The Vassal Academy Ch. 38


Devon smiled in agreement. "Yes, and she'll be desperate for an orgasm tomorrow, in a couple days, she'll be insane with desire, and then we'll give her the relief she seeks, but not before we're ready."

In Admin, Rebecca caught Andre's eye, and reached up with her left hand and scratched her eyebrow with her middle finger. Andre's eye got a glint in it as he nodded almost imperceptibly. Her signal was clear to him, I want to fuck you. Andre's grin was a little wider than usual, as he looked forward to the evening.

Carlos found Diane and Crystal waiting in his room, both kneeling, and both obviously anxious to serve, and to have some sex obviously. Devon had stated that Crystal could not be used alone, and she must have someone there who knows her to make sure she doesn't try and entice Carlos to give her more than she needed.

Devon had then pointed out that she needed a lot.

Geneva groaned and tried to shift position just a little, just a bit to relieve the ache between her shoulders. Just an inch would be like laying in a big comfortable bed. Her pussy still twitched and the ache in her leg muscles only added to the ache inside. She was horny as hell. Finally she gave up, exhausted and she slept fitfully.

Crystal was bound, by Master Carlo's hand, and Diane's suggestions. Diane was curled up next to Master Carlos, while Crystal was dumped unceremoniously on the ground after being wrapped tightly in leather straps and gagged. Crystal sighed and settled in to get some sleep. She was getting used to sleeping like this. It was almost becoming a tradition.

Rebecca put her blouse back on after tossing her bra into the hamper. She took her belt off and then took a deep breath. Her clothing was going to send a message to Andre, a very clear message. She wanted it especially rough tonight. She wanted him to hold absolutely nothing back. She wanted all the power, the fury, the brutality he could muster. She took her shoes off and set them aside. They might catch on her pants, and she didn't want him to get hung up and tangled up.

Rebecca felt her inner heat cranking up as she anticipated the next few minutes. She opened her door, and stepped to Andre's and knocked. His muffled invitation came and she entered.

Andre almost raised an eyebrow in surprise. Rebecca was rarely dressed, and then, he'd learned, she wanted her clothes torn from her. Andre face took on a predatory nature as he smiled. Like a wolf which has just seen the rabbit stride one step too far from safety, Andre's grin would be recognized as similar. He stepped towards Rebecca and didn't speak, he let his eyes roam over her, and then he reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair. She gasped as his fist closed, her reddish brown hair intertwined in his fingers. His other hand reached out and grabbed a handful of the thin blouse, and with a savage rip he tore it open down the front, exposing her breasts. Her nipples which were already hard, tightened even more. She gasped at the force, and then she gave me the final authority over her. "Yeah, do it Andre."

Rebecca was shoved to her knees, his fingers finding his fly and opening his pants, His cock already stiffening as he shoved it into her mouth. She gagged as it hit the back of her throat, and she put up a token fight of putting her hands up to shove his hips back. She knew what he'd do and he didn't disappoint. He twisted her hand away, Then roughly tossed her to the bed. He stalked towards her, the light in his eye dangerous, and would cause most women to seek an avenue of escape, but Rebecca kicked at him, making him even more lustful, more brutal as he sought to dominate her.

Their rules were simple, no marks which couldn't be covered up by clothing. No broken bones, and no injuries which would take either of them out of training. That however, left a lot of room for them to maneuver in. Andre caught her leg, and drug her off balance by pulling her up. His strength impressive as he tore at her pants, dragging them off of her. She pointed her toes, allowing her pants to be removed with a violent shake from Andre. He found she had worn lacy panties, a thong, and he gripped it next. Tearing it from her body in a savage pull that left a red mark along her waist. Rebecca made a note to cut the waist band a hair more next time. They almost didn't tear off with a single tug.

Andre spun her on the bed, and pinned her arm up near her neck, and then shoved his cock into her face again, it's now fully erect form forced it's way through her mouth, and into her throat. She gasped breaths whenever he withdrew, which wasn't often. Her eyes watered, and her nose started to run as it was bumped against his pelvis. His heavy balls slapped her chin as he thrust deeply into her throat. "Whore, take that cock, you fucking whore."

