tagLesbian SexThe Vicar's Wife Ch. 14

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 14


I haven't told you about Samantha yet, have I? It all happened before my London weekend with Susanna, our vicar's wife, and pillar of the community, though we were now regular lovers. Well, you know all about that of course. Samantha was the wife of our dishy doctor. She was an enigma at first. I couldn't be sure whether or not she was bi, though there were distinct signs. Sue and I talked about it, though she was unsure as well. So we thought an invitation to Samantha to visit the ancestral home for coffee might be the best way of discovering Sam's nature.

So, when Samantha first came to the house for coffee, although I was hoping for some chat of an intimate nature, perhaps leading to an exploratory mutual embrace, I didn't really expect anything more than the usual exchange of gossip. Her husband's medical practice had been responsible for our family's health for many years. Her husband's father was the previous doctor, and James had now taken over on his father's retirement - but we only really saw each other socially, except at church, now and then.

It was on one such day, during coffee in the Parish Hall after the service, that I saw Samantha standing alone, looking rather forlorn, so I went across to talk to her. It was the usual chit chat - how do you like it here? - has your husband settled in? - smiles and social gossip. Nothing too deep.

As she spoke, I looked closely at her as we chatted. Yes! Samantha is an attractive woman, I thought, though not what you'd call beautiful. About 5'9" with square shoulders. Dark hair, shoulder length with a fringe. A pleasant oval face with high cheek bones and a straight nose. Dark, almost sultry eyes making her look a bit serious, but they light up and transform her face when she smiles. She has a generous mouth with full lips and perfect teeth. Her figure is well filled out, but she's not what you'd call fat - pleasantly plump.

She was wearing a high neck sweater with a smart two piece with a fashionable hat. Well, it was rather chilly. So there is no way I could judge what was hiding beneath those clothes. I couldn't even speculate! I've become insatiably curious about women's bodies in recent years! It must be something to do with my age.

During the week following, I was due to have coffee and a love session with Susanna at the vicarage. But when I got there, I found Samantha was already having coffee and biscuits with my friend. I discovered that she'd called in, as she was passing, to drop off some medication for Peter. (A touch of cystitis Susanna later told me.) I hoped she wouldn't stay too long! I noticed Samantha give Sue and me a rather inquisitive look from time to time, before she eventually stood up to put her top coat on and leave us to ourselves. I wondered if she had tumbled to the special closeness of the two of us.

There was certainly something of an 'atmosphere' of expectation in the room, which I think Sam sensed. Anyway, she excused herself and left rather abruptly. I didn't say anything to Sue just then, having more important things to occupy my mind - and hands. For the next forty minutes or so, Sue and I enjoyed one of our wonderful sessions of mutual exploration.

The following Sunday, having coffee after church, whilst George did his Lord-of-the-Manor act, I singled out Samantha and James again for a social chat. Sam still had that quizzical expression in her eyes, with a hint of amusement in them, as she looked at me. It was as though she was saying 'I know something about you'. Whilst she continued to look at me keenly, I decided this was the time to send her an invitation, by smiling knowingly into her eyes, showing that my interest in her was not entirely a social one. She turned her face away, coloring slightly - or was that just wishful thinking on my part?

'May I consult you privately Doctor?' I asked before leaving them. 'I'm having some trouble with a mild ear infection and wondered whether, perhaps, I could...'

'I'll come up after lunch if that's convenient.'

'Oh! I don't mean to spoil your Sunday afternoon, please...'

'That's no trouble, ma'am. It'll only take a few minutes and I'll bring the appropriate medication, if it's a straight forward viral infection.'

Well, James did as he promised, and gave me some drops for my troublesome ear. Before leaving, I said I thought his wife seemed rather alone the other day, asking if she was settling in her new home. I wondered if she had made friends, and suggested that Samantha may wish to join me for coffee one morning, for a chat to get to know one another better. A bit of local gossip.

'I'll tell her,' was his response. 'You're right. She doesn't have many friends round here I'm afraid, and it would do her the world of good to get out for an hour or two. That's my professional opinion anyway. Besides, I'd love her to come to see you socially,' he laughed.

So that was that. Samantha phoned the following morning to thank me for the invitation, and we found that Friday would be convenient to both of us. George would be at one of his regular business lunches and we wouldn't be disturbed.

