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The Vegas Couch


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It wasn't actually a couch, it was a day bed, but we always called it the Vegas Couch. I gave it that name making a cute comment one evening.

I'm Aggie and my husband Alex and I have a house over on the beach. We spend a week, sometimes two, during the summer with a close couple we've known for years. Nikki and her husband Leo, just sanding, as we called it.

We had this really secluded sand patch at the rear of the house. It had a sand bank to the left and right and they extended down the bank toward the ocean. There was a little rise from the patch to go over to get to the beach so nobody could see us from the beach unless we stood up. Nikki and I made it clear right from the beginning that we wanted to get even tans so we always stripped off our tops just as soon as we got to the patch.

After a few days we said we wanted to get tanned on the inside of our thighs so we stretched back in the lounge chairs and spread our legs all sorts of ways. We both usually had on bikini bottoms that had those ties on each side. Sometimes we would untie one side or the other and flap it over. The guys would slowly shift so they had a good view. Leo always watched me more and Alex always watched Nikki more. Of course Leo got to run lotion on my inner thighs, really slow, right up to the bikini bottoms and mostly just inside so we got covered properly. Alex did Nikki. We gave them a really good show and it seemed to pay off in the evenings. We loved to watch their cocks swell up.

We fell into a comfortable routine where my Alex and Nikki liked to go back earlier and Leo and I liked to watch the sun sink low. Then the next time we went back and they stayed. Alex and Nikki would strip off their bottoms in the outside shower to wash off the sand, then went inside and dried each other off, with really thin towels, very slowly so they were nice and dry.

When Leo and I got back they were usually there on the couch, spooning, asleep, and necked as Jay birds. The next night Leo and I went back first and did about the same thing. None of us knew exactly what the others were doing but conversation over time gave us a pretty good idea. Also, Alex would be a little creative in bed and I figured it came from Nikki and Alex pretty much got some new moves from me that came from Leo. Both Alex and Leo were pretty much the same shape and size and height, kind of slim, and had the same size cocks, longer than usual and a bit thick but not excessive. Lucky us.

The first time Leo and I found them on the couch, spooning, Alex woke up a bit startled and a little embarrassed. That's when I said it. "Hey, that's the Vegas couch. What happens on the Vegas couch stays on the Vegas couch." Done deal right there.

The Vegas couch could easily hold a 6 foot guy with room for a good size pillow and deep enough for two people both on their backs. It was higher than a normal couch, being a day bed, and it had a good sturdy mattress and lined along the back with a thin covered foam pad. The ends were verticle rods so the view was good except looking directly toward the back when sitting down. There were lots of pillows stored underneath when needed. The darn thing was just great.

Nothing was ever said about Alex and Nikki on the couch and nothing was ever said about Leo and I on the couch. That's how nude night started too. We just got used to staying nude after returning from the beach unless we went out.

This went on for years and they had a couple of kids, boy and girl, and we had one. A beautiful girl we named Kelly. Leo and Nikki moved to another state but we keep in touch a lot. We moved the Vegas couch back to our house in town. Kelly is 18 and not a tiny girl but slim with serious sized breasts for an 18 year old. She has a really nice figure. At 5ft8 she played basketball at school and is fairly shy. She's not a daddy's or mommy's girl. We have nude night at least once a month when we can and we all love it. But, she's growing up. About to go off to college.

Lately I've noticed she's been sorta replacing me on the Vegas couch when she can so she can snuggle with her dad. I have no concerns with Kelly snuggling with her dad. We're a family and she's learning how to control her emotions. Sometimes Alex peeks over her head and gives me a big smile or a big O or a 'I going to have an orgasm' look. They're always spooning but he has to be getting hard and she has to feel him around her back and butt.

She's been on the pill since her 'event' so she can grow up normally and we don't have to worry. I've seen Alex moving his hips around and Kelly doing the same and moving her butt back and up some. I never say anything about what happens on the Vegas couch and Kelly hasn't either. Alex has said she really gets him hard sometimes and she's probably had his cock head right against her clit while she's moving her hips to and fro. She's been shaving for years, except for the regular little 'tuff'.

