tagBDSMThe Vassal Academy Ch. 38

The Vassal Academy Ch. 38


Part 38. Carlos Departs, Sarah Arrives.

Jeannette swayed to the lash of the whip as Andre continued to coach Carlos in the best way to swing the whip and where to strike. "Good Carlos, now spread it out more, remember the goal is to make her whole body sing."

Sweat dripped off of her breasts, and her hair was damp. Outer reflections of her inner heat from the attentions of Master Carlos.

Carlos flicked the whip out and focused on his blows, all the while he watched Jeannette, reading her reactions, and adjusting his technique to her. It had taken a week for him to understand that in this, the Master was the servant. The Master was bringing pain, or pleasure, as desired to the submissive. However the specifics of the activity were determined by the reactions of the submissive.

"You're not just beating them to pass the time, the goal is to make them feel what you want them to." Devon had chastened Carlos more than once.

Carlos learned and today he had Jeannette groaning in desire, her body heated, her pussy drenched in arousal. She panted, and she squirmed.

"Light flicks of the whip, keep her skin hot, keep her heated up." Andre said as he walked around the Master, and the slave observing and advising.

Carlos felt himself stiffen in anticipation. He knew Jeannette would be burning up with desire, and knew she would be desperate for sex in the very near future. The power he had, the power she gave him was astounding, phenomenal, and yet, somehow it fit the lifestyle perfectly.

Carlos looked the question to Andre, who shrugged and nodded after a moment. The message was clear, she's hot enough. Fuck the shit out of her.

Andre waited while Jeannette was let down, and then headed up the stairs, giving Carlos the privacy he desired. He passed down the training hallway and paused just long enough to see Crystal in cunt control with Thomas. She was rippling the three sensor probe nicely today. Geneva was through with her short class in Ballet, and Diane was in the office, while Jeannette took her turn downstairs.

Andre passed by Diane who was busy logging in two boxes that had arrived. Entering Devon's office he strolled to the chair and flopped into it. "I don't know why I bother going down there anymore. He's got it Devon. There isn't much improvement left in him."

Devon looked up from the file he was reading and listened as Andre highlighted the session with Jeannette. "OK, it was a long ten days getting him here, but he's here."

Andre nodded. "The girls have been getting a lot of attention lately, but frankly, there's nothing more that we can teach him without going into the psychology of being a trainer."

Devon nodded. "Then he's done." He glanced at the calendar on his desk. "About two days short of the three weeks we planned on."

Andre grinned as he said. "Under budget and ahead of schedule?"

Devon laughed at the joke. "Yes Andre. And excellent work."

Diane brought the first opened box in. "Master, forgive me for interrupting."

"It's all right Diane, what have you got?" Devon asked.

"I'm not sure Master, clothing for us, the slaves I mean. I think it's for us." Diane stammered her reply.

Devon waved her over and looked at the packing slip. "Ah, yes. I'm looking at uniforms for the winter. I'm afraid that the slave dresses will give you all frostbite before Thanksgiving."

Diane smiled at Devon's joke. She didn't reply though, none was needed. "Andre, we'll start to examine these over the next few days." Devon said pointing to the box.

"Sure Devon, warmth and functionality?" Andre asked.

"Well, we don't want them to freeze, and we don't want them to feel overdressed." Devon allowed.

Andre grinned and stood up to look at the box and see what Devon was thinking of. Devon said. "Thank you Diane, we'll take care of it from here."

"Yes Master." Diane agreed and headed back into admin.

Devon outlined the ideas of the various clothing he'd ordered. "I saw three variations. The harem girl outfit. A heavier version of the slave dress, and leather."

"Leather?" Andre asked surprised.

Devon held up one bustier and said. "Leather."

Andre examined it and said. "Not much leather."

Devon shrugged and said. "A vest if you will, and pants to go with it, or a skirt of some sort."

Andre chuckled and said. "Just turning the heat up?"

Devon frowned and said. "Do you have any idea what it cost to cool this place in the summer? I shudder to think what heating it will cost this winter, especially if it's a cold winter."

"I thought all winters were cold." Andre offered.

Devon sighed. "Last year they had an ice storm that knocked out power to half the states around here for days."