Then he spun her again, he positioned his cock at her pussy and shoved into her with as much force as he could manage. He pinned her legs up with his arms, and pummeled her pussy with his pecker. She tried to squirm but he had her pinned completely. His voice was a growl, a deep and dangerous sound came from him as he continued to pummel her. She came, her nails dug into his shoulders as she came apart. Her body was racked by shudders as her orgasm ran through her. She felt him withdraw and was surprised. Usually he fucked her until he came, and sometimes they'd do it again, slower, softer, but he rarely withdrew unless he was.

Andre lined his cock up at her asshole, and shoved hard. Rebecca gasped in pain and surprise as she hadn't had a moment to prepare herself. She was tight, dry, and she was now being split apart. He fucked into her bowels, and she wondered idly for a moment if the roast beef from dinner was in his way. He fucked harder, and she could sense he was close, he wanted to come inside her, but Rebecca wanted more. More brutality, more of her being used. She decided what she wanted. She wanted to be the slave she was once, to him. "Fuck me Master, fuck your slave."

Andre grinned and then pulled out of her ass. He grabbed her hair and pulled her around again, and again shoved into her mouth. Rebecca sucked as though her life depended on it, and then she waited and as he started to pulse, pulled back, and he shot his load on her face. Rebecca grinned at the surprised look on Andre's face. She smiled and collected his come on her fingers, and licked them clean, and repeated it until her face glistened from her own saliva, and his come. She smiled and then lowered her head to his cock, again sucking on him, and she hummed slightly.

Andre relaxed and allowed himself to get erect again, and then he bound his slave, and fucked her again. When they'd finished the repeat performance, Andre let Rebecca snuggle into him after he'd released her from her bindings. "So you're to be my slave?"

Rebecca laughed. "Try that shit on me when I'm not in the mood, and I'll kick your ass like Ann did, only worse."

Andre grinned. "Yes Mistress."

Rebecca lay there next to him and then softly said. "I just needed to be a slave for an hour or so tonight, I wanted to let go."

"Is your fantasy realized Rebecca?" Andre asked.

"Yeah, it was. Thanks." Rebecca answered softly.

"My pleasure, and I mean that too." Andre answered with a grin.

Two days later Carlos took a last look around the Academy, and then he turned for the door. Devon shook his hand and wished him the best of luck. Carlos got into the cab, and then started on the long journey home. It would be evening before he arrived in San Juan and then he had some discussions with his Brother, and Father to look forwards too. Carlos wanted a bigger piece of the company to oversee. He was ready for it now.

Sarah flopped onto the couch again after arriving home. She closed her eyes. Meetings in the morning with her people, and all afternoon with the Executive Committee. It was done. The report, with a few polishing touches to it, would be ready next week, and promptly filed and forgotten. The policy was now etched in stone, not so easily forgotten, and the plan was known to all members of the staff.

Sarah had been granted vacation starting on Wednesday, and she knew where she wanted to go, but did they still have a slot for her?

"Vassal Academy Jeannette speaking."

"Jeannette, this is Sarah Miller."

"Ms. Miller, are you home? Did everything work out all right?" Jeannette had personally printed the news story from Ireland that the investigation team had departed, and it had a picture of Sarah and the others walking towards a plane four days ago.

"Yes, thank you." Sarah said. "Is Devon in?"

"Certainly Ms. Miller, I'll get him for you." Jeannette said. She stood and walked to his office and tapped on the open door. "Sarah Miller on line three Master."

"Thank you Jeannette." Devon said. He picked up the handset and said. "This is Devon."

Sarah told him when the vacation was now scheduled for, and asked if the training was still available.

"Certainly Sarah." Devon said smiling. "We can accommodate you easily then."

Sarah hesitated a moment. "Devon, I wondered about something else."

"What would that be?" Devon asked.

"These last several weeks, I've been taking charge and making decisions." She hesitated and then rushed the next part out. "Are you sure I'm a sub at heart?"

"What have you been dreaming of Sarah?" Devon asked next.

Sarah hesitated and then in a strained voice. "The dreams haven't changed. In fact, I found myself daydreaming."

"Then you know your answer. Those daydreams Sarah, will get more insistent. They'll demand that you take some action." Devon offered. "Have you ever read the theories of Carl Jung?"

"What?" Sarah asked.

