tagIncest/TabooThe Video Camera

The Video Camera

byL.A. Wicker©

Gary Adams looked at the tiny video screen and saw his gorgeous mom, Danielle, but everyone called her Dani, standing by the kitchen sink and doing the morning dishes. "Smile beautiful!" he said with a big grin as he slowly zoomed in on her tight, 36-inch ass and hips. "You look great today and I have you all to myself!" Gary added with a bigger grin and was so glad his dad and nurse were gone for the entire day.

Dani saw Gary coming towards her with his camera and she couldn't help but laugh. She got him the camera for his last birthday and it was on her day and night. "Oh lord, I have to put up with you chasing me around with that thing all day!" she replied with a laugh and wondered why her son had such a fixation on her. She knew that it was very common for a boy to have a crush on his mother, but he should have grown out of it by now and Gary hadn't.

Gary smiled and lifted his view from mom's ass, up to her pretty face and she smiled at him. His mom was a babe and there was no denying that. She stood around five-foot-eight-inches tall and weighed about one hundred and thirty pounds. Dani had light brown hair, with blonde streaks, that went to the middle of her back and she always kept it tied back. Her face was beautiful and reminded Gary of an angel. Her smile could warm any room and her blue eyes could melt ice.

"You know you like it and I don't know why you won't admit it?" he replied and pointed the camera back down to mom's ass and the very tight, dark-blue workout shorts she had on today. They were stretchy cotton and looked as if they had been painted on her body. Mom never wore anything like this until now and was getting bolder by the day. He knew that mom was starting to like showing off for him and loved being the center of attention.

"I'll never tell!" she said with a half smile and a sexy wink, but Dani saw that he was looking at her ass again and shook her head. "Hey bud, my face is up here!" she added, wiggling her ass for him and figured that she'd burn in hell for playing this way with her son, but it was fun and she loved Gary hanging around with her so much.

Dani's husband, Paul was in a massive car wreck two years ago, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down and her with no man or comfort at night. She so dearly missed being held, being kissed and being made love to. Dani and Paul had a very, very active sex life and it ended with the click of her fingers.

He laughed and kept shooting her ass. "I know where it is, but I love seeing your ass in these shorts mom and you are so fucking hot!" he moaned and reached down to rub his cock, not caring if she saw him or not.

She saw Gary rub his cock and Dani only wondered if he was as gifted as his father. She knew he was big, but never had the pleasure of seeing him. "I'm glad you're enjoying them and I figured you would!" Danielle said with a smile and felt her nipples getting hard. Hard for her handsome son, Gary, but he couldn't give her what she needed and it pissed her off.

"How sweet, you wore just them for me!" he teased and mom's face turned a warm shade of pink.

She just looked into his eyes and hoped she could resist taking this any farther. This was bad enough and over the last two weeks, she started to have very odd cravings for him and didn't know what to do. "Who else would I wear them for, silly?" she laughed and shook her head. "I do wonder about you at times," she said and went back to the dishes, knowing Gary had the camera on her ass and taping it.

"I think you look awesome and I thank you for making my day!" he said and put the camera on the table, but made sure that it was pointed to mom's ass and Gary walked over to her. "You planning anything today or just the normal, boring crap?" he asked as he walked beside her and brushed against the side of her ass.

She felt Gary and like normal, he was as hard as a rock and Dani knew she needed to stop this. "I'm not sure, is there anything that you'd like to do?" Dani asked with a smile and he pushed against her again, but this time, Gary kept himself pressed to her and he wasn't moving. "Besides trying to film your mom's ass or rubbing yourself all over me?" she said with one of those motherly tones of voice and lifted her eyebrows.

He laughed and moved away from her. "Sorry, I wasn't trying to be nasty; I just forget that he's hard all the time and that's all." Gary said, but he was lying out his ass and mom knew he was too. He loved touching and being around mom. She was hot as fuck and he loved playing with her.

"Yeah and um...why is he hard all the time?"

"Because of you, woman! Mom, you are hot as fuck!"

"You shouldn't say or think that way about me." Dani said with a frown and washed a plate. "I am your mom and I understand how guys can feel about their mom's, but Gary, you're eighteen and um...,"

"So what, mom! I love being around you and you do have to admit...we have a blast and I think that you get excited too!"

