The Vassal Academy Ch. 38


"Begging won't get you any mercy slave. I know you. You'll sneak off somewhere and rub that little clitty of yours until you come." Ann said in her best sneering voice.

"No Mistress, please just not the cage, not tonight." Crystal begged.

"Oh I think this is good. It will teach you not to twitch all night long desperate for sex."

Crystal groaned as the lights were turned out, and the cage was charged. Then she spoke just loud enough to send the alarms chirping through the room. "Shit."

"Ann you're positively evil." Rebecca said laughingly as Ann reported to Devon.

"Well, it might do her some good."

Devon chuckled. "OK, light training for her tomorrow. She won't sleep a wink tonight."

Sarah wasn't sleeping very well either. She lay in bed and images and fantasy were her companion. Men who shoved erections everywhere. She climaxed as she masturbated to the idea of her being bound, whipped, and fucked mercilessly.

Tomorrow she would have to be up early, and she needed to get some sleep. She lay back thinking she was done, then just as she was going to sleep. The image lept into her mind again. Her master, shoving his cock into her, just shoving it into her. She groaned and found her nipples erect again. "Get a grip girl." It would be a long flight and a long day. She reached for her vibrator, and turned it on again.

Sarah deplaned after an uneventful flight into JFK airport and followed the crush of people towards the baggage claim. Her cell phone started to vibrate, and then chime. Surprised, she stepped away from the people and fumbled with her purse to fish it out. She answered and got her second shock. "Ms. Miller, it's Jeannette."

"Hello Jeannette, is something wrong?" Sarah asked.

"No Ms. Miller. Nothing is wrong. I wanted to let you know that Master Andre and I are here to pick you up. We're outside, and if you'll call this number back when you've got your bag, we can pull up to get you."

"Oh." Sarah said surprised. "Devon had said that I should take a cab, or the train." Sarah said as she started walking.

"Yes Ms. Miller." Jeannette answered. "However Master Devon felt this would be a service we could provide if possible."

"OK." Sarah answered. She started walking again. "I'll call you back when I get my bag then."

"Yes Ms. Miller, we're in a black BMW." Jeannette said and then hung up.

After fetching her suitcase, and then calling Jeannette back, she walked to the curb and waited. A black BMW 750 pulled up and an absolutely gorgeous man with shoulder length Blond hair got out of the drivers seat while Jeannette stepped out of the passenger seat. "Ms. Miller, if you'll allow us to put your bag in the trunk."

Andre hefted the bag easily and stowed it in the trunk and then closed the lid. Jeannette waited and allowed Sarah to take the back seat and then re-entered the passenger seat. Andre checked the traffic and eased into it. "Devon sends his regrets on being unable to meet you himself. He was discussing some things with our superiors."

Sarah smiled and the conversation was carefully steered to chatty issues by Jeannette and Andre. Sarah tried twice to talk about the training, and both times Andre deflected the question and instead commented on something utterly innocuous.

"Devon suggested this morning, that you would probably be more comfortable if we picked you up, and so we volunteered." Andre explained as they merged into traffic on I-95 headed north. They kept the conversation light, intentionally steering it away from serious issues.

Soon they were pulling up before the house and Sarah looked at it. She got out and Jeannette spoke into her watch. "We're here, Diane get the luggage."

"Sure thing Jeannette." Came out of the little speaker. As Sarah mounted the steps, two women wearing very revealing dresses bustled down the steps and headed for the car.

"That's Diane and Geneva." Jeannette explained. "You'll meet them later."

Devon rose and walked around the desk, shaking Sarah's hand professionally, and then asked her to sit. "Can Jeannette get you anything to drink?"

"No thank you." Sarah said. She was comfortable, and even starting to enjoy the attention.

Devon sat and after asking about her trip opened a folder and produced four sheets of paper. Sarah started to read, and it was so surreal. They were like the staff of a large four star hotel, deferential, and attentive. She relaxed into the plush leather chair and read the contract. "Sarah, until you sign that, you are free to go where you will, and do what you want. Once you sign that, you become property. You become our property until you safe word, or the time expires."

Sarah was thinking that the stories couldn't be true. This place couldn't be as tough as the posts online made it seem. Sarah was a little disappointed, and relieved at the same time. "Oh that's understood." Hesitating one moment she began to explain her minor problem. "There is one thing Devon, I'll need to keep my cell phone, in case something at work comes up."

