tagLesbian SexThe Vicar's Wife Ch. 19

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 19



There was a quizzical look on Bessie's face. Whilst mixing a salad in a large bowl, she was watching her step mother-in-law preparing vegetables at the kitchen table. Sarah was forty-nine, only eight years older than herself, but more beautiful, in Bessie's opinion. She was elegance itself with her tall, graceful figure with blonde hair - almost burnished gold, she thought - now tied back. Even in her dressing gown, she looked the perfect lady. Bessie studied the perfectly straight nose and high cheek bones, the pale pink lips without lipstick. Even without make-up Sarah presented a flawless skin, with a natural blush over her cheek bones. No wonder Sir George had snapped her up for his wife after his first wife, Henry's mother, died in a tragic air accident!

Sarah turned her head suddenly, as though she sensed she was being scrutinized. Their eyes met and Bessie quickly smiled. "Is anything the matter?' Sarah asked with an inquisitive smile. She was paused, half bent over the table, her hands paused holding a carrot and peeler.

Bessie gave a slightly embarrassed laugh. "Good heavens, no. I was just admiring you, Sarah. You are so attractive, you know. How do you do it?" She took a sip of her dry Martini.

Sarah smiled back, holding Bessie's eyes for a fraction whilst sipping from her own cocktail glass, before saying "Thank you, Bess. You're not so bad looking yourself, though. You make Henry a wonderful escort." And she returned to peeling the carrots, dropping them into a cullender, whilst Bessie prepared the salad, smiling quietly at her thoughts. She was wondering, not for the first time, if Sarah really was bi-sexual. She herself had toyed with the idea of sex with other women, with Sarah, particularly in more recent years. Bessie was, she supposed, what they call bi-curious.

After twenty years of marriage, with dwindling passion with Henry, Bessie thought she was ready for something new, though another man was out of the question. Henry was okay in bed, but that was it. At first, of course, they fucked like crazy every day, when the could. He was a handsome well-built guy with what it takes in the cock department. Pity he didn't really know what to do with it. It was usually necessary for her to finish off herself with her fingers. Henry didn't quite have the knack of giving her wild orgasms. Or even tame ones! The lust had become rather luke-warm. Even so, she would do nothing to risk her future title when Henry eventually inherited the family ancestral home.

But another woman - well, that was different. Not really cheating on your husband, since there would be no penile penetration. And were it to be some one in the family. That would be much more discreet - depending on the other woman of course, since women tended not to brag about their sexual conquests, as men did. Bessie had taken to reading erotic lesbian stories on the internet, which led her to speculate on the possible experience of lesbian sex, whilst slowly masturbating under the bed covers whilst Henry showered.

Whilst at boarding school, Bess had the usual frolic with other girls, but it was mostly curiosity and getting to know her developing body, rather than sex with other girls. Making herself go 'pop' was all part of the experiments. But for some time now she had thought her step mother-in-law, Lady Sarah, was enjoying sex with another lady. Well, with Susanna, actually. The parish vicar's wife of all people. The thought fueled her Sapphic lust as her sensitive fingers excited her clitoris.

Unbelievable! But Bessie had decided to approach Sarah with the thought. She would choose her moment to ask Sarah quietly and tactfully. She was pretty sure Sarah wouldn't be embarrassed and would be honest with her. They had always been open with each other about personal matters. In fact they had already exchanged what they remembered of their Christmas morning sexual antics with their husbands. For Sarah it was an annual ritual. She was amused to hear that it was also a similar event in Bessie's bed. Both agreed that it was more of a duty than a thrilling experience. So talk of sex was not unusual between them, causing no embarrassment.

Bessie had been led to her conclusion about Sarah's bi-sexuality when her mother-in-law had spent the weekend with her friend Sue, the vicar's wife, at their London flat during the summer, whilst she, Bessie, and Henry were in the country. Returning to her home, she immediately sensed a curious atmosphere in the flat - something that she couldn't account for. A strong sexuality. And odd things like empty champagne and Martini bottles in the waste - nothing wrong with that, but the freshly laundered bed linen and bath towels. Bessie would have sent it to the laundry as soon as she got back, but for some reason Sarah had done it all herself at the laundrette before leaving.

Why, she wondered? Stains maybe? Quite possibly, Bessie thought.

Her speculations were interrupted by Sarah. 'You're miles away darling. Penny for them.'

'Ah. Sorry! Oh dear - I might blush!' And true to her word, a pink flush spread over her cheeks. She giggled.

