tagLoving WivesThe Veronica Story Pt. 08

The Veronica Story Pt. 08


---Part Eight - Breakfast ---

Sandra did not bring up the video of Emma again, and by the time we headed off to bed, I had decided that perhaps Veronica was just being friendly and simply did not realize how the timing of things caused me a near heart attack. But even then, I decided that I needed to try to cool things down. As much as I was turned on by the sexual shenanigans taking place, what I really enjoyed about Veronica was our conversations. I felt like I needed to taper off on the visits. And then morning came.

On the drive into work, I found myself making a stop for coffee and that all but sealed the deal that I would be stopping by to explain how both the unexpected visit and the sending of the video came across as both stalkish and inconsiderate. I needed to make her understand the need to think these things out before just acting on what seems like an innocent thing.

When I pulled into the driveway at the apartment compound, the Honda was there. I looked at the clock on the radio and it was already a little after seven, Jonah should have been gone by then. I was stopped in the driveway contemplating the idea of turning around and leaving but then I noticed the light of the TV on in Veronica's apartment. What sort of jerk would I look like if I chickened out?

I pulled forward and parked next to the Honda, then grabbed the coffees and walked to the door. Jonah opened the door, standing there in gym shorts and a muscle shirt. I started to mumble, "I, uh, good morning, is Veronica..."

Jonah interrupted me, "Come on in, James." putting me out of my misery and embarrassment.

Veronica was standing in the kitchen frying some eggs and looked at me with a cheery smile and asked how I like mine. This entire scene was just so unbelievably unnatural. I'm greeted by the husband who watched a video of me eating his wife just 24 hours earlier, and she is standing there in her panties asking me how I would like my eggs. It was like I was on another planet.

"Over easy, if you don't mind." I quietly responded.

Jonah offered me a seat, my usual place at the table, and said, "I have the day off today and I don't have a class until two-thirty."

"Wow, I'm surprised you guys don't sleep in when you can."

"Well, Veronica wanted to be up in case you came by this morning, so, here we are." Jonah said as he looked over at Veronica bringing plates to the table.

"Jonah, are you cool with all this, I mean, yesterday, the, well, you know." I tried to make sense.

"Seriously, man, we're good." He began to eat his eggs.

Veronica did not have the slightest bit of embarrassment at all about our little encounter. "Last night, Jonah made me describe how good you were at going down on me. I swear, he watched that video ten times if he watched it once." She lifted her fried egg onto a piece of toast, then took a bite, looking up at Jonah with love in her eyes.

There was a video taken one night in the mid 1990's. Our kids were spending the night with cousins and we had invited a buddy over. Somehow, the stars aligned and we were playing a game where, Sandra sat topless on the couch, blindfolded and my buddy and I took turns fondling and kissing and licking her nipples. She had to guess who was who. I had pulled out our huge VHS video camera and was recording the game, handing our buddy the camera when it was my turn at my wife's still very firm and perky tits. Eventually, the game changed rules, and I have video of my buddy going down on my wife. She grabbed the back of his head and the idea that he would stop to let me have a turn was soon forgotten. After several minutes, my focus is less on the back of my friend's head expertly moving to the rhythm of Sandra's gyrations, and more to the look on her face. Her incredible tits are bouncing only slightly with the movement of her lower body. The blindfold, no longer effective at concealing the identity of her lover is only barely hanging on covering one eye. Sandra looks up at me and mouths, "I love you," before cumming all over my friend's face.

"Pass the salt, please." Veronica interrupts my thought.

"Jonah, what do you have going on today?" I asked, handing the salt shaker to Veronica.

"We have to do some grocery shopping and I need to get a haircut, but other than that, nothing until my class at two-thirty. Why, what do you have going besides work?" He responded.

"I think you and I need some time alone without all the women-folk. How 'bout I pick you up in an hour or so, we can get haircuts and we'll worry about groceries later."

Jonah looked at Veronica and she gave him a shrugged shoulders response. She then looked at me and sarcastically asked, "Why don't you ever take me out on a fun date?"

I quickly responded, "I'm going to take you and Emma on a fun date to the HEB later this afternoon. How's that?"

We all finished our breakfast, Jonah and Veronica shared one of the coffees, and before long, Jonah was clearing the table, placing the dishes in the sink. I liked that he didn't see this as a strictly wife duty. Veronica and I walked to the door and I opened it. It still cracked me up that she had no issue at all with standing in her doorway or on her porch for that matter in her panties. As Jonah washed the plates, Veronica asked, "What do you plan on doing with my husband, and what about work?"

"I want to get to know Jonah, and B, you let me worry about work. And 3, do you realize you nearly gave me a heart attack when you sent the video to Sandra?"

Veronica looked up at me puzzled, "Why would that give you a heart attack?"

She genuinely had no concept of a jealous or suspicious wife. "Don't you think that, if you and I made a sex-video yesterday, then you send my wife a video, I might somehow think that you were sending my wife the video of me eating your delicious pussy?" I couldn't even be mad now, given that Veronica clearly had meant nothing with the timing.

"James, I'd never do anything to hurt you or you wonderful wife." she said. Jonah walked up behind her as we said our goodbyes.

"I gotta run, but I'll be back in an hour or so." I said, starting to turn away.

Veronica grabbed me by the arm and when I turned back to her, she lifted her shirt and flashed her tits at me for just a second. Jonah laughed. She then reached up and pulled on my neck to bring me down to her level, and with Jonah watching, kissed me on the lips. "I'm about to get a good fucking." she laughed, and shut the door.

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by Anonymous10/14/17


cuck shit.

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by patillie10/13/17

Enjoying enough to see where going

although the cum slurping tendencies of the two males is distasteful. Pretty good description though of cuck's and their homo erotic tendencies, and how their lustful desires push them to take ever greatermore...

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by Anonymous10/13/17

Chapters too short and insubstantial. The trickle is annoying.

We are on chapter 8, and I still cannot tell what the plot is. And the little stink bomb about giving his wife to another man to have oral sex was dropped out of nowhere, with no context and no followup.more...

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by Anonymous10/13/17

re: anonymous- HOT

By any chance are you related to that whore Bonnie (anonymous-5). You both deserve each other. If there ever was morons/idiots commenting, it's you two.

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by Anonymous10/13/17

5! HEY ANNONY you turd face monkey

your comment is the most dumb one YTD. YOU have the ability to write shit about any story and we all know if you hate it the story must be good. Your dead wife should have left you and fucked everyonemore...

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