Devon frowned thoughtfully. "That might be difficult. You may not be in a position to answer, or condition to answer." He considered. "I'll make this offer as I understand your unique situation. I'll take charge of your phone, not answering it, but it will be here in admin during the day, and in our possession during the night. We'll make sure it's always charged of course, and if any messages or calls come in, we'll disengage you from the training long enough to return the call or deal with the message."

Sarah considered for a moment and said. "If I'm unable to answer, I could just tell them I was swimming, or in the shower, or whatever when I call them back?"

Devon nodded. "I would suggest that keeping the phone with you will be difficult. However, this way it's always monitored."

Sarah decided that they would just be an answering service of sorts, and that would be fine. "As long as it's understood that I would need to get those messages immediately."

Devon's smile tightened. "As I said."

Devon continued smiling as Sarah put pen to paper, and filled in her signature, and then a safeword. She handed over the cashiers check for the agreed amount with the contract. Devon glanced at the check and clipped it to the contract. "Very good then. I guess we should get started Sarah." He stood and smiled warmly as he said. "Welcome to the Academy. Jeannette will show you to your room and get you started."

Jeannette stood behind Sarah and said. "We'll hang your clothes up somewhere Sarah, you won't be needing them. We'll give you anything that you need while you're here."

"Yes, I read that online." Sarah said. "Thank you Devon." She turned and followed Jeannette.

Jeannette strolled ahead of her and started up the stairs. "Sarah, from what you've read online, I know you think you're prepared. You're not. Really you're not prepared."

Sarah admitted she was a little frightened. "Ok, but what should I do?"

Jeannette stopped before an open door. "This is your room." She gestured. "While you're getting undressed, I'll tell you what you should do."

Sarah steeled her will, this is what she wanted wasn't it? Jeannette started to speak. "First, realize it's only three weeks, and we're going to be focusing on your sexual submission. You aren't going to be a service oriented slave, nor a 24/7 slave. We're going to help prepare you to have a Dominant lover, perhaps husband, and a career."

Sarah finished undressing and then with great difficulty turned around feeling very vulnerable. She took the collar and put it on. Jeannette pointed. "You don't need jewelry, you can give them to me, and I'll see that they're safe."

Sarah took her earrings, and her small watch and other rings off. She inhaled and felt totally exposed. Jeannette accepted the items and put them in her pocket. She then put wrist bindings on Sarah. Sarah looked at them. Just like the pictures, the various sites she'd seen. She felt the hard leather and knew it would hold her however someone wanted. She felt a rush of arousal, and at the same moment, a rush of fear in her.

"Come on Sarah, it's all right." Jeannette said picking up on the fear. "We are just going to help you."

Sarah nodded. Then followed Jeannette down the hall. She kept looking around, it was harder than she had imagined to walk down a hallway nude. As they walked, Jeannette pointed to the classrooms and described the classes. Just like the internet postings, just as she'd imagined.

Jeannette walked down the stairs and up the training hall with Sarah looking more like a frightened deer all the time. "Ok, Ballet class. Right in there." Jeannette pointed. "Have fun."

Sarah almost lunged for the imagined security of the door. She felt like she was parading down the middle of the street walking down the hall like that.

Inside a petite woman with a loose flowing white blouse and a tan pair of leather pants was standing holding a cane. The pants were tucked into a pair of black boots that were very shiny. The woman didn't have an amused expression on her face. "I see you finally managed to get down here. Did you stop for a powder? Perhaps a spa treatment?"

"No. I just came..." Sarah didn't get to finish the statement. Rebecca slashed out with the cane catching Sarah on the outside of her thigh with the whistling piece of reed. To Sarah's surprise it really hurt, and she gasped in pain and shock.

"That is for forgetting that Master Devon is a Master." Rebecca sneered. "I am Mistress Rebecca, and you will address me as Mistress you fucking unworthy cunt."

Sarah blinked and said. "What?"

The cane slashed out again. This time Rebecca slashed the outside of the other thigh and said. "You asked a question. Without my name, which is Mistress. You are a slave. You are property you fucking slut. You will address me as Mistress whenever you speak to me."

"Ow." Sarah said rubbing her thigh. "Wait a minute."

