tagLesbian SexThe Vicar's Wife Ch. 08

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 08


We had a wonderful week-end in London. You wouldn't expect anything else of course. When Peter had agreed that Susanna could visit London for a week-end with me, we were both over the moon. My husband, George, had suggested we use the flat since my step-son, Henry and his wife Bessie would themselves be away in the country with their daughter, and George would be away on some Stately Home business or other.

So, as a treat for Susanna's birthday, which had been the week previous, it was all agreed that we should do it! I had bought her an expensive handbag already, but this was to be a really special treat. Fly to Heathrow on Friday and get back on Sunday in time to celebrate my own birthday! All forty-seven of them! I'm five years older than Susanna. George is aware that Susanna and I are lovers! He is quite relaxed about it providing wer are discretion itself. But Sue and I doubt if Peter knows. Had he known, he may not have been so keen to allow us time together.

I'd better say how is was that Susanna and I got together in the first place, though I have written about it elsewhere. Her husband is the fairly new vicar and, apart from church service, I met them first to chat to properly when we sat at the same table at an official charity lunch a couple of months ago. There was something about her I found most attractive. She didn't smile easily, giving the impression of being a serious, sober person.

We found ourselves looking at each other and smiling. I thought there was probably some dark secret in her head. But that's just my natural inclination to imagine these things about people. Besides, a vicar's wife should look attentive and earnest, I suppose. But as we left I took her hand in an intimate way - not just an ordinary hand-shake - and kissed her on the cheek which I hoped had signaled my interest in her.

'We must see each other again, soon,' I suggested.

'Yes!' was all she said, giving me a looking of mild curiosity.

After the service the following Sunday, I singled her out for a short chat... you're looking well ... good turn out ... that's a nice coat you're wearing ... you know the sort of pleasantries... cold weather ... need winter wooly underwear to keep the cold from your private jewel-box in this weather! That was me talking.

She actually laughed. I didn't remember having heard her laugh before. See her face light up in such a radiant way. 'I'll bet you have some more attractive lacy things at home, Sarah.'

'Well, ' I said, 'as a matter of fact I do. And you too?'

She just smiled at me darkly. But I was encouraged by this warm smile.

'Look, it's high time we two had a chat. You've been here quite some time now and we've never got together. Well, apart rom the lunch, but I don't count that. It was too official.'

'I know Sarah. I don't know where the time goes.'

'Why not come up to the house for coffee one morning and we have a longer talk about things.'

'Why not?' She smiled again, but I couldn't interpret what it meant.

'I might even show you my frillies, if you're interested,' I added with a laugh. 'Not too practical for this weather, though!'

'Thanks! That sounds fascinating. I will.' Then she said after a slight hesitation, 'As a matter of fact I've been going to invite you to the vicarage for a coffee and chat for some weeks now - but couldn't think of a good enough excuse.'

So we both laughed and promised to get in touch on the phone when she had checked her diary - and I could make sure George would be out of the way. I sensed that her remark that she couldn't think of a good enough excuse, had a hidden meaning to it, which, if it meant what I thought and hoped it meant, promised a rather interesting morning.

Now, I wondered why I had suddenly taken an interest in Susanna. She's about 5'8" I guess, but wears 'sensible' shoes. If she wore heels she'd be nice and tall and sophisticated. Perhaps that's what she wants to avoid. She has dark hair - though not a total brunette - and wears a beret! Her clothes are usually fairly plain - she had on a three-quarter coat over a navy blue two-piece with a white blouse underneath. Hm! I suspect she wears saintly underwear - St Michael's cotton bra and briefs! I'll look out some lingerie on the internet for her perhaps. Hey, that might be going a bit too far too fast!

Did I see her as a challenge? Maybe. But then, I hadn't had any girl on girl sex for quite some time. Anyway, she came for coffee and events turned out well for both of us. She too is bi-sexual. Gosh - it was so thrilling. I was dead nervous to start with, as you might guess - and so was Susanna I think. But I sat her on the settee as I poured the coffee, and started to chat about Friends Reunited and this girl Janine, how she liked other girls and how we called her slippy knickers ... lots of laughs ... and then it just happened! I caught Susanna looking at me rather intensely, then she suddenly leaned forward to kiss me!