'Oh, then I can see you were having naughty thoughts. Hey, Bess - share and share alike.' Sarah laughed lightly. 'I could do with some light relief for Christmas day. Was there something else in bed this morning?'

Swallowing hard , Bessie just burst out 'To tell you the truth, Sarah, I was just speculating in my mind how it would feel to make love with another woman.'

Sarah gasped with amusement. 'Goodness Bessie! Did watching me give you that idea?'

Bessie gave her a questioning look, eyes smiling, head to one side. Sarah said nothing. She had stopped what she was doing and looked Bessie in the eye. She noticed the twinkle and penetrating look.

'It must be exciting. The thought sure turns me on anyway. And I have the idea that my step mother-in-law is not without experience in such matters. I hope you don't mind.'

Sarah laughed and took a sip of her Martini. 'What makes you think that darling?'

'We-e-ell! I think that you and Sue are what is called an item.' Sarah looked at her with a half-smile of astonishment. 'And I thought it must be a lot of fun between two attractive ladies. Particularly sharing a London flat for the week-end.'

Bessie turned away from Sarah's surprised face, her eyes twinkling, busying herself with the napkins. She hummed 'Silent Night'.

Sarah recollected with fondness, the weekend Bessie had mentioned. It was the first time that she and Sue had shared a bed for two whole nights. Utter bliss! Such a wonderful revelation. But how did Bessie guess? They had only been an 'item' for a few weeks, since her vicar husband had taken over the parish. Coffee mornings together in the vicarage had been their usual rendevous for a passionate hour. Both wives had confessed earlier indiscretions - particularly Sue who had gone through a lesbian affair with the schoolmaster's wife. To say nothing of the head nineteen year old choirboy. And her daughter! All of which had stoked the fire of lust in them both. Such a celebration of lesbian sex!

Now looking at Bessie's body as she was leaning over the edge of the table, Sarah was impressed. Yes! She was in good shape. Sarah had always jealously admired the curves of her step daughter-in-law, and her large firm breasts, privately speculating how it would feel to suckle them. The shape of her well-rounded buttocks was clearly visible beneath the silk dressing gown, sending ripples of interest inside her belly. The fabric hugged the curves and the cleavage was clearly marked. Her eyes devoured the lovely shape. Unable to resist, Sarah placed her palm gently on the right swelling, making a soft circular movement.

Mmm. Nice! If Bessie is bi-curious, Sarah thought, perhaps it would be fun to take advantage of her curiosity and satisfy her own at the same time. 'It's as well we're still in dressing gowns.'

Bessie stiffened slightly at the feel of Sarah's hand touching her bottom with feather-light fingers. This was unexpected. She never imagined that Sarah would approach her so soon. She had only just mentioned bisexuality! Good heavens! Perhaps she was imagining things. Her mind was in a whirl. What should she do, she wondered? Thinking about it is one thing, but to actually do it is another.

Like so many women, though, Bessie was really turned on by having the curves of her bottom explored and stroked. And she was rather proud of her own. At the feel Sarah's touch, she froze, holding her breath, allowing an unexpected sensation of pleasure to percolate through her loins, stimulating her vaginal glands to exude their precious nectar, in anticipation of need. She felt slightly embarrassed by it.

Should she pull away? Bessie hadn't prepared herself for it to happen so soon. So quickly. She had an idea that Sarah was about to explore with her fingers! Oh my goodness! Her mind told her that she should hang on a bit - think it through - talk to Sarah. Discuss it first. But her body was in no mood to wait. Her breathing was unsteady and her mouth had dried up.

Oh yes! Incredible sensations! This could be it! She held her breath in anticipation.

Feeling no resistance to her advances, Sarah took this as a signal for Bessie's approval, rather than of her uncertainty. She widened the area of her caresses. 'You have a very, very attractive bottom,' she whispered. 'I can't resist touching it. I do admire bums so much.'

When Bessie straightened up, turning to Sarah with a serious look on her face, Sarah met her eyes searching their depths for a few seconds, before leaning in to kiss her lips gently for a second. Their eyes met, inviting more. Sarah could see the hesitation in Bessie's eyes. Perhaps she was having second thoughts. She kissed Bessie on the mouth again, all the while letting her fingers play sensuously with the crack of Bessie's bottom. As their kiss deepened, Sarah managed to lift the hem of the gown above the cheek, allowing her hand to slip into the warm cleavage with its silk-like skin.

