tagBDSMThe Vassal Academy Ch. 34

The Vassal Academy Ch. 34


Part 34: Carlos sees the light

Devon woke, and told Geneva she had certainly passed before sending her down the hall to get cleaned up. Jeannette got the instructions to get Suzanne ready to go home, and who to have help her.

Devon arrived at the dining room table and was not surprised to find Carlos missing. He smiled as he realized the lessons were to continue. They had specifically said that breakfast would be served at 7:30. He was about to learn another important facet of the Dominant lifestyle.

Briefing the trainers quickly he glanced at Ann who he had not assigned either trainee or class. "After breakfast Ann, would you knock on Carlos' door and see if he plans on waking sometime today?"

"Sure Devon." Ann said.

"Then I've got some work today, to locate some things we'll need. I may even have to run some errands and if I do go Ann, you're in charge of course." Devon said.

"OK, Geneva last night, she passed?" Ann asked.

"Sure she did. Never any doubt." Devon confirmed. "If I head to town, I'll put in an appearance at the clubs to fly the flag. We need to do that a bit more according to the perpetual complaints of Dominique."

"Taking anyone with you?" Rebecca asked.

Devon shrugged. "I don't know. I'll consider it later." Then he glanced at his wrist and said. "Mistress Ann, if you'd go and see about Carlos, and find out if he expects Breakfast in bed, or is planning on joining us about lunch time."

Ann smiled and said. "Certainly Devon, I'd be honored."

"Get to work, all of you." Devon said smiling as he wiped his mouth and stood up from the table.

He entered his office and found the computer up and ready to run the programs. He glanced at the newspapers on his desk and sat down. Jeannette appeared with a cup of fresh coffee and sat it on his desk with her usual morning greeting.

Thanking Jeannette he turned to his computer and started his days work. First he printed out the list of ingredients he'd gotten the night before. Then he set about tracking them down, in between reading the Wall Street Journal and other papers.

Carlos sat on his bed and hung his head. Ann had been abrupt, letting him know that Slaves didn't wake the masters, the Masters told the slaves when to wake and when to work.

Well, I asked myself if I was really cut out for this yesterday, and after this latest obvious error, and it should have been as obvious last night as it is now. There is an alarm clock right here. When I think about it for a moment, I realize that of course the Master would not be woken by the slave. The Master decides when and what others do. I always told myself that I could be more, if given the opportunity, but that the lack of opportunity meant I wouldn't ever be more. Now, I know, I've got a job where I can be useless because that's all I am. I'm useless to them, and useless here.

Perhaps I should take up collecting stamps. The books all tell you the value and desirability of the stamps, so I wouldn't have to think about that either would I?

Carlos picked up his phone, prepared to call and have a flight arranged from New York to home, when he saw the blinking message icon. He listened to the message and felt the ground move before him. He glanced at the clock and dialed his Uncle again. "Uncle. I haven't seen the soil samples. I was going strictly off of their estimated transportation needs. Those have been falling for two years."

"Well, you were right. We've decided to harvest this crop on time, and start rice on four of the farms, for at least one year, probably two. Heavy investment into fertilizer will speed the process, but the land needs time." Fernando told him.

"Uncle, we can save the land?"

"Certainly, it's not that hard. You know that, and we won't lose hardly any money in the long run returning to the rotational system." Fernando said. "Good call Carlos, and your Brother sends his regards and best wishes."

Carlos hung the phone up, reeling from the shock. He was right. His Uncle had a respect in his voice that was uncommon. No, not uncommon always. Just never used with me as its target.

Carlos wondered if he could do more for the business, and if he could, if he'd been the first one to see it, then perhaps he could learn more, and do more. He stood before the mirror and ran his razor over his face as his determination grew. He could learn, he wasn't useless, and he wasn't a fool.

Striding into Devon's office he greeted the Master's Master and then sat in a chair before the desk. He took a few minutes and highlighted the conversations and actions with his Uncle.

Devon listened politely and watched Carlos carefully. Carlos explained the reason for his explanation. "You see Devon, I was ready to quit. Convinced that I was useless at this, and everything. That showed me I am not useless, and I'm not a fool. I was right about something important, something no one else saw."