Just a brief kiss, before sitting back and looking at me a bit nervous, wondering if she'd gone too far - so I leaned my face to hers and kissed her fully on the mouth, pushing my tongue at her lips. We both sat there smiling rather coyly at each other. We knew! We didn't speak just then. Susanna put her arm round my shoulder, leaned over me and really kissed me... a French job! She eased me back into the corner of the settee, lying half over me. I felt her fingers unbuttoning my top before slipping into my lace bra to scoop my right boob from the bra cup. Then she lowered her head to take my nipple in her mouth. I was flooding my knickers like crazy!

That was the beginning of it.


One of the Estate men drove us to the airport. We traveled fairly light - well as far as 'light' means to a lady - with just one soft case and hand luggage. I had no intention of spending too much time outside the bedroom! Susanna was carrying the large handbag I bought for her birthday. Knowing Susanna, it would be pretty full with her clobber! She rarely 'dresses up', but looked very smart indeed, though. Dazzling in fact. But them I'm biased.

I hadn't told Sue about my dogging adventure - I'm not sure I want anyone else to know right now. I need to come to terms with it myself in a way. I suppose I ought to tell George sometime as well - I don't suppose he'd mind really, but he'd be worried about the confidentiality of that sort of behavior. Even though it was supposedly anonymous, there's always a risk of someone stumbling onto the truth. Gosh! That would be awful! Neither had I told Susanna about Janet. Well, I'm not sure it wasn't just a one-off affair. Janet hadn't referred to it since. Our business relations were exactly the same as before - well, for her anyway. Or so it seems. But now when I look at her, leaning over her desk, I visualize that extraordinary vulva, framed in copper hair, remembering the cruel way she made love to me.

On the aircraft, as soon as we were airborne, the rather dishy stewardess who had greeted us on board with a lovely smile, started serving coffee and biscuits. We were among the last passengers to be brought our coffee, sitting toward the rear of the cabin. She smiled again at Susanna and me, looking from one to the other with a knowing glint in her eyes, as though she knew we were lovers. Perhaps she guessed. The name on her badge was Eunice. Her eyes strayed down to the top of my dress trying to see into the cleavage. I was sitting in the aisle seat, so I smiled at her, cocking one eyebrow at her by way of a query, whilst quietly unfastening the top button. She colored slightly and moved on to the next row.

'I think the stewardess fancies you, Sarah?'

She laughed. 'You more like. I'm too old.'

'Or perhaps both of us.'

'Well, she'll have the passenger list and sussed out who you are, darling.'

Not long after, the same stewardess returned to us, with her winning smile. No sign of embarrassment now. She had the coffee pot in her hand.

'More coffee ma'am?'

I touched her wrist and gently pressed it, looking into her blue eyes. Her blonde hair was swept back from the sides and caught up at the back. Her regulation hat was perched on top.

'I would if I thought you'd join us, but I know you have lots to get through. Pity! Is there room at the back?' I leaned forward to allow the top of my dress to fall forward, away from my shoulders.

Her laugh told me all I needed to know as her eyes looked down at my cleavage again, this time with more to see, her tongue lingering on her top lip. She was interested in getting a glimpse of the stiff nipple, now engorged with lust. I was feeling pretty horny - and she knew it!

'As you say, ma'am, there's barely time on short haul flights. But the thought is certainly an attractive one.'

Her eyes never left my boobs. 'Well, then, I should tell you, Eunice, that you have succeeded in wetting my knickers for me. Just the thought of your delicate fingers on my skin - to say nothing of my friend's here - is sufficient to make the juices flow.'

'You could change your underwear in the rear galley if you wish - or the toilet. Shall I show you?' She gave a winning smile, with gleaming eyes.

I glanced at Sue, who gave me a sly wink, before gathering up my handbag to follow the stewardess to the rear of the plane. I really can't imagine what came over me. I had never before made a pass at a complete stranger. But now was no time to start analyzing my motives. An attractive tall blonde had agreed to have a short fling with me. And I just couldn't refuse her!

Once in the toilet, I slipped off my knickers before sitting on the seat as the young lady pulled the door closed behind us. Wasting no time, I lifted the hem of her maroon skirt before throwing it over my head and pushing my face into her groin. The smell of her sex through the cotton briefs she was wearing was wonderfully erotic. Sweet and musky in the confines of her skirt. I kissed, sucked and licked at the gusset, wallowing in the breathtaking audacity and lecherousness of what we were doing. Meantime, Eunice had slid her hands down the top of my blouse to encircle each of my breasts ion her greedy palms. The nipples were rock-hard as her fingers caressed them.