The cane whistled again, and Sarah instinctively turned away from the blow, which gave Rebecca the target she really sought. The cane left a wicked red stripe that was rapidly swelling on Sarah's ass. Sarah howled in agony and her eyes flashed angry as she turned back towards Rebecca rubbing her ass.

Rebecca sprang forward and cuffed Sarah with an open palm slapping her hard enough to knock her down. Rebecca quickly connected wrist bindings on the struggling woman and in a minute had the swearing executive hog tied on the floor. Rebecca stood up and walked to the wall, she picked up a chair and walked back and sat before Sarah. "Apparently, you don't understand. I'm going to do you a bigger favor than you can possibly imagine. I'm going to spell it out for you."

Sarah glared at Rebecca. Rebecca ignored this and continued. "Out there, in the world, you are an executive. You claim that you want to be a slave. You claim that you want to submit to someone. Fine, start by submitting to me, and the others of course. We are your betters here. We are your superiors here. We are not going to tolerate, and I certainly won't tolerate, any of this spoiled princess bullshit you're doing now."

Sarah started to open her mouth and was cut off. Rebecca tapped her cheek with the cane and said. "Don't do it. You are about to say something that will get you punished severely. You signed on for this, you asked for this, and you even begged for this. Now you will repeat after me. Yes Mistress."

Sarah spat the phrase out. "Yes Mistress." She did sign up for this, didn't she?

Rebecca leaned forward and said. "If you ever use such an insolent tone with me again. I'll put you in a gag, and lock it on."

Sarah took a deep breath and then said. "Mistress. I was a little shocked at the sudden shift is all."

"So you want to do this slave?"

"Yes Mistress." Sarah said with more defiance than she realized.

Rebecca smiled. "Oh I'll accept that. I know you're an executive, and I know you're used to getting your way. You aren't going to get your way here. I am. We are going to have our way with you. We're going to fuck you, and have you pleasure us." Rebecca saw a shocked expression pass quickly over Sarah's face. "Oh you don't do girls is that it?"

"No." Sarah said. The cane whistled and connected leaving a cross to the criss already on her ass. She jerked and said. "Ow."

"That would be No Mistress wouldn't it?"

"Yes Mistress." Sarah said after a moment.

"Well since the answer was Yes Mistress, then we will assume you do girls after all." Rebecca said standing. "I have no desire at this time to hear about your fumbling with Peter Pecker or Mary Jane Rottoncrotch at this time." Rebecca disconnected the bindings and said. "We are going to get you to stand properly for a slave, and you have two ways of going about it. Do what I say, or I'll make you do what I say."

Sarah climbed to her feet. "But Mistress, I don't do girls."

The cane whistled again, and struck again. "I just said I didn't want to hear about it didn't I?"

Rebecca started to sting Sarah as she tried to get her to stand properly.

An hour later, Sarah's cheeks were streaked with tears, and she hunched in a ball as Rebecca slashed at her with the cane. "You have got to be shitting me." Rebecca raged. "You're still trying to cover yourself?"

Sarah again tried to lower her hands, and again hesitated, and again was slashed by the wicked cane wielded like a sword by this diminutive firebrand.

Sarah shrieked in pain and humiliation as she lowered her hands. Again Rebecca started striking as she again caned Sarah into a standing position. "Look slut." Rebecca said as she brushed some damp hair out of her eyes. "Once again, let me explain it to you. You stand with grace and poise because you are proud to stand before your Master. You are proud to offer him all you have. Stop trying to hide the fucking cunt or I swear I will chain you in the central area with spot lights flooding that hole for everyone to see."

Sarah's eyes bugged out as she imagined the humiliation of that threat. She lowered her hands. She was trembling all over. Rebecca took a long look at her and softened somewhat. "Slave, I've seen more cunts than you can possibly imagine. We take your clothing for a reason, to get you used to being nude in the presence of your Master. We take your clothing so you get used to the idea of giving your Master everything. When you resist, you are telling us, telling your Masters that you don't want to give us everything, you want to hold things back."

Sarah listened and said. "Mistress I'm trying."

"I know, but you need to try harder." Rebecca said with a hint of compassion. She looked at the clock and said. "It's nearly time for dinner, come with me." Rebecca walked out of the class and pointed at a door. "The rest room is there, wash that make up off your face, and do whatever else that you need to, and then go to the dining hall. That door straight that way. You can't miss it." Rebecca now pointed down the hall towards the central area.

