tagLesbian SexThe Vicar's Wife Ch. 16

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 16



Samantha was depressed. Not only that, she was very frustrated. Sexually that is. That in itself is something of a surprise, since her husband James, is a family doctor and should be aware of all these things - particularly in his own wife. Except that he was having a bit of a fling with a beautiful colored nurse at the local hospital. He had recently taken on more extra work at the hospital, but when Samantha found a three-pack of condoms in his jacket pocket, with two already taken, she guessed why he was spending more time there. She had replaced the packet and said nothing about it.

At first she couldn't believe that it meant what it clearly did. That James was having an affair. Then, when she thought about it more objectively, she realized that was the reason for the frequency of their love-making having dwindled. James was getting his satisfaction elsewhere. Their sex had become commonplace for him.

After making herself a coffee, Sam wiped her eyes, took a deep breath, sat down to think things through. When they had first married, James and she were like rabbits! Fucking at every opportunity. It was great. It could never end. But, of course, as time went on, the frequency fell away until they got into a routine. Usually Sunday mornings before getting up! Perhaps that was the problem. Sex shouldn't really be routine. It should, ideally, be a new thrilling experience every time. If only!

Was it her fault? Sam struggled with the thought that it may have been her own lack of enthusiasm during their love-making. Should she talk it through with James? Confrontation was not one of her strong points. Anything for a quiet life. Besides, James would not let a bit of a fling ruin their marriage, surely. But an erect cock knew no morals. He would want the best of both worlds, of course. But where did this leave her, Samantha?


She could - and did - masturbate frequently, but there were times when she craved a thick penis deep inside her vagina. Times when she felt she would explode for want of a cock. But she managed to keep up appearances. Wait until it blew over.

James was working an extra shift at the hospital, so Sam drove into town for some shopping. Take her mind off her problems. But her body was teeming with a curious, suffocating desire It was in the market square that she bumped into Sarah. Her occasional lover and dear friend who had introduced her to girl on girl sex. Though she hadn't seen a lot of her recently.

Sarah persuaded Sam to have a coffee with her in Starbucks. Sam spilled out her problem. Sarah later wrote an email to her friend Bel about it.

Dearest Bel

Saturday was quite a good day, in spite of not being able to chat to you! And an unexpected day. I bumped into Sam this morning in the market, looking as desirable as ever, though her eyes were slightly puffed. You remember Samantha. She's not as regular a lover as Heather, but an occasional mistress. I think that's because, deep down, she feels she's being unfaithful to James. Being in no particular hurry, she agreed to have a coffee with me. We settled in a fairly busy Starbucks.

After the usual chit chat, Sam said she was feeling a bit down at the mouth. When I persuaded her to tell me more, it seems she thinks James may be having an affair! Gosh - our family doctor having a bit on the side? I said I didn't believe it. What made her think it - etc? Well, she found condoms in his coat pocket. Is that conclusive? Well, I don't know. I have myself found such things in George's overnight bag - but what the hell? But Sam was crying.

The upshot was that I persuaded her to come home with me for a spot of lunch and talk through it. The last thing she needed was to bottle it all up. She wasn't inclined to have it out with James, she said. That could be too emotional. That would account for the puffy eyes - she'd been crying. With it being such a lovely spring morning, I had walked into the town, so came home with Sam in her car. James was doing a shift at the hospital apparently. If that's indeed what he was doing!

Anyway, back at the house I offered Sam a drink - a G&T, to calm her down. A strong one! Sod the driving. While I prepared a light salad she told me that her love life was rather non existent. Well, I knew that - she'd told me before when we first got together, but I thought it was just a passing phase. There were times, she said, when she just got so tensed up with frustration she thought she'd explode. (We know the feeling!) Masturbation was the immediate answer of course. But at times she needed something else. Someone else. Which is where I came in! Gratefully!

I sat beside her on the settee and put an arm round her, nice and motherly. She lay her head on my shoulder for a quiet feeling-sorry-for-herself session.

