tagGroup SexThe Vault

The Vault

byGirl Friend©

Meghan was on her hands and knees having her butt spanked by Mr. Hardgrove's hands in the vault of the club. The vault was the third stage in the game. The vault was a dark room with black velvet curtains hanging down from the ceiling. The vault had only five men, as naked as she was.

Mr. Hardgrove spread Meghan's pussy lips wide open with his fingers and he instructed one of the men to insert one finger, then two fingers, then three fingers and finally four fingers deep within her cunt. When the man had done so, he let another man take his place and when that man was done inserting his fingers into Meghan's cunt yet another man took his place and did the same.

Two men stood looking at Meghan squirming as her pussy was being invaded by the fingers. Meghan longed to have her butt spanked again.

"I want to get spanked again." she said to Mr. Hardgrove.

"Don't worry it will be spanked again." Mr. Hardgrove said as he went to the door of the vault and let the three men that had stuck their fingers into Meghan's cunt exit out of the vault.

The two men who were observing Meghan's pussy invasion stayed in the vault with Mr. Hardgrove. One of the men came over to Meghan and coaxed his cock into Meghan's mouth.

"Open up and say AHHHHHH," he said.

The other man came over to Meghan, who was still on her hands and knees, and he sunk the whole length of his cock all the way to his balls into Meghan's cunt. Mr. Hardgrove started to spank Meghan's butt again with his hands as the guy whose cock was in her mouth started to pump her mouth and the guy whose cock was in her cunt started to pump it in and out of her up to his balls.

"You like that, right?" Mr. Hardgrove asked her as he stopped spanking her butt suddenly and he held his cock and spurted his cum on her butt.

"Oooooh yeah!" Meghan exclaimed as the guy with his cock in her mouth came in her mouth and she promptly swallowed his cum.

The guy with his cock all the way up to his balls in her cunt started pumping Meghan's cunt harder this time as his balls slapped up against her butt. He pulled his cock out of her cunt completely.

"Get on your back with your legs up." he commanded.

Meghan got on her back and raised her legs. Mr. Hardgrove started to rub his cock with both of his hands watching Megahn's gaping cunt hole.

"Oooooh. Yeah. I love to look at your stretched out cunt!" he exclaimed as he shot a wad of cum up in a trajectory in the air.

The two other men in the vault each took one of Meghan's nipples and began to lick and suck on them, lavishing lots of tongue action encircling her areolas.

"I want all of you to fuck my pussy realy good!" Meghan begged the men as they started to position their cocks at the opening of her cunt hole.

"You heard her. She wants all three of our cocks in her cunt. Let's do it!" Mr. Hardgrove said as he drove his cock deep and hard into Meghan's pussy. The two other cocks followed shortly thereafter as the three cocks stretched Meghan's pussy to its maximum as all three cocks found a place up deep inside her pussy. Then the three men took turns plunging their cocks deep inside her. When one cock had gone all the way inside of her, touching the opening of her cervix, then another cock would do the same as the first cock pulled out of her pussy only to re-plunge deep inside as the third cock would then go half-way in her pussy then pull out then plunge all the way deep inside her pussy until it hit her cervical opening.

On and on the men continued to fuck Meghan's pussy until she climaxed by squirting her orgasm all over the men. Then they took turns licking her pussy and delving their fingers inside her pussy too.

"Oooooooh. That was so fucking good, guys!" Meghan exclaimed as the men continued to take turns licking her pussy.

Mr. Hardgrove helped Meghan up when the other two men had satiated themselves at licking her pussy.

"I think you are ready for the next stage. It is called the step." Mr. Hardgrove said.

"What does it involve?" Meghan asked.

"It involves hanging upside down. Do you think you can handle that?" Mr. Hardgrove asked her.

"I'm not sure. Why don't we try it a bit first." Meghan replied.

Mr. Hardgrove got a metal bar with attachments for Meghan's feet. He secured the metal bar at the top of the doorway of the vault.

"All you have to do is hang upside down totally nude. Try it." Mr. Hardgrove encouraged her.

Meghan attached her feet to the metal bar and hung upside down. Mr. Hardgrove came over to her and started slurping at her pussy.

"You taste even better upside down." he commented as he continued to lick and suck at her pussy delving a few fingers into Meghan's cunt as well.

"Oooooh, I think I'm going to cum upside down!" Meghan warned before a stream of pussy juice flowed up out of her pussy and slid down to her underarms. Mr. Hardgrove followed the stream of juice with his tongue and stopped when he got to Meghan's underarms.

"You have the nicest nipples you know that." Mr. Hardgrove commented as he started rolling both of Meghan's nipples between the index finger and thumb of both his hands.

"Don't stop." Meghan encouraged Mr. Hardgrove to continue playing with her nipples.

Mr. Hardgrove took out his cock and placed it at the entrance of Meghan's mouth.

"While you are upside down, do you mind sucking my cock. You've got me hard again." Mr Hardgrove admitted, honestly.

When Meghan had finished sucking Mr. Hardgrove, he helped her down as she made her way to the dressing room anticipating the next stage of the game, the step.

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