Andre frowned. "We don't have a fireplace do we?"

Devon shook his head. "No we don't. We also don't have any way of heating most of the house. If we lose power, the best idea I can come up with is to gather everyone around the kitchen, and hope the gas stays on so we can run the stoves."

Andre sighed and shook his head. "Thankfully I don't have these worries, I'm merely a little cog in your great machine." He stood and headed for the door. "I think I'll leave you to your work while I finish mine."

Devon returned to the box and they laid it aside. He returned to the files and his oversight of all things Vassal Academy. The budget meeting was tomorrow, and that meant he'd spend the day in New York, discussing what had been spent, what had been earned, and what he expected to spend for the next three months.

Jeannette climbed the stairs to the sleeping wing, and crossed over to the staff wing. She needed a shower, and a bit of a rest before dinner. Master Carlos was improving all the time.

Carlos stopped in Admin on his way to his own room. He stuck his head in the door. "Jeannette is on her way to the staff wing."

Devon gestured for Carlos to come in and sit and leaned back to begin. "Carlos, what do you think we can still teach you?"

"I was about to ask if I had passed that task as well." Carlos said smiling.

Devon nodded and said. "Which means, there is little more we can teach you without putting you into a trainers program."

Carlos sat stunned for a moment before answering. "I'm done? I'm a trained Master?"

Devon nodded. "You're done." He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his desk. "Carlos, you always were a Dominant in your heart. What you were lacking was the education to understand how those Dominant impulses should be applied."

"Intelligence, guided by experience." Carlos repeated the phrase that Devon had used several times.

"Yes." Devon nodded. "You now have the experience in the lifestyle."

Carlos considered for a moment before replying. "I wonder if you know how much I owe you?"

Devon shook his head. "You've paid us, you owe us nothing."

Carlos chuckled. "I wasn't talking about money, but about the gratitude that I feel."

Devon smiled easily as he rose and walked to the bar. He poured two drinks from the decanter and handed one to Carlos. "I know, and I was telling you that you shouldn't feel overly grateful."

Ann grumbled in frustration as she sat and again scrolled up the document she was working on to insert a line she had forgotten. It had been two days so far, and she was still mucking about with the outline.

Rebecca breezed in and asked. "So Ann, how is the training manual going."

Ann glared at Rebecca and said. "Fuck you."

Rebecca laughed and said. "I'm free tonight."

Ann glared and then softened and joined Rebecca in the laughter. "It's pathetically slow. Why the hell did Devon give me this job?"

Rebecca glanced over Ann's shoulder and said. "Still on the outline?"

"Yes. I can't make any headway. Every time I start to read it over, I remember something else that needs to be inserted, and that's just the training of Diane, Geneva, and Crystal." Ann admitted.

Rebecca chuckled and said. "What's really bothering you?"

"None of them had the same training." Ann said pointing at the thick files on her desk. "Not one of them has had exactly the same classes. None of them had the same obstacles, and none of them had what could be considered a standard training period."

Rebecca raised her wrist and Ann saw this and covered hers to prevent feedback. "Devon, could you come to the trainers office please?"

Devon appeared in a minute and after greeting both women looked at what Ann had done so far. "Good, I see you're making good progress."

"Devon, what the hell am I doing this for?" Ann asked. "I was training at the same time they were. How do I crank out a training manual for students when I was a student until a couple weeks ago?"

Devon smiled. "So you're saying there isn't a standard way to train them?"

Ann blinked at him and grumbled. "You son of a bitch."

Devon sat in one of the chairs and said. "You've just learned more in two days than I could teach in two months. Every student is different, and every individual needs individually customized training. There is no standard training package that we can offer. We can only offer our expertise, and our techniques."

Ann glared at Devon and said. "You could have told me that."

"You would disagree, and set about what you've done now, which is prove that it can't be done, and it would take two days or more to realize it, and then you'd struggle on for another day hoping to find a way to thread the needle of impossibility before admitting defeat." Devon said with a grin on his face. "Instead, you've learned what we all know after months of trying, that each individual needs individual attention."

Ann sighed and said. "So the standards direct the training phases and those direct our actions."

"You got it Ann." Rebecca said.

