The Vegas Adventure Ch. 01-03


He was as meek as ever, but he had just gotten some sex. So pleasing De Ann was not a priority right now. He took a deep breath and tried to dig himself out of the hole he just jumped into. "I want you to have fun. You just need some excitement, and it doesn't appear that you are getting it here. It's almost 11 am. Why don't you go off to the pool, or shopping, or sightseeing and I'll meet you back at the room at 4."

"Fine!" was all she needed to say. Go off and find something exciting to do. She turned and walked away. She didn't even look back to see if he was watching. When she hit the sidewalk, there was a tram that was going to downtown, and she paid her buck and hopped aboard. Something inside her made her choose to go downtown – and that same something inside her brain made her look for a lounge called something ___ Cat' she couldn't quite remember.

While walking around downtown, De Ann came across a video and novelty store and she decided to check it out. She knew that her husband would not want to come with her if he were here. She walked up and down the aisles seeing everything from bondage goods, to dildos and videos. . She had an odd desire to want to strip. While she had secretly wondered what it would be like to strip in front of a pack of wild men, her inhibitions and conservative upbringing would not allow her to consider doing something so bold in 'real life'. But for some weird reason unknown to her she found herself asking the operator if this was a strip club? Then a man asked her if she wanted to join the contest they were having in 20 minutes. She shook her head no. He asked again saying that it was only meant for entertainment, do something exciting while you are here in Vegas. What do you have to lose, no one will ever know. The word entertainment struck her subconscious -- but doing something exciting was what Trent had just told her.

About that time a platinum blonde girl, no older than 24 caught her attention. It was hard to miss someone with a size E breasts. She tried to entice De Ann to join them on the stage. "Oh yeah – you could win in a heart beat. Guys just adore petite wholesome Midwestern girls. All you got to do is strut around the stage, smile, and show 'em your tits!"

De Ann blushed a little. "I could never be a stripper" she politely explained to the girl.

"I could never take it all off on a stage, besides my husband might not approve."

"Oh sweetie, you don't take it all off – you can't go any thing less than the ol' bikini bottom. Besides, where is your ol' ball and chain?" The bubble headed blonde asked.

"He's back at the MGM casino – playing blackjack." De Ann admitted.

"Have some fun while here in Vegas, Girl! They do 6 shows one at 8am, 10, noon, 2, 4 and 6. The winner of those get 200 bucks, and the chance to come back for a playoff show at 9pm tonight. I won the 8am show – and I want to win the $1000 for tonight's show. My name is Desiree, and I can show you what you need to know." The stacked dancer enlightened De Ann. Then she added "Pumpkin Pussy Eater – you want to be a stripper. You want to win the noon contest!"

De Ann quickly thought to herself 'No one would know – No one knows me here. Trent is off doing what he wants, and he told me to entertain myself – wouldn't it be funny if I won?' "I'll do it. Where do I go to sign up and get ready?"

"That a girl! I'll take care of ya!" Desiree latched onto De Ann's arm and gently guided her past all the novelties, and the actual bar to a corridor marked "entertainers & employees only" Once in a large, messy dressing room she tossed a few sexy articles of clothing at De Ann. De Ann refused to wear those skimpy items – deciding only to strip out of her own clothes. Since she was wearing a lavender thong that matched her bra, there was no reason to change underwear, and she figured that she didn't need to change her tight sweater – and the bra she was wearing was cute and nearly transparent, she could simply lift the sweater from the bottom and flash the crowd.

Noticing that she had not introduced herself, De Ann extended her hand to the Desiree and quickly got the run down on what to do both on stage and afterward.

"No one is allowed to touch you, but you are allowed to touch anybody wherever you want. They have to remain passive, or answer to Brut and Brat." Desiree explained.

De Ann raised her eyebrows at the names Brut and Brat showing her ignorance of the customs.

