tagLesbian SexThe Vicar Ch. 02

The Vicar Ch. 02


This is chapter two in The Vicar Series. You'll need to read chapter one to appreciate this one but for those who just want to read on, Janine, the vicar in an English village has fallen for Katie, a human rights lawyer but finding time and privacy in the village is a becoming a little hard.

Come let us drink our fill of love until morning; let us delight ourselves with caresses.

Proverbs 7:18

Everyone has secrets, ranging from outright embarrassing down to quirky fantasies. The outer manifestation of one of Janine's secrets was sitting on the couch with her legs curled up under her. Katie was her lover and their affair was conducted under a strict code of secrecy that Katie found restrictive that first week but as the third week came around she candidly admitted that it was actually becoming a bit of a turn on.

"I feel like a Cold War spy," she slipped her arms around Janine's waist.

Janine pushed into her, relishing the feel of another body against her as Katie nuzzled her neck and slipped a gift wrapped package into her hand.

"Happy anniversary," she whispered.

"A three week anniversary?" Janine explored the package, "what brought this on, apart from the aforementioned?"

"Impulse," Katie released her, "but if you want I can wait for an actual anniversary."

"Katie, no," she slapped her hand and turned around, "thank you."

"You're welcome," she kissed her gently on the lips, "more tea, vicar?"

"Maybe a wine," she looked down at the package, "I can open it now?"

"Now would be a good time," she replied, "seeing as I'm here for a few hours."

Janine unwrapped the package while Katie attended to the wine. It turned out to be a box set of The Bourne trilogy. She smiled and adjusted her glasses.

"One of my guilty indulgences," she turned the set over, "I had the trilogy a few years ago but then I loaned it to one of my parishioners and he lent it to his son, who took it to Cyprus for a stag weekend and left it in his hotel room."

"Did you forgive him?"

"I buried him," their eyes met, "literally. The son actually offered to give me the money for the DVDs but I didn't have the heart to take it, seeing as his father was lying in a hole in the ground," she smiled wryly.

"He was actually quite embarrassed by the thing, especially when he dropped the bombshell at the wake thinking his father had actually told me," she took the wineglass from Katie.

"He said, sorry about losing your Bourne box set and I just stared at him blankly and asked how he knew I'd lost it," she sipped her wine.

"Poor George had one of those awkward English moments," she smiled.

"Ah, now that I can picture," Katie ran a hand through her hair, "do you feel like watching one movie now?"

"Yes, please," she leaned forward and kissed her tentatively. It was something she was starting to get used to, she looked forward to these stolen moments of intimacy. Life as the village vicar allowed very few privacies.

By the time they put the second disc in, their positions had changed somewhat. They were no longer sitting apart. Katie was propped against the arm of the couch with her legs spread along it. Janine was lying on her side and between her legs with her head resting on her breast. Her video nights aroused no suspicions and after the movie came the inevitable sex, although tonight it looked as if it might be a quickie.

As the credits rolled at the end of the second movie she sighed and slowly sat up, Katie also shifted and straightened up.

"You fancy the third movie or something a little more exotic?"

She smiled as Katie slipped her hand beneath the jumper to scratch her back through the striped blouse and Katie leaned in closer and brought her other hand around to the front to playfully undo one of her buttons. Janine shivered as Katie tickled her belly.

"Well if we watched the third movie tomorrow night that would mean sex two nights in a row."

"Your ultimate fantasy?" Katie undid another button and Janine closed her eyes and moaned.

"That's one of them," she pulled her jumper off and turning around, kissed her passionately on the mouth.

"What's your ultimate fantasy?" Katie asked as they finally parted.

"To be like Jason Bourne," she chuckled.

"You want to be an assassin?" Katie continued undoing Janine's blouse, "you are a woman of extremes, by day she was the village vicar but at night she became a government assassin," she parted the blouse and stroked her front.

"Maybe, but without the killing part," she looked down at her bra.

Katie burst out laughing at that.

"I love it," she finally managed, "an assassin who doesn't kill people."

She kissed her tenderly and then pulled her own jumper off and tossed it onto a nearby chair.

"Let's fuck."

"Oh that does it," Janine pulled the tee shirt out of her waistband, "you just said a very naughty word," she leaned down and kissed her belly, "and that's going to cost you big time."