Thomas entered and made a mark on the board to reflect Crystal's efforts. Then he listened to the discussion about training techniques as he sat at a computer to start typing his report. He turned around to listen more closely as Devon explained again. "Ann, each person has individual strength's and weaknesses. Your assignment was to create a training plan that could be applied to any student, to every student in fact."

"Which was impossible." Ann objected.

"Yes." Devon agreed. "It will always be impossible to create a training guide that is complete in every detail, a schedule if you will, for any student that comes through the door."

Ann turned back to the screen and said. "If I had a timeline for Geneva and Diane, Crystal would screw it up. Then I had too much time for a task for Diane and Geneva."

"The efficiency aspect will always kill it." Devon agreed. "Flexibility and constantly adjusting the plan to reflect the student is the only way that it works."

Ann sighed and said. "So instead of a training guide, we have tasks which we expect them to complete to get through the phases?"

Devon agreed. "Yes, which is why the training plan is always in such flux. We can't plan weeks out, because we don't know what will happen before we get there."

Ann sighed. "So you tortured me to make sure I learned that there is no such thing as a perfect training plan?"

"I wouldn't use the term tortured." Devon offered weakly.

Ann turned back to her computer, saved the outline, and then closed the window. "I would."

Rebecca took her arm and pulled her from the chair. "Come on Ann, it was a good learning experience for you."

Diane read the new message board posts about the Academy and decided that nothing much was there, but flagged them and forwarded the links to Master Devon. He had told her to send more rather than less, to make sure he knew what was going on.

Sarah Miller flopped onto the couch in her apartment after touching the play button on her answering machine. Three weeks of messages, none from work of course, they knew where she was. A few from friends and she resolved to call some of them back. She closed her eyes for a moment and then heard her cell phone chirp in her pocket. Pulling it out of her jacket pocket she glanced at the screen. Touching the button to answer she said. "Dexter how can I help you?"

The Executive Vice President for Operations said. "Sarah, I just remembered you were scheduled for some vacation when the platform problem came up."

Sarah kept her voice cheerful. "Yes, but it was my pleasure to see to the accident instead." The expected line was delivered with a modicum of honesty. She had spent three weeks working with Dexter, and she was sick of his calling about things all hours of the day and night. Didn't the man ever sleep?

"Sarah, you're work was excellent, and we really do appreciate it." Dexter said next.

Sarah rolled her eyes. They had told her that five times in the last day. "Thank you sir, it was my pleasure."

"I'm not sure of your plans for vacation, I know you canceled them rather short notice, and I don't know when you can schedule again. If you've lost any deposit money or whatever, let me know and I'll see you're reimbursed."

Sarah raised an eyebrow. That hadn't been said before. "Thank you sir, that's very kind. I didn't lose any deposit or anything like that."

"Also, as soon as you can reschedule, consider any vacation request approved. We owe you some time off."

Sarah hesitated. "Thank you sir, I guess I could call down and see if they have anything open."

"Do that, and if they say yes, tell them you'll take it." Dexter said firmly. "You have to be tired after this, and you've earned it."

"Thank you sir." Sarah said. "I'll call down and find out what their bookings look like."

They ended with the usual pleasantries and hung up. Sarah let her head fall on the couch and closed her eyes. If he called back again she would scream.

Sarah didn't call anyone, she stood up and walked into her bedroom dropping clothing as she went. By the time she reached the bathroom she was clad only in her panties, and they were gone before she turned the shower on.

After standing under the hot water for a long time, letting the steaming stream run down and relax tired muscles and wash the miles from her she stepped out of the shower and into a pair of baggy jeans. She put a shirt on and started to separate her clothing from her luggage. A lightweight suit was hung back up, it had never been worn. It was too cold for it. She soon had two piles of clothing. That which needed dry cleaned and pressed, and that which could be done at home. She started the at home pile and shoved the other stuff into a bag for the cleaners.

She looked at the delivery menus and decided on a trip to the store. She had eaten restaurant food for the last three weeks, and she was sick of it. She wanted something simple, and that meant a trip to the store for groceries.

Two hours later she turned on the TV after a Foreman Grilled Chicken breast with rice and peas. She scanned through 250 channels and found nothing on.