Alex puts his hand over on her stomach but that's about it, he doesn't pointedly touch her tits, etc. Alex and I usually wait until Kelly goes to bed before we stretch out together but I've seen Kelly watching, even closely, just smiling. Sometimes she catches my eye and winks just when I'm having an orgasm and she stuffs her hand over her mouth when her dad has an orgasm so she won't make a noise. He tends to grunt a bit and she gets tickled.

One day Kelly comes in and sits down and looks at me and says,"Mom, what if I wanted to turn around on dad."

I didn't understand so I said, "Have you asked dad if it was ok?"

She skipped a beat and said, "Oh no, I would never do that unless it was ok with you."

I said, "Ok, give me more of an idea what you had in mind."

She said, "Well, when dad is on Vegas relaxing and I go and spoon with him would it be ok with you if I was facing him instead. I don't want to cause any problems between you and dad."

"Oh Kelly," I said, "that won't cause any problems. I won't get jealous and dad won't miss me any less. There's a lot of him to go around, it's not a problem at all."

Kelly sank in the chair a little with a bit of a sigh. She must have been worrying her head off. "Anything particular", I said, fishing for info.

"I don't have any plans on starting anything with boys that's heavy but I want to learn how to handle myself and you guys are smooth so I thought dad could give me some tips and show me stuff.

"I want to learn how to kiss right and when to move this way or that way or where my arms and hands go and where my knees go. I'm really freaking out about where my knees go. When we bang knees on the court it really hurts sometimes. I've been turned on but not like you get turned on. I want to know about that and what happens to me that I should watch out for. I guess you could tell me that stuff. Sorry I'm going on like a little kid."

"Kelly," I said, "those are about the same things I wanted to know when I was your age. The most important thing is go slow. If you see stuff where they have sex like two chickens fighting, that's just for show. If you go slow, and I mean every single move, you'll remember the feelings and you'll enjoy it much more."

"Ok." she said, "Anything else?"

That caught me by surprise. She was looking for help, a path to get going. "Sex is supposed to be fun." I said, "You're supposed to have a good time, to enjoy yourself. You're not supposed to be worried about who saw what and might tell who. You're supposed to let your passion go when you want and keep it bottled up when you don't.

"Start out facing him. Snuggle some and ask him if you can kiss him. Put both arms around his neck and some fingers on the back of his head, lightly, and after you kiss a bit, open your lips and after a bit slip your tongue in and find his. Press your nipples against his chest and you might move them around. He'll like that. A little later slip your legs down straight and plant your clit right against his cock. He should be ready by then. Move yourself up higher or lower so it's a really good fit, so you can grind your clit right against his cock. Spend some time enjoying the feeling.

"If you want, slip a hand down and put it over on his buns where you can pull him into you and also feel him squeezing his buns when he pushes. That's really erotic. You might orgasm. He'll really like that. If he has an orgasm, just let it happen. You can always get a few tissues later to clean up, but there might be enough to fill a bathtub. (She giggles.) He knows a lot of foreplay so he's going to be doing stuff to you at the same time. If you go slow enough it will take some time and don't forget, you can always do more later if it gets to you. Just be yourself. Is that what you needed to know."

"Yes, yes, that's it exactly," she said. "Do you think he'll let me do that?"

"Kelly, I think he would be thrilled if you did that. Just remember it might not go the way you image. You will be adjusting to him and he will be adjusting to you. One more thing, remember when you watch us sometimes, well I'll be doing the same with you and dad. I won't be bothering you or anything, I just want to enjoy it like you do when you watch. Just ignore me."

"I understand," she said, "watch all you want. Maybe we can talk about it and I'll get better."

With that she gave me a hug and went off to bed. I never did mention the conversation with Alex.

About two weeks later we were having our usually nude night and Alex was on the couch going through some paper work and reading and watching tv all at the same time like he usually does. I like to sit in my pet chair that's molded itself to my butt. It's just about 5 feet away and slightly angled toward the end of the couch where his feet are. He was on his side with his back towards the back of the couch.

