The Vegas Adventure Ch. 01-03


Meanwhile, below the stage, Desiree came to De Ann's rescue. She noticed that De Ann's tits had escaped from her dress when she fell and Desiree attempted to push them back into the dress. De Ann was nervous about having this woman feeling her up while attempting to fix her back up.

"Why not just unlock my hands and I can fix my own dress?" De Ann sarcastically asked the bubble headed blonde.

"I don't have the key. Only Dave can set you free. I am just supposed to give you a drink to calm your nerves and get you back on stage. But we can't get you on stage like this, now can we?" Desiree explained. "Each participant has a helper to get him or her back on stage and into the right box. You won't re-appear for another 9 minutes. So let me undo the zipper on your dress and slide those puppies back into where they go."

De Ann allowed her dress to be unzipped and her melons to be put back into her tight dress. Then Desiree gave De Ann a drink. When she had swallowed it, her head began to swim. She felt like she was in a fog. It was like she was blacking out.

Desiree deliberately and efficiently stripped away De Ann's consciousness as David had taught her. The diminutive housewife appeared to be asleep, yet remained standing upright. She could hear something in her mind as Desiree began talking, softly, almost whispering. "Who are you? What is your name?"

"My name is De Ann." She answered.

"Where do you live?" Desiree asked.

"Dallas Texas – in a 4 bedroom house." De Ann replied.

"You are pretty cute – I don't always do this – but you are too good to let go. You will obey. You want to do what ever I say don't you?

"I want to obey!" De Ann repeated. "I will do whatever you say!"

Desiree then started placing post hypnotic suggestions in De Ann's mind that would allow her to later manipulate the unsuspecting housewife.

"You have a very beautiful body and it's wrong to deny others the chance to see that beauty. You should be glad that others want to see you. From now on you will be more confident in yourself and you will get very excited at the knowledge that others appreciate your beauty."

"Yes, body is...beautiful." De Ann breathlessly whispered.

"Tomorrow morning when you wake up you will feel incredibly sexy. Your pussy will tingle and you will feel an overwhelming urge to give yourself over to all your repressed sexual desires."

"Yes, pussy...tingles...sexual nice." De Ann softly repeated nearly causing Desiree to burst out in laughter.

Pulling the diminutive housewife closer Desiree whispered into her ear, "And you will start to look at women in a more appreciative way. Slowly you will find yourself more and more sexually attracted to them. You will still want a large cock thrust up your tight cunt. Only the largest cocks you can imagine can satisfy you. But you will find yourself more and more preoccupied with wanting to get at that treasure that is hidden between a beautiful woman's legs."

"Oops, almost got carried away. I have to hurry so that you can get back on stage – but I want you for my own, and my Mistress would just LOVE a little treat like you. So I tell you what I want you to do. Tomorrow at 11 am, no matter what you find yourself doing – you will do whatever you can to get to Kitty Cat Lounge in Downtown Las Vegas. There you will want to get into a strip contest and I will be there to befriend you. Now you won't remember me or any of this conversation except what I have told you to do – you will obey and go the Kitty Cat Lounge." Then Desiree continued "Whenever anyone says 'Pumpkin Pussy Eater' you will return to this hypnotic state."

Desiree pushed her into a box and it shot up on stage (no doubt behind another curtain).

But De Ann's time on stage wasn't over. The magic act and hypnotist had all the participants doing all sorts of funny things. De Ann had to act like a girl being given a traffic ticket by another person who thought they were a motorcycle cop. She tried to talk her way out of the ticket – and people laughed when she shoved her breasts up in her dress – making them look more impressive. Imagine Trent's surprise when De Ann asked the cop if she could get out of the ticket and promised to be a good girl – that if he caught her speeding again, he could spank her bottom! The crowd nearly rolled out of their chairs when they heard that one! The guy portraying the cop wanted to spank her ass right now. After 3 swats on her tight black covered ass, the master of ceremonies changed the scene making her into a cheerleader trying to get the audience to cheer for her team. She nearly lost her voice trying to scream – "2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits a dollar ... all for my school stand up and holler."

They also had one guy winding an invisible 'organ grinder' and De Ann was the monkey asking for loose change from the passers by. The audience was in tears when she put a little pout on her face and got down on her knees and scooted around the stage scratching under her arm. When she got a little hat – she would take it off, bow low (giving the people in the front few rows a great look down her dress) and then put the little hat back on. She even made monkey noises to act like a monkey on a leash.