Instead she pulled her laptop out and continued her report on what had happened. She'd started it as soon as she had taken off in the plane, working for the last three weeks. Now she needed to finish it so the department could discuss and learn from it.

Despite her instructions to the contrary, Sarah knew she had at least a hard weeks work ahead of her. She had to outline what had gone well, and then what hadn't gone as well. She had to endure the reviews of her department, and the executive committee. It wouldn't be easy, but was part of doing things better. Learn from your mistakes, and never make them again.

The next morning she arrived at her accustomed time, her laptop nearly bulging with the data she'd worked with. She cross loaded everything to her computer on her desk, and got the department to reviewing it. She was discussing one particularly difficult moment of the last three weeks with the team and how she had scrambled to cover the problems effectively because she wasn't versed in the engineering language when the phone rang. Sarah answered it and found that the CEO wanted to see her as soon as she could make it to her office.

Two hours later she returned to her office. Skipping lunch she returned to trying to get her data in order for the various reports and discussions. The CEO spent two hours going over events with her, making sure they were on the same sheet of music regarding the report she was writing, apparently concerned that some lawsuit in the future would declare it as a vital piece of evidence if it wasn't written carefully.

Sarah finally got home utterly drained of energy late that evening. She dropped her purse, tapped the phone and again got no messages. She collapsed on the couch. Her stomach got her up and she ordered delivery from the Tex Mex place just down the street. She groaned and changed out of her work clothes as the food arrived.

Carlos had Geneva bound to a table, her legs pulled up roughly, her cunt wide open and glistening with arousal. She quivered, partially from her arousal, partially from the strain on her muscles and limbs. Carlos flogged her sex again, not too hard, just about right. Rebecca and Devon watched this as he worked the girl over with a hand that was approaching expert at this task.

Geneva moaned around the ball gag that he had put between her lips.

Carlos turned to Devon and said. "She won't take much more of that."

Devon agreed. "No she won't."

Carlos picked up the dildo that lay on a shelf and roughly shoved it into Geneva. "Hungry slut."

Geneva arched her back and her breath left her in an explosive gasp. She tensed and obviously came trembling and straining. She squeaked her gasps of pain and pleasure out. In a moment, she began panting again in short hot breaths.

Carlos smiled and stifled a laugh. Now that he understood what they wanted, what made them tick, it was so easy to get the response he wanted, and they wanted to experience. He ran his hands along her thigh, intentionally avoiding the labia, and Geneva strained to try and get his hand on her cunt.

Devon smiled and said. "When you're done with her, leave her in one of the cages. It will do her good to sleep in one of them."

Carlos considered. "I had thought of bringing her to my room for the night."

Devon shook his head. "Leave her horny, unsatisfied, and leave her in the cage. Bind her so she can't disobey us and get some relief. Orgasm denial is a good training tool, and a good torture."

Geneva's eyes were bugging out of her head. She shook her head pleading around the gag not to do that to her.

Carlos considered for a moment. "My own personal desires on the other hand."

Devon grinned. "I'll send Diane and Crystal to you tonight. Diane can make sure that Crystal is properly bound whenever you're done."

Geneva groaned in frustration. Carlos pulled the dildo from her and she arched upwards the maximum she could move, about an inch, chasing the pleasure tool.

Carlos quickly bound Geneva and shoved her into a cage, her ankles and wrists bound together in a hog tie that was particularly cruel. She couldn't get to her pussy, and she wanted to. She twitched and groaned and begged around the gag. Her words indistinguishable, her agony apparent.

Devon began to explain as they went up the stairs. "Never let your slave assume that her torment will result in her pleasure later. Always keep them a little off balance, if they get to assuming that sex will follow the floggings, then deny them the relief they seek."

"But I gave her an orgasm." Carlos protested.

"Yes, but she wanted so many more. Now she's had one, like whetting your appetite. Instead of a good meal after an appetizer however, you go hungry. The hunger is worse now, because your stomach knows there was food, and you got only one small bite."

"Ah." Carlos said in understanding. "So by giving her one, I led her down a path of expectation, and then by snatching the others away I gave her frustration and desperation."

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