The Vicar's Wife Ch. 10


George could hear her talking to it in his mind. He started to work the shaft between fingers and thumb. Closing his eyes to revive the sight of the woman in the car - mmm! - her moans and cries of lust reverberated in his head. Fuck me! Fuck me! In her classy voice. He wrapped the soiled knickers round the shaft, starting to masturbate slowly and seriously. It was necessary to restrain the urges in his loins for as long as possible, in order to get the most personal enjoyment from the act. But eventually, his breathing became more labored. Muscles in his legs began to tighten. His thighs flexed.

Concentrating his mind on the sensation, George felt the eruption start deep in his groin. Then, with an uncontrollable grunt , his loins lurched violently off the bed, he opened his eyes to watch the cock erupt, showering its precious white contents in several slicks over his chest and belly, each spasm a little less powerful than the previous one, though the first and third were the heaviest. Finally, his softening cock settled into the pubic curls as he watched the sperm slowly begin to trickle over his body.

He wondered who the couple in the car could be. A top of the range BMW meant they were a well-heeled couple. Probably professional. He continued to speculate as he went into the en-suite bathroom to wipe away the evidence of his lust, dropping the soiled knickers into the bin. Perhaps he might repeat the event the next night. Hah! That was a thought. He was pretty sure that Sarah and Susanna would be making love together, so why not?

George was fully aware of his wife's attraction to Sue. He didn't mind in the least, providing they were discreet. And he knew he could trust Sarah to be that! It was preferable to her having sex with other men. That would be rather below the belt. And it would detract her mind from his own indiscretions. With Janet, for example.

Drifting into sleep, the vision of the buttocks of the woman in the car still teased his thoughts, mingled with speculating about Janet making love to Sarah. Mm, that would be something to turn him on. To fuck them both. If only! That would be a dream scenario! Lsiding his cock into Janet whilst Sarah watched at close quarters. Then he drifted to sleep.


On that same day, Beatrice was speculating on having reached her fortieth birthday. It was unbelievable. It seemed only yesterday that a quite different Beatrice was leaving school. Her mother had frequently claimed that people change as they grow older. Several times in fact. It was like Shakespeare's seven ages of man speech, Beatrice thought. Well, she had certainly changed over the years. And she felt ready for another change. Beatrice and John had been married for eighteen years. Although John was now a high earning solicitor, able to provide Beatrice with most of her needs, there was one thing she wanted that he wasn't able to fulfil.

They had a comfortable home, two well-balanced children at Uni, which in itself is a blessing these days, enjoyed wonderful holidays abroad, and led a busy social life. In recent years, though, Beatrice had a growing desire to have an affair. Sex with another man. The realization had appalled her at first, but over the months, it had become a nagging desire, persisting in being a regular reminder to her. Never at any previous time in her marriage had she contemplated cheating on her husband. The whole idea would have been ridiculous.

Now, though, it was not such a silly idea. It was becoming an ambition in life! She found herself looking at her friends' husbands and John's colleagues with growing interest, wondering what sort of lover they would make. Stealing glances at their crotches was becoming a game. She realised that she had changed very much from the morals she held as a young bride. Now, she wanted something different from what she had then. She had never in her life been intimate with any male other than John.

Having met her future husband at church, Beatrice had started going out with him when barely eighteen. She was a shy, reserved young lady. They were both Sunday school teachers. He was her very first date, and they fell in love. They married. Beatrice had been brought up in a God-fearing family, with a younger brother and sister, intent on keeping her virginity for her future husband. That was the rule. That was God's command.

So, at the age of forty, John was the only man she had ever known physically, giving him her most treasured possession on their wedding night. That is what she had always intended, although she had allowed John some liberties with her body in the back row of the cinema, and later in his car, when they were courting. They held hands in the dark cinema on their first date, and managed a kiss on their second.

But it was several dates later, huddled in a double seat on the back row, when they were going together seriously, that she allowed him to fondle her breasts. After becoming engaged to be married, John was eventually allowed to feel the very private place between her thighs, though not without much disquiet on her part. She felt she might lose him of she continued to refuse him liberties with her.