She heard him and smiled to herself. "I have fun, but I don't get excited." Dani lied and hoped he didn't see it.

"Oh, yeah right! Just like right now...your nipples are so hard, you could hang a dish towel on them and it wouldn't fall off!" he laughed and mom quickly glanced down to her very excited nipples. "See, I told you they were hard!" Gary said as he brushed his cock against her and he went back to sit at the table.

"Maybe I'm cold or something else got them excited."

He laughed and knew it was at least eighty in the kitchen. "Who got you excited?" Gary laughed and figured that she was lying.

"I think that is none of your business!" Dani laughed and could feel her damn nipples getting harder by the second.

"I think you're a liar, woman and you need to confess!"

"Never in a million years!" Dani smiled and saw Gary had his camera on her ass again. "Is that the only part of me that you enjoy?"

"I love all of you, but you always find a way to turn from me and I never get a chance to tape anything else, but you're ass."

She laughed and turned around to face him. "Is this better, my horny, perverted son?" Dani laughed as he quickly picked up the camera and pointed it to her breasts perky, C cup breasts. "You are a crazy kid and you should go see a doctor!" she teased and stood, as he zoomed in on her big breasts and she saw him point down. Gary had his camera zoomed in on her pussy and it made her feel funny inside. "What are you doing?" Dani asked, but she knew and her pussy was starting to tingle.

"I'm filming you." Gary replied with a soft voice and he had a nice close-up of mom's pussy.

"You've got it pointed between my legs and um...on my privates."

He laughed and smiled. "You're the one that turned and asked if this was better?"

"I did, but I didn't think you'd point it straight in and not care if I saw you or not!"

"Would you like me to try and hide that I'm filming you?"

"I really wonder about you sometimes!"

"Mom, I just think that you're very pretty and I love taping you."

She shook her head at him and didn't know what to say. "Well, let's try not to be so bold, ok? If you want to film me, no close ups of certain things and um...try to remember that I'm your mom!" Dani said with a warm and loving smile, hoping that he would find a new hobby and give her some peace.

He looked at mom and wanted to laugh. "I will mom." Gary said and smiled, but he was still going to tape mom twenty-four hours a day and enjoy every inch of her body. Mom didn't need to know that every room and every phone in the house, had a camera and the phones were taped. "I'm going to go catch a shower and shave. Be back in a few," he said, picked up his camera and went to clean up for mom. She loved a man to smell good and to be clean shaven.

"I'm going to call Tina and see how she's doing." Dani said, as Gary walked to give her a hug and he was careful not to rub his erection on her, but it gave her an empty and lonely feeling. "Have fun and remember I love my men to have a smooth face!" she added and couldn't believe what she just said to her son. Dani used to say the very same words to his father and it meant that she was horny.

Gary laughed and he remembered. "I'll shave and you be sure to share some juicy secrets with Tina!" he said under his breath and ran to check his computer. He walked into his room, locked the door and turned on his computer screen. Mom was on it and she picked up the phone.

Dani flopped on the sofa, dialed the number and heard a soft voice. "Hello."

"Hi Tina, how's my favorite sister?" she asked Tina and laughed. Tina was Dani's only sister and best friend.

Tina heard Dani's voice and she smiled. "Well hello and how have you been?" Tina asked and quickly refilled her coffee cup. "Has Gary gotten tired of the camera yet or are you still being taped all of the time?" Tina asked with a laugh and wished that she had a handsome son just like Gary, to chase her around the house with a constant hard-on.

Dani laughed and rubbed her left nipple. "Yes and he's getting much bolder too! This morning, he had it zoomed in on my pussy and didn't even try to hind it, Tina!" she said, twisting her nipple and wondered if Gary had a camera on her right now.

Tina couldn't help but laughing at her sister and the fact that Dani didn't realize what a great opportunity she had. "I still don't know why it bothers you so damn much. He's just a young man that loves his mother very much and from the way he acts, I'm sure he'd be willing to help you with those feelings you get at night, Dani!" Tina said with a laugh and she heard Dani growl.

"You fucking pervert! I still can't believe what you said the last time I called you!" Dani said, as she fought to hold in a laugh of her own and thought of what Tina said, but she couldn't make love to Gary and Tina needed to hush her mouth.