Knowing there was so little time, I eagerly dragged the briefs to one side to expose her genitals. Oh, wonderful! Her soft ginger curls were trimmed to a heart-shaped patch above her vulva, leaving the ample labia lips, crushed and wet, fully exposed. They were bunched up as though it seemed to be too much flesh for the aperture. Her clitoris was stiff and engorged already. As I took her labia between my lips, my tongue rolling round her clit, her hands were down the top of my dress grappling with my breasts.

It was all very sudden and almost violent. The stewardess moaned, squealed and whimpered with delight, pushing her groin into my face. By this time, my tongue was lapping up her copious salty juices, with the muscles in her thighs and loins fluttering wildly. They reached a peak of tenseness before a huge, lurching spasm brought her orgasm to the surface. She was gripping my breasts in her fists, breathing hard before we quickly changed places and, ducking her head under my dress, her lips and tongue found my vulva.

My hands found her breasts. The nipples were engorged - hard and long. I rubbed them roughly between finger and thumb In no time at all a wave of uncontrollable passion swept over me, my loins jerking and lunging like crazy as the orgasm hit me. Gosh! That was fucking quick! But I was so worked up at the unexpected event, that I was almost at the peak before my clitoris was tongued! It was all I could do to stifle my cry of elation! Wow!

We stood and kissed with passion. But toilets on aircraft are not renowned for their spaciousness. After a further parting kiss as we groped each other's vulva, before straightening our dresses. I whispered my thanks to her. Eunice slipped out of the toilet to take up her stewardess duties again. I could hardly believe it had happened, things had moved so quickly. After she'd gone, I smiled to myself with satisfaction. Neither of us had said a word. Just uncomplicated sex. Taking a deep breath, I smoothed my clothes down, then followed, soiled knickers in my bag, to join Sue who smiled up at me.

'That didn't take long,' she smiled.

'No, but then Eunice was in a hurry to come and go, so... and so was I for that matter. I've never had a one-night stand before! Well... you know what I mean. A quickie with a stranger. If I lean over and give you a quick kiss, you'll be able to taste her juices on my lips!'

'Are you sure you can afford it?' was the rude response.

'And I'm still dripping wet darling, if you care to feel.'

Sue laughed. 'Fat chance!'

As we left the aircraft, Eunice gave us a lovely sweet smile and said goodbye. We touched hands briefly.

Eager not to waste too much time in the underground, we took a taxi from Heathrow - to hell with the expense! - holding hands all the way, and arrived at Dolphin Square just after lunch. I hoped the caretaker would know me - otherwise there'd be no key to get into the flat. But my pessimism was unfounded. The caretaker was expecting us and even managed our cases to the flat for us. Bessie, bless her - George's daughter-in-law - had left us a large vase of flowers with a note of welcome and a bottle of dry Martini! It's a two-bedroom flat with lounge and kitchen. Very pleasant.

Alone at last, we just threw our arms open, hugged and kissed. Sue was all for a session on the bed there and then! But we held our natural inclinations in check until we'd done a bit of shopping in the arcade, then some unpacking before settling on the settee with a large glass of Martini. Bessie had left a fridge of food, so there was little we needed from the shops. A couple of bottles of Moet et Chandon was essential though! We must celebrate in style.

Returning to the room, we sorted out our clothes. Then I poured us both a large Martini, with a splash of tonic and gin, throwing into each glass a chunk of lemon. Mmm! Delightful. But then... oh boy! Sue leaned over to give me a kiss - we chewed lips and tongued tongues and shared our Martinis. Unable to resist any longer, we put our half-empty glasses on the coffee table for a passionate clinch.

'Darling Sarah,' she muttered in my ear, 'I'm going to play with your body to make you so randy, you'll enter the kingdom of heaven with me and worship the shrine deep in my vulva.'

And she had her hand up my skirt, feeling for the wetness of my pussy.

'There,' I said. 'What do you think?'

'Mm! That stewardess has got your really really horny, darling.' Her fingers were playing exciting tunes in my labia.

I laughed. 'Rubbish! That's for you, Sue. You know you have me dripping in no time.'

I was desperate for her. Taking Sue's face between my hands, I encouraged it to slip under the hem of my skirt to close in on my vulva. The feeling of cool breath on the cotton gusset, already soaking with my juices, increased my anticipation. My body lurched suddenly as Sue pushed the knickers to one side and her tongue flicked the clitoris. The attention she started top pay to my genitals was now swamping my thoughts. My whole body was alive with trembling muscles - my skin tingled. My groin lurched and twitched inside, whilst my muscles tensed and tightened, like a coiled spring.