Kelly came in and flitted around as usual, talking and stuff. After about 20 minutes she sat on the couch facing Alex and asked if she could snuggle differently. Alex said 'sure can' and put his paper work and stuff underneath the couch. I was so thrilled I could hardly contain myself. I was hoping not to pee in my butt chair. Kelly twisted around, lifted her feet up and magically turned and settled down right up against her dad with her head on the same pillow looking right in his eyes. Her tits were pressing in his chest and she had her feet a bit intertwined with his. Alex had his knees bend a bit so they weren't pressing in the middle yet. She said 'can I kiss you like mom does,' and Alex said, 'sure can if you want.' and Kelly said, 'ok, but I want to get it right so let me know what I should do differently.'

With that she slowly, but not too slowly, slipped one arm under his neck where the pillow gap is and the other right over his shoulder with her fingers lightly fiddling with his hair. She's only about 4 inches difference in height so they were a comfortable match. With their faces about the same place her hips were somewhat higher than his hips. I could see clearly, almost close up, as she closed her eyes, tilted her head up just a bit and blended her lips with his, pressing her stomach and breasts right in.

Alex slipped a hand over her back and one appeared under her. The pillow had their heads tilted up and I could see her lips open and Alex did the same. About 5 seconds went by and she pressed on his head, pulling him closer and then they both let out a little moan. She must have slipped her tongue in and found his.

Alex slid his hand down her spine and slipped it right through her butt crack to her lower pussy, just brushing the bottom with a couple of fingers, then back up right on her butt button. He must have pressed against it because both of their hips went together and they held that for quite a while. Alex pressed my butt button occasionally so I would thrust my hips forward.

He was thrusting ever so slightly and in different directions. Kelly was tilting her pelvis up and back down lightly. Alex was probing with his cock. Sometimes he pulled back and thrust forward carefully at a different angle. He must be rubbing around on everything. Kelly still had her legs closed. This went on for 5 minutes or so but seemed like hours.

I could only imagine the enormous erotic feelings she must be having. His pre cum must have coated her inner thighs because I could occasionally see the head of his cock peek out on her butt side, raking right up her butt crack. She was curling her pelvis up at just the right moment. They were getting used to each other. She and he were really doing some serious kissing and breast work.

Kelly slowly moved her left hand down and dipped it right between them. Alex took a deep breath, let it out, and went back to kissing. I think she was positioning his cock on her clit. She pushed forward and pulled her hand out. About half way back up his body she reversed her hand and quickly stuck it back between them. A little bit of adjusting and she pulled her hand out from between them and put it back around his head. Facing each other up on the pillow was working out very nicely.

They both were doing a slow hip movement on each other. I think he was hitting her pussy lips, bouncing over the pubic bone and sliding right up her clit. Alex, like Leo, isn't circumcised and when he's really turned on his cock extends so much it pulls his foreskin down around the underside of the ridge. His sensitive head must be driving him nuts, pardon the expression. It was probably problematic which one of us were going to have an orgasm first. I was really feeling hot but I didn't pee in my butt chair yet. There was some light music playing on the system, not loud enough to drown out any of us but enough so we weren't disturbing each other. I could catch their moans and sighs and some movement sounds.

They settled into a nipple and breast hug, just steadily moving their hips together. Alex picked up his head a little and looked right at me. He lifted his eyebrows and just looked at me. I smiled and stuck my tongue out at him really good, twice. He lowered his eyebrows, looked around a bit and sank back down to Kelly. I guess he was trying to figure out what it meant. Silly man. He slid his hand down to her backside and rode with her as she thrust her hips against his cock.

Kelly was getting a bit jerky, pausing a little on the upswing. Alex could feel it too. He held her a little tighter and she melted into his mouth with hers. She jerked her hips a few times and let out a muffled squeal. Alex thrust firmly a number of times, pausing a bit between, with his hand rotating with her butt until she pulled her hips back and almost went into a fetal position. She just collapsed. Arms, legs, head, all lying there not moving. She was breathing like she does coming off the basketball court. I have no idea if that was her very first ever or one of many orgasms. It was almost certainly the first with a cock against her clit like that.