"So now you think you're able to see other things that others can't?" Devon asked.

Carlos saw the trap and shook his head. "No, but I am able to learn how to see such things in people too."

Devon shrugged and nodded in one motion. "Honestly, I would have been very disappointed if you had quit. I think you can make a good Dominant, one I would be proud to say I know, and like. However, you need to learn that the subtleties we talk about, are just as important, as the other things."

Carlos nodded. "Teach me, I will try to learn all I can."

Devon leaned back and looked at him. "I'm about to ask you a favor, one you won't understand, but one I need you to grant me."

"Anything Devon." Carlos said.

"Can you take a day away from here? In a couple days, perhaps as many as three days from now?" Devon asked. "I'll get you a suite in town, and cover the cost of course."


Devon leaned forward and placed his arms on the desk. He pursed his lips. "We're going to test Ann out of her apprenticeship. The slaves will be very busy with this all day. I will be as well. Until dinner, we will all be watching and working with Ann."

"You prefer I not see her being tested?" Carlos asked.

"It would be considered a family matter." Devon said. "If we were a family business."

Carlos understood. Devon didn't want him to see Mistress Ann as anything but a Mistress. Whatever they were going to do to her, she wouldn't be a Mistress, at least not to his eyes. "Perhaps a day to see the sights in New York would be fun."

Devon smiled. "Thank you Carlos. I do appreciate it." Leaning back and keeping the smile on his face. "With all the self discovery you've been making, I'll even ask your help in graduating Diane, which will happen shortly after Ann."

"Anything I can do Devon." Carlos said.

"For now, please see Mistress Rebecca, and watch her teach Ballet. See the subtle differences between right and wrong." Devon invited. "Notice the slaves behavior, their body language."

Carlos stood and moved towards the door. He hesitated and turned towards Devon and asked. "If I had come to you, telling you that I quit would you have tried to talk me out of it?"

Devon looked at him without any regret on his face. "I don't know. I haven't thought about that. I didn't think you would quit, you'd gone through too much to get here for me to contemplate that."

Carlos left and a minute later Ann walked in and sat down. "I decided that a cup of coffee from Chef's pot was in order."

"Was it any good?"

Ann nodded. "He won't tell me why, but it's always better than we get in here."

"He uses a pinch of salt in the grounds." Devon said. Then seeing Ann's shocked expression he smiled disarmingly. "Andre told me when he tasted it. He said it was a trick he learned as a boy."

Devon felt the elephant in the room. It was Ann's reaction to his sudden and unexpected refusal to take her anally. She was hurt he realized, and she was hoping for an explanation. Devon considered this for a few seconds while they chatted about inanities. Then he began the subject she really wanted to talk about. "Ann, about your final tests so to speak."

Ann just nodded, and watched him warily. Devon realized that she was more hurt than he had expected. Another lesson he realized in an instant. People outside the farms also consider not having sex to be as potentially insulting as sex. Devon chided himself and after a moment said. "Ann, about my sudden refusal of your very kind offer."

"That's not something you need to explain." Ann said. Devon knew Ann wanted to talk about it, but didn't want to ask about it.

"Ann, if I had done it, you would have considered yourself graduated, and for all intents and purposes, you would have been. However, I think I know what you need more than that to truly shed the final vestiges of your previous life, and embrace the life of the Dominatrix in you."

"What?" Ann asked with a voice that had to be forced out of a suddenly tight jaw and throat. She was clenching her teeth, and trying to calm down. Damn him.

"You need to be the center of attention, I guess it could be called Queen for a day. You need to realize, and feel, how good it is to be the focus of someone else's attention, not for testing purposes, or to let off some steam, but to truly be the focus of all our best wishes and pleasure." Devon said.

"I don't understand." Ann said after a minute. Her jaw wasn't clenched, she was really confused though.

Devon considered for a moment. "You understand mentally how the slaves will feel, you know the words, and can imagine the emotions. That's good, even excellent. This will make you better, and then, only then, can we move along to Anal."

"Damn you Devon, you're talking in circles again." Ann objected.

"Ann, forgive me for being so blunt. However, Anal for you is like a test. Can you endure it, not will you enjoy it. I think you want to get it over with, not enjoy the experience. Trust me for a couple days Ann, and when it's all over and done with, you'll understand them, and us, a lot better."

