tagBDSMThe Vassal Academy Ch. 39

The Vassal Academy Ch. 39


Part 39: Sarah's Faith

"Good morning Jeannette." Devon greeted his lead as she entered his room.

"Good morning Master." Jeannette replied.

"OK, if Rebecca cuts Crystal loose, send her to wake and shower with Sarah." Devon held up the paper he had been reading. "A suggestion of Master Andre, he suggests that we let Sarah see Crystal's marks from her night of being used."

"Yes Master. Crystal is already up, I'll send her over." Jeannette confirmed.

"Diane to admin, and then some training for her. I'll probably send her to more cunt training." Devon said. "Crystal to the kitchen, and let's get Geneva to oral arts to start."

"Yes Master. Sarah to ballet?" Jeannette confirmed.

"Yes." Devon said. Then he looked at Jeannette. "That covers it, let's get them busy Jeannette."

Jeannette turned to go and Devon stopped her. "Jeannette, one question."

"Yes Master?"

"Was it a good party?" Devon asked.

"Yes Master, it was a very good party." Jeannette replied. She turned at his smiling gesture and went to carry out his instructions.

Crystal was almost in the shower when Jeannette caught her. Crystal grabbed two slave shirts and headed off to the training wing. She entered Sarah's room turning the lights on and grabbing the keys. "Good morning Sarah."

Sarah opened her eyes and was momentarily blinded by the light. Then she saw the nude form of Crystal. Sarah blinked a couple times and said. "Morning?"

Crystal was standing in the middle of the room grinning. "Guess I sort of caught you huh?"

Sarah realized her hand was still between her legs. She jerked it free, and then babbled for a moment before speaking. "No, I wasn't."

Crystal grinned. "Oh come on, relax, everybody does it, and I've never heard of anyone going blind."

Sarah sat up and said. "Look it's not what you think really."

Crystal laughed and said. "Oh relax." She grinned. "I've done it myself."

Sarah was unlocked and led to the bathroom. Crystal explained. "I'm cleaning up with you this morning."

"What?" Sarah asked. There were no stalls in the bathroom, the shower was literally community.

"Master Devon told Jeannette that I'm to shower here. With you." Crystal grinned. "Jeannette said to show you my marks from last night." Crystal held up a wrist that was still red and indented. "Great huh?"

Sarah stopped walking. She felt so many conflicting emotions she didn't know where to begin to sort them out. Humiliation at being caught with her hand still between her legs from last night. Humiliation at being told by the teenager it's all right. Humiliation at the idea of using the bathroom in front of Crystal. Then there was something else. Straight up Jealousy and lust mixed when she saw the indented wrist showing where the bindings had been until very recently. Crystal set the two clean slave shirts down on the counter near the sinks, and as she did, Sarah looked carefully at Crystal's, back. It was striped, there was no other way to describe it.

Sarah watched as Crystal walked to the shower saying. "Look I went in the other bathroom in our wing. It's the same as over here, but we've got stalls. Not that it matters, because we're not allowed to close the door."

"I read about this, but I didn't believe it." Sarah admitted. Her bladder was seriously full, and needed to be emptied now.

"Believe it. I couldn't go for two whole days with everyone here. Then I got used to it. They pee too right?"

Crystal had the water running. "On top of which, I was flunking ballet and in danger of being stuck over here with no parties until hell froze over."

"What?" Sarah asked as she managed to relax enough to empty one thing. The other would have to wait.

Sarah joined Crystal in the shower as the teenager was describing her problems with Ballet. "Mistress Rebecca flogged me every single day. I used to watch my feet you see."

"What do you mean, used to watch your feet?"

Crystal smiled sheepishly. "I watched my feet when I walked. So I wouldn't keep my head up and would get hit with the cane." Crystal poured shampoo on her head and started to massage it in. "A lot."

"You do OK now." Sarah said as she scrubbed herself down.

"Yeah." Crystal said. "They helped me. The others. Jeannette and Diane helped me get the Ballet, and then I passed phase one, and now I'm in phase three."

"What phase am I in?" Sarah asked suspecting the answer.

Crystal rinsed and said. "Phase zero. You must not touch yourself." Crystal grinned. "Mistress Rebecca would say something like Naughty Slave, but I'm just a slave too."

Sarah looked significantly at Crystal and said. "Please don't tell anyone."

Crystal looked surprised. "Shit you really are a novice aren't you?"

"What do you mean?"

