tagLoving WivesThe Veronica Story Pt. 02

The Veronica Story Pt. 02


--- Part Two - Coffee ---

On the drive home, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I enjoyed the short visit with Veronica. Running a quick errand with her and Emma hadn't taken more than an hour, and I rolled into my driveway not noticeably later than I do on some days.

I should point out now that I have a job where the normal work hours are Monday through Friday. I would say it is a standard 9 to 5, but people really don't punch a time clock. The military guys have some standard days they meet up for PT in the morning, but for the most part, people are on the honor system to do their forty hours. For many of us, forty hours is a short week. I routinely work ten hour days, rarely go to lunch unless it is part of an official function, and it is not uncommon for me to be the first one in my section in in the morning, and the last one out in the evening.

More than a few people over the years have asked me why I work so much, but the truth is, I do enjoy my job, and I feel like as long as there is work needing to be done, I should do it. And let's be honest, I've also had my fair share of goof-off time during the work day. I'm not some shining example of productivity, though anytime you can get your work done and have fun with your co-workers, I'd say it is a positive thing.

My wife is one of the people who insists that I put in too many hours. She has a policy where she will wait until 6 PM before she eats alone. I'm usually at the house by 5:30, quarter of six, but sometimes I surprise her by getting home by 4. The point of all this is, I realized that I could, if I wanted, put in an eight-hour day, and stop by to visit Veronica on my way home, and not really create a noticeable stir. The fact that I was even gaming all this out was a little shocking to me. What was I thinking of, a secret friendship with a married girl and her little baby? Why is this something I would hide? There was nothing illicit about it. I mean, outwardly anyway.

That evening, my wife was out watering some plants outside and I pulled the checkbook from her purse and marked $15 into the register and wrote "Lunch". Later, I lied and said I had to meet a co-worker for lunch but I had already annotated it in the checkbook.

I guess another point I should reveal about myself and my relationship with my wife is that, for as long as we have been married, she has handled all the bills. I make the money and she spends it is one of her favorite things to say. When we were younger and expenses were a lot tighter (like having $4.00 in the account until payday - a week from now), she had a very tight fist on the account. I've always been one of those, "but there were checks left, I can't be out of money" type of guys. I'm not irresponsible, but since I haven't had to balance the books, I've just bought what I needed and then confessed my sins when I got home. Now days, $15 for lunch (or helping out a lady in need) isn't going to break the bank. But, if I ever thought about having an affair, something like paying for a hotel room would be a huge flag and pretty much, an easy way for me to get busted.

On the Monday following our grocery trip, I had decided that I wanted to call Veronica and just check in on her and Emma. I had written her number down in my office, and like some sort of ESP, she called me. "Hi, this is Veronica - I hope I'm not bothering you."

I was almost speechless. "No, in fact I was honestly getting ready to call you and see how you were. How are you, is everything okay?"

I hate talking on the phone, but for the next 20 minutes we chatted about her and Jonah and Emma, she told me that when she met Jonah, he was still Active Duty Air Force and had just returned from a deployment. He had already made the decision to get out and go to school full time and not long after they met, she was pregnant. She was working at the time, but when she had the baby, it didn't make sense for her to work if they would have to pay so much in childcare, and between the two of them, they could share her car. Jonah had sold his old clunker before he deployed, and just never got around to buying a new one when he returned from his deployment.

I asked how it was he met her if he didn't have a car. Veronica waited a little bit then said, "I'll tell you the whole story the next time we see each other."

I said, "Hey, would you be open to having coffee with me in the morning? Maybe I could get out of the office for a bit and swing by?"

Veronica said she gets up when Jonah does and makes him breakfast, and he has to leave the house by 7, so I could stop by on my way int work if I wanted. I wondered what Mrs. Kravitz would think of seeing the husband leave and the older guy pull up moments later, but what the hell.

Tuesday morning, I left the house a few minutes early, stopped at the Love's on Fischer Road and I-35 South, grabbed two large coffees and since I had no idea how Veronica took hers, I grabbed an assortment of creamers, sugar packets, sweeteners and the like. It was about five of seven when I pulled into the apartment compound and a young guy in an older Honda Accord smiled at me and gave a friendly Texas nod as he pulled out.

I pulled up in front of Apartment 3A, and grabbed the coffee carrier. Before I could knock, Veronica opened the door and invited me in. "Hey, you just missed Jonah." she said with a smile.

I almost stopped in my tracks when I saw that Veronica was wearing just a t-shirt and panties. Okay, that's an understatement. I nearly lost the entire tray of coffee and sweeteners and creams when I saw the bottom portion of her panties below the t-shirt that was clearly not an extra large! She looked at me like I was nuts.

I said, "I'm sorry, am I too early?"

She motioned for me to put the coffee on the small table, "No, you're fine - I told you I get up with Jonah. Can I make you an egg or some toast?"