'Look Sam - it's not the end of the world. Even if James is playing around, it'll pass. Believe me. We all need a change at times. A breath of fresh air. He'll come back refreshed.'

Sam smiled wanly at me with wet eyes. She looked so vulnerable. Our eyes met and lingered. I leaned over to kiss her mouth with some tenderness. She immediately put her hand on the back of my head, pressing her mouth hard against mine with a grunt. When my other hand reached over to feel for her breast, caressing it softly, Sam sighed into my mouth. I knew she wanted sex there and then. Well, she wanted sexual satisfaction! My hand slipped into the top of her blouse, beneath the bra searching for the nipple. It was hardening even as I touched it. Mmm! I'd forgotten what lovely boobs she has.

Without any warning at all, though I should have guessed knowing the mood she was in, Sam pulled at my blouse, tearing open the buttons and dragging my bra up. Her mouth was on my nipples straight away. Chewing. Her other hand went up my skirt grappling with my knickers, her fingers seeking the object of her urgent need. In no time at all, she was fingering my vulva. Rapture!

I felt I was being raped! Sam was all over me, unfastening my bra, pulling off my blouse followed by my skirt. She really growled as she crawled all over me, shrugging off her own blouse, pulling at her bra until her bursting nipple was thrust against my mouth. She has lovely hard chunky nipples. She really has gorgeous breasts actually. Much bigger, fuller and softer than mine - or Heather's for that matter. Her hand was now crawling all over my vulva. My vagina was doing it's stuff - quickly lubricating! It was ready for whatever came its way!

I allowed myself to be dragged to the floor. Sam hurriedly hoisted her skirt, dragged the crotch of her knickers to one side and planted her sloppy vulva over my mouth. Lovely and hairy! Hot and wet! Abundant, lovely labia grinding against my face. I felt the juices smearing my lips. Her mouth was now eating my own pussy like there was no tomorrow. Growling again, like a dog, she stabbed at it with her stiffened tongue. It was violent. Hard!

As she pushed her groin against my mouth, Sam shouted! 'Yes, you bitch! Give it to me!' I was doing all I could! 'More! More!' Her body was writhing wildly. My god! She was hurting - thrusting her pelvis against my face.

Sam exploded! Thank goodness!

After a period of adjustment, as they say, Sam became quieter, rolling on to her back, clothes awry. I was already naked!

'I needed that Sarah. You have no idea - no idea how much I needed that!'

'There's more to come Sam. Just let's get your skirt off before it gets spoilt!' I drew her skirt over her legs, then peeled off her knickers. She has a glorious vulva! Honestly! A celebration of womanhood! If you appreciate hairy ladies that is! I absolutely adore it!

'Just lie back and relax. Close your eyes darling. Now the urgency's gone, let's make love.'

As ever, I gazed at her groin in admiration for a while, before parting her thighs, bending her knees and ducking my face into the space between. I gently made love to her vulva, kneading her pliant breasts and squeezing her nipples. I worshiped her body. She was nice and relaxed. I took my time with her. Sam was in need of some loving. Begging for it. So I gave it to her. She was sighing softly. Purring like a kitten - oh, so happy! Very slowly, her body began to respond to my treatment. Trembles began to shake her belly. Her thighs fluttered. Her buttocks clenched and flexed. I lifted her bent legs to her shoulders to display her bottom so that I could run my tongue round the dark rim of the puckered entrance. Bum, vagina, clitoris - all took their turn with my tongue. She adored it! Pushing her body against me - offering it up. It was saying 'take me'.

Eventually, her body began to shudder. Her face screwed up into an expression of delicious agony. Sheer ecstasy. It was glorious to watch her. As she started to come again - I slowed down. I didn't want to rush it. I wanted to draw out the orgasm as long as I could. Have it ride on the crest of the orgasmic wave. She whimpered. 'Oh yes, Sarah. That's so good. Wonderful! Yes, yes. Oh yes! I'm going to come. Catch my juices. Please!' Her voice got agitated and louder. 'I'm coming. Coming. Coming.'

A long loud rasping sigh.

