The Vegas Adventure Ch. 14-17


De Ann found the pile right where Ashley had assembled them, took them into a dressing room and stripped off her skirt. She pulled out the black skirt and was puzzled - surely it was way too small! Her hips were not wide, but they were certainly voluptuous and full. No way could she ever fit into this!

She pulled the skirt up and found it was made of Spandex, and stretched to fit. She tugged it over her thighs, up to her waist. Jeez, this sucker was tight! But finally it was in place.

The black Spandex skirt was a micro-mini. When De Ann looked in the dressing room mirror, she couldn't believe her eyes. It clung to her like a large black rubber band. That's practically what it was, anyway. It came down to just two inches below her crotch, and the bottom moons of the cheeks of her ass were half an inch away from being plainly visible.

Still, she knew what she had to do. She pulled the black high-heeled pumps back on, gathered up her old jeans and the other new clothes and went off to find Ralph.

"Just get through this, just get through this," she kept telling herself.

Every person in the Gap stopped what they were doing and stared at the stunning housewife as she strolled through the store. Inside her white tank top, her unfettered breasts bounced freely, showing off the hint of darkness around each nipple. The micro-mini clung to her ass and crotch as it if was spray-painted on. Her stocking clad legs were magnificent. And the high heels made her walk with a hooker's strut, rolling her hips and pelvis. She looked like she was auditioning for a Penthouse video.

"Yo, babe, check it out. Nice walk!" called a black teenager. De Ann ignored him. When she approached the check-out counter, she spied the clerk named Ralph. This one was much younger than her, maybe about 18, and not bad-looking. He wore khakis and a polo shirt, and was decent enough looking.

"Hi," she said. "I need to talk to you privately for a minute." De Ann pretended to be a normal customer instead of a woman being controlled like a puppet by her two nieces.

"Sure thing, ma'am" said the boy. De Ann's stomach fluttered a bit. He had a sexy voice, and kind eyes, and she was horny, and she knew what she was going to do to this boy in just a few minutes, and that thought, somehow, made her hornier. What had been sick and disgusting back with the shoe store clerk did now seem not so terrible. If only she could get off too! But that would take more time, and she didn't want to upset the girls.

"I want to get that stack of clothes I left up on the counter," she told Ralph once they were in a corner, "but I, uh, my purse was stolen." She didn't know why she lied, she just wanted to think of some way to save face. "So maybe I could do something real nice for you in exchange for the clothes."

Ralph looked the sweet housewife up and down. He knew he would get fired if he was caught, and he wasn't sure what she had in mind, but he had to find out.

"There's an employee men's room in the back," he said. "Follow me." He marched through a curtain and De Ann followed him into the men's room, where he turned and locked the door from the inside.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Ralph asked.

"No, but I have to," De Ann answered honestly.

"You don't have to do anything," Ralph said. "If you want to trade clothes for sex, I won't say no, but wouldn't it be nicer if we went somewhere and made love properly? Then you could come back and I'd give you some clothes. I mean, this is kinda tacky," he concluded, gesturing at the squalidness of the men's room.

"I know," said De Ann. Her mind was reeling. This boy was actually very nice. He said things like "make love" where all the other men just talked about sucking their cocks. She knew Stacy and Ashley would be waiting outside, waiting to smell her breath and degrade and debase her further. She steeled herself, reached out a hand and unzipped Ralph's khakis.

"I'd love to chat," she said, trying to sound nice, "but right now I just have to give you a blow job."

Ralph had tried to do the right thing, but he was, after all, a teenage boy, with a hot woman squatting down and unzipping his fly and pulling his dick out with her tender fingers. He sprang to life, hard as a steel bar, and knew he wasn't going to be offering this little slut any more alternatives.

De Ann leaned forward and placed her lips around the head of Ralph's prick. "Ohmigod!" the boy moaned softly. "You are so sexy!"

Pleased at the compliment, De Ann reached a hand into his open fly and began to fondle his balls. Her pussy was suddenly leaking a trickle of juice that ran down her thigh. Her clit was throbbing, and she thought about reaching down with her other hand, and masturbating while she sucked the teenaged boy. But she forced herself to focus.