In spite of her reservations, however, Beatrice became excited by the sensations John aroused in her, finding her first little orgasm something of a terrifying experience. She couldn't control it! An inner explosion that was completely unexpected. But she would never let him go the whole way, as they used to call having copulation. She learned how to satisfy John's demands, using his handkerchief to collect the evidence, but both were sexually naive.

Beatrice taught herself to masturbate in bed as a means of relief, after John had got her worked up in the cinema. Even though she always felt enormously guilty afterwards, she found she couldn't resist the deeply rooted desire. Her body insisted on satisfaction. She had sinned, nevertheless! She prayed fervently and wept with self shame every time. But she still did it!

Because John was already training to become a solicitor when he took up with Beatrice, it was four years later that he qualified and was able to provide for her. It was then that they finally married. The first night of their honeymoon was a disappointment for Beatrice. Perhaps she was expecting too much, but John came so quickly that she had to bring herself to an orgasm.

Anyway, things did get better for her, and she became pregnant after a few months, resulting in a happy, contended nine months. Baby Joseph, named after his grandfather of course, proved not to be a difficult birth, and eighteen months later, her daughter Emily was born, named after John's mother of course. John became more and more successful in business, and less demanding in bed, which suited Beatrice fine.

Their lifestyle developed into a more affluent state. By this time, Beatrice had changed from being a shy, reserved young lady into a more confident wife and mother. An elegant, sophisticated wife of a well-respected professional person. Looking at her, the last thing anyone would think possible, was that behind that cool exterior, she dreamed about sex.

Now, though, just having passed her fortieth birthday, Beatrice realised it was time for the proverbial life to begin. She had most things she wanted, but it was now time to take stock, she decided. Her husband was predicable in bed. Their sex life had dwindled over the years, which wasn't unusual she supposed. It wasn't as though she was unattractive, either. At 5'7", with dark blonde hair and a slender figure with quite large (size 38D) bust and shapely bottom, her physical appeal was still sufficient to make most men turn their heads, though all knew she was not available.

She still admired herself in the bathroom mirror, even though her waist had perhaps thickened rather. Well, after giving birth to two children that might be expected, she thought. Recently, however, Beatrice had become aware of a persistent dragging in her groin - an ache which, she found, could only be alleviated by masturbation and orgasms. And so, self gratification became a regular thing for her.

It was the start of the weekend following her fortieth that they decided to have a quiet night in for a change. After a very pleasant dinner with a bottle of one of John's favorite wines, Chateau Neuf Du Pape, they were sitting together on the settee with a large brandy each, watching an episode of Desperate Housewives on television, in a slight alcoholic haze.

'Just look Beatrice,' John asked out of the blue, 'do women really get desperate for sex, like some of these women?'

'Oh, it's only fiction, after all - just risque entertainment. Why? Do you?'

'No-o-o! We've been faithfully married all these years...' He faltered. 'Well, I'm pretty sure we have, though there have been temptations for both of us, I must say.'

'Have you never wanted to take another woman to bed?'

John pursed his lips and paused. 'Well... it's only human, I suppose. We all have our fantasies. What about you? Surely, you don't...' He left the rest if the question unasked.

'As you said, it's only human. But I have remained faithful to you John. The odd grope doesn't count, does it?' Beatrice giggled.

John joined in. 'Providing you don't tell me who the groper was, no it doesn't. In earlier days, we'd pretend we were having sex with another person when we were doing it, if you remember.'

'Gosh, yes! Roger and Delia! I wonder what they're doing these days? It was very wicked of us.'

'We did think about a foursome at one time. But you weren't you serious, Beatrice, were you?'

After thinking about the question for a few moments, she replied 'Yes, I think I was. But we didn't have the guts, did we? It was just extra bit of stimulation during sex. What I'd really like, though, would be to have a stranger. Someone I didn't know, nor would see again. That way, there's be no embarrassment. And it's not really having an affair. Just having casual sex.'