Crystal pointed at her watch. "Pick that up, call Master Devon, and tell him you've been bad. You'll be punished, but that's no biggie."

"NO." Sarah nearly shouted.

Crystal cocked her head. "You don't get it do you?"

"Get what?" Sarah asked in a shrill voice. "That I'd be humiliated before everyone? Please you can't tell them."

Crystal shook her head. She rinsed off one more time, then turned off the water and stepped to the large stack of towels to dry off. "No you won't. They expect us to fuck up. I think they do. The thing is trust, and honesty." Crystal dried her hair for a moment and then continued to dry herself off. "We promise to loyally serve them, and they promise to loyally command us. They know we're going to fuck up, and they expect us to. We get punished, but that's part of the deal right?"

"Please." Sarah said significantly. "You don't understand."

Crystal laughed. "I don't understand." She shook her head again and started to brush her hair and teeth. "Lady, you're the one who doesn't understand. You tell them when you've fucked up, and they punish you, but that's cool too. Because you trust them to understand what you need."

Sarah grabbed Crystals shoulder. Crystal looked surprised and protested. "Hey."

"Listen up. I'm here to learn how to fuck the shit out of a master, perhaps even be introduced or put into contact with one, but I'm not her to be humiliated like a schoolgirl by telling anything to anyone."

Crystal sighed and said. "Would you tell your master? The one you want to fuck the shit out of?"

Sarah blinked and then shook her head. "No."

Crystal suddenly looked sad and said. "I could tell them anything. Any one of them. I could tell them my deepest darkest fear, and they love me enough not to rub my nose in it or make me feel bad about it. They'd help me. They love me, and they love you. Tell them." Crystal put her watch on and then reached for a slave shirt. "You don't get the trust yet. You seriously need to."

Sarah was alone, tears in her eyes as she imagined the humiliation of admitting it to someone. Never she decided. She could leave, and never come back.

Crystal went to the kitchen and pulled Jeannette aside and told her what had happened. Jeannette frowned and said. "Start eating breakfast, I'll round her up."

Crystal nodded and moved to obey.

Jeannette found Sarah crying in the bathroom and walked over and stood for a moment. "Sarah?"

"She told you didn't she?" Sarah accused.

Jeannette nodded. "She said you were terrified of someone finding out."

"She told everyone, now I'm ruined." Sarah wailed.

Jeannette shook her head. "No. She told me, only me. She's a slave, and considers anything that happens here as Master's secret, she won't tell anyone. Master trusts her with this and trusts her to do it."

Sarah shook her head. "She'll tell everyone."

Jeannette crouched down, and then knelt smoothly. "Sarah, do you want to know what I think you should do?"

"Leave?" Sarah asked.

"Trust us." Jeannette said. "Trust us to care for you, to care about you, and to honestly want what is best for you." Jeannette smiled. "We want you to be happy in your life. We want you to be happier than you've ever been."

"I can't." Sarah said.

Jeannette held her hand out and said. "Come with me."

Sarah put her hand out and followed Jeannette. She walked downstairs and into Devon's office. Jeannette knelt and waited, Sarah sat in the chair miserable.

Devon walked in and allowed the surprise to register on his face. "Yes Jeannette?"

"Master, Sarah needs to see you." Jeannette said.

Devon glanced at Sarah and then walked around to his desk. He sat and folded his hands and asked. "What can I do for you Sarah?"

Sarah looked pleadingly at Jeannette and then lowered her head. "I masturbated last night."

Devon looked at Jeannette and said. "That's it?"

"Yes Master."

"Jeannette, have either of you eaten?"

"No Master."

Devon lifted his watch and said. "Rebecca, there's going to be a slight delay, authorized by me."

"Right Devon, standing by." Rebecca's voice came from the small speaker.

Devon looked at Sarah and said. "Now you won't be punished for being late to class." He smiled and then said. "You are trying, I'll give you that."

Sarah felt awful. She couldn't look up. Devon continued. "You don't understand this life you desire, but you want it anyway."

Sarah shook her head. "I think it would be best if I left."

Devon shook his head. "I don't think so."

"Look you can keep the money." Sarah said rising.

Devon reached into his drawer and said. "One moment." He pulled out a file and pulled the check out and handed it to Sarah. "Take this please and then sit down for a moment."

Sarah looked at it. "You didn't deposit it?"

"Only when a trainee has finished training. Or at least gone a significant portion of the way through."

Sarah held the check and looked at Devon. "Why?"