When she was released from the hypnotist control she went back to her table and argued with Trent that she didn't really do the things that he said she did.


Chapter 2 *********** Stripping in the afternoon. *******

Their 3rd day started off with a bang. After eating breakfast out, De Ann and Trent decided to look around the Venetian before heading back to their room to get ready for the day. As they watched the gondolas float by De Ann was taken aback by how alive and wonderful she felt. She couldn't help but press her body up next to Trent's as they walked along, admiring the sensual statues that adorned the lobby of the hotel. Trent was surprised, but very pleased and responded in kind, stroking De Ann's neck and earlobes the way she liked and briefly daring to let his hand drop from her shoulder to her ass. When she practically purred at this he squeezed her succulent cheek lightly.

An audible moan escaped De Ann's lips. She couldn't put her finger on exactly why, but she felt incredibly horny. It wasn't like her to be this openly affectionate. Normally, she would have slapped Trent's hand away and chastised him for being so overtly sexual in public. But not today she thought to herself as she felt her pussy tingle as her engorged lips became wet with her growing need.

Suddenly she felt her hand slip from Trent's and travel to his thigh, then up to his now steel hard cock, where she began massaging lightly.

"Wow, what got into you this morning?" Trent asked.

"I want you so bad it hurts," De Ann sincerely replied.

Not questioning his good fortune, Trent led the nearly panting De Ann to a cab, and had to practically slap her hands to keep her from jerking him off on the way back to the hotel. De Ann couldn't think of anything but sex, and could neither understand it nor care. If Trent had told her to strip and bend over a chair as they entered the lobby, she'd have gladly done it and held her cheeks apart for him. Not a man in the hotel doubted where the two of them were going as they nearly ran through the lobby to the elevator bank.

Going up the elevator De Ann's tongue was deep in Trent's mouth and her hand held his to her ample tits, making him squeeze one hard. The tiny lace bra she wore underneath her shirt did little to shield a nipple that nearly danced in his hand and Trent wondered again what had come over his gorgeous wife, and how he could duplicate it in the future. She'd never looked hotter, not even nude on their honeymoon bed, than she looked right now.

As Trent turned from closing their room door, De Ann had already shed her skirt and was just slipping out of her T-shirt. Trent nearly blew his wad just looking at her. Who was this woman? De Ann seemed barely contained in a lace thong panty and matching demi-bra that held her tits out for display. She ran her hands down her slender thighs drawing his eye right to the neatly trimmed pussy he wanted so badly. Hardly believing it herself, De Ann dropped to her knees without letting Trent move from in front of the door. She wanted his cock in her mouth now, she'd wanted it for hours and couldn't wait a second longer, though she couldn't remember ever feeling this way before. If she didn't taste Trent's cum soon she was sure she'd die on the spot. She couldn't help wondering what had come over her as she really didn't enjoy giving head and actually detested the taste of sperm and normally would never allow Trent to go in her mouth.

Freeing Trent's cock, De Ann swallowed it whole. The wet suction and feel of her lips slurping along his cock was more, Trent knew, than he'd be able to take for long. Wanting to draw this out, he tried to warn his wife off a little. "Wait, slow down sweetness. I can't keep from cumming right away if you keep this up. God, you're incredible."

"Don't wait, Trent, please," De Ann moaned, sliding her wet hand up and down his cock when she took the hard cock from her mouth. "Give me your cum baby, pump it into my mouth, I need it!" With that, she took Trent's whole cock down her throat at once, fucking him with her mouth as if she did it everyday. But something in the back of her mind kept scrutinizing her husband's manhood. While she knew that her husband wasn't that well endowed, she was taken aback by just how small he really was as she managed to swallow his entire length in her ravenous mouth.

Just as Trent noticed that De Ann's hand had shoved aside the thong panty and was furiously stroking her clit, something he'd always wanted to watch his respectable gorgeous wife do but new better than ask for, he started to cum. The jism pumped out of him like a fire hose. He was surprised it didn't blow De Ann's head clean off. Instead, she latched on as if his cum were mother's milk. Sucking down the hot cum as fast as she could, the extra running down her chin dripping onto her large tits, De Ann's eyes were closed in ecstatic bliss. Her finger never stopped rubbing her clit except to plunge furiously into her dripping cunt.