There was a substantial pause, whilst George took in what his wife had just said. 'Good heavens, Bea. Are you serious about that?' John sounded rather incredulous. Was she teasing him, he wondered? He wasn't sure whether or not he felt a pang of jealousy. No, he decided that it was just Bea wanting a bit of wickedness at his expense. Serious or not, though, he was astonished at his wife's revelation.

Bea smiled, watching her husbands discomfort. 'Yes! It's a long way from the shy girl you first seduced, I know, but...'

'And how would you feel about watching me ... er... penetrate another woman... down there?' John thought he would get his own back, throwing his wife off guard with this suggestion.

Beatrice's eyes shone. John with his cock in another woman. She hadn't really considered that. But now that she did... wow! Gosh, what an incredibly exciting experience that would be. The thought of staid old John fucking another woman she found wildly exciting. She was getting rather wet between the thighs just thinking about it.

'Absolutely ecstatic!'

Surprised by his wife's candor, John's pulse quickened. One of his long-held secret fantasies was to see his wife, this paragon of virtue, this sophisticated goddess, being penetrated by another cock, until she squirmed with ecstacy. The thought of Bea overcome with bliss, her face screwed up in painful delight, was intriguing. He decided to test the idea a little further. Perhaps it was the drink!

'Dogging is the answer to your prayers, darling. That's where couples wanting some fun, as they call it, go to a quiet car park or a remote layby, and have sex whilst others watch them. Then, if they feel like it, they allow others to join in the action.'

After discussing the whole thing further, realizing that perhaps each of them was quite serious, they checked out various sites on the laptop, noting the unwritten rules of taking part in such events. They also discovered that the majority of people involved in the pastime seemed to be middle class couples out for a sexual thrill. With thumping hearts, they finally posted an advert on one of them, to see who might be interested. That evening in bed, they had the best sex either could remember for quite a long time, though it was still necessary for Beatrice to finish herself off.

The following evening, which was a Friday, they talked about it again, stimulating their sexual fantasy. John had never really believed that Bea was serious, and there had been no response to their internet message yet. But, at around ten o'clock, they had worked themselves up into a peak of expectation, deciding they couldn't wait to experiment. So, with very slippy knickers indeed, and a welcome erection for John, they chanced it with nothing arranged. Slipping into a light coat, Beatrice and John got into their BMW. It all felt terribly exciting. A journey into the unknown.

They drove to a public park some way out of the town center, which had a car park set back from the main road and which was said on the internet to be a venue for doggers. Although it was dark, there was a pale moon. As they reached the car park, they saw theirs was the only car there. Perhaps they were a little early.

As they parked some way from the main entrance, almost straight away, another car drove in, with what looked like an older man at the wheel. He drove slowly up to John's BMW, shining his head lights straight at them for a few seconds before moving away to park a few yards from them. Beatrice had become very nervous and unsure of what they were doing, so they decided to leave.

Bea realized that she had cold feet. They had come so far, the least she could do, was to agree to try again. Determined to swallow her reservations, she agreed with John's suggestion that they look at another, smaller venue round the back of the local stately home. If either of them found it too embarrassing, they could always return home.

This venue was different. To begin with, it was smaller. Two cars were already there when they arrived. John parked and switched off the engine, but because of their earlier experience, Beatrice was not sure now whether to stay or leave. John persuaded her to stay for a while, at the very least, to watch other couples in their cars having sex. A couple of younger men approached the car over the next few minutes, but they didn't encourage them and the men moved away to the other cars. Beatrice was still unsure.

From their car, they watched another near to them, seeing the woman get in the back of it with one of the chaps, while the male driver remained in the driver's seat. The interior light was switched on, so the couple in the back could be seen to start groping each other. The driver was turned round in his seat watching them, with his cock in his hand. He started wanking it as the man in the back removed the woman's knickers. Another car that was parked a few yards beyond them, had a man standing on the opposite side, leaning in at the window, apparently wanking whilst watching the couple inside caressing and feeling each other.