Desiree smiled and said "Oh, those are two of the main bouncers. That is not their real names, just like mine is not Desiree. That is just what we girls call them. Brut is bisexual, and Brat is sometimes his partner, but Brat is completely GAY. He loves to hang around with the leather crowd. We call him a brat 'cause usually a girl will lose a nights pay trying to entice him to an erection. It doesn't work so don't waste your time – the guy only gets hard shoving his tool down the throat of virgin boy meat." Then she continued to explain about the other people here "Most of the girls are nice. A few of the regulars can be a witch at times – about the only one you have to watch out for is Marcella. She is in cahoots with the owner – and she kinda runs things here! As long as I do what she says – when she says it – she treats me OK. She is from the Ukraine and has some special powers to get inside of a girl or guy and make them do some really sick things. I have seen some new girls get their brains fucked right out of their head by her."

Just at that moment an imposing woman blocks the doorway to the changing room. At 6' tall, at least 190 pounds, her tan skin and huge 44 DD chest blocked the whole exit. I could see her, but Desiree had her back to the woman while she explained how much power she has.

Desiree continued "If you don't submit to her mind, brute force will be used, and I am telling you, that woman has muscles on her that would put most guys short of Arnold Schwarzenegger to shame."

Just then the massive woman in the doorway bellowed "Desiree – You talk too much!"

Desiree quickly turned around and started stammering "I am sorry Miss Marcella. I – I didn't mean any harm --- you know how harmless I am! Please don't hurt me! I won at 8 this morning – aren't you proud of me?"

"Since you won like I told you to do – I will go easy on you this morning – but I can't have your lies about me – go unpunished. Drop your shorts and bend over that bench!" Marcella told her.

Desiree quickly and so submissively dropped her drawers and bent over the bench that was next to the changing area. Her white as snow bottom was drastically accented by the nice dark tan she had on her back and legs. Her shaved mound was visible between her legs and the puffy lips protruded ever so nicely.

De Ann remembers watching Marcella bring the palm of her hand down quickly on that upturned ass. Desiree's butt cheek bounced and shook like Jell-O as Marcella's hand crashed into her flesh. The slaps reverberated through the room and caught De Ann's fascination with what the younger girl was experiencing. Marcella only hit Desiree about 10 times before looking up and telling De Ann "Aren't you signed up for the noon contest? You should be out on stage by now!"

De Ann didn't flinch. She didn't acknowledge Marcella's comment. She just stared at the assertive way Marcella was handling Desiree. She was thinking how exciting it would be to trade places with Desiree and get her butt spanked.

A truly evil smile crossed Marcella's face. "You like watching this – don't you? Maybe you would like to trade places with her?" She asked De Ann.

De Ann paused. Then before she realized it – she reached down to her own crotch and felt the sweet nectar nearly pouring out of her body. She shook her head as if to clear the cobwebs of her daydream. "Um --- no --- I just wanted to make sure she was going to be OK. I've just never seen something like that in real life."

"Well, it won't last long – another 10 and I will let her up! But if you want to see more – perhaps you should join me this evening." Marcella's invitation was eerie to say the least.

De Ann blushed, and exited toward the strippers contest. The room was not too crowded and the guys looked like regulars to the joint. There were a few people who looked like De Ann did – they didn't belong.

De Ann's choice of dance music was Rod Stewart's "If you think I'm sexy..." She swayed to the music occasionally blushing to the crowd who shouting for her to 'take it off'. She gave them a glimpse of her pert C-cup breasts, as she slowly lifted her pink sweater, but just as quickly covered them up. Like a mom to little children, she shook her hand and pointed her finger at them all as if to say 'naughty... naughty!' She wasn't going to show her tits, and the audience was in big trouble for asking! Her ass was another matter – it only took half the song before she had slipped her ruffled skirt off and bent over to display her firm butt. She was proud of her ass, and liked the way the fine clothes felt against it. She always wore a thong for that very reason. Her long blonde ponytail, and petite body were too much for the crowd – they really got anxious to see her tits. Finally she shut her eyes, and lifted up the tight sweater to reveal her bra-encased breast. Looking down, the little housewife could clearly see her stiff nipples through the translucent bra. Holding her breath, she quickly reached behind herself, arched her back giving the crowd a great view, and released her magnificent tits revealing a very nice rack! Opening her eyes again on stage with her sweater bunched up around her neck – she started to laugh – this was entertaining. In all her years as a young woman, she was too prim and proper to be doing anything like this. Not in high school and not even in college did she have enough nerve to be standing here – showing off her tits to a pack of horny men. Oblivious to the noise, she lowered her sweater and pranced around just a little more for good measure. The audience cheered – they loved her! De Ann didn't really check out the other dancers whom she competed with, it didn't matter to her. She just couldn't get over the fact that she had actually done it.