As Trent softened in her mouth, De Ann sucked harder, drawing out the last precious drops of cum and savoring the taste like fine wine. Her hands moved to her tits, massaging them and rolling the nipples between her fingers. Trent couldn't believe the show his wife was putting on. And, in a little part of her brain not quite connected well right now, De Ann couldn't believe it either.

Something inside De Ann's head couldn't help but wondering where this was all coming from? She had never acted this way before, but she loved it right now and hadn't gotten enough yet.

"Fuck me Trent, I need you in me, please!" De Ann begged, two fingers now dipping into her sopping pussy and spreading the puffy lips.

"I can't yet sweetness," Trent replied, "but I'll be ready again real soon if you keep that up."

"Then would you..." De Ann hesitated, "could you use, um, your...." And she blurted out "Would you eat my pussy? Use your tongue on me! I'm so hot I'm going to collapse if I don't cum soon. If you'll eat me I'll do anything you want!"

Trent reassured her, "No need to make rash promises sweetness, you know that I love sucking your sweet pussy."

"I just know that if I don't cum soon I am going to die for sure." De Ann moved to the bed and spread her legs wide. Her pussy glistened with her own juices. Her clit stood up like a miniature cock, outside its hood engorged by the blood pumping through her like never before in her entire life.

Trent stripped off his clothes fast and stood over his wanton wife. He reached down scooped both luscious tits out of the delicate bra, squeezing the mounds and then pinching her nipples gently. De Ann moaned again as Trent took a moment to savor the taste of each nipple, rolling his teeth around each one gently but noticeably. That taste had some of his sperm – that had leaked out of her mouth moments before, and Trent did not notice, nor object.

"Oh god, everything you do has me even more on fire. Were you always this good?" De Ann asked.

"Its all you, not me," Trent replied, "you've never been so hot, or had me wanting you this bad."

"Do it Trent, make me cum with your mouth. It won't take long, I promise."

"Hell, I hope it takes an hour!" Trent said, diving in to feast on his wife's pussy.

Trent ran his tongue firmly along the inside of De Ann's vaginal lips. They were puffed up with excitement and his tongue moved up and down them, dipping every now and then down between the inner lips of her cunt. His hands spread her petals wide, and his fingers danced across her distended clit. De Ann thrashed wildly and it was all Trent could do to hold her cunt still enough to keep giving her head.

As his tongue moved to her throbbing clit, De Ann moaned loudly and stiffened. Trent, throwing her legs back further, began sucking her clit as if it were a miniature cock, running it in and out of his mouth and applying suction each time. De Ann began to scream out load as her orgasm finally overtook her. As she came, Trent kept her clit sucked into his mouth and drummed it hard with his tongue while pressing one thumb up his petite wife's cunt and fucking her with it.

Again and again De Ann came, twice, three times. Some time after the second climax, De Ann heard an insistent voice in her head urging her to "Let go, let go all the way, do it now!" That small part of her wondered who this voice was, but the rest of her was too focused on the clit locked between Trent's lips and the coming third orgasm. This last one rocked her to the core, as if a lifetime dam on her sexuality was breaking. Worrying that she might actually be having a seizure, Trent slowed to a stop and began soothing De Ann. But she wasn't quite done.

That voice kept going in her head, "Now turn over for him, open up and let him fuck you hard!"

"Yes, yes," De Ann panted, "fuck me Trent, slam all the dick you've got into me!" With that, De Ann rolled to her knees and reached back, spreading the cheeks of her ass to give Trent better access to her cunt. Trent, wondering for a second what

De Ann was saying "yes" to, wasted no more than that to line up behind her and slam his raging hard on into the hottest, wettest pussy he could ever want.

"Oh shit, yes!" De Ann screamed, "nail me hard baby, squeeze my ass tight!"