Even though this was much nicer than her previous blow jobs, the goal was to get the event over with.

The blonde housewife pulled her mouth off the engorged dick, then stuck her tongue out and swirled it over and over the head. Ralph moaned and leaned back against the bathroom wall. De Ann leaned forward, her gorgeous red lips open wide, and ran her mouth all the way down onto his cock as far as she could manage. His kinky pubic hairs tickled her nose. She pulled back, then started bobbing her head up and down, faster and faster. Her hand seemed to be on automatic pilot, rolling his testicles around in his scrotum. She could feel them start to inch upward and his scrotum tighten as his orgasm approached.

"Oh yes, ohhhhh yes," the boy moaned. De Ann's pussy spasmed slightly. She was so damned turned on. She had never been this horny in her life. She reached down with her free hand without even thinking, and started rubbing her exposed pink clit with two fingers.

Suddenly, Ralph's cock exploded into her mouth, pulsing out wave after wave of hot boy semen. She started swallowing dutifully, and kept working her clit, faster and faster, approaching her own climax.

Sated, Ralph pulled his cock from the girl's hot mouth with a "pop" as the suction of her lips was broken. The blowjob was over, but she still hadn't cum! Without the cock in her mouth, she was suddenly very aware of who she was and what she was doing: squatting on a men's room floor masturbating furiously in front of a total stranger! My God, she thought, what was happening to her. She pulled her hand away from her sopping wet crotch, and the spell was completely broken. She had once again come so close to an orgasm, only to fall short.

Ralph was zipping up his pants. There was nothing for De Ann to do but stand up and smile, weakly.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," blabbed the lucky Gap clerk. Boy, would he have some story to tell his friends! He wished he had a Polaroid camera to take a picture of this vision of loveliness, dressed like a total whore, standing in front of him with a tiny dribble of his semen at the corner of her mouth.

"You're welcome," was all De Ann could manage as her well-bred manners automatically took over.

"Can I have your phone number?" Ralph asked. "I could call you..."

De Ann thought it was wonderful that he was still acting as if they had met in the food court after a basketball game, but she was in enough trouble and wasn't about to give her number to a boy who thought she gave out blow jobs all the time. She declined, scooped up the clothes, stuffed them in a large Gap bag that had been left in the restroom. She then slid off the painfully tight black spandex mini-skirt and replaced it with her red plaid schoolgirl skirt before beating it out of there without even saying goodbye.

Ralph stood forlornly and watched her go. Just a moment later, Ralph looked up to see a statuesque brunette exit from one of the stalls holding a camcorder in her right hand.

"Thanks for the great performance Ralphy Boy. You have no idea how helpful you've been." Stacie exclaimed as she quickly made her exit.


Click click click went De Ann's heels as she walked quickly along the tile floor of the mall. Swish swish went the round globes of her ass under the short plaid mini, back and forth, mesmerizing every male in the mall. She saw Ashley coming toward her. Ashley smiled when he saw the Gap bag in her aunt's hand.

"Well done, little slut." She smiled a toothy grin. "Now sit down while we wait for Stacy and I'll explain your final mall assignment."

De Ann found a sudden surge of hope. Was this awful nightmare really going to come to an end? She braced herself as her young mistress explained her final task. As Ashley outlined her requirements De Ann felt a sense of despair spread through her mind that extinguished any semblance of hope that she had felt only moments ago.

"No, please...anything but that." De Ann begged with tears forming in the corner of her heavily made up eyes. "I just can't, that would be....too embarrassing...someone might see...I can't...please."

Just then Stacy came bounding around the corner. "I see you've explained to our little slut what she has to do to make amends."

"Better get to it auntie slut. Remember if you don't make us proud, we will ruin you forever," Ashley laughed as she and Stacy left their scared aunt standing alone outside the food court.

Chapter 16 *** De Ann's last assignment ***

De Ann felt sick, but she knew she had no choice. She glanced around nervously and started to head out of the food court looking for the right candidate to assist her in her twisted mission. Soon she found a relatively secluded area at the far end of the mall where there were two benches facing each other. There's a man, probably in his mid 40's, and not bad looking at all, sitting on one bench reading a newspaper. De Ann stops a short distance away and takes a couple of minutes to formulate a plan and gather every ounce of courage that she could muster.

