The videotape


I had no idea the my girlfriend was so kinky. I had been dating Brandy for a couple of months, and the sex had been great. Brandy liked to tease me for a long time before she fucked my brains out, working me up to a great climax. What she really liked was to have me cum all over her. She loved for me to unload the entire contents of my balls all over every part of her body, especially her face and tits. That had been a lot of fun, but I was not at all prepared for what she wanted me to do now.

Brandy was quite a voyeur, and she loved taping our sessions and watching them together while she jacked me off and fingered herself. Of course she loved watching me shower her with my cum, which would usually inspire me to cum all over her again. But now she wanted to video tape me cumming all over another woman. At first I didn’t know what to think, but then Brandy told me who it was that she wanted to video tape me with.

Andrea was well known throughout the high school. She was and average looking girl, with a slightly heavy build. Andrea was about the same height as I, with shoulder length brown hair. What set Andrea apart from every other girl in school was her chest. She had a massive set of 42 DD tits that she kept encased in bras with at least four clasps. As far as anyone in our school knew, no one had had the privilege of laying their eyes on that splendid rack. Andrea was the girl Brandy wanted to tape me with.

Brandy and Andrea had been friends since elementary school. I knew that they hung out often, but I had no idea that their friendship was like this. But I was definitely looking forward to having my way with Andrea’s enormous melons. Brandy set the date for that Friday night, when her parents would be out of town. She seemed even more excited than I was as we fucked that night, and she made me promise that wouldn’t masturbate the entire week until my encounter with Andrea.

The week crawled by, with Brandy holding firm to her promise not to get me off. It was made even worse by sitting in class with Andrea. She caught me a couple of times staring at her enormous tits, and would give me a shy smile before looking away. By the time Friday night rolled around I was horny as hell, and I arrived at Brandy’s house with a raging hardon in anticipation of having my way with Andrea’s big tits. Brandy had me come in and wait in the living room. I could see in her eyes how eager she was to get this show on the road. She went upstairs to get the camera and to let Andrea know that I was here.

Brandy came down the stairs first, and went to the corner of the room to start taping. She grinned at me and told me to look over my shoulder. I turned and saw Andrea come from around the corner. She was wearing a white button-down shirt and a pair of white panties. The sight of her hard nipples through the silk shirt caused my dick to begin throbbing again, and she licked her lips as she looked down and saw the bulge in my pants. Without saying a word Andrea walked over and stood in front of me. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her deep cleavage, before she shrugged of the garment in one swift motion.

Andrea stood in front of me with her massive tits on display. They hung down and away from her body perfectly, like enormous teardrops. Her nipples, already hard, stood out about and inch, surrounded by areolas the size of saucers. She slowly cupped them in her hands and held them out for me, looking down and smiling. “Go ahead, their all yours tonight.”

I reached up and ran my hands over every inch of her mountainous titflesh, kneading and squeezing them. Andrea let me maul her tits for a few minutes, her mouth open and breathing heavily as she watching me through half-lidded eyes. I leaned forward and gently bit down on one of her huge nipples, causing her to moan and push me back onto the sofa. She quickly straddled my lap, rubbing her crotch against my hard cock as she lifted one of her big tits to my mouth. She grabbed the back of my head with her other hand, and ground her pussy against my hard cock as she fed me her tits. She shoved first one and then the other into my hungry mouth as I licked and sucked her enormous mounds all over. Andrea was gasping and moaning as I ravaged her tits, whispering to me to lick her tits all over and to bite her nipples. She began to grind on my lap more violently, causing her tits to bounce and jiggle, when she grabbed my head and pressed me between her big tits as she cried out. Andrea orgasmed as I reached up and pressed her tits around my head, rubbing her expansive titflesh all over my face.

After she came Andrea put her hands on my shoulder and began moving back and forth, slapping me in the face with her huge melons. I tried to catch her nipples in my mouth, nipping slightly and causing her to slap me even harder with her big tits. Brandy had gotten up from her chair across the room and had moved right beside us to capture all of my boob munching on the tape. She was cheering Andrea on as she beat her big boobs against my head. I was in heaven as her two mountainous tits were rubbing, bouncing, and jiggling against my face. Andrea pulled back suddenly, reaching down and grabbing the waistband of my shorts. She yanked them down, allowing my throbbing hard dick to spring free and slap against her tits. She groaned and started to beat her tits against my cock, smearing precum all over her rippling titflesh.