It was a relatively quick disrobing that started in the lounge and ended in the bedroom where Katie threw her on the bed and showered her body with kisses that became more insistent and sensuous with every passing minute. This night however it took on a slightly different tone as Janine became aroused much more swiftly and began to take charge, rolling her onto her back and trapping her. Katie's vain attempts to turn the tables only excited her more as she rubbed her labia against Katie's and ravaged her throat with kisses. Eventually she moved further down and buried her face between her legs and brought her to orgasm with an ease that left both women momentarily stunned.

"That was something else," Katie eventually caught her breath.

"Your ultimate fantasy?"

"Kind of, like being powerless in a good way."

"How can being powerless be good? It sounds like a tautology."

"Being controlled by someone you love," she stroked her buttocks gently, "you know nothing but good is going to come out of it but losing control to someone like you is a turn on."

It was a subject they explored at some length laughing over imagined scenarios until finally Janine sat up and stretched.

"Well, my love, I need to get dressed and go back home," she put her glasses on and located her knickers, "it's been a grand night, we started with Jason Bourne and wound up discussing Christian Grey."

She eased off the bed and put on her knickers.

"I'm not into bondage."

"So you won't be blindfolding me," Janine looked around and spotted her bra.

"Well, blindfolds maybe," Katie sat up and inched forward as Janine picked up the bra, "but no whips, I've seen the results of whipping far too often."

"Well that goes without saying," Janine sat on the bed and started putting on the bra.

"I was thinking," Katie fastened the bra for her.

"I thought I could smell something burning," she smiled, "what were you thinking?"

"I have to go to London the day after tomorrow for three days."

"Uh huh?"

"Can you get time off in four days?"

"That's a Friday," she closed her eyes, "Friday I have to meet the choirmaster to go through the selections for the Sunday service."

"Hmm," Katie murmured.

"But I could do that Thursday and just take the day off, why?"

"I was thinking that we could watch the last Bourne movie," she moved further forward and draped her arms around her, "in London."

"At your place?"

"It would give us Friday night and all day Saturday. I'll drive you home on Saturday night."

"You know the way to a woman's heart," Janine leaned back into her, "all right, it's a deal."

The next few days she was kept fairly busy after Katie left for London but on Thursday afternoon as she was just finishing up the Sunday schedule with the choirmaster she got a phone call from Katie and excusing herself, she retired to the kitchen to take the call.

"Hiya, how are you?"

"I'm fine, I'm with Frank now, how are you?"

"I'm good, I um need you to do me a favour, it's important."

"Sure, just name it," she slid her finger behind the dog collar.

"Go to my house, the front key is under a pot plant at the back. Call me once you get inside."

"Like now?"

"Whenever, look I have to get going, love you."

"Likewise," she murmured and hung up.

Some fifteen minutes later she retrieved the key after lifting six pot plants and called Katie back, she answered with a breezy.

"Wow that was quick."

"I aim to please."

"All right, go to my DVD cabinet and find Dances With Wolves but stay on the line."

She found Dances With Wolves a few minutes later.

"Got it."

"Open it up and take out the little booklet."

"Okay, there's a piece of paper with numbers on it."

"Memorise the numbers and go to the safe in my bedroom, it's inside the wardrobe, there's a small laundry basket in front of it."

"All right," she murmured a minute or so later, "I'm here and tapping the code. This is all very mysterious, I feel like Jason Bourne, or should that be sister of Jason Bourne?"

She opened the safe and peered inside.

"There's a box in there and a key."

"That's what I want, take them out and close the safe."

A minute or so later she perched on the edge of the bed, "so, what's in the box or aren't I supposed to know?"

"Open the box, there's something in there that you'll need."

Janine opened the box and frowned as she took out a smartphone, headphones and microphone.

"Why would I need two phones?"

"It's a burn phone," she replied, "take it home and charge it overnight. You're to be at Milton Keynes Central by eight o'clock tomorrow."

"What's going on?"

"Nothing sinister," Katie chuckled, "I'm fulfilling one of your fantasies. You want to be like Jason Bourne, now's your big chance."

"This won't involve running from the police or shooting anyone?"

