tagIncest/TabooThe Vicar's Wife Ch. 21

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 21



It was a family tradition. They always dressed for Christmas dinner. It was the only time the family sat around the dining table in the beautiful state room of their stately home. Usually set for twenty people, for the visitors to the house to admire, the polished late Georgian mahogany dining table, reduced in length to provide six place settings in silver cutlery and large Irish linen table napkins, glowed with reflected candle light. All the special trimmings! With two five-branch Georgian silver candelabra to provide the warm glow, and a log fire blazing in the large open hearth. It had been like this for many years on Christmas day. George's father before him and his grandfather before him, had enjoyed the ambience of the state rooms at Christmas time when the house was closed to the public.

Sarah looked round the table with a feeling of satisfaction and anticipation, as they tucked into the haunch of venison - cooked to perfection with rosemary and lemon marinade - with roast potatoes, asparagus and carrots, accompanied by a splendid '98 vintage Châteauneuf du Pape. Her step-daughter-in-law, Bessie was wearing her Mon Cheri, Tony Bowls evening gown, to show off her superb figure in rich stunning fuschia taffeta. Fabulous one shoulder evening dress with gathered details at waist and stunning be-jeweled design.

Sarah smiled to herself, reliving the memory of their unexpected love-making in the kitchen that morning whilst preparing the vegetables. She had frequently thought about making love with Bessie, but never believed it would happen. Well, it did! So unexpected and vigorous. And such a delicious tasting vagina. Astonishing really. Sarah's loins were still smouldering with lust at the memory. Bessie was looking radiant. Sitting on George's right, Sarah noticed how her husband could hardly keep his eyes off Bessie's boobs. Well, they were worth staring at! She guessed, like herself, Bessie was without bra. Freedom! And more than a little wickedness.

Bessie was feeling slightly inebriated and mischievous. Her unforeseen sudden sex with Sarah that morning had fueled her latent desires, which still persisted deep inside her belly. She had never believed that another woman's pussy could be so delectable. Her evening gown showed off her figure to the full, the soft fabric clinging to her heavy breasts. She was aware of George stealing envious glances at them as they chatted, wondering if he was feeling turned on by the viagra yet. She would have liked to feel at his trousers under the table to find out if it had worked. But, patience! It was said that it could take between fifteen to sixty minutes to work!

It had been an inspiration to suggest to Sarah that they put a drop of liquid viagra into the men's champagne. Although Bessie had been doubtful about it, Sarah had jumped at the idea.

'Where on earth did you get it?' she had asked.

'On line. Pretty expensive stuff, but I'm told it works well.'

'Well, we shall see.' Sarah had laughed. 'It should liven up the evening.'

'It won't need more than a couple of drops each.'

'The way my love life has dropped away,' Sarah commented, 'I'm not so sure.'

'Mine too. This morning's Christmas fuck was okay - but more of a duty I think.'

Sarah laughed. 'Well it should make a change from talking business all through the meal.'

'Ho ho! Don't you believe it.'

On George's left was their business manager, Jane. She had been invited to join them. Sarah was glad about that. Janet was a single lady in her mid-thirties. She looked very attractive in the John Lewis satin crepe evening dress in deep ecru. It has a gentle cowl neckline with an embellished shoulder and chains that hang down gracefully. Slightly empire line in shape, it has gentle gathers around the bust, a v-back and a stunning fish tail train. Her grandson James was clearly attracted by her. It was some time ago that Sarah and Janet had spied on a couple making love in a car, in their car-park. They had been so turned on that they grappled in each others knickers, forgetting the couple in their own sexual encounter. They were now regular lovers.

Jane had been so delighted to be asked to join the family. At the age of thirty-six, she had remained single, pursuing her career. This year, her parents had decided to spend their Christmas on a P&O Cruise in the Mediterranean on Arcadia. And why not? To be looked after and enjoy the warmth of the Med in their advancing years, was warmly applauded by their only daughter. Having mentioned this to George, he had immediately insisted that Jane spend Christmas with them. Which she was more than happy to do. She loved this old mansion house. And the people in it! George had also tasted the delights of Janet's body! More than once!

They had gathered before dinner in the adjoining reception room with its heavily draped old-rose brocade curtains and collection of arm chairs, settees and gilded chaise longues suitably protected with throws, around a coffee table, set before another log fire, dancing its flames up the open fireplace. The serving table was filled with cut glass and decanters of spirits. There was also a serving platter of toast fingers, with a dish of butter curls on ice, and a dish of caviare left over from lunch.