Jesus, why am I such a pervert. I thought to myself. "No, thanks. I'm fine. So, you were going to tell me about how you met Jonah."

"Oh, speaking of Jonah," she said, "here is the money I owe you." and she reached for a ten and a five sitting on the table and handed it to me.

I told her it wasn't necessary but she insisted. "We pay our bills. Jonah was just glad you helped us out. It turns out that my card had been cancelled because of some fraud detection thing. Some asshole in Germany was trying to buy plane tickets with my account. Little did they know, I don't have enough money to buy a bus ticket much less plane tickets!" She laughed at herself and said, she should be getting a new ATM card in the mail within a few days.

"So Jonah knows about me?" I asked.

"Of course. I told him about how you saved us that day when Liz left me stranded at the restaurant."

"Oh." I said, "Is Liz the stupid bitch?"

"Yes." Veronica laughed, "The stupid bitch. She really is a good friend. Anyway, she came back to bring me the car seat and apologized over and over again. Jonah was just coming home from his last class when Liz was leaving. So I explained what happened and that was that."

I noticed that the car seat was sitting in the same spot it was by the door, and it all started to be less suspicious than it had been that day Veronica conveniently had it available. I felt like a jerk for thinking it was strange, and I felt like more of a jerk when it was obvious I was staring at Veronica's slightly erect nipples under her t-shirt.

"Can I ask you a personal question?" She asked, taking me out of my stare. "How old are you?"

"How old do I look?" I asked a little defensively.

"I'm going to guess fifty, but to be honest, I'm not a really good guesser of ages."

"Well, you're close." I said. "I'll actually be fifty this year. How old are you?"

"I just turned twenty-four last week. Jonah is twenty-five."

Veronica turned the questioning back to me. "What is married life at fifty like?"

Instead of answering, I quietly asked, "Is it okay that you and I are sitting here, I mean, one of us in panties? I mean, is Jonah good with all this?"

Veronica laughed, though tried to keep it quiet since the baby was asleep in the bedroom. "Are you some sort of prude? I mean, if you are uncomfortable, I'll go put on a flannel nightgown or some sweats. I don't feel threatened by you and certainly, my husband would not be jealous." She paused for a moment and said, "I mean, I don't mean to say you're some creepy old troll, but you are as old as my father."

I smiled, a little embarrassed, and then said, I was sorry. "I'm no prude. I could tell you stories you wouldn't believe but I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't causing any sort of situation by just trying to get to know you and be your friend. You have one weird old-lady neighbor that stares at everyone, then some awkward looking girl in another apartment looking at me the other day. I come in here and, well, I'm not even going to tell you how smoking hot you are, and I'm just worried that Jonah might get the wrong idea. Hey, I'm a hip guy. If he is cool, I'm cool."

Veronica reached out and covered my left hand with hers and patted it a few times. "You really make me laugh. Tell me a story I wouldn't believe. I'm the priestess - you confess."

I took a long sip of my coffee and looked over at the TV in the living room. It was on the CBS morning news, but the sound was muted. The clock on the bottom of the screen showed it was already 7:20.

"Okay, I'll tell you three things and you have to decide which ones are true or not."

She giggled, "Okay, get to confessing!"

"Okay, one. When we were younger, my wife and I were sort of like swingers. Two. I have let a guy put his penis in my mouth - more than once. And three, I don't have any tattoos but I am totally turned on by other people's tattoos." I grabbed my coffee and took another long sip, finishing the cup.

"You are a freak, mister. Okay, I'm going to show you my one tattoo, but you better be a gentleman." With that, Veronica stood up from her chair, moved to me and turned around, lifting the back of her shirt to reveal your standard, college girl tramp-stamp.

"I hope you're looking at my tattoo and not my ass!" she pretended to admonish.

"What tattoo?" I laughed.

Veronica lowered her shirt, spun around and pointed at me with a big grin. "You are a nut!"

"I really have to go to work. I want to do this again sometime, is that okay?"

"Your coffee is always welcome here, my friend."

I got up from the table, cautiously avoiding any glance toward the embarrassing semi-erection in my slacks and we walked to the door. I was suddenly all to aware that Veronica would want to hug me goodbye and I just wanted to avoid being the creepy guy that just took in the view of her ass (and tattoo) and was now too erect to drive!

"You know, I have a pretty good Gaydar, and you don't really put off that vibe to me. Was that one true? Are you gay?" Veronica asked.

"I am certainly not gay," as I looked down at the bulge in my slacks causing Veronica to cover her mouth laughing, "but yes, everything I confessed was true."

She reached up and put her hand on my face. "No hugs for you, Mister Boner." And continued with her giggle as I stepped out the door. "I'll be up tomorrow morning if you need to share your coffee with someone nice."

When I left, I didn't see any sign of Mrs Kravitz or any of the other apartment compound dwellers. I had every intent of returning the next day, but more importantly, I needed to get to work, shut the door to my office and jack myself while the vision of beauty was still fresh in my mind. And I did.

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