With trembling thighs, I reached deep to the very pit of my belly for the orgasm. I must admit that I was now panting and writhing with a growing tautness in my muscles, shaking with a craving for relief.. I was straining to reach that wonderful moment when the tension snaps. It was ecstatic agony. I desperately wanted an orgasm, yet wanted the sensation to go on forever. It was bliss. Taking hold of Sue's head, I pressed it hard against the aching vulva, moaning with painful rapture, the waves of lust shuddering all over me. Sue's mouth was driving me crazy, nibbling my labia, licking and lashing, her tongue jabbing in and out of the oozing vagina.

My tight little rosebud didn't escape, either. He feel of the tip of the tongue stimulating the sensitive nerves endings in the rim of the anus is indescribable. Ripples of profuse pleasure impregnating every part of the body. Glorious! After licking carefully around the rim for what seemed to be ages, where the honeyed vaginal juices had seeped, the long stiff tongue sank into it. God! Sue was like a delicate instrument working my body. With thighs wide apart, I pressed Sue's head against my groin with my other hand. Yes! Come on Sue. Work that tongue. Jees! I'm shaking like a leaf. You really do get me going. Oh yes! That lovely thrilling wave of ecstacy washing over me. I'm out of control darling. I'm all yours. Go on! Go on!! Oh shit! I'm coming again... it's crazy... beautiful... oh yes... oh yes... come on... come on... my head is spinning with lust... I want you badly... its coming though... coming... coming... yes... yes!! Oh my god ... my god...!

When Sue unexpectedly pushed her index finger deep into my willing bum, that did it! The orgasm exploded. I jerked violently. My whole body shook and trembled. Huge spasms, one after another, pounded at my loins and thighs. I called out her name with every one. It seemed to go on forever! My loins were clutching at the orgasm, spasm after spasm, lurching wildly as the climax erupted from the very core of my being. I collapsed on the settee.

Then, when I'd recovered, it was my turn to make love to the delectable Susanna. She was still on her knees, her head in my lap. I took her on the floor. Easing her onto her back, after pushing her skirt up to her waist. I peeled off her knickers, then nibbled, nipped and licked every part of her vulva and breasts. Her little puckered rosebud of a bottom, coral colored, got a lot of attention. Licking and probing the rim of the anus is a delightful sensation. So personal and private. Sue loves it. My tongue traced paths up and down her inner thighs, just avoiding her vulva, returning all the time to her rosebud. It fluttered with joy! Sue was writhing and trembling with excitement. Moaning and whining for release. She didn't really want it yet, though. And even if she did, she would have to wait until I was good and ready to relieve her! Much more foreplay was necessary. Much much more tantalizing her sensitive parts - and that gorgeous bum!

It was some twenty minutes later that Susanna finally reached her peak - after several false alarms - when my busy tongue finally brought her over the top. It was an awesome experience.

'Give it me!' she screamed. 'Oh God, Sarah! Give it to me! Now! Oh, fucking hell!' Begging for her orgasm for several minutes before I finally let her have it - pushing my finger up her bottom to trigger the final button. I held it in there while Sue bucked and jolted, yelping and grunting as each spasm racked her loins. My sucking lips and touching tongue managed to hang on to her twisting and squirming vulva and clit until she finally subsided, exhausted.

It's so nice to be relaxed, not wondering if anyone's going to come home - or the doorbell to answer. So relaxing for us. Then we decided the first thing to do was to shower then get dressed again, since it was early evening! We planned to eat at a small restaurant in Pimlico, not far from the Square, which I knew from a few years ago. Very chic - and excellent grub. A large gin and French beforehand - and a bottle of Pouilly Fuissé with the Loch Fyne oysters - with a brandy and coffee after - had us nice and mellow by the time we returned to the flat.

Once inside, away from the world, we slowly undressed each other, item by item, until we were naked, rubbing our nipples together in an passionate clinch. What a heavenly act, removing Sue's clothing, item by item, savoring each part of her body as it became revealed. And she mine. Our hands explored each part, lips kissed nipples, examined minutely the areola with it's little pimples and hard brown nipple. Touching, tasting, caressing during the undressing, as though for the very first time. Reveling in the sheer thrill of feeling her skin. The contours if her body. Those delicious breasts. Those superb hips. That furry patch above her center-piece. My nose rubbed against her clitoral hood, sinking into the valley below - slippery and fragrant by this time.

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