He had said training, but for whom? Certainly not the woman in the Hospital, and it was doubtful that he would have found another one so soon after this last episode. Not one who would be suitable for training.

Dominique put the considerations on the back burner in her mind, and then moved on to looking over the initial production and distribution reports from Pleasure Products on the Academy line of toys. She compared each line to the estimate from the company, and the one from in house, and found the in house one closer, as expected.

She typed a short report and attached it to the reports, and after encrypting it, sent it to the cut out in the Cayman Islands, and from there it was electronically transmitted to Switzerland, and from there? God alone knew.

Dominique then decided she'd bled enough for the office today, and left for an appointment with her hairdresser. She had to look the part of the Mistress in command didn't she?

Dominique considered calling Devon to discuss this matter concerning Carlos Mendoza, but he was busy at the house. Frankly, he was up to his ears in work. He was overseeing both Ann and Diane, who were both so close to finishing. Then it was possible that Dominique hadn't found the right Carlos Mendoza, there were more than one after all.

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