Tina smiled and could see Dani's face turning red. "So, he's young, horny as fuck and he loves you, Dani! What more do you want? Let him fuck you to death and enjoy every fucking second of it!" she said with anger in her normally soft voice, but Dani was such a hardhead and she wasn't giving this proper thought.

"I can't fuck my son and you need to stop this talk!" Dani said and this is the very reason that she hadn't called Tina for such a long time.

"Oh hell, who's going to know, but us and I won't say anything, Dani! Go for it, like you did last year and enjoy him! You deserve it Dani and just think of how much he loves you. You'll never have anyone love you like that again and you need to do this!"

Dani sat listening to Tina and when she brought up last summer, Dani moaned and felt a spark in her pussy. "Oh you bitch, why did you bring that up? You know how I feel about it!" she said with a long sigh and reached between her legs.

"Oh stop it and do as I say, woman and go for him! I was right last time and I will be again!"

"How I can forget what I did to that pizza guy? I raped him for over two damn hours and I came so many fucking times, I lost count and every time I'm having a problem with Gary, you just have to bring it up!" Dani said and she was getting mad now, but she also knew that Tina was right about everything else and this was killing Dani.

Tina laughed and she wanted her sister to let go and enjoy her loving son. "Well, it's up to you, but if I couldn't get out to find a cock to suck and fuck...I would be all the fuck over Gary and I'd fuck his god damn brains out!" Tina said with lust, as she thought of her handsome nephew and the fun she could have with him.

She listened more and like always, Tina was right again. Dani's husband had been the Governor of the state and running for congress, when he was hurt and could never go anyplace. "I don't think I can go that far, but I've been wearing skimpy clothes and letting him video me lots more than I was before," she whispered into the phone and heard Tina giggle.

"See, that's good start sis and I'm proud of you! How skimpy are you dressing and do you let video you being sexy or taking a bath?"

"No, he hasn't seen me taking a bath! Damn, you are a mess and I can't believe I'm even telling you this!" Dani laughed and knew she had to stop this, but it was so fun and she knew that she could stop it at any time.

"Turn up the heat Dani and have fun! He'd fuck you stupid and if all else fails...think of that kid you fucked and the fun you had doing it!" Tina laughed and quickly hung up on Dani. "I hope you fuck that poor kid and make his life complete!"

"Oh you bitch!" Dani laughed and reached down the front of her shorts, thinking of Gary and his cock rubbing on her today. "I wonder where we get these crazy, crazy ideas?" she smiled, closed her eyes and tried to imagine Gary making love to her.

Gary got out of the shower and couldn't get to his computer fast enough. Mom and Tina hadn't talked to each other since he had the phones bugged and the new cameras put around the house. He watched and listened to her entire conversation with Tina. "Wow, ol' mom isn't Miss Perfect after all and now, I have what I need to persuade her sweet ass and make her fuck with me!" he laughed and hated to do this to mom, but after he thought about what Tina said, she was right and mom should let him fuck her. "I'll make a CD of it and tonight, when we snuggle to watch a movie...she'll get to see this and I hope that she doesn't try to stab me!" he laughed and hated to do this, but Gary needed his mom and he wasn't waiting anymore.


Tina's perverted words filled Dani's mind all day long and she teased the shit out of her poor son, Gary. She let him video all day and all he wanted. She was bending over in front of him, letting him zoom in on her body and Dani was on fire.

While having dinner, Gary had the camera zoomed on her upper body and the beautiful silk blouse she was wearing, giving him a perfect view of her hard and excited nipples. He looked into the view finder and something crossed his mind. A show they watched last year and it turned mom on, big time and it would be a better way to tell mom about the CD he made of her. "Mom, let's make our own version of the show you liked called, 'Video Confessions'! I'll ask you things and you have to answer them or take off a piece of clothing!" he said and mom choked.

"What?" she asked, after clearing her throat and took a drink of her wine. "We can't do that and you know it!" she hissed at him, took another big drink and gave him a shameful look. "Plus, what if his nurse came down for something and happens to hear us? And, I can't strip in front of you!" Dani said as she took another drink, but his idea was hot and that damn show was one other reason why the pizza guy got raped.

Gary smiled and he could see that mom was thinking this over. "We can go to my room, lock the door and um...as for stripping, I guess you have to answer any question I ask you!" he said, watching mom's face and she had a warm glow tonight.