The day arrived. I was a bit on edge, wondering if I was misconstruing the whole thing. I do tend to get ahead of myself at times by fantasizing. I heard Sam's car draw up on the gravel in the rear courtyard. Anticipating her at the door, I threw it open to welcome her. I think I may have seemed too hasty. She hesitated, looking rather apprehensive as she smiled at me.

'Hello Samantha. Welcome! Do come in and have a cup of hot coffee. It's a bit chilly this morning.'

Well, Sam seemed a little nervous. She was reluctant to look at my eyes. It was the first time she'd been to the house. I don't know why it had taken so long for her first visit, but she was a shy retiring lady, I thought. So it was my job to make her feel relaxed. Susanna had said she didn't think Sam was interested in other women - but I had some hopes that she may be. There was something in the exchange of looks between us the previous Sunday. She wasn't beautiful, but certainly attractive and very feminine - and, yes, those looks she'd given me... My imagination was beginning to work overtime. I took her coat and suggested she sat on the settee.

'Thanks Sarah - oh... do you mind me calling you Sarah?'

'Why should I? It's my name. Forget the formalities, please Samantha. Or is it Sam?'

'Sam please.'

'We're just two friends having a chat. We should have got together ages ago, you know. You must have been here over two years now. How are you anyway?'

'Oh - fine thanks. How's the ear infection?' Sam sat on the settee whilst I poured her a coffee.

'Ah, pretty well gone thanks. James usually puts me to rights when I'm off color. Biscuit?'

We chatted about people in the village, she asking about the ladies circle - you know, the usual sort of housewife chat. I was wondering how I could turn the subject round to a little more about herself. She was wearing an open-neck blouse, plain dark blue, allowing the shape of her ample breasts to be clearly seen, held up by her lace bra. Very promising, I thought, as we chatted. I just couldn't steer the conversation the way I had wanted, but eventually, the chance came from Sam as it happens. She was nicely relaxed by this time. She'd settled down as was able to hold up her head.

'Don't you get rather lonely when George is away?'

'Yes and no. I have rather a lot of appointments - committees, boards of governors, ladies circles and goodness knows what else. But very few personal friends. And the evenings can be empty at times.'

'You must be busy...'

'I also write a bit in my spare time.'

'Write? Er... should I have read your books?'

'I doubt it. I write under a pen name. I also have an internet friend I chat with most days. Adele, they call her. We have ... er ... rather intimate chats, I can tell you! Girlie stuff... She's lovely...'

Sam colored up a little, dropping her eyes. I wondered if I'd gone too far. But I went on regardless.

'Well, when my husband's away, as you say, it gets a bit lonely, so I spice my life up a bit with sexy chats. Adele is very much like me. Susanna enjoys the suggestive banter as well.'

Sam was looking slightly uncomfortable. I laughed lightly.

'Oh dear Sam! I thought you knew.'

'Well... er...'

'Just because we have to maintain our poise, appear sophisticated and very respectable in public, doesn't mean we don't have naughty thoughts. Behind this facade of ours, we are just women, with a woman's thoughts and desires.'

'Yes, I know, Sarah. Sorry! It's just that...'

She paused. I took up what I knew she was going to say. 'It's just that being in my position, you expect sex to be beneath me, I expect. To say nothing of the vicar's wife! Heaven's above! I have been married three times, you know, so I know what life's all about, and sex has played a very large part in it, I can tell you. I expect, being a doctors' wife, you know all about it as well.'

Sam laughed rather loudly. There was a tinge of relief in it. 'Living in a nurses home during training, teaches you all about every aspect of that sort of behavior, I can tell you. You learn a lot about things other than nursing!'

This was more promising. Time to bring in Janine, I decided, nice and casual.

'Well, when I was at boarding school, there were five of us in a dorm. One of the girls was called Janine - but we all called her slippy-knickers, for obvious reasons. More coffee?'

I refilled the coffee cups. Sam looked thoughtful.

'What obvious reasons?'

Was she leading me on I wondered? Surely she knew what I was referring to. Maybe she was wanting me to tell the details.

'Well, Sam! This Janine was always feeling a bit randy and she loved groping inside the knickers of the others girls to feel what they'd got hidden in there - and vice versa. She leaked rather a lot, I seem to remember. Slippy knickers!'

'Did she grope inside yours?' There was a slight hoarseness in the voice.