While holding the microphone in one hand the host held his other hand over each of the 8 girls who danced to gauge the fan's applause. There were a few boo's and hisses at one older lady with saggy tits. She didn't seem to mind – she laughed and cupped the doggies and moved them up and down as if she was juggling them. But when the host got to De Ann – the whole place cheered. She blushed heavily – and they cheered even more. She Won! They held up a check (prop) that stated: Noon Winner of Topless Contest at KittyCat lounge in Las Vegas, and someone took a few pictures of her.

When she got off stage – Desiree rushed to her side and gave her a tremendous congratulatory hug. They both went off to the changing room and laughed like they had been friends for ages. "I can't believe I did that!" De Ann cheerfully told her new friend.

"You won girl – now you get to come back tonight – to try to win $1000.00" Desiree explained.

"Oh, I don't think I can do it again. Besides – wouldn't I have to dance against you?" De Ann asked.

"Yes – but that is my point. You beat me, well, you're a housewife with kid or two and this is your first time. I want to win the money – but they have this contest every Friday, Saturday and Wednesday. When I want to win the $200 – I just show up at 8 in the morning and win against lesser competition. The streetwalkers are too tired and fucked up to give a damn about dancing for $200, and the good dancers don't show up until late in the afternoon. On an average month, I am in this contest 8 of the 12 times. Of those eight each month I win 2 or 3. So right here I pull in nearly 5 grand a month, and Uncle Sam doesn't touch it." Desiree cheerfully explained.

De Ann only smiles and replies "Its 4 kids."

Desiree astonishment grows and she gives De Ann a good looking over. "Wow – you don't look like it!"

Seeing Marcella signal to her Desiree knew exactly what her mistress wanted. She knew by the way she was eyeing the innocent little housewife that she wanted De Ann to show off her little body. "Pumpkin Pussy Eater – you want to do a full strip tease for us both. C'mon, show us what you got!"

De Ann instantly obeyed – slinking around the room – enticing her new friends (perhaps evil enemies) to check out her body. She did the same thing – strutting around and swishing her booty and bending over to show it off even more as she pulled up her very short skirt. De Ann's lavender thong was deep within the crevice of her soft round globes. Her ass was one of her major assets. Pardon the pun, but it was true. She wanted to be proud of her face, hair, even her breasts – but nothing on this earth outdid her ass. She swayed a bit to some music that was coming from the main room. Then she turned back around to see the look on Marcella's face. It was so captivating to see her brown eyes – they forced her to do more.

Marcella told her to come closer and stand with her feet wide apart. Don't move, and don't you dare cum you little slut.

De Ann obeyed – she held onto her skirt as Marcella eyed her little play toy. She allowed Marcella to push her thong to one side and pry her swollen lips open with two fingers only to insert her middle two inside her already moist lips driving poor De Ann wild. In a matter of only minutes, she was humping Marcella's strong fingers. Her nose flairs open – her breath was short, and her nipples hardened straining against her tight pink sweater. De Ann couldn't believe that she was standing in the middle of a dressing room allowing this giant of a woman to play with her, but yet she was so close to reaching a wonderful orgasm. All along, Marcella kept issuing instructions – "Spread your legs more. You want to cum – don't you pet?"

"Yessss" De Ann hissed as her knees became week and her heart continued to pound so loud that she swore everyone in the room must be able to hear it.

"Well, I haven't given you permission yet" Marcella told De Ann. Yet she kept right on fingering her slit till it leaked all over her hand.

De Ann was swaying, and rocking on Marcella's fingers – trying desperately to get those fingers deeper into her pussy so she could push herself over that edge. Suddenly De Ann flinched – and her back just sunk a bit more – her eyes closed tightly while Desiree and Marcella watched carefully. She couldn't help herself any longer – she came!

"Did you just cum – you little blonde bimbo?" Marcella asked in a threatening voice.

"Yessss" hissed De Ann.

"Do you know what it means to OBEY?" Marcella asked.