She's still standing some distance from the man on the bench. Slowly an idea develops as to how she can accomplish her mission and when she has the basics worked out she takes a seat on the bench across from him.

The uneasy housewife is carrying bags from the GAP and Fredericks. The first thing she does after sitting down and placing her things on the bench beside her is to accidentally knock all her packages off the bench, spilling her purchases on the floor. The guy looks up and sees her and she can tell instantly he is very interested in the provocatively dressed schoolgirl sitting across from him. He gets up off his bench and comes over to help De Ann pick up the items that she's spilled and without paying much attention to what he's doing, he picks up the pair of sheer white panties. When he realizes what he's holding, he blushes as he hands them back to De Ann. As she takes her panties from his hand she purposely swirls the silky fabric against his palm with her middle finger for a fleeting second before she starts to withdraw them from his gentle grip. As she does this, she can feel his grip tighten almost imperceptibly although it's quite likely that he isn't consciously aware of what she has done. As her panties slip through his fingers she looks right into his eyes and gives him a cute, but embarrassed smile as she thanks him.

"You're welcome" he says, and as he smiles back at De Ann, she sees it in his eyes immediately - that special look of lust that says there's something very special about her panties and he really doesn't want to give them back. At that moment she knows she's found the man that she's looking for to complete her awful task.

After watching her panties slowly slip through his fingers he turns and quickly returns to his seat and begins reading his newspaper. Or at least he's pretending to read the newspaper. Every time De Ann nervously looks in his direction he's actually looking over the top of the newspaper obviously trying to look up her skirt. He's trying to be discrete about it, but every time she looks up she catches him looking at her legs before he can divert his eyes back to his paper. De Ann smiles somewhat mischievously because she knows that he won't be able to keep up this charade much longer.

She takes everything out of her shopping bags so that she can rearrange it all after the spill. She glances at him out of the corner of her eye and finds him staring at all the naughty items she's purchased. De Ann looks closer and she thinks she can see a bulge forming in his pants.

Slowly the sexy housewife holds up each item, visually inspecting them to make sure they haven't gotten dirty before putting them back in the shopping bags.

First up is the pair of sheer white string bikini panties. Using both hands, she holds them by the strings so that as they hang there in front of her face. There's no mistaking the shape for anything other than a pair of sexy women's panties. First she inspects the front for signs of mall dirt, then she turns them around and checks the back. She's holding them right in front of her face and because of the sheer fabric, she can see her newspaper man right through them. As she suspected, he's now watching her with great interest and she decides that it's time to give him a little more to look at. She casually looks around the area to make sure that there are no other people nearby and finding no one to disturb them she crosses her legs. As she does, she sees his eyes widen and they are now glued to her. She turns sideways ever so slightly until she's sure that he can see the lacy band at top of her stockings, the garter holding it up, and the deeply tanned skin of her upper thigh. A perfect view, for the moment at least.

De Ann continues with her inspection by holding the crotch of the panties in her left hand while she holds them up close to her face, still searching for dust or dirt. With her right hand she manages to brush away some imaginary dust and place them back in the shopping bag.

Next she performs the same ritual with the light pink panties. Newspaperman's eyes haven't moved, but he now appears to be having trouble deciding whether to look at her stocking-clad leg or the pink panties that she's holding only a foot in front of her face. Inwardly De Ann grimaces as she decides to take her teasing to the next level.

Finding no imaginary dirt on her pink panties she puts them back in the shopping bag and picks up the sheer black crotchless panties with "Please kiss my kitty" embroidered on the front. As she picks them up she tentatively uncrosses her legs and shifts her position on the bench. She moves forward so that she's sitting on the edge of the bench and as she does she slowly spreads her knees so that they're several inches apart. Now he can see directly up her short skirt to the tops of her stockings and tanned inner thighs. De Ann shudders as she realizes that he should also be able to see her new white crotchless panties, but her legs are still close enough together that he probably can't tell that they're crotchless ... yet.