"Because the money isn't why I do this." Devon said. "It allows me to do this, but the reason is because I want to help people just like you Sarah. I want to help you achieve more and be more than you are."

Sarah looked at the check. "You don't want the money?"

"I want to earn the money, and I haven't yet." Devon said. "I won't take something I haven't earned."

Sarah stood and headed for the door. She stopped and turned around to face Devon. "I can't do this."


"If I'm a slave, then people will know. I can't be both." Sarah said.

Devon stood and walked to the door. He held out his hand. She hesitated and then put hers in his. Devon walked with her towards the kitchen and began saying. "First, let's get you something to eat."

Sarah sat at the kitchen table and met Josh, who had planned on meeting her this morning. Chef was in his room, and would be out in time to prepare lunch. Sarah ate and then followed Devon towards the training wing. He stopped and waved Rebecca to follow and they entered the arousal room.

"Sarah, the first thing you have to do is relax, and learn to trust someone with your secrets." Devon began gesturing towards the table. "We're going to talk a bit today, that's all. I want to describe the life I see for you, the life I want to help you get. The life where you have the best of both worlds."

Sarah sat on the table and looked doubtful. She was so close to letting go, but she was so afraid. Devon could see it. Rebecca sat in a chair and said nothing.

"Sarah, I want you to imagine yourself at work. You're dominant, and submissive at the same Time. You issue instructions to subordinates, and you accept instructions from superiors. You already have the duality in you, you live it every day." Devon explained. "We all do. I'm the lead trainer, the highest of the Dominants here. Yet, I answer to Dominique, and she answers to our stockholders, and in a way, so do I."

"It's not the same." Sarah protested.

"Isn't it? If your boss, or better yet, the President of the company asked you to do something, and you disagreed with his technique, what would you do?"

"I'd tell him the best way I saw to do whatever he wanted done." Sarah said.

"If he insisted on doing it his way?"

Sarah rolled her eyes. "Of course I'd do it. I'd get fired if I didn't."

"So you would submit to your superior?" Rebecca asked.

"Sure." Sarah said. "Everyone would. That's nothing special."

"Agreed." Devon said. "Nothing special about that." He gently tapped his cheek with one finger while he continued. "However, all we're suggesting, is that after you submit to your superiors at work, you go home, and submit the way you want to, to your master at home."

"I don't have one." Sarah protested.

"You will."

"Who?" Sarah demanded. "The imaginary author of that article?"

Devon smiled disarmingly. "Sarah. He exists, and is one of a hundred. I met several while I was in Houston."

Sarah looked at him and said. "Devon, please. Don't try to get my hopes up that this will all happen."

Devon chuckled. "I'm not. I'm saying it's possible. I'll even go so far as to say probable, but definite? No I won't say that."

"What am I supposed to do, come home from work, and start sucking his prick. Then stop when my phone rings and continue after clarifying something for one of my people?"

"She can't see it in her head." Rebecca said. "She doesn't understand what we're trying to do, so she's not going to let us in." Rebecca stood and walked to Sarah and looked down at her. "You don't believe it's true."

"It's not true." Sarah said with more volume than she intended. She took a shallow breath and this Time more softly said. "It's not true. It will never work out like that."

"She won't dare to hope Devon." Rebecca said ignoring the slave. "She's convinced it's all a lie."

"We'll have to ask him to come meet her."

"How?" Sarah asked.

"There is the small problem of protecting his identity." Rebecca said ignoring Sarah again. "Any idea how we could do that?"

"Actually I do." Devon said with a small grin. "I was thinking of giving him one of those Zorro masks, and I suppose putting a hood on her. Probably with the mouth hole zipped closed to keep her from butting into conversations she has no business involving herself in."

Sarah sat up. "Wait a minute."

Devon ignored her and said. "It's too early to call him now, I suppose I could call him later tonight."

"Better yet." Rebecca said. "We could gag and bind her, and then make the call to him and inform him that a potential has begun training, and ask if he is still interested in keeping a professional woman, with a Master's degree, as a cum slurping slut, a fuck hole for his entertainment."

Devon considered. "Let her hear the conversation?"

Sarah was not accustomed to being ignored. She wasn't used to being called those names. She tried to protest again sitting up. "Hold on a minute."

Rebecca reached over and pushed her back down without looking directly at her. "Let her hear, but not participate. She'd just offer some lame protest."

"And if we introduce them? " Devon asked next.