"Jung was a Psychiatrist, and one of the fathers of what we laughingly call our current science of Psychiatry." Devon explained. "He believed among other things, that man, or woman, had a duel nature within themselves."

"I don't understand." Sarah admitted after a moment.

"Dr. Jung believed that in each of us, there were two people, duel parts of a personality. The duality of man if you will forgive the gender limits of the language." Devon explained. "In you Sarah, there are two people. One wants desperately to be powerful and successful. You work long hours, and you are always striving for that goal. It has nearly consumed you these last few years. There is another part of you. A part that doesn't want to command, but does want to obey."

"Duality of man?" Sarah asked suspiciously.

Devon wasted a smile on the empty room. "Yes Sarah. We all have multiple parts of our personality, and our happiness in life is often depends upon satisfying our differing parts."

Sarah was silent for several seconds. "Devon, I'll see you in three days."

"We'll be waiting Sarah, and with our help, I think you'll be much happier than you are now." Devon offered.

Sarah hung up and lay back on the couch. She didn't want to think of how she reacted around more and more men these days. Some of the really bossy ones, she shied away from, because there was something phony about them. The Divisional Manager in England was one of those. He was issuing orders, painfully obvious, and almost always already in progress when he issued the instruction. He was giving orders to appear important, and in control. Sarah somehow just knew he was weak inside. She suspected that he was not going to be with the company for long.

On the other hand, the Engineer from the rig had not been weak. He'd been calm, even allowing people to question him. He gave the impression that he was secure enough in himself, that there was no reason to become defensive when someone questioned his actions. Sarah had made sure to compliment him in her report. He was a good Engineer, and the accident hadn't been his fault. His actions at the time of the accident weren't perfect, but no one was. They did contribute with the actions of others to save the rig. When the pressure was on, and the disaster was at hand, he was cool headed and thinking. A rare enough talent these days.

He was focused enough to see that dealing with the problem was more important than figuring out who hadn't done whatever they were supposed to. He wasn't running around trying to fix the blame on someone else, like that fool from the London office. He was trying to fix the problem, and then he would figure out what, or who, had caused it.

Sarah wondered what he'd be like in bed. She suspected that he would be powerful, passionate, and at the same time tender. Focused on the moment, and working towards an objective.

"Focus girl." Sarah raged at herself as she got up off the couch. Now was not the time to imagine every guy she had met in life bouncing on her as she strained upwards to meet his powerful. "No." Sarah said forcing the image out of her mind. She showered and changed before she headed out to get a bite to eat.

That night, in her bed, she fell asleep faster than she would have expected. She was tense, and she was horny. She clamped it down, it would be dealt with in time. Not now. Her dreams again were highly erotic. She saw herself bound. Her mouth held open by a ring gag. A cock thrusting deeply into her mouth. She was a receptacle, a thing to be used. The man then did the most degrading thing she could imagine. He came on her face. She was there, her mouth held open by the gag, her face covered by his semen, and she could almost feel the hot thick fluid landing on her face.

Another day, working with her team to polish the report, and finalize it. Issuing instructions on what to do while she was on vacation. Routine things, but they were done and done right.

After setting her computer to send out auto reply and inform the sender she was on Vacation, she closed up her office and headed home. A day to pack and put her apartment in order, stop the mail and all the other Vacation requirements, and she'd be off.

Devon looked at the staff, and said. "Girls, you slaves have the hardest job of all. Sarah has for the most part, accepted what she is. She doesn't have any idea what it is about, but she thinks she's a slave at heart. But she's also a leader, a person who won't be happy until she's in charge."

"That's stupid." Crystal blurted. Then her eyes bugged out and she covered her mouth with her hand and quickly mumbled. "Sorry Master."

Devon frowned. "Ann, see to Crystal after this meeting."

"Sure Devon." Ann answered casually then turning her head to see Crystal. "I know just what she needs."

Crystal winced and then firmly closed her mouth. Devon returned his attention to the group. "In a way, Crystal is sort of right. It does seem stupid. However, Sarah would never be happy where you are. It's not who she is. She has to be both, an executive at work, and a submissive at work. She wants to shine in the glory of her successes in the world, but she also has a deep seated need to give herself to someone else."

"OK, so what's our plan Devon?" Andre asked.

