tagGroup SexThe Vibrating Panties

The Vibrating Panties


We had been out at the Rodeo, our favorite local night spot. All night long I'd had you wearing "the panties". The ones with the tiny vibrator on the crotch and the remote control in my hand. I had teased you mercilessly all night. Turning it on and off, and from low to high randomly, whenever I though you were getting complacent...

Now we're riding in the car. You're still wearing the panties but not much else, and you can't sit still. Your eyes are closed, your head is thrown back, and you are making the best sounds. I blindfold you. You ask where we're going but all I say is, "Wait."

I keep using the remote, constantly keeping you on the edge, but never quite letting you cum. After a short ride, the car stops. I take your hand and lead you out. The air is cold on your exposed body, but you don't care. It feels great. You wonder where we are and if anyone can see your nearly naked body. You hear a door open and then we're inside. But you don't know where. I pull the last bit of clothing from your body. (Except for the panties), and push you to your knees. You feel my hard, hot, cock brush your face. You reach out for it and pull it to your mouth. You feel me breath in sharply as you take it into your mouth. The more you please me, the higher I turn the remote. I am ready to cum. I don't want the feeling to stop, but I pull my wet cock from your mouth, watching a thin line of moisture connecting my cockhead to your beautiful lips. I throw you roughly to the bed. You're still wearing the blindfold and your excitement continues to build.

I finally remove the panties. You make a soft cry of disappointment, but it changes suddenly to pleasure as I push an enormous vibrating toy into your already wet and puffy opening. I make no other contact with you. Just the pushing of the fake cock in and out of your pussy. Suddenly, you feel my hand at your throat, squeezing hard, almost too hard. Choking. You feel my teeth at your nipple. Biting. Pulling. I grab you hand and place it on my cock. Its still wet from your mouth. Its wet and hard. Harder than you've ever felt it before. You stroke it, causing a moan to escape from me. I push harder at the latex prick stuffed within you. Bringing you the pleasure you're giving me.

I place in your other hand a "bullet", humming and vibrating. You touch it to your clit and whimper as the tingling travels through your body. I roll you to your knees, never missing a stroke with toy in your pussy. The double action is intense. You can't imagine there is anything more intense than what you are feeling now. That is until another toy begins probing at the opening of your ass. Your face buried in a pillow, you let out a scream. Its pure pleasure and encouragement. You whimper, "Yes. Baby, yes! Please..."

At your pleading, I slowly push the shiny vibrator into your puckered asshole. You are on the edge of an orgasm and begin begging to be pushed over it. Your stroking of my cock becomes desperate. You hope that by pushing for my orgasm your own will be released. You are there. The pleasure can not get any more intense without release. I know this. And just as your pleasure becomes uncontrollable, I stop. You cry out in frustration, and anticipation. Your breath comes in heaving half sobs. All you can mutter is, "Please. Oh... Please... baby!? Will you...? I need you to..." You are on your knees, your thighs trembling, your rib cage heaving with pleasure. When you catch your breath you lift your head from the pillow, and with the blindfold still in place turn your head toward me and plead, "Baby, don't tease. Don't play. Just please... I need you. I need you in my ass. baby, please fuck me. Please fuck my ass." I can see now that you want this. Need this. Almost as much as I do. I've waited so long. Been so very patient. But now I will have you. I take the toy from your ass, and you pull me around by my cock till I'm in position behind you. You rub my cock at the opening until finally the head begins pushing in. You take in a sharp breath. I'm afraid I have hurt you and try to pull back. You cry out, "No! God don't stop. Please Baby, don't stop. Fuck me. It feels so good."

I am in you now. Fully and completely, the entire length and girth of my cock buried in your ass. With the rubber dick still in your pussy and your hand still holding the bullet to your clit, I begin slowly to pump my raging hardon into and out of your warm, tight, unbelievable ass. You continue to encourage me. Telling how good it feels and how you want it. "Oh, baby! Deeper. Deeper and harder. Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Don't stop. EVER! I... I'm, I'm going to CUM!! Oh... GOD! BABY!!" And just as I reach my peak and begin cumming violently inside you; deep in the middle of the most unbelievable orgasm ever, it hits you too. You tremble and shake. Fighting to catch your breath, you ride the waves of incredible pleasure hoping they won't ever end.

As we both return to reality, we collapse together breathing in tandem and sharing the dying orgasm. I pull off the blind fold and through still half closed eyes, you see Kelly, your best friend and confidante, holding a video camera. She's flushed and breathing heavily with one hand in her panties, her fingers moving slowly in and out. Kelly says, "WOW! Let's watch the instant replay!" She places the tape into the VCR on the hotel room dresser. Then flopping down on the bed between us, she gives us each a quick tongue kiss and presses play on the remote.

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