Dani was horny as hell and wasn't sure if she should go to his room or not. She was very close to giving in and if he pushed, she may fall. "I don't know, baby. I've let you do too much as it is and um...," she said, but Gary cut her off and he held her hands.

"Come on, mom. I think it'll be a blast and nobody will see it, but me and I'm not telling!"

Dani just shook her head and gave him a smile. "The things I let you get away with and do to me!" she said and knew her face was red, but it felt good and she was excited. "I can only strip to my bra and panties, no more!" Dani added with a whisper, as she pointed to Gary and made sure he understood.

"That's fine with me, but can I ask you anything and um...I mean anything?" he asked, loving the confused look on mom's face and she would understand soon enough.

Dani knew her son and Gary was a pervert. She thought, figuring he would just ask her about sex and maybe her college days. "I'm sure that I'm going to regret this, but why not!" she said and he gave her a kiss, but not the kind of kiss a son gives his mother. He kissed her on the mouth and quickly slid his tongue in.

He grabbed mom and gave her a long, deep kiss and the shocked look on her face, was priceless. "Thank you, mom," he whispered moving away from her mouth, but stayed close enough to share each others' warm breath and he kissed her again.

Dani was startled by Gary's actions, but they also turned her on and her pussy was on fire. "Easy big boy, I don't think you should kiss me that way and what if his nurse saw you?" she asked, but Gary just smiled and the shit kissed her again.

"I wanted to kiss my mom and my best friend. Is that so wrong?"

Dani heard Gary and her heart warmed. "You think of me as your best friend?" she whispered, caressed his face and Dani kissed him.

Mom kissed him and Gary wanted to crawl inside her. "Heck yes mom, you're my best friend and um..." he whispered, brushing his lips across hers and mom tried to suck his.

She loved being kissed and Dani had way too much wine tonight. She kissed him and before Dani could think, she was trying to suck his lips. "And what?" Dani asked, as he brushed his hips over hers, trying his best to turn her on and it was working.

He kissed mom and ran his fingertips over her face. "I wish we could be more," he added and gently kissed her again.

She kissed him and knew this had to stop or Dani wasn't going to his room. "I'm sorry sweet-heart, the law has a dirty word for that and we'd end up in jail," she said and slowly pulled away from Gary.

He smiled and took a bite of his food. "I know, but I wish we could and I think it would be so hot, don't you...mom?" he asked and her face turned pink.

"You are a dirty boy and you shouldn't say or ask me such things!" Dani replied with a frown and she did wish that they could do more.

"Maybe I will ask you again later, when we make our show and um...you'll have to answer me or um...," he said and just looked into her pretty eyes, watching them sparkle and she just smiled in return.

"You are a nut case!" she laughed and knew this was bad. Gary was going to kill her with his questions and Dani was already on fire.

He took another chance and had to ask her something. "Hey mom, I was just thinking about the show and if you have the right to keep your panties and bra, it won't work and I can't pressure you, like he did those women and that's what made it so damn hot! They had to answer or get naked!"

She took a deep breath and didn't know what to say. "Gary, let's go one step at a time and see how things go, ok?" Dani said and was ready.


Dani was sitting in her son's room, in a plush chair and drinking wine. "Tell me your name." Gary said as he sat across from mom and he was getting a hard-on.

"I'm Danielle, but everyone calls me Dani,"

"Why are you here tonight, Dani?"

"Because, I love being videotaped and um...I'll tell you anything you ask me." Dani said, as she looked at Gary and he was making this just like the show.

"You'll tell me anything I ask and if you don't...you have to take off a piece of clothing and give it to me. Do you understand, Dani?"

"Yes," she said, looking at Gary and Dani saw the front of his pants sticking up.

"Are you ready to get started or do you want to run and put on more clothes?" he teased and saw that mom put on a bra.

"I did it for you. I said that I'd strip to my bra and panties. I didn't have a bra on at dinner, but um...I'm sure you already knew that," she said with a low, lusty voice and sipped her wine.

"I did happen to notice that and thanks for putting one on." Gary said, shifted his pants and mom could see just how hard he was. His cock ran down the side of his pants and it made a tent. He saw mom looking and Gary had his first question for her. "Mom, do you like what you see and how big I am?" he asked and her face turned red instantly.

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