"Absolutely not, although one of the contacts is a detective but she's a lovely lady, so, are you up for this little adventure?"

"Absolutely," she straightened up, "I'm up for anything."

"All right, check in at the hair salon on the way back and get your hair done."

"Even Jason Bourne couldn't manage that on such short notice," she smiled.

"No, but I can, the appointment was booked three days ago."

"Oh shit," she winced, "you have been busy."

By the time Janine left the salon an hour later she already felt different and it was not just the cut and blow dry that had done it. She had a burn phone in her handbag and she would have to get to Milton Keynes for eight. It would require an early rise and that night she packed an overnight bag and was just settling into bed when she remembered to charge the phone and leapt out of bed to plug the phone in and turn it on, she was halfway out the room when it beeped with a new message and she tapped the button and opened the message.

K: Thanks for turning me on. When you get to the station, go straight to the Pumpkin café and order a coffee in a disposable cup. Call me when you're at the café.

J: Okay, good night, sweet dreams.

Milton Keynes Central Station is a major transport hub in the south, she'd been here hundreds of times in the past but this morning it felt different as she called Katie.

"I'm here with a coffee? What now?"

"Okay, look outside. There's a woman in a grey pinstripe shirt drinking coffee, she'll be reading a paper."

"I see her," Janine located her.

"Sit down at the table and ask if she has time to talk about Jesus."

"I can't ask her that."

"Trust me, she'll say she has no time for anything and she'll leave, stay on the line though."

The woman looked up and Janine gathered her strength as she sat down and smiled bravely.

"Do you have time to talk about Jesus?"

"I have no time for anything," the woman nodded at the chair beside her, "enjoy the trip," she got up and gathering her things, walked away.

"Okay, now what?"

"There's a package on one of the seats, lift it up."

Janine lifted a package that felt as if it had a garment inside.

"There's a ticket under it."

"It's your ticket. Put the package in your bag and follow her. Get on the same carriage but stay at the other end and keep her in sight but don't make it obvious."

She found the woman easily enough and while she noticed Janine she didn't acknowledge her. Janine followed her onto the carriage but managed to find a seat halfway down. It wasn't hard to keep her in sight because when a pregnant woman couldn't find a seat the woman got up and offered her seat, she moved down to one of the doors and stayed standing all the way to Euston Central.

"Okay, we're at Euston," Janine clutched her overnight bag in one hand and held onto her handbag as she shuffled down the aisle to the door.

"Can you see her?"

"Yes, no, oh yes, I can now."

"Follow her, she's going to the lockers but don't let her know you're following her."

An easy enough task she thought as she stepped down onto the platform and was swept up in the crowd, the woman glanced over her shoulder once as she made her way to the lockers. Janine followed at a discreet distance, trying to look and sound normal as she chatted to Katie.

"Okay, she's at the locker, she's opening the locker."

"Move forward as close as you can. She'll take something out and leave the key in the locker. You need to get that locker after her. Pretend you're in a hurry."

Janine moved forward slowly and then quicker as the woman suddenly turned around. Their eyes met and after a moment's hesitation she lurched forward just as the woman stepped away.

"You made it," she murmured, "have a nice day."

"I'm here," she told Katie, "what now?"

"Take the package she left you at Euston and put that into the empty carry bag she left there."

There were several items in the locker. The aforementioned carry bag, a small package that felt like a garment, an envelope and a key. She did as requested and slipped the keys into her handbag.

"All right, what now?"

"The instructions are in the letter, call me when you get there."

"Where are you by the way? It's very noisy where you are."

"I'm in a café, you've got twenty five minutes to get there, call me when you do."

She hung up and Janine opened the letter.

Hiya Sweet One,

Take the next train to Kings Cross, use the Oyster Card in the envelope. Come out of the station, turn left and go down to the next street and take a right. You're looking for the British Library. Go in and ask for the locker room. The key is for one of the lockers. Empty the locker and put your overnight bag in it but keep the carry bag and your handbag. Call me when you've done it.

Love, Me. xxx.

P.S. Don't forget to keep the key for the library locker.

