The Vicar's Wife Ch. 10


Beatrice was now fully immersed in her own new-found lecherousness. For the first time in her life she had put a man's cock into her mouth. It tasted musky and, yes, perhaps a hint of salt. And here, at last, was another man's hand feeling her most private part. Feeling her deep mystery. A man other than her husband, for the very first time. It was like an electric shock jolting in her belly. In fact, so intense was the experience for her, that Beatrice had a rippling orgasm there and then. She couldn't prevent it. But wanted more. Much, much more.

Throwing what remained of any caution to the wind, Beatrice suddenly turned to kneel in her seat, pointing her pale, firm backside up towards the open window, offering it to the stranger. To John's utter surprise and delight, she started sucking his own very hard cock.

'Oh, yes!' the man muttered to himself, before slipping his fingers straight into her vagina, still wanking himself with Beatrice's knickers wrapped round his cock.

After a few minutes, Beatrice now drunk with lust, she looked up at John.

'What now?' she whispered hoarsely.

'Wank him!'

Turning back into her seat, Bea reached out to his cock. He moved his hand to allow her to take hold of it. She slowly wanked it, while fondling his testicles. By this time he'd dropped his trousers and underpants to his ankles. Suddenly Beatrice stuck her head out the window and sucked his cock properly! It took both the men by surprise. It took Beatrice by surprise as well, but having gone to these lengths, she wanted everything on offer. Only her second experience of man's cock. She needed to explore and enjoy it.

A long low groan escaped the man. With her lovely bottom now facing John, he put his hand up her vagina. She was soaked! Beatrice was overwhelmed by the sexual experience on offer to her. She wanted everything at once! But most of all, she needed her husband's acceptance of her actions. She twisted round in her seat.

'Kiss me!'

As John did, the man put his hand inside, slipping his fingers straight up her passage, making her jerk violently, and push her tongue down John's throat! The stranger put his head right in the window to lick her bum.

'I'm getting near,' he gasped. 'Any chance of a fuck?'

Beatrice looked up at John. He saw the pleading in them.

'Open the door'.

Beatrice screwed her eyes shut, muttering in a low voice, 'Oh, no-o-o-o.' She was suddenly nervous.

'Go on, I've got a condom.'

'Go on darling, open the door'.

The next thing John knew, the door was opened by the man. Bea swung her legs out! The man had meantime quickly rolled a condom over his shaft.

In a delirium of confused thought, she whispered. 'How shall we do it?'

'Just slide your bum out a bit,' he said.

Slithering down the seat so that her bottom was out the door, the stranger reached down, held her labia open and, after pausing with the head poised at the entrance, slid his cock straight in. Beatrice uttered a loud gasp in utter glory. That's it! Her dream was coming true. It was wonderful! Triumphant! Her tight vagina was being filled to capacity with a stranger's cock. She was astonished at how it filled every little crevice of it.

When it reached it's limit, nudging her cervix, she cried out in bewildering agony, squeezing her inner muscles hard on the shaft. It was thick! It was big! It was glorious! Unimaginably glorious! Sheer heaven! As the cock started to piston in and out, Beatrice was filled with a complete feeling of adoration. Ahhhh! This was her heaven - her promised land. She wanted to cry out 'hallelujah'. It was so delirious - undiluted bliss. Nothing else in the world mattered.

For John, this was beyond his wildest dreams. It took him all his time to avoid ejaculating there and then at the sight of a stranger's cock sinking into his wife. His lovely wife - that sophisticated elegant lady, being shagged by a stranger. It was mind-blowing. A strange cock embedded deep within her. Unbelievable.

'Hang on! I want to see this!'

Beatrice straightened her arms so that her body lifted from the seat, whilst John leaned forward in the driving seat, allowing him to watch the cock driving in and out of his wife's hairy gash. It was the most erotic sight of his whole life. Much, much more sexy that he could ever have imagined. The man started fucking her slowly, and then took off like a caged animal! He shagged her so hard the car was rocking several inches every time he rammed into her. Beatrice was certainly having fun now! Her intense moans and groans were so exciting to hear. John didn't want them to stop. The stranger was really pounding into her, as John's eyes devoured every stroke.

Beatrice screamed. 'Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard - DO IT!' John couldn't believe this was his wife. 'Yes! Yes!' She started to come. 'I'm coming! I'm fucking coming!' she cried! So did the stranger. After wild spasms jolted their bodies for what seemed ages, Bea wailing and shouting, they started to slow until he eventually stopped. After a short rest, the man started up again. His cock was as hard as ever. Bea was taken by surprise. She wasn't expecting more from him. She thought one male orgasm was it! But oh no! That hard cock was driving in and out relentlessly. So wonderful.

He gave Bea the fuck of her life which seemed to last for ever. It was sheer bliss! Heaven! But when John started to manipulate her clit, she was unable to control the rising climax. The orgasm racked her loins in a series of spasms. She was vaguely aware of the man ejaculating again. Then a short stillness.

The man slowly pulled his cock out, whilst John sat back in the driving seat, gazing at his wife's face, eyes screwed up tight in a state of delirium. After a long happy sigh, she just flopped her head down.

After a brief pause, Beatrice sat up, turning to John. 'Oh God, that was so wonderfully intense! Thank you darling!' They kissed deeply, with a genuine expression of devotion.

They didn't hear the stranger sigh deeply. 'Fucking great,' he said. 'Lovely and tight! Thanks!' He pulled up his trousers and just left them kissing eagerly.

It was only just after eleven o'clock. During the drive home, neither of them spoke about the enormity of the event. But both were immersed in the mental images of the wonderful event. After garaging the car, John leaned over to give Beatrice a reassuring kiss, running his hand up her inner thigh. The bare vulva was still wet. And he was still hard.

So he shuffled himself to kneel between her open thighs, opening his trouser flies, taking out his cock before finding her tousled vulva with the end of it. He sank it deep inside his wife. As he kissed and nibbled her nipples, John fucked Beatrice as he had never fucked her before. Like a beast. She loved it! Her head was thrown back with her face diffused with a look of sheer pleasure. After ejaculating deep inside her, they stepped out of the car and went into the sitting room, locking up behind them. John poured a large brandy for Beatrice and a large Scotch for himself. They sat on the settee sipping. Suddenly, Beatrice started to laugh. John turned to her in surprise.

'It's just your trousers darling.' She pointed to the flies, heavily stained with Beatrice's vaginal juices. 'Look at them! You should have dropped them!'

They both laughed.

'Like our earlier guest?' he asked.

'Where are my knickers?'

'That fellow's still got them.'

They laughed again.

'Not a high price to pay for the fun we had.'

After looking at each other in an intimate silence, quietly sipping their spirits, Beatrice finally spoke. 'Let's do it again, John, shall we?'

'What? When?'

'Gosh! When? Let's see... tomorrow?'

'Let's go to bed and talk about it.'

'And make love?'

'If by that you mean fuck, then of course!'

And they hurried to bed, fucking on and off for another hour or so, both reveling in every thrust of John's cock in his wife's vagina, before Beatrice fell asleep with a look of supreme happiness and satisfaction spread over her face, vaginal juices and sperm trickling over her inner thighs. It stained the sheets. She didn't care! She had never known such sexual contentment. John couldn't remember when he had last felt so devoured by sex, or indulged for so many hours.

They would fuck again when they woke up. This was a new beginning for them.

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