'Mmm! Silky smooth skin,' Sarah murmured into Bessie's mouth.

Wow! She was breathless! With her first sensual kiss with another woman, Bessie was enraptured by the feel of soft lips against hers. So exquisite. So warm and tender. No roughness. No hardness. All feminine. Oh yes! It felt so very good. So very erotic. Bessie could take any amount of such kisses. Making her horny. She threw caution to the winds. What the hell. Why not? If she backed off now she might never get another chance with her beautiful mother-in-law. Her misgivings were forgotten with that kiss and fondle. It was now or never.

Bessie turned to face Sarah, encircling her waist with her arms, drawing her close, hands sliding down the back of Sarah's thighs, as the kiss became more passionate and deep. Feeling Sarah's tongue slide between her lips, sweeping from side to side, pushing further into her mouth, was wonderful. Bessie gave herself up to the remarkable sensuous feel of probing tongue against tongue. This was something else again, she thought. Something to really enjoy.

Oh yes! This was terrific! She moaned softly.

The reaction from Bessie delighted Sarah. She had though that maybe Bessie would be a little tense and nervous, and withdraw after the first tentative kiss. But far from it. She was offering herself freely. Little did she know of Bessie's misgivings, how close she had been to rejecting her advances. Now was the time to indulge in the search for Bessie's breasts. Those luscious beautiful mounds of essential female that she admired. Her own were of modest size, in contrast to Bessie's firm full tits. Her free hand slipped into the top of the gown, her fingers lightly caressing the upper slopes of the unsupported breasts. Still kissing deeply, Sarah took the engorged nipple between thumb and second finger, rolling it gently. Feeling Bessie's gasp in her mouth gave encouragement. And the fingers exploring the crack of her own bottom were very erotic.

'I have always admired your beautiful breasts, Bess. Wanted to feel them and caress them.'

Bessie sighed.

Hmm! Thus was going better that Sarah could have anticipated. Her own juices were already flowing freely. She felt the warm dribble at the top of her thigh.

Bessie's gown had fallen open to expose her slightly rounded belly and wonderful breasts, firm though sagging a little under their sheer weight. Large brown, puckered areola, their edges rounded with pronounced pimples, the M glands. Areola now swollen to accentuate the stiff dark nipples. As she latched her mouth over the right one, Sarah allowed her free hand to rub lightly over the smooth belly, finger tips delving into the top of the patch of ginger-red curls covering the mound. It was hard and swollen with lust already. With Bessie panting heavily, it was clear that she was wanting more exploration by those fingers. Between her thighs in particular. They were rippling with tension. When Sarah's fingers barely touched the tip of the clitoris, Bessie's knees buckled.

'Oh my God!' Bessie gasped. This was unbelievably thrilling! Once she had overcome her caution, she knew she wanted Sarah to feel her all over. Let's face it, she couldn't have resisted for long, even if she wanted to! Those delicate fingers. That soft mouth against hers. Go for it! Oh fuck! Her knees were like jelly. She had to lean back against the edge of the table for support.

Finding Bessie's legs crumpling and parting, Sarah had easier access to slide her hand between the thighs. Her palm cupped the hairy vulva, feeling the contours of thick, puckered labia. Very warm and wet with sticky juices oozing from the vagina. After lifting her fingers to her nose, to sample Bessie's unique scent, scooped onto her fingers, Sarah slowly sank to her knees in front of her daughter-in-law, easing her thighs over her own shoulders. Legs splayed well apart, Sarah gazed on the most beautiful of sights, wallowing in the aroma. So scrumptious. To her, one of the wonders of the natural world. The female vulva. And Bessie's was a superb example of the ultimate female mystery, with its large fleshy labia, like crumpled silk, festooned from the clitoral apex. White vaginal fluid had gathered in a small pool at the base of the vulbva, and was now overflowing, trickling over the ridge, collecting in the center of her coral-colored rosebud.

This was the seventh aroused vulva Sarah had explored. But every new one was a fresh adventure for her. Each is different from the others. All an equally fascinating exploration of the mysterious essence of woman. She could never understand her obsession with them. Until a few years ago, she had thought herself uninterested in other women. It wasn't until she found Susannah at that portentous lunch engagement, that they both realized that they were inexplicably drawn together to discover their bisexuality. What a revelation that was! It was like being re-born! So began the series of sexual adventures with other women, though she and Sue had remained firm lovers every since.

As Sarah compared the lovely model of the vulva in front of her eyes, with others she had known, her finger and thumb spread the engorged labia open to reveal the wet vestibule with its ridges of flesh, like a second set of inner labia, culminating in an irregular pink cluster round the gateway to the altar of her lust. Superb!

With a sigh of admiration, Sarah studied its abundance of glistening flesh bursting from the vulva. She blew gently on the dilating vagina before snaking out her tongue to touch the bloated clitoris. The voluptuous body lurched with an involuntary reaction. A gasping cry as the vagina contracted again. Hands grasped Sarah's head and thrust it hard against the juicy labia, her nose pressing against the erect clitoris. The aroma and taste were delectable.

Bessie gasped. 'For God's sake don't stop!'

Sarah had no intention of stopping. She was going to give Bessie the orgasm of her life. She fastened her lips over the clitoris and started to hum loudly. The vibrations of her lips made Bessie whine and cry out. 'Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Yes!'

Her young partner had never experienced anything remotely like the sublime sexual sensations that were stimulating every nerve in her body. Bessie had never felt more alive. The soft mouth of another woman suckling her pussy was out of this world. Overwhelming! Her whole body was trembling. Muscles rippling. Leaning against the table, holding the edge with both hands, her thighs hanging over Sarah's shoulders, legs like jelly, muscles tensed and loins stiffened as a contraction, like a huge wave, made them lurch and Bessie to cry out in agonized ecstacy. Her loins bouncing up and down on Sarah's shoulders, out of Bessie's control.

'Oh Fuck!' Ecstacy filling her to overflowing! She gasped loudly 'I'm coming!'

Completely unable to stop her body from shaking, the unbelievable spasms were coming thick and fast. Her loins jerked. Again and again. Bessie had never before had such a fantastic orgasms, or heaving multiple orgasms jolting her body. Oh my god! The painful pleasure was out of this world, blocking her mind from anything else. She was in a seventh-heaven. In was overwhelming her mind.

With her vaginal muscles dilating and contracting in quick succession, splashes of come squirted onto Sarah's face. Oh god! This was a new experience! She ejaculated! Another! And another! Oh fuck! What would Sarah think of her?

With her face tight against Bessie's groin, Sarah watched enthralled as the vagina opened like a flower, to expose the internal muscles flexing, as a splash of creamy cum fell onto her own chin. Gosh! Wonderful! With thighs still trembling uncontrollably, a second splash squirted into Sarah's open mouth. So sweet and mouth-watering!

As the orgasm finally began to subside, Sarah still drove her fingers deep into the vagina, with her tongue swirling over the clit, lips humming heavily against it. Another wave suddenly shook Bessie, lifting her to a second climactic peak. 'Oh no! Oh my God!' she cried, gasping for breath. 'This is fantastic!' The third convulsion in her belly was even bigger. Sarah was chewing her labia hungrily. Bessie's body jerked upwards, her thighs gripping Sarah's head, as she panted loudly. 'Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck! Oh my God!' Her belly juddered. She couldn't stop it. 'Oh God!' she kept repeating her plea!

Sarah reached for the carrot from the dish on the table, whilst Bessie was writhing and moaning. Dipping it quickly into the tub of butter, when the fifth unbelievable spasm rose in Bessie's belly, Sarah pushed the buttered carrot straight and deep into her bum. She yelled out 'Ker-rist!!' With muscles shaking fiercely, racking her body, she heaved and squirmed. Bouncing heavily on Sarah's shoulders, she cried out yet again, the orgasm reaching its peak, exploding like a star burst in her head, sending flashes of ecstacy throughout her whole body, leaving her breathless and utterly shattered.

Never in her life had Bessie experienced anything so explosive, shaking every muscle and nerve in her body, lifting her to climatic heights she had never dreamed of. Shaking her head violently from side to side, she was panting heavily. Her first multiple orgasm had left her comletely exhausted. And rather bewildered by her own violence. The intrusion of the carrot deep into her bum was a surprising, unexpected additional kick to the orgasm. Gob-smacked hardly described it!

After a few moments of gazing on the glorious vulva, Sarah slowly lowered Bessie's thighs to the floor, opening her own gown for Bessie to finger the hard nipples, and to offer her thighs begging for exploration. She saw her step-daughter's eyes staring at her belly and the trimmed tuft of blonde public curls. Sliding off the table, she knelt in front of Sarah, pressing her face against the vulva, fingers grappling with the labia and clitoris. Accompanied by a stifled growl, Sarah felt lips and tongue searching her vulva.

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