Some ten minutes later she arrived at Kings Cross and after getting her bearings, set off down Euston Road to the British Library, which seemed somewhat confusing at first, the jumbled brown buildings had no logical order. Eventually however, she found herself inside and not long after located the locker. It was only for library patrons and she felt a little naughty taking out the package. Her own bag actually sat quite nicely in there and she called Katie again.

"Congratulations. Go back to Kings Cross and get on the Hammersmith line to Stepney Green, call me when you're outside the station."

"I'm dying to know what's in the packages."

"I'll bet you are and Eve was dying to know what would happen when she took the apple."

"Point taken," she sighed, "although technically speaking that story is fictional and we don't even think it was an apple."

"I look forward to hearing more about the apple, talk to you soon."

Stepney Green is in the East End and she felt a little edgy as she stepped out onto Mile End Road and called Katie again. The call went unanswered and she frowned. She was just about to try again when it rang and she answered in a heartbeat.

"Sorry, call of nature. I can't wipe my arse and answer the phone at the same time. Turn right and go to the solicitor's office on the corner. You're there to collect a package for Kate Goldsmith, your name is Marie, you're her assistant. Fake a signature because you'll have to sign for it."

"Okay, do you want me to stay on the line?"

"No need, get back to the station, get on the District line and go to Westminster."

She found the solicitor's office easily enough and put on her vicar's smile for the receptionist.

"I'm Marie, I'm here to pick up a package for Kate Goldsmith?"

"Kate Goldsmith," the woman studied her, "you're not her usual assistant."

"No, I'm new."

"Take a seat," she indicated a row of seats, "I'll get the package."

She sat between two Asian men as the woman left the room, returning some three minutes later with a shoebox-shaped object in brown paper.

"You'll need to sign," she handed her a piece of paper, "I really should ask for I.D but it's been a hectic day."

"Thanks," she scribbled, Marie on the paper and put the box into the carry bag, "have a nice day."

"You too," she returned the smile, "tell Kate she owes me a drink."

"I will," she farewelled her and made her way back to the station to catch the tube westwards to Westminster and when she got out she called Katie again.

"What did she tell you?" Katie wanted to know.

"She said you owe her a drink."

"She's such a flirt," Katie chuckled, "all right, get to Westminster Abbey and do a bit of sightseeing, I'll send you a text when your contact arrives."

Janine had been here on a couple of occasions for special events but today she felt like an intruder as she wandered the lofty interior, pausing by the tombs of long dead kings and queens and some twenty minutes later she got the text.

K: Go to the tomb of Queen Elizabeth.

J: Okay, I'm here now.

K: There's a woman wearing a white dress, ask if she's got the time. She'll give you an envelope. Open the envelope outside and follow the instructions exactly.

Janine approached a slightly built Hispanic woman in a white dress.

"Excuse me, have you got the time?"

"It's time to leave," the woman handed her an envelope and with that she turned and walked away leaving Janine somewhat bemused.

The letter instructed her to go to Baker Street and there was a street map and an address. She was to buzz the flat number and collect the package from a woman named Vera.

On her way to Baker Street she went through the contents of the bag, she had collected three items, one of which had to be a pair of shoes. She felt the other packages, they had to be clothes but they were too small to be outer garments, underwear perhaps?

Vera was tall, blonde and very attractive. Janine was momentarily taken aback when she opened the door, she was wearing a police shirt and was obviously in the process of either getting ready for work. Her eyes flickered to the insignia on her shirt as she made the connection. This woman was an Inspector, hadn't Katie said one of her contacts was a police officer?

"Can I help you?"

"I'm Marie."

"Marie," the woman looked blankly at her.

"I'm one of Katie's friends, I was here to collect a package?"

"Wait here," the woman closed the door and Janine felt a twinge of anxiety until the woman opened the door and handed her a package.

"I'm Vera and apparently you have to get back on the tube to Finchley Road and go to Specsavers, I'd take you myself but I have to in the other direction."

"Okay," Janine popped the package in the bag, "whereabouts is Specsavers?"

"Come out of the station and turn right down Finchley Road and it's just past Waitrose. You're to ask for Steffi and she'll give you something else for Kate. You're to call her when you're back at the station."

"Okay," she put the bulky package into the bag, "this is all very mysterious."

"Surprises usually are," Vera folded her arms, "you've got half an hour before she finishes work."

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