tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Vikings Ch. 02

The Vikings Ch. 02


"Inga - vent!"

There was something in the insistence of his tone that made her wait, despite not understanding his language.

Leif quickly grabbed her hands and tied them behind her back; they nestled nicely in the small of her back, just over her curvaceous, inviting, bum.

He kissed her on the back of the neck.

"Kirken!" he said to her and his band of men; she understood she was to lead them there. She was reluctant to do so, reluctant to endanger her village, but with little choice at the point of a Viking sword, and under the spell of this tall and powerful warrior.

After a brief walk they arrived at a mound overlooking the small, stone-built Saxon church. They all knew the women and children had sought sanctuary here, but Leif was no murderer. He wanted a quick and easy prize, or two...the second and best prize being this beautiful young wench.

He held her waist, she felt his muscular presence and hot, meady breath on her neck, sensed his desire, and her own. Dear God, how would this end?

Leif appraised the situation. He ordered a band of ten men to evacuate the church, frighten the weak or young or female into running away, and kill any man who dared to resist.

He and Inga watched from the hill, until his men signalled for them.

They entered the broken wooden door, with the sounds of the fleeing and defeated around them. Three dead Saxons lay on the ground, two soldiers and a priest, the latter clutching his Bible and a gold, jewel encrusted crucifix. His eyes stared lifelessly upwards, and his blood seeped onto the cold, stone floor.

Inga gasped and choked, turned to bury her face in the chest of this dangerous stranger. She sought comfort and relief from the terror around her.

Leif responded by holding her and stroking her long, red hair. He was surprised to feel his blood pumping into his cock, to feel desire at a time like this was unexpected, but pleasant indeed.

He ordered his men to take the most valuable