I groaned and began thrusting my cock up in between Andrea’s swinging tits. She leaned forward, completely smothering my cock with her tits, and looked up to shove her tongue into my mouth. My hands went to her tits as hers went to my head, and our kiss continued to build in urgency as I pumped my cock between her tits. Andrea broke the kiss, and sat back on her knees, breathing heavily. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them around my cock. She looked up at me, her eyes filled with lust. “Is this what you want? You want to fuck my big tits? Brandy said that would soak my big titties with your cum.” I responded by grunting and bucking my hips into her cleavage, sending a gout of precum splashing from between her tits. “Oh yeah, stud, fuck my beautiful tits! I can’t wait to see you soak them down in hot cum!”

Andrea slid her huge knockers up and down on my drooling cock as I continued to pump precum into her cleavage. Watching this girl fuck my cock with her titties was almost too much for me to take. Brandy had the camera focused on the action, and her other hand was inside her shorts. I reached over and cupped her crotch with my hand to feel her finger herself, causing both girls to gasp and moan. My balls were beginning to tighten, but I didn’t want this to end yet. I told Andrea to get up and sit on the couch. We rearranged ourselves, and I stood with my dripping cock pointed right at her tits. She cupped her tits in her hands, holding them level with my cock, and I took my dick in my hand and rubbed the swollen head around on her hard nipples. Andrea moaned as I teased her nipples with my drooling cock, smearing more precum all over her tits. Brandy kept moving around us, making sure she captured the action from every angle. After fucking her nipples I took my cock and started slapping her big tits, causing them to ripple and jiggle in her hands. This sent Andrea over the edge and she cried out. “Yes, spank my big titties! Spank them hard with your big dick!” Andrea came hard as I cockslapped her tits.

By now I was ready to cum, and the precum was flowing freely from my cock. Andrea’s tits were shiny and wet, and I stepped forward and rammed my cock in between her tits. She squeezed them around my dick as I put my hands on her shoulders and started to pump as hard as I could. Andrea was gasping and moaning as I pounded her tits, and Brandy found a great angle to film as she knew what was going to happen next. I looked over at her and she quietly mouthed the words “Cum, baby, cum all over her tits”. I groaned and thrust once more between Andrea’s beautiful tits and sent a geyser of cum shooting from between her cleavage. She squealed as my cum splashed back down on top of her tits. I stepped back and fisted my cock, sending another rope of cum flying, this one slapping her tits and splashing across her chest. Andrea had her own orgasm as I continued to jack off on her tits, sending more spurts of thick cum all over her juicy tits and nipples. I milked the rest of my cum out against one of her rock hard nipples as she came down from her climax.

“Oh my god, that was amazing,” she breathed, as I rubbed my still hard dick around on her sperm covered tits, smearing my cum into her enormous breasts. Brandy looked down at her, smiling. “Oh, he’s not done just yet, girl. This guy is a cum machine. I bet you’ve got another load to give her don’t you?” she said as she reached down and massaged my balls. I was just able to manage a moan as I pushed Andrea back onto the couch. She laid down and I straddled her, shoving my cock between her tits and slowly started pumping. Andrea grabbed my ass as I reached down to squeeze her cum slick tits around my hardon.

I looked down at the spectacle beneath me. I was determined to take my time and enjoy fucking Andrea’s amazing tits. I alternating between pumping her cleavage and rubbing my cock on her hard nipples. I would stop fucking her tits and she would slap her tits around my dick, rubbing them up and down the length of my throbbing cock. Andrea came three more times while I slowly fucked her tits. Brandy caught it all on tape, moving all around the room so she could watch me fucking Andrea’s tits from every angle. We went at it for a good half hour or so before I could feel the cum churning in my balls. I pulled out of her tits and started beating her tits with my cock. Brandy knew I was getting ready to explode. She told me to kneel next to Andrea on the floor, and she took my place straddling Andrea, giving her a great view down of Andrea’s big tits.

I started jacking my cock as both girls begged for me to cum. Andrea arched her back and leaned toward me, cupping her tits in her hands as if she was offering them to me. I pressed the swollen head of by cock into her nipple and exploded. Andrea gasped as my cum sprayed onto her nipple and splattered all over her breast. “That’s it, cum on her tits for me! Jack off all over her tits!” Brandy yelled as she fingered herself to orgasm. I pulled away from her nipple and sprayed a rope of cum against her tit, where it slapped into her breast and ran down into her fingers. I bucked my hips and pumped my cock, shooting two more spurts that looped across her chest and drenched her massive tits. I aimed my dick a little higher and shot my cum into the air where it rained down all over her tits. Brandy reached down and milked the rest of my cum from my cock, smearing it on Andrea’s nipples as both girls slowly cam down from their own orgasms.

Later that night Brandy and I watched our tape. She had done an excellent job filming. She jacked me off twice.

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