Whilst George had laid and lit the large fire during the morning, making sure the large room was warm and cosy for the evening, Sarah and Janet had prepared the rooms for dinner in the late afternoon.

Sarah and George had been the first to arrive at half past six. Two ice buckets were filled with Moet et Chandon champagne bottles. George opened the bottles expertly, leaving them in the ice to keep chill. Sarah looked absolutely stunning in her charcoal-gray Amanda Wakeley silk, Japanese belt dress. It was pure luxury and very flattering for Sarah's fairly tall elegant figure. She looked every inch a distinguished Duchess - though only a Lady of the manor! As ever, George was a handsome figure in his evening dress tails and white tie.

After the family had arrived, Jane greeted them with hugs. She hadn't seen them since the summer. They immediately started talking visitor numbers and other business. As they all chatted about English Heritage and their plans for the forthcoming season, Bessie poured the champagne. Before she handed glasses to the men, Bessie managed to slip in the viagra unnoticed, using the entrance of Sarah with the Loch Fyne oysters to distract the others.

'Prepared by my own fair hands,' Sarah announced as she placed the two silver salvers on the large coffee table. 'Two dozen oysters with lemon slices. Enjoy!'

'Gosh,' said Henry. 'Beluga caviar and Chablis for lunch, now oysters and champagne for starters.'

'I think the ladies are trying to get us in the mood,' George laughed, already feeling pleasantly sexy, showing an interest in Bessie's provocative dress. He and Sarah had already enjoyed their Christmas morning sex - another tradition! - but he was still feeling unusually sexy. More so than he had felt for quite some time. He put it down to the general ambience of the get-together for Christmas.

'Good!' Bessie announced. 'It may help to give a lift to Henry's libido. If it needs a luft!' she laughed. 'Me! I'm always available!'

Henry's eyebrows shot up, but he said nothing. Sarah gave Henry a wink. 'So am I.'

They stood around the coffee table, scooping the oysters onto small plates before squeezing a slice of lemon over them, then, holding the shell between thumb and second fingers, tipping them into their mouths, followed by a generous amount of champagne. Murmurs if approval followed the eating of the oysters. Bessie replenished the champagne glasses, adding a further drop of viagra to the men's.

'Excellent! Well,' George had said, ' shall we eat?' And Sarah hooked into Charles's arm as they sauntered into the dining room, except for Jane, who had gone to the kitchen for the heated hostess trolley and the main course.

'You're with me Charles,' Sarah smiled, 'if you don't mind being with a gran,' leading him to the table. George and Sarah sat at either end of the table with the other ladies either side of George and the men either side of Sarah.

'You're the most attractive gran in the world,' Charles had said with a grin. 'Stunning, in fact. You look like my mother's younger sister. I shall call you Aunt Sarah - or just Sarah.' Sarah laughed. She was flattered that a nineteen year old should pay such a compliment. On an impulse she leaned over to kiss him on the lips before joining Jane to help serve.

'Thank you, darling. Flattery will het you a long way.' As she kissed him, a glance down at his lap had surprised her. As clear as day, her step grandson had an erection pressing against his trousers. Something was beginning to work.

Charles was a student at college in Oxford, studying Modern English History and Art, in readiness for taking over the family mansion one day in the far distant future. In is second year he had one or two girl friends, but no-one steady. He was far too young. Just wanting to play the field, and being the grandson of a baronet was a big advantage in the sex stakes.

Jane moved round the table putting plates of carved venison in front of them, whilst Sarah placed the vegetable dishes on the trivets at either end of the table. George and Janet had got into another exchange about business. She would need to street the conversation away.

'Tuck in,' George said. As Sarah moved to her chair, she gently stroked Charles shoulders, smiling down at him.

Now, as they helped themselves to the food, tucking in to the excellent haunch of venison, Sarah looked round the table with a feeling of deep satisfaction and anticipation. They all looked very elegant and dignified in their evening dresses. High class! No outside observer would guess what wicked thoughts were going through their minds, though. Well, hers anyway. The viagra seemed to be starting to work. The men were all looking furtively at the women's breasts, as they forked food into their mouths.

Sarah looked down casually again at Charles's lap, sitting by her side. He had managed to adjust the position of its contents so that it was upright against his belly. Even so, plans for the future were still the topic of conversation between Henry, Jane and George.