"Oh put a mask on her, with a big ball gag." Rebecca said. "Obviously we'd have to give him someone else to blow him, to give him an idea of what her mouth could do."

"Her other holes would be available though."

Sarah shivered. She squeezed her thighs together. She was getting turned on by this discussion. They were discussing her future, as if she wasn't in the room. That was outrageous, and she was insulted, but she was also getting turned on by it. Her outrage and need to control herself exerted itself, and told the aroused part to shut up and sit down. "Wait just a damned minute."

"What do you want slave?" Rebecca asked dismissively.

Sarah again sat up and said. "I'm not wearing a mask and just fucking anyone off the street."

Rebecca smiled and said. "Your chest is flushed Sarah. Your face has color, your eyes are sparkling, and your lips are filling with blood. Can you hear it pounding in your ears yet?"

"What?" Sarah asked.

"You're getting horny aren't you Sarah?" Devon asked.

"NO." Sarah protested.

"Nipples perking up a bit." Rebecca said. "What was it, the idea, or the humiliation of being treated like this?"

"I'm not getting horny." Sarah insisted.

Rebecca moved like lightning and quickly flipped Sarah over. Then she pinned her flailing arms behind her and pinned her legs apart by shoving one of her legs between them. Sarah squealed and objected. Rebecca put a hand on Sarah's ass and then said. "I know you're a horny slut, I can see it. I can smell it. Should I feel it?"

"No." Sarah pleaded. "Please."

Rebecca rubbed across her ass and then drug one finger gently through the outer labia. She nodded smugly and said. "Horny as hell, she's hot and humid already Devon."

Sarah felt her arms released and she lay across the bench crying. She felt gentle arms help her up and then sit her on the table. "Why?"

"Because you need to accept that you are an executive, and a slave. You are the executive when it's Time, and the slave when it's Time for that." Devon said softly.

"You're trying to fool yourself Sarah, and you're trying to fool us. You can fool yourself, for a very little while, your dreams and reactions are proof of the failure there." Rebecca said in a soft and supportive voice. "You can't fool us. We know what you are, and what you want."

"No." Sarah protested.

Suddenly Devon got a blank look on his face. He held up a hand stopping Rebecca. Rebecca stood back and watched. She'd seen this before. Devon stared straight ahead, his eyes nearly closed. He frowned ever so slightly. Sarah turned and looked at Rebecca and then followed her gaze to Devon. "What?"

Devon turned and his face returned to normal. His eyes stopped blinking fast and his frown relaxed into a pleasant smile. "I'm sorry about that. I just figured out what the Times Crossword Puzzle was."

"What?" Sarah asked. She looked at Rebecca and found she was smiling at Devon.

Rebecca knew he was just playing with Sarah, he'd had an insight, he'd probably just figured out her secrets, and a way to achieve a breakthrough to her. Rebecca knew better than to ask, she'd worked with him too long. She knew him well enough to know he expected support and her to follow his lead, even if she didn't have a clue where he was headed. Rebecca smiled as she obliged him, continuing the farce of the NY Times Crossword Puzzle. "Number eight down?"

"Yes, infuriating." Devon confirmed. He turned back to Sarah and gestured towards the chair. "Please have a seat. I can see you're going to need a demonstration."

Devon raised his hand and waved towards the table. "Rebecca, if you would be so kind as to indulge me?"

Rebecca frowned for a moment and then climbed on the table. She relaxed and then shifted slightly, and then said. "OK, now I'm going to talk about things I like?"

Devon smiled and said. "Forgive me Rebecca, but Sarah doesn't know a great many things." Devon sat on the stool and even went so far as to turn slightly away from Sarah. "I know this is sort of a violation of your privacy, and I apologize. However if you would tell me about your evenings with Andre?"

Rebecca turned her head and looked at Sarah for a moment and then shifted to see Devon. "Devon, that's rather private. Perhaps you could talk to me about this first?"

"I know." Devon said. "However your authority, and the respect you command will not be diminished. It may even help open it's eyes."

Sarah twitched again. IT. She was nothing more than a thing to them?

Rebecca let out a puff of air and said. "Fine. As you know I was a slave before I was a trainer."

"Did you enjoy the slave lifestyle?" Devon asked.

"Yes." Rebecca admitted. "I did. I have the most extreme orgasms when I'm involved in bondage sex."

"You also have a kink don't you?" Devon asked next.

Rebecca looked at him long and hard and then protested slightly. "Devon."

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