"Yes – it means to do what your are told." De Ann methodically answered.

"And did you just cum when I told you not to?" Marcella asked the much smaller De Ann.

"I think I couldn't help it – your fingers were exciting me too much." De Ann admitted.

Like an adult talking to a little child Marcella asked De Ann "What happens to little girls when they don't obey?"

"They get a spanking" De Ann admitted – knowing full well that when her younger children disobeyed they got a spanking – or had to stand in the corner for a little while. She didn't expect anything different for herself.

"That is right – they get a spanking. Who gives a spanking to your little girls in your family – you or your strong husband? Marcella teased.

"I make them wait till their father gets home. He usually will apply a short set of swats to their butt. Not to hurt them – but just to let them know that they didn't obey me." De Ann explained how it happens in her family.

"Do you think I am as strong as your hubby?" Marcella quizzed De Ann.

"Oh, I would think you might be stronger than him! You have much more defined muscles, that's for sure. He's defiantly is shorter and maybe weaker than you." De Ann explained.

"Waiting for a spanking can sometimes be crueler than actually getting one – can't it?"

"I guess so!" De Ann admitted in a low humiliated voice and downcast eyes.

"Then I will give you a spanking, but not now. I will give you one tonight at a party I am attending. You will remember that I am going to give you a spanking but you can not tell anyone except Desiree." Then Marcella continued "Pumpkin Pussy Eater – you are to beg me for a spanking tonight at the party – do you understand?"

"Yes – I understand I need to beg for a spanking at the party." De Ann answered in a monotone voice.

"Good – End Pumpkin Pussy Eater – now you and Desiree go have a good time – and I will see you again here tonight or afterward at the party!" Marcella explained as she licked De Ann's cum off her fingers, and sauntered out of the room.

The two of them spent the next hour at a café nearby sipping on margarita's while talking about lots of topics. One of those topics was the spanking she was going to get from Marcella later tonight. She wanted to know if it really hurt. Desiree explained that yes, it stung quite a bit – but something inside of her made her pussy just cream all over the place when she was bent over Marcella's knee or a bench or whatever to accept a spanking. De Ann admitted to Desiree that she too found it quite exciting to see Marcella spank Desiree before the show. She was mesmerized by the way Desiree's butt just bounced under each swat. She told her that she isn't normally attracted to other women, but found Marcella and Desiree quite captivating. Desiree assured her – "you may not be attracted to other women – but other women who swing that way ARE ATTRACTED to you. You are so small, helpless, and absolutely scrumptious." She explained that she doesn't look butch – she looks delicate and extremely feminine. Until De Ann admitted that she had to run along they could have talked forever. But she promised that she would come back and try to win tonight.


Chapter 3 ************ The Night of Enslavement. ******

That night De Ann convinced her husband Trent to go to the strip club – without really telling him what was in store. She thought it would be a lot of fun to get up on stage and surprise him. So after getting a decent seat at a table half way back from the main stage, she told him that she needed to go to the restroom. She offered little explanation - explaining with the simple words "girl trouble - I might be awhile!" She left him sitting at the table with only two drinks to keep him company

Instead, she headed for the back room where she could change clothes and get ready for her stripping and a chance to win $1000.00 Backstage there were plenty of people wandering about, she only knew one – Desiree and recognized another – Marcella, who was wearing a dominatrix outfit that would give a blind man an erection. For her own costume she chose one of Trent's white body shirts. Her nipples were covered, but the sides of her breasts were very much visible. She wore a white thong and some extremely tight daisy duke jean shorts. She added a hard hat and a workman's belt to accentuate her onstage persona.

Desiree came up to her and said – "Oh, those shorts simply won't do – but you need to make some adjustments if you want to win tonight. Take them off and I will show you what I mean."

De Ann didn't know why but she didn't question her – and slipped out of the shorts. She adjusted her thong to better cover the small patch of hair above her shaved mound.

Desiree took a set of scissors and cut the back pockets completely off the jeans. She left the thick seam in the center but she ruined the De Ann's short shorts!

De Ann was shocked and objected – "What did you do that for? Those were short enough – without being obscene. I am not going to dance in that – I just ...." She was cut off by Desiree.

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