Ann watched Devon through narrowed eyes. Then she realized something. The way she felt right now, the last thing she wanted was his cock anywhere near her. She was mad, and she knew it. "So what do you want me to do today Oh Master's Master?"

Devon smiled easily, the insult rolling off of his back like water. "Do me a favor, keep an eye on Geneva, just incase I read it wrong, and Carlos." Devon filled her in on Carlos's admission and the days plan for him. "Just let him watch the interaction between us and the slaves, and then talk to him about it. What he thinks, and why."

Ann agreed and it was obvious her back was still up. She left his office with her back ramrod straight and instead of striding as she had grown accustomed, she nearly marched out of Admin.

Devon watched her go. Turning back to his own project, he started to search for health food stores, and other places where herbs could be found. He started to call them, and hadn't had as much luck as he would hoped before lunch.

After lunch he decided that a personal trip to Chinatown in the city would probably be best. One of the Chinese Apothecaries would probably have nearly everything on his list, and could probably find the last of the items in hours, instead of days or weeks.

Devon told Jeannette to pass the torch to Ann, and took off in the BMW, planning on parking near the Club De Sade and then moving along towards Chinatown near the Federal Court House by taxi.

It took three hours, but he finally found a shop that he suspected would suit his needs. He entered, and was immediately struck by a problem. The gray haired woman behind the counter spoke no English. He spoke not one single word of Chinese. As he was about to turn around and find someone on the street he could hire, another voice came from the back, much younger.

A teenaged boy entered from the back carrying some books. Devon smiled. The books were in English. At least the titles were in English. "Hello, could you help me Sir?"

The young man looked at Devon and shrugged. "What do you want mister?"

"Some herbs, some of them may be rather difficult to find." Devon admitted.

Devon held his list out and the young man took it. He glanced at it and then studied it with some detail. "Wow, this is some list."

"I'll agree with that statement. It's a heck of a list." Devon said still smiling charmingly.

"Ok, we got some of this in stock. We can make some of it." The young man said. Then he turned to the old woman and began speaking in what Devon assumed was Chinese.

The old Woman handed the boy some paper and a marker. He began drawing on the paper, or writing Devon realized, in literate Chinese. "Such a lovely language, I'm afraid I never learned it."

The young man looked up and shrugged. Then he turned back to the old woman and handed her the list he'd written. She started to move and pull things out of the shelves and drawers.

Devon looked around, the Deer Antlers hung from the ceiling, and dried lizards and toads were on several shelves. The old Woman was speaking and Devon turned to listen to her. The young man said. "Mister, she says that this one, the Blue Vervain extract in a Tincture is going to be tough. It doesn't grow here." The old woman chattered again and the young man listened again. "She says she'll have to have it sent from California, and it will take two days minimum, and would be best brewed there. She says that it can be sent directly to you in the mixture you want."

Devon nodded. "I understand. We can't make the plants grow where we wish, we must go to them. Please tell her that would be fine, to have it sent to me from California."

The Young Man studied Devon for a moment and then turned and spoke to the woman.

The woman picked up a cordless phone and dialed a number from memory. She spoke for several minutes in conversation with the phone and the covered the mouthpiece and spoke to the young man. Devon heard the word Gwailo and recognized it from other times the woman spoke. The young man said. "Mister, she says she can have it here in two days in extract in the tincture. Is that all right?"

"Yes. That will be fine, thank you."

Devon turned and studied a collection of various dried reptiles and then there was another burst of noise from the woman, who was obviously talking to the young man. "Mister, she says that some of these are in a common Tincture, unless you want them individually."

Devon walked over and listened as the Young Man described the Tincture and the woman held the small brown bottle with an eyedropper in it. Devon frowned. "I wish I could say yes, I honestly do. However, the recipe I'm working with is very specific on the amounts, and the sequence of additions. I know for one, the Dong Quai must be added nearly last, while the Licorice Root has to go in at the beginning."

The young man shrugged and turned to the old woman who again turned and rummaged around in the shelves and pulled out small jars and other collections. They spoke back and forth and finally had the package ready. Each item was labeled, as he had requested on the sheet of ingredients. "Ok, that's it except the Blue Vervain, and Grandmother says it will be delivered to you in two days."