Rebecca watched Sarah enter and then walked down the hall lifting her wrist. "Devon, change of plans time. Go softer on her, she's nearly ready to break."

"How bad is she?" Devon's voice came back through the speaker.

"She's trembling. She'll safeword if we don't back off some." Rebecca said with certainty.

"Staff, back off for a bit. Slaves, show Sarah some compassion, and give her support." Devon said without any hesitation. "Jeannette explain to her that the purpose of the little display earlier is to show she's not a free person any more, she's a slave, by her choice. Geneva, escort her to Oral Arts, and review station eleven."

Jeannette's voice responded next. "Yes Master, we understand."

Rebecca walked into the trainers Dining hall and said. "I thought she was going to wet the floor."

Devon was sitting at the table and frowning at her plate. "She's that brittle?"

Rebecca sat and said. "Yes Devon, she's that brittle."

Rebecca replayed the class as they ate and Devon's frown got deeper. "She wants to be a slave, but she's so resistant. What the hell is her key?"

Ann sat digesting the meal, and Rebecca's report. "I'm with her in Oral Arts, suggestions?"

"Thomas, you go with her. Take Geneva, and work with Geneva on station eleven." Devon began. "Ignore Sarah, don't give her a glance. Everyone act as though her nudity is as normal as the sun rising."

"Around here, it is." Ann said.

"Thomas, have Geneva strip, so she's also nude." Devon said. "It's the vulnerability of being the only one nude." Devon explained. "I think anyway. I hope that's it."

Sarah had left the bathroom and moved down the hallway, peeking around the corner of every door she arrived at the end of the hall to the central area. She peeked around and saw no one. She ran to the dining room. She peeked through the crack as she opened the door an inch.

"Come on in Sarah. It's cool." A voice said.

Sarah stuck her head in and found Jeannette just sitting down, and three other women in the short dress things they wore. "Um, can I get one of those things?" Sarah asked pointing.

Jeannette shook her head. "Not in phase one, but come on in. Geneva's right, it's cool."

Sarah looked around and then moved through the door and it swung closed behind her. She edged to a seat and tried to hide behind the table. "How can anyone be naked all the time?"

Jeannette rose again and got a tray from the counter. She carried it to Sarah, and then got her own tray and sat across from Sarah. "It gets you into the right frame of mind."

"It's not your body any more, it's Master's. Great isn't it?"

"That's Crystal. That's Geneva, and this is Diane." Jeannette handled the introductions. "We've all done it, and still do it whenever the whim strikes Master."

Sarah looked terrified. "But how?"

Diane smiled and said. "You look just like I did when I got here. Then it was only Jeannette and me in here. The thing is, you learn to ignore it. You figure out that clothing is a privilege, and you earn it."

Sarah smelled the food and started to eat. The plane had served a small sandwich, and she was starving. It looked like the refugee specials described, and tasted as good as promised. She swallowed the fruit juice and continued to eat.

The watches they all wore suddenly activated and a voice came out. "Geneva."

Geneva raised hers and everyone else covered theirs. "Yes Master."

"Geneva meet me in Oral Arts after dinner. Bring Sarah with you."

"Yes Master." Geneva said and went back to eating.

"Oral arts?" Sarah said. "Rebecca said I was going there."

"Mistress. Never forget she's a Mistress." Crystal said between bites. Then she leered at Geneva. "Guess you're getting a little one on one eh?"

Sarah looked at Jeannette who was tolerantly shaking her head. "Crystal, stop worrying about what everyone else is getting, and you might get some more."

Geneva giggled as she said. "Perhaps he wants me to take some dictation."

Everyone groaned at the joke and Jeannette said. "Forgive them. They play like this all the time."

Sarah looked at the girls. Studying them for the first time. Crystal was a girl, literally. A teenager, her face a pixie, her body still young and taught. Diane was in her twenties, and was set apart by the tag. Sarah leaned forward to try and read it. Geneva saw this and said. "Slave Diane, it means she finished her training, she's qualified."

"You don't have one?" Sarah asked.

Geneva shook her head. "Not yet."

"Not long yet." Jeannette reassured her. "Geneva is nearly done, her tests will come soon. Perhaps while you are still here."

Diane shifted as she grew uncomfortable with Sarah staring at her, and said. "It's no big deal, just a tag."

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