Feeling self-conscious and very naughty, De Ann holds up the black crotchless panties so that the "kiss my kitty" lettering is facing him as she inspects it for signs of dirt. Again she holds the panties by the side straps so that they hang down directly in front of her face. The combination of the suggestive embroidery and the missing crotch makes it very obvious that these are not ordinary panties and she wonders if newspaperman has ever seen such naughty panties before. When her inspection is complete she slips the panties into the Fredericks bag.

At first she appears very intent on reorganizing her shopping bags and she appears to be paying no attention to him as his eyes drink in the exposed curves of her body. This makes him bolder and she can feel his eyes staring at her legs. Then suddenly she looks up at him and catches him completely off guard, staring at him. He is totally embarrassed at being caught and he's so nervous that he actually drops his paper. The anxious housewife gives him a sexy smile and goes back to rearranging her shopping bags and drinking a soda that Stacy had given her.

When all the items are back in the shopping bags she takes a drink, leans back on the bench and sigh as she puts the straw in her mouth. She looks over at him and he's smiling at her, no longer making any effort to hide the fact that he's watching. De Ann smiles back at him and begins sucking and licking on the straw. She runs her tongue all around the straw very suggestively and then puts it in her mouth and expertly sucks on it.

By now the bulge of newspaperman's cock is easily visible in his pants and he looks around to see if anyone is watching him. He puts his newspaper in his lap and begins touching himself very discretely, but De Ann can tell exactly what he's doing. She smiles trying to silently tell him that she approves of his behavior. To further encourage him, she then spreads her legs a little further apart and watches his eyes bulge as he sees her bald pussy peeking out of the crotchless panties.

She then decides to really torment him and she picks up her packages, acting as if she's about to leave and causing his face to go pale. But at the last minute she stops as if something has suddenly come to mind. She walks over to him and ask him if he would watch her packages for a minute while she goes to the restroom. Obviously he says yes - anything to keep this sexy creature from leaving for good. She bends over right in front of him to put her packages on the floor and as she does, her cute little ass is no more than a foot from his face. She wiggles her butt back and forth a little bit and she can feel him staring at her shaved pussy. He can probably see that it's dripping with excitement she's so turned on. De Ann smiles at him again and walks off to the restroom.


Stacy nudged Ashley as they observed their aunt's lewd performance from across the courtyard. "Ohmigod! You're getting all this on tape aren't you?"

Irritated by her big sister's nagging Ashley snaps, "Of course stupid. I can't believe the old nag is actually doing this. You're a genius sis, I never thought she would go this far. She must be a slut a heart."


When De Ann returned she had the white crotchless panties in her purse with just a bit of them hanging out to ensure he knows she'd taken them off. She sits down, thanks him for watching her packages and begins to seductively suck on the straw again. She looks around and no one is watching her so she slowly opens her legs and puts one foot up on the edge of the bench so that she's totally exposed to him - nothing but smooth shaved pussy and no panties to impede his view. Strangely she finds herself getting so excited and wet that she knows her entire pussy is glistening because she rubbed her wetness all over her pussy while she was in the restroom just to make sure he would be able to see how wet it was.

Newspaperman has given up pretending that he's reading the paper and even though no one else can see him, De Ann can see that he's rubbing his dick under the newspaper while he stares at her pussy. She looks right into his eyes, smiles at him again, as his hand continues to stroke himself. She continues to suck on the straw wrapping her lips around it and lowering her mouth on it as if she were sucking his cock. Her nipples are hard and easily visible through the tight tank top, but his eyes seem fixated on her pussy. She allows a small amount of her drink to dribble out of her mouth and drop on her top just above one of her nipples and then she takes her finger and tries to rub it off. Now he's looking at her nipples and instead of trying to rub off the spilled liquid, De Ann begins pinching her nipples through her top while she continues to smile at him. Her head rolls back slightly, her eyes close and a slight moan escapes her lips. She opens her eyes, looks right at him again, and then she asked him if he would mind helping her. He hesitates at first, but quickly gives in to temptation.

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