'Hey Charles, is that what I think it is?' she joked, looking down as she forked another piece of venison into her mouth.

'All yours Sarah,' he whispered. To her surprise she blushed slightly, making Charles laugh. 'My God, Sarah, you are a very beautiful lady. Any red blooded male would give his eye teeth to get into your knickers. I know I would.'

Sarah laughed out loud. The others turned to look at her, interrupting their conversation. 'Your son, Henry, is trying to chat me up.'

'Good for him. That makes two of us, if dad doesn't mind,' filling his mouth with food. 'I say father, this is splendid venison.'

'Be my guest and enjoy it whilst I attend to your wife. I'm rather partial to a nice piece of plump breast.'

Bessie laughed as she leaned over to George. 'Partial to my breast, you mean,' she said placing her hand on George's thigh, trailing a finger into his crotch and over the stiffness inside his trousers. He was taken aback by her forwardness, though with knife and fork in his hands, there was nothing he could do to stop her. Her eyes twinkled at his.

Janet appeared with the hostess trolley filled with plates and serving dishes. On a sudden impulse, Sarah leaned over as she stood, placing the palm of her hand over Charles's lap, with a light squeeze. 'Mm, feels good and stiff, Charles,' she smiled knowingly. 'I'll come back for more later,' she added as she went to help serve the food.

'I bought Henry a beautiful fully illustrated copy of Kama Sutra for his Christmas present. I thought it might give us some new ideas about sex.'

Janet laughed. 'Ah, but you need a good supple back for most of those positions - and be something of a contortionist.'

'The best aphrodisiac I've been told,' Sarah said, 'is a different partner.'

'Oo, yes please, Sarah. How about sharing your George with me?'

'Only if I can watch.'

'Why not? I always secretly wanted to be a porn star.'

'I can suggest a new attraction for the next season,' Sarah announced as she placed the dishes on the table. All looked at her in expectation, as they continued eating. 'The staff car park at the side of the house is used by some of the local gentry for dogging at week-ends. Perhaps we can market that possibility.'

There was a stunned silence. Henry laughed. 'Is that true? You mean cars turn up there for the drivers and passengers to have sex with others?'

'Absolutely.' Sarah told him. 'They swap around.'

'How do you know?'

'Our CTV security cameras pick up the action. I thought you knew, George.'

George, who had personally experienced the activity one evening while Sarah was in London with Sue, wasn't aware that his wife knew about the happenings. He cleared his throat. 'More wine folks.' As he stood to pour the wine, he had to adjust his trousers to avoid his embarrassing erection being too obvious. He wasn't aware of course, that the reason for his unexpected erection was the vaigra. But Bessie had noticed it.

'Are you a voyeur, Janet?' Henry stroked the top of her back, touching the bare flesh.

'I used to watch my parents having sex. They didn't know I was there of course. Thought I was asleep. Besides, they were too absorbed in what they were doing to care about me.'

Bessie turned to George, as she helped herself to vegetables. 'What about you, George? Do you enjoy watching others fuck? In the car park perhaps?'

'Many years ago, he told them, 'I was in the stables playing when the stable lad came in with the kitchen maid. She was and plump, but had wonderful breasts I remember. As a younger man I was very curious about them. And the lad had a mighty weapon. She was very noisy.'

'What were you doing in the stables? Sarah enquired. 'Or shouldn't I ask?'

Janet laughed, cutting her meat into smaller portions. 'Playing with himself I suppose.'

'How did you guess? It was even better when watching them shagging. I was thrilled. I had the best come to date.'

'That's nice George. Is it for sharing?'

'Hey, Bessie! Behave,' her husband laughed. But he too, was quietly adjusting his stiffening penis against his belly as Jane watched out of the side of her eyes. He turned to smile at her.

When George leaned over to fill Bessie's glass, he had a good view of her breasts, almost spilling the wine in excitement.

Henry was amused by this chatter, busy spooning vegetables on his plate. 'A porn star, Bessie? I never knew that.'

'Ah, there's much more about me you don't know, Henry,' Bessie wagged her fork at him.

Sarah took up the idea. 'That's one of my fantasies - to watch George fuck another woman. That would be really interesting.'

George laughed. 'Really, Sarah? I never knew that. Perhaps it can be arranged.'

Bessie smiled at him, fork poised to fill her mouth with food. 'That's what I wanted for Christmas. A new cock. Preferably a spurting one.'