"We're going to hit her on several fronts at once. We have three weeks, and in that time, we can't hope to push her past level two. We can lay the foundation of her future though." Devon explained. "I want all slaves in slave shirts effective as soon as this meeting is over. It will make Sarah feel more vulnerable when she isn't dressed. And she won't be dressed. I want to lead her into thinking one thing, and then jerk the carpet out from under her."

Andre frowned and asked. "How rough are we going to be?"

"Shock treatment." Devon answered.

"Shock Treatment?" Ann repeated in confusion.

Devon nodded. "We're all friendly, deferential towards her until she signs the contract. Then Jeannette takes her upstairs, politely, and even deferentially." He turned to Jeannette and continued. "Then you all come in to play with some serious supporting chat girls."

"Shock Treatment." Ann said. "We shock her with the change in her surroundings?"

"Mistress." Geneva said. "Shock treatment is what we called the first day after you got off the bus in Basic Training. The Drill Sergeants were all over you. They run you ragged, letting you know you're in the army now, not a civilian."

"Same principal Geneva." Devon said. "I need you all to help her through it. I need you all to push her forward."

Diane looked confused for a moment. "Master Devon?" She got a nod to continue so she did. "We're going to be running around like we're in the army?"

Devon chuckled. "No we're not. But we are going to be pushing her hard. I want you all to keep the sense of urgency going. Remember how you felt when you first arrived?"

Diane considered for a moment. "Like there were never enough hours in the day."

Devon smiled. "Exactly. Run her. Keep her so busy, she just like you, forgets she's nude, and serving Master. She's too busy to think, she only has time to do."

Diane relaxed a bit. "Yes Master I understand."

"Cool." Crystal said sotto voice.

Rebecca chuckled. "Do you need some help with her Ann?"

Ann shook her head. "No. I'll manage Crystal just fine."

Rebecca turned to Devon. "OK, so while we're running her ragged, and getting her used to being a slave. What are we focusing on with her? I mean, she's not going to be a slave 24/7."

"We focus on the sexual, and minimize the service aspects of our courses." Devon said. "Oral arts, Ballet on day one. Same on day two, but with arousal thrown in before we put her to bed."

"Arousal on her second day?" Andre asked surprised.

Devon nodded. "We need to find out what makes her tick, we need to understand her as fast as possible. Then we need to shove her into something sustainable, before we send her home."

"That's the rush." Ann said in understanding. "We need to diagnose, and then shift her to sustainable behavior before we lose her."

"Three weeks." Devon agreed suddenly looking very tired. "It's an impossibly short time to finish this. We at least have to have a foundation. We need to get inside her head, and Andre, look for lies. Expect her to lie to you in Arousal."

"Do I call her on it?" Andre asked.

Devon considered. "No. Note it, let us know about it, but don't call her on it. A lie could be as useful as the truth properly applied."

The meeting broke up a few minutes later. The staff was on a sheet of music, and while the symphony wasn't yet complete, the outline was enough to get going. Crystal quickly found her hands bound behind her and was marched towards the bondage room. Ann shoved a gag into her mouth and Crystal struggled with the big red ball until she finally got her tongue settled around the bottom of it.

Ann quickly strapped Crystal to the table so her ass was sticking straight up, and then started to cane across her tender flesh with the long reed cane. "Princess, you will learn to control that mouth of yours, or I will flog every inch of skin off of you."

Ann shifted her hand and let the can slash across Crystal's exposed mons. Crystal shrieked and then groaned. Her arousal kicked into overdrive. Ann continued to flog, using her knowledge of Crystal to know exactly when to stop. Then one blow short of a screaming orgasm for Crystal, Ann stopped. She tapped gently as Crystal squirmed. Ann watched the girl literally vibrate in need, in pure animal arousal. "I think you need a refresher or two Crystal. I think that you slave, should be sleep trained tonight."

Crystal's eyes bugged out as she shook her head. Ann quickly released the teenaged nympho from the table and keeping her hands bound behind her moved her up the stairs and to the sleep training rooms. Crystal begged with her eyes, the gag keeping her pleas unintelligible. Her hands were released and then she lay down as directed in the hated cage. Ann next removed the gag, and then closed the top. "Please Mistress, I'll be good. Please."

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