'Well... of course! We girls were always exploring each other's bodies under the sheets - and not always under them! That was girl's boarding school life! The smallest of the girls was called Rose, I remember. She was really tiny even though she was our age! But what she could do with her fingers, tongue and lips, Sam, was something again. Janine got this girl to crouch between her thighs nearly every night! Rose loved doing it.'

Sam cheek bones had colored rather more, whilst she licked her dry lips with the tip of her tongue. She sipped her coffee, a lustful gleam in her eyes she couldn't hide. Well, that's how I thought of it!

'Our nurses home was similar at times' she said in a hoarse confidential tone, though there was no one else within earshot! 'Not all of them, of course, but quite a number got their sexual relief from another of the nurses.'

'Did that include you?' I asked her ingenuously. Or was that a bit too pointed I wondered?

Her coloring heightened whilst she paused, gazing into her lap. 'Well... there was one girl I really fancied. Peggy they called her. She was a year or so older than me. We had a short affair. She was raven-haired... and very hairy I remember... you know... on her belly. Then I met James and decided that ... well... that sort of thing was out of order! Just a passing fancy. So I gave myself entirely over to him. Peggy was understanding.'Sam laughed. 'She soon found another friend, though.'

'Have you not been with another woman since then?'

'No! It never crossed my mind actually. That is... well... until I watched you and Susanna the other Sunday. And again when I dropped in with Peter's medication. There seemed some sort of unspoken private connection between you. You reminded me of Peggy and myself all those years ago. The exchanged looks. It crossed my mind...' She broke off, believing she might have said more than she should. 'Sorry... I shouldn't pry.'

I laughed in order to give me time to think carefully what I should say next.

'Tell me, Sam, if you'll forgive the direct question - when was the last time James really make you feel a proper woman. You've been married... how long... over ten years?'

'Twelve, actually.' She paused. 'He's very busy, you know.'

'So is George,' I said quietly.

We looked at each other for a while, almost sparring with our eyes.

'More coffee?' She shook her head. 'May I kiss you?'

She looked at me for a few seconds, a look of indecision on her face, then nodded briefly. We both got to our feet - I'm not sure why, but it seemed more formal to kiss standing up I suppose. I put my arms round her waist. She closed her eyes as I pressed my lips softly to hers. She was not very responsive to begin with. She just let me put my lips against her mouth. But as I caressed her buttocks with the palms of both my hands, pulling her against me, I felt a little tell-tale tremble in her loins.

Her lips started to engage with mine rather more firmly. Her bottom was taught and slightly low-slung. My hands squeezed them gently as our kiss became more passionate. I tool her bottom lip between mine, chewing it very softly, then her top lip. Her lipstick tasted rather nice, I thought. I couldn't place the flavor, but who cared?

When we broke off for a breather, she was breathing rather hard. Our eyes met again for a few silent seconds. Questioning each other, as though seeking permission to kiss again. We did. The next kiss was more exploratory. Our lips were apart, tongue seeking tongue. There was more urgency - more eagerness there. Sam was getting worked up. I thought it was time to caress her breasts - just a gesture of sexual interest, to see how she reacted. My free hand slid down the top of her blouse, fingers curling under the lace of her bra to touch her nipple. Mmm! Nice and stiff. She was quite turned on. She didn't try to stop me fondling it.

Encouraged by this I cupped my palm under the breast itself, gently squeezing. Her kissing became more ardent, as she held my head to her face, pushing her body against mine to increase the pressure of my exploring hand on her soft breast. Her breathing got heavier.

Then I decided to test the situation further, by lifting the hem of her skirt with my other hand before slipping it down the waist band, finding its way into the top of her knickers. With lips glued together, the fingers trailed over the bare skin of her bottom, sliding round onto her thigh, round to the fore until they found the hair of her groin. I slipped them between the thighs until they touched the warm fleshy vulva, before cupping it in the palm of the hand. Sam didn't object at any time. But she had really flooded her knickers! Hot and sticky. Slippy knickers indeed! So were mine by this time. Meantime, she was content just to have her hands round my neck, pulling our faces together, letting me do all the exploring.

She felt very interesting. I wanted time to contemplate her secret gash properly. Then, suddenly, she pulled away, dragging my hand from her clothing, snatching up her handbag. Her head was turned away from me as she scrabbled around in her bag for a handkerchief.