After about 10 minutes she was stirring and they were holding each other and whispering. Alex was running his fingers down her spine and butt crack, slowly and back up again. About every other time he ran his fingers all the way under to her pussy and then back. She moved her left leg over his thigh to accommodate that I think. He casually twisted her nipples and rubbed her breasts. He slipped his upper leg between hers with his thigh right up against her pussy. She lifted a leg until he was positioned and squeezed her butt and pushed into his thigh. They were whispering a lot.

Without a single sound I got up from my butt chair and bending over a little went off to the bathroom. Not to pee. I quietly got the lubrication out of the cabinet and grabbed a wash cloth. Slipping back to the rear of the couch, I stayed bent over and slid the lube right under the thin foam pad on the back of the couch along with the cloth about in the middle of Alex's back. He must have felt it, he reached his hand down and touched my fingers. We held fingers for about 10 seconds and I was outta there.

I didn't go back to my chair. I had a nice blanket for when there was a chill and I put it on the floor near the corner of the couch where their feet were and slowly sat down, not touching the couch. They wouldn't notice my head and I could see right at her butt and looking into the end of the couch I could see right up their legs. They were doing some serious kissing again and slow body movements, his back to the back of Vegas and her facing him.

Kelly slid her left arm down his body and dipped down between them. Alex did a mouth blow where his cheeks puffed out and I knew she was working on his cock but her arm was moving very slowly. I could even tell when she played with his head and pee dimple. Alex slid his hand down her stomach and fingered his way down to her clit. She seemed a little sensitive and he moved his hand down further to her pussy. She lifted her leg and he pulled his leg back. I could see just a bit up her thighs but not much.

Alex slipped his hand behind his back to the lube. I had already removed the top, and then he went back to her clit. She moaned when he lubed her clit. Then, the hand back to the lube and back down further.

It seemed like a lot of time went by with him getting lube and back and forth but it was probably seconds. She opened up her legs more and I could see his hand, running his finger up and down her pussy. Then he bent a finger going in at the bottom of her pussy and pulled it backwards slowly. His finger must have went right across the opening to her vagina.

Kelly took in a big breath and let it out with her head back on the pillow. That was erotic. She slowly twisted her whole lower body over on her butt, slid her right leg between Alex's with her left leg a bit over to the left, knee bent just a little. Her pussy was splayed open but not greatly. Alex slid his hand back down so his finger was at the bottom of her pussy, curled it and pulled it through again. Kelly put her left hand over his and the next time he did that she pushed his finger into her vagina, moved her left leg out and pulling her knee up, planted her foot and lifted her hips right up onto his finger.

They started finger fucking albeit slowly. Alex must have got a fair bit of lube in the right places. His long finger was pulling almost all the way out and plunging in again in concert with her hips. It suddenly dawned on me he was dilating her. Minutes went by and he switched to two fingers and moving slowly, got them going with her thrusting. With two he could separate them coming out and open her up a bit more. If his cock got there they would still have to go slow. I'm sure with the basketball her hymen was gone long ago but I didn't know for sure.

Eventually he sorta stopped and slid his hand back to the lube place. I could see him using the washcloth on his hands and then he did some more lube down and back a couple of times. All this time they were whispering to each other, kisses and little bites. Alex lifted his leg so she could pull hers out from between his and she twisted back towards him, face to face again, still on their sides.

He lifted his whole middle body up and she slid her right leg under him and right up above his hip. Then she swung her left leg over. Alex got some lube and reached down and lubed his cock, particularly the top, then moved around some getting the right position.

I could see everything. I was sitting on the blanket with my legs splayed around the front leg of the couch, right up against it. I could look around the front or the end of the couch, through the rungs. I had to lean back to do that so my boobs wouldn't shake the couch or make a sound. I had my hands way down at the bottom of the leg, which was round, and when I leaned back a little to shift, I was practically having sex with the couch leg. It was really erotic considering what I was seeing.

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