Devon smiled and gave them an address to send it to, and a phone number. Then he handed over a bit under a thousand dollars for the collection of rare herbs and preparations that were in the bag.

"Mister, what are you going to do with all that anyway?" The young man asked after checking each of the $100 bills to insure they were real.

"I'm making the nectar of the gods." Devon said. "Please call me when you know when the Blue Vervain has been shipped."

"Yeah sure thing Mister." The young man said.

Devon smiled again and turned to leave with his bag full of herbs. He smiled. The entire list found, at one place. Even the somewhat surly behavior of the young man couldn't detract from his relief in finding the herbs.

Devon walked towards the edge of Chinatown and stopped and entered a small Restaurant and accepted a table. He sent a message to Dominique that he had been successful in finding the ingredients, and would Graduate Ann in a couple days.

Carlos was at the dinner table discussing the subtle tells in body language with the other trainers. "Rebecca, imagining the tail is good. However aren't the eyes the true window to the soul?"

"Sure, but what if the eyes show you one thing, say fear, but the shape and posture of the back are stiff and straight?" Rebecca countered.

"Couldn't they be scared stiff?" Carlos asked.

"Should they be straight?" Rebecca asked. "People tend to instinctively try and cover, or protect when they're afraid. The straight back when coupled with frightened eyes is a mixed signal, and you'll have to use your experience to judge the individual."

Andre picked up the thread. "We don't bed the slaves until we are comfortable that we have a fair understanding of their motivations and their individual limits for that very reason. Mixed signals, some have naturally weepy eyes, and going by those alone would be limiting."

Carlos was quiet as he digested the lessons so far. "So the lack of makeup and clothing is also to give you more sources of information. To give you a better read on the slaves emotional response."

"You got it." Thomas said. Then looking at his watch said "And I better get." Diane was getting three classes in anticipation of her finals. She was already showing signs of the strain and it was going to get worse.

Ann had remained mostly silent. Watching the discussions as Carlos learned and decided it was about time. Ann walked to admin and found Jeannette shutting the office down. "Jeannette, wait a moment."

"Yes Mistress."

Ann dialed Devon and when he answered she began. "Carlos has been making excellent progress." Ann outlined the progress highlighting the conversations and the day.

"Good, I'm glad to hear that." Devon admitted. "I presume you didn't call to tell me that."

"I didn't exactly." Ann said. "You ordered the slaves not to attend without your permission. I want to keep my promise to him."

Devon grunted. It would mean that he trusted Ann and her evaluation. However, if she was certain enough to ask, there was kittle doubt she was right. "Jeannette are you there?"

"Yes Master."

"Don't let Master Carlos wear you out tonight, I want you in my bed tomorrow."

"Yes Master." Jeannette said with a grin.

"He is still not allowed to summon, but the trainers can send one of the staff to attend."

Jeannette accepted this command and didn't bother to report that she would relay it to the other slaves. Devon didn't tell her to, he knew she would.

"Anything else Ann?" Devon asked through the speakerphone.

"Not right now, I'll let you know if any other problems crop up that need your personal attention." Ann said and then after the goodbye's touched the button to turn off the speakerphone.

"OK Jeannette, follow me."

Ann strode to the guest wing and stopped before Carlos's door. She knocked and entered when bade to. Carlos was sitting in the comfortable chair watching the news on the TV. Ann said. "Good evening. I said I would do this, and I am." Then she turned to Jeannette and said. "Slave Jeannette, fuck the shit out of him."

Carlos sat with his mouth hanging slightly open. He stared at Ann who turned and smiled slightly and then turned towards the door closing it behind her. Carlos shifted his gaze towards Jeannette and managed to close his mouth.

Thomas had Diane tied down to a leather topped table and was running his hands over her, exploring her body, feeling the heat generated from within her. She ground her hips upwards, watching him, her mouth was free to speak, but she didn't. The orgasm denial was torture, plain and simple. Thomas would talk to her, stroke her, tease her, and then leave her wanting. Diane didn't know it was part of her prep for final exam, but she did know she was close to graduation.

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