By this time, Beatrice had relaxed, becoming intrigued by what was happening. If others are quite happy to expose themselves having sex, she thought, why shouldn't I? Besides, no-one knows me. Her growing lust was pulling at her. She felt John raise her blouse, exposing her large boobs before starting to nibble them with his mouth. There was no doubt that she was oozing copiously. John whispered to her that there was some one watching them. She froze. Goose pimples came up on her arms. The news gave Beatrice a thrilling jolt. This is it, she thought. Show yourself. Beatrice kissed John hard, grappling with his flies to bring out his cock to squeeze it.

The man had approached behind Beatrice's window, peering over her shoulder. John thought he looked to be in his late forties, or perhaps older. He was certainly clean-shaven and smart looking. It was when John felt Beatrice pull up the hem of her skirt, so that he could get his hand in her soaking wet knickers, that he realised she was up for it.

Their visitor came right up to Bea's window, alongside her. John's eyes met his, and smiled. Seeing the man move forward a little to adjust his line of vision, to get a better view through the windscreen, John slowly peeled off Beatrice's knickers, with help from her. Then he opened her legs wide to expose the hair-covered vulva. The man fiddled with his trouser flies.

Moaning into John's mouth, aware that her naked vulva, the surrounding hair tousled with her juices, was in full view of a stranger, Beatrice was choking with excitement.

'The chap's taken his cock out darling. Take a look. Stranger's stiff cock for you.'

Beatrice couldn't resist the temptation. With her heart in her dry mouth, with a long moan, pushing her groin hard onto John's hand, she turned her head. There in front of her eyes was a large cock. Her mind almost exploded. My goodness! A cock! She had only ever in her life seen one penis, and that was John's.

Now, here before her was a stranger's cock with a loose foreskin. It had smeared some of its juice against the window in front of her face. That was the most erotic sight! A man's sperm on the glass. The cock looked enormous to her. With a sudden groan she turned back to kiss her husband, feeling rather flustered. Was she doing the right thing, she wondered? Oh my god!

'Shall I open the window?' John muttered into her mouth. Beatrice muttered a unsure acknowledgment. After all, she could always refuse contact. But she desperately wanted to feel that cock. She wanted to take the action to the next stage, but didn't want the responsibility for making the decision. She just knew she would go on to the end, providing it was John making the decisions.

John turned the ignition key. Then pressed the switch on the center console to allow the passenger side window to open half way. He wanted to be quite sure it was what Beatrice wanted before going the whole way. She was still pressing her mouth to his in a passionate kiss as he passed her soiled knickers out to the man.

With the fresh air fluttering across her face, she turned to look at the stranger. The knickers, pressed to his face which he was inhaling deeply, prevented her from seeing his face. The next moment, his head was in the car, watching John fingering her. But with the window only half open, that was all he could do. After a brief pause of indecision, Beatrice herself pushed the switch to open the passenger window fully. She couldn't take her eyes from the hard cock in his hand. It was like a magnet. It was so much bigger than her husband's.

The truth was, though Bea didn't know it, John was not endowed with a big penis. In fact, it was well below average in size, so the stranger's appeared to be a monster to her. She leaned her head towards it, opened her mouth and took the first inch between her lips. She felt the man gasp and jerk at her as she started to suckle and nibble it softly.

This really took John aback. His wife had never shown any interest in fellatio, yet here she was, taking a stranger's cock in her mouth. Although Beatrice never before had wanted to suck a cock, this one seemed to demand it of her. It was the natural thing for her to do. And she found the sensation unusual, but very pleasant. The only cock she had ever known was her husband's. Now, this was special. Fantastic!

Suddenly the man put his hand into the car, pointing at Beatrice's crotch.

'Okay to play?'

John looked at his wife, who nodded almost imperceptibly before John moved his hand away, smiling at the stranger. The man murmured with delight as he put his hand on Beatrice's thigh, slowly stroking it up and down her smooth skin toward her vulva. As his hand reached it, he looked questioningly again at John, to see if it was okay to feel it. When John smiled his acquiescence, he put his hand on the wet, hairy gash. Heavenly! Vulvas were made in heaven!

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