Trent could hardly believe what was coming out of his prim wife's mouth, but he couldn't resist taking her at her word. He gripped each cheek like a vise, spreading them and at the same time pushing De Ann down so she couldn't really move much. Then he began pounding his entire cock in and out of her cunt furiously, lost in the lust that had totally consumed them both. After what seemed an hour of this but was only about four minutes, De Ann moaning, screaming and wanting to cum again but unable. That insistent voice in her mind kept wondering what it would feel like to get really pounded by a 'really' big cock instead of this tiny one that was sliding in and out of her wet pussy ineffectively. De Ann felt a sense of building frustration, as she couldn't stop herself from wishing that her husband was as good with his prick as he was with his mouth. She couldn't understand why she was thinking these awful things, but still she couldn't help herself. Meanwhile, Trent felt the mother of all orgasms building. Growling "take it sweetness, take my cum!" Trent poured a torrent of jism into his wife's now sloppy pussy.

As the two of them slowly came down from their sexual highs, their bodies curled around each other in total satisfaction and exhaustion. Each of the exhausted lovers lied in absolute silence both pondering the sudden and dramatic change in De Ann's behavior.

As the cobwebs of lust slowly lifted from De Ann's brain she thought 'this is as good as it gets' with no children calling her name, no appointments needing to be kept. It was just Trent and her – enjoying each other as much as they possibly could. She was happy – or so she thought.

But Trent had an agenda for the rest of the day that wasn't exciting to De Ann. He cleaned up and wanted to visit the Black Jack tables. He had a dream that this was his lucky day, and his prosperous weekend. He even wore his 'lucky' shirt. She hated this green t-shirt that was too tight for his skinny physique just calling attention to the fact that he didn't work out.

As De Ann pondered what to wear for the day, a wicked smirk spread across her face. Even though she would be terribly self conscious, she pulled an outfit out of the closet that she wouldn't dare wear back home. "If he insist on playing cards all day, I guess I'll just have to give him something else to think about," she said to the reflection in the mirror as she pulled her long blonde hair back into a tight ponytail. She knew in her heart that he would never be able to resist her now.

Trent openly stared at his provocatively dressed wife as De Ann grabbed his hand without saying a word and led him out of their room to continue their big day. Her four inch white strap on heels alternated clicking on the tile floor as they made their way to the elevator. Trent couldn't tear his eyes off his wife's ass cheeks as they alternately waved at him from underneath the pink and gray miniskirt that barely concealed her almost perfect ass. "Jesus, she was hot!" The pink sweater that she had on must have been spray-painted to her skin. Her heaving tits looked as though they were constantly threatening to burst out of the stretched fabric that did little to hide her considerable charms.

The happy couple walked through the busy casino floor as De Ann's flared miniskirt sashayed to and fro. Trent could see flashes of the bottom moons of his lovely wife's ass as her hips swayed seductively back and forth. As they walked past the white tiger display at the exit of the Mirage, Trent was proud that his wife was getting more attention than the tiger as she pranced past the glass enclosure.

De Ann couldn't help but notice the attention she was getting as each man's head turned as she walked by. Her cheeks burned crimson; her eyes cast downward but she continued onward past the crowd of on-lookers. Her high heels made her walk with a hooker's strut, rolling her hips and pelvis. She couldn't believe that even the most respectable looking gentlemen didn't even try to hide the fact that they were lustfully checking her out. Her stomach fluttered a bit as they exited the Mirage and headed for Trent's favorite black jack tables at Oshea's.

De Ann tried to be the loyal wife and look excited when Trent got lucky at cards – but it was boring to just watch. Playing the game while sitting next to him – would only make him and her uncomfortable. Either she would play the game right – HIS WAY – or she would play it wrong – when she went against his judgment. It really didn't matter. Nothing could be more mind-numbing than watching the cards appear while their money disappeared.

Looking up Trent asked his wife "Sweetness, you look bored; do you want to go find something exciting to do?"

De Ann lit up – "Yes, I would love to go shopping – you almost ready to go?"

Trent turned his nose up at the idea of shopping again. He could do that back home. He wanted to take some of Vegas back with him and buying souvenirs is not the way he wanted to do it. Then he told De Ann what was really on his mind. "I won the last time I was here, maybe I will be better off if you weren't watching over my shoulder!"

De Ann shot Trent a look of disgust. "You are blaming me – for your losses at this table?" The body language said it all. Her hand which had been massaging his neck and shoulder like a good wife went straight to her hip. Her head tilted a little to the left, she curled up her eyebrows and flared her nose while waiting for his answer.

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