With a flourish of lashing hips, her orgasm burst out of her! Like a volcano! Her vagina poured forth it's gratitude. I drank it all up. So sweet - delicious honey. The orgasm rippled on for several seconds. Ecstatic! Oh yes! Fantastic! Her face was a picture of delight and joy.

I gave her a spare dressing gown to slip over her nakedness! We had lunch together. I told her about George and his London trips - I explained that I didn't mind if he has a bit of fun whilst he's there. Providing he doesn't bring home anything nasty! It's me he loves and keeps. That's all that matters really. Why deny him some fun and games? And I have my own enjoyment on the side - with Heather and with her. (I didn't mention Sally!) She was very grateful to me I think.

Over the meal I also mentioned the dogging that took place in our rear car park at weekends. I didn't tell her of course that I had sampled the delights of an anonymous fuck. Although we laughed about it, Sam seemed a bit shocked, but I explained that a one-off shag with a guy you don't know, a guy you are unlikely ever to meet again, can hardly be seen as infidelity. Technically, of course, it is adultery. But I looked upon it as sexual therapy, being desperate for cock as I then was, even though I'd just come from Heather. Anyway, that's a story I've told before. Sam asked a lot of questions about the ins and outs of dogging, which I think I answered to her satisfaction.

Talking about satisfaction, we made love again. On the settee. Lovingly and beautifully. Time stood still. Nothing else mattered in this world other than the two of us in each others arms. She was very affectionate and attentive to every erogenous zone of my body. I came three times! Not all explosive orgasms - but so wonderful and meaningful. Each new orgasm as though it's the first ever experience of that unique sensation. A heavenly surprise. I didn't count Sam's!

During our post orgasmic rest, I made her promise to come to me whenever she got so horny that it hurt! She said she would. I made her promise!

I also persuaded her to let her worries about James take a back seat for a while. Though it's not easy to ignore the doubts. Once she accepts, it'll be much easier for her. Besides, I told her, doctors had to be so very very careful about these things - they could be struck off.

'Oh, it's not a patient,' she said. 'I thinks it's one of the nurses at hospital.'

'A nurse...' Well, Sam herself was a nurse when she married James. Hmm!

As Sam drove home in the later afternoon, her mind kept returning to the story Sarah had told about dogging. She wasn't sure she believed that Sarah would do such a thing. It was so out of character for her. But then she herself was aching for cock, even though she and Sarah had had a series of wonderful orgasms. She fully understood the unquenchable desire that filled her every bone. That irresistible yearning of her body to be penetrated. Explored by a hard stranger. Violated! The fact that it was a nameless object filling her. That she was not a person, but an object to be assaulted. If Sarah might accede to the demands of her body, then why shouldn't she? James would never know. It would be a delicious way of making the score even with him. But would she dare? Had she the bottle?

The more she thought about it as she drove into the drive of their home, the more she became attracted to the thought of such an adventure. No one would know. Sarah had said that there were usually three or four cars in the small space and that the occupants were always from middle-class homes. Bank managers, or solicitors and their wives, out for a sexual thrill.

Back in her kitchen, Sam unscrewed the Martini bottle and poured herself a generous measure. Her face was set with a determined look. James would not be back before early morning. She switched on her lap top. Soon she was immersed in reading all about dogging, seeing pictures of girls being violated in every orifice! It was fascinating.

In the bedroom she undressed. She had a good figure. Her breasts were full enough to sag in a provocative way, but were still beautiful. Her waist was narrow and her hips wide. Child-bearing hips. Yes! It was a good figure for fucking! So why not give it satisfaction. After all, that's what her body was designed to do. Without bothering with any underwear, she slipped into a summer dress. Yes! If she was going to have a sexual adventure, it would have to be tonight! If she waited, she would never do it. Her vagina was already spilling over with anticipation.

Sam shrugged into a light jacket before leaving the house and stepping into her car. The light had mostly gone now. The air was warm after a day's hot sunshine. The scent of blossom hung heavy in the air. Perfect.

She switched on the ignition. It was now or never.

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