Through blowing her nose, she muttered. 'Sorry! Sorry Sarah! I'm very very sorry! It's just that... I feel that I'm cheating on James. I've never before...' She turned to face me with a forced smile, stuffing the hanky back in her bag.

'Darling! Don't get upset. Don't worry. It was all a bit sudden for you. I should have been rather more gentle. Taken it more slowly... but I thought... the signals...' I cursed myself. I should have played with her breasts rather longer before trying for her vulva, but I was hungry for her pussy. Selfish me!

'No no no no! It wasn't your fault. I encouraged you - led you on - er...'

'Why not freshen up in the loo. It's just through the door there. You'll find a fresh towel in there, and...'

But she didn't wait for me to finish the sentence before heading for the door and the safety and privacy of the toilet! Poor Sam. She had clearly wanted to engage with her sexuality, but felt embarrassed at the last minute. I should have known that she needed more delicate encouragement after twelve years of marriage.

Well - that was it then - at least for the time being. I sniffed the stains on my fingers to savor her vaginal fragrance. Hmmm! Fairly strong flavor! I tasted them. A little salty? It was obvious to me that she was desperate for some sexual attention. She wasn't getting it at home, that was clear. Not enough, anyway. I cleared away the coffee things into the kitchen whilst Sam sorted herself out in the loo. I was worked up enough myself by this time. Slippy knickers in spades! When Sam eventually emerged, we didn't mention what had occurred. She apologized for having to leave so soon. I helped her into her coat with the usual casual chat.

'Do give my best wishes to your husband - and say thank you for him sorting me out.'

'Yes ... of course I will Sarah. Thanks very much for the coffee.'

'You must come up again - when you have a little more time. You're always welcome, Sam. Just for a chat. And I'm so glad we were able to spend some little time together.'

'Me too! Bye now and thanks.' She spoke abruptly, avoided my eyes.

I watched her cross the drive and get into her car, driving off without looking back. She was clearly upset. I felt so sorry for her. Realizing how wound up I was myself, I went indoors, sat on the settee and masturbated furiously with one hand the other held to my nose, reminding me of her!

Later that day - at a quarter to three it was - I had a phone call. It was Sam, full of apologies. She really does want to see me again, she said. Honest! It was just that her brain was all in a whirl, believing she was being unfaithful to James. But now, Realizing there can be no adultery involved, with sex between two girls, she'd very much like to see me again. I told her that, for my part, I would never, under any circumstances, be unfaithful to George with another man. And that I hoped she never would with James, no matter what he did himself. But another woman was different. For both of us. It would have to be in her own time, of course, when she felt ready for the next step.

She'll come again, I'm sure. And next time - I think I'll get to explore that fascinating body!

Well, the next time came. Samantha was more relaxed than the previous week. We kissed affectionately on the cheek when she arrived. I took her coat, hanging it in the vestibule, before settling on the settee for the coffee. I started the gossipy chat by telling her about Jane, a lady wanting to explore her sexuality by instant messenger, and Michele, a lady in South Wales, a lesbian, who enjoyed internet sex.

'I was reading her latest before you came. It seems, at thirty-nine, that she's never been made love to by a man. Only women.'

Samantha laughed. 'Well, she's missed a lot in life, don't you think.'

'I do. She's very attractive, though, so I suppose she must have been propositioned. I was telling her that I would be seeing you this morning. She said she would like you to see her photograph. Interested?' Sam nodded with a gleam in her eye. 'Come on then.'

I took Sam into my little private office where the computer screen stood in the corner, glowing. Sitting at the keyboard, I brought up my picture files, clicking onto the folder where I'd saved her photos. Sam was standing beside me on my left. As I brought up Michele's image, dressed only in black calf-length leather boots over black stockings held up with a black suspender belt. Her vulva was shaved and there for all to see in every detail. I curled my left arm round Sam's hips and looked up at her. There was a hungry gleam in her eyes as she stared at the screen.

'There Sam. Do you fancy her?'

'She's lovely,' was the hoarse response. Casually rubbing my hand up and down the tops of her thighs, I flicked through the other photographs of her, showing close-ups of her feminine parts. As I did, I allowed my hand to slip under the hem of Sam's skirt to stroke the cheeks of her bottom very lightly over the soft silk of her knickers. I felt the heat from her as my fingers sneaked under the gusset of her panties. That was enough, I thought. Just to break the ice and test the water! I closed the folder before taking Sam back into the lounge for the coffee.

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