It was Janet who responded. 'Well, the Ferguson family are all well endowed in the menswear department - or so I believe.' George looked in surprise at Janet, fork spearing a potato. 'Isn't that right, Sarah?'

'Well... Not enormous, like some of the freaks you see on the net, but a good thick seven or eight inches. Very filling darling.'

'My favorite toy,' Bessie told them. 'The only one a woman never tires of. What do you say Janet?'

'Yes please. I could play with a lovely warm, thick cock for ever.' She looked across at James. 'Do you follow in the family tradition, James?'

'Probably. Feels like it right now,' he laughed.

'Mm,' Sarah added. 'I can see it straining at the leash.' She turned to Henry on her other side, looking down at his lap. 'You too, if I'm not mistaken,' she laughed.

'Well, James, there's one thing you've learnt this evening - that when women talk about sex, they're much dirtier than men.'

'Huh!'Bessie retorted. 'All you men want is get inside a woman's knickers, give her a hard shag, and come as quick as you can.'

'Yes!' Sarah agreed, placing her cutlery on her now empty plate. 'Impatient!'

Jane stood suddenly. 'Empty plates folks. I shall stack the dishwasher while George ogles Bessie's boobs.' She started taking the dirty dishes from the table, stacking them on the hostess trolley. Henry stood to help her.

'I'll give you a hand Janet.'

'Where?' she laughed.

James by this time was feeling extremely turned on with all the sexy talk. After all, he was a red-blooded nineteen year old and was easily provoked. He decided it was time to join in the frivolity, and add something to shock. A display of his goods to Sarah. Keeping his eyes on her face, he leaned back in his chair, then slowly and provocatively, lowered the zip of his trousers, reaching inside to withdraw his erect penis. Sarah's eyebrows rose as her eyes fell on the magnificent manhood protruding from James's flies. It was big and beautiful! Pale and stiff as a rod of iron.

'Good lord, James,' was all she could think of saying right then. She was impressed. Did he really fancy fucking me, she wondered. But then, why not?

Keeping his eyes on Sarah, James slowly drew back the foreskin to expose the large mauve head. Sarah's mouth went dry. She was mesmerized by it. Such a fine example. He must be very proud of that, she thought. As she got up from her chair to go to prepare the coffee, she dropped quickly onto one knee, pressing her puckered lips against the tip of the proud, arrogant column of flesh. It jerked for her. She slid it fully into her mouth for a quick taste, before standing again.

'Very tasty. Better put that away for the time being, Charles. You certainly have my attention from now on. I shall enjoy handling it later, darling.'

George had also stood to freshen the wine glasses, but his curiosity got the better of him. After all, Bessie had been flaunting her breasts all evening. Standing behind Bessie, he placed his free hand on a bare shoulder, allowing it to slide down over the swelling until his fingers hooked under her left breast, thumb caressing the large nipple. Bessie looked over her shoulder with a smile.

'Do they meet with your approval?' Bessie asked. George smiled back at her as Sarah paused on her way out, standing behind her husband, watching his hand exploring Bessie's breast. Smiling down at Bessie, Sarah put her arms round George's waist and kissed his neck.

'Dirty devil,' she whispered in his ear as her hands slipped down to his trouser front, trailing over the stiffness within. 'My my! Such a naughty boy George. Let's all see.' Sarah deftly lowered his zip, reaching inside to grasp the object of Bessie's interest. As his stiff cock came into view, Sarah murmured her approval. 'Nice one, George. Better than this morning.' Sarah held the cock towards Bessie's face. Leaning over, she took the head of the cock in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down a few times, relishing in the feel of cock in her mouth.

'There darling. You may borrow mine for a while - and perhaps I can borrows yours later.' Sarah laughed as she continued into the reception room where the coffee was quietly bubbling, James following to set out the coffee cups. Besides, he wanted to be with this rather forthright, elegant lady.

Janet returned with Henry, each carrying a tray of cranberry and orange fool, with walnut shortbreads.

'Oh, with all the promising chat in there, I forgot the dessert, 'We'll have it here folks. I think a nog of cointreau would go well with this George. Stay where you are, I'll get it. It's already poured.'

While George had settled on a chaise longue with Bessie, Jane and Henry passed round the dessert. Sarah placed a liqueur glass of cointreau in reach of them. James stood to eat his with Sarah beside him. Henry and Jane perched on another chaise longue. Quiet music played in the background, as the flickering log fire with three standard lamps gave the room a soft glow, accentuating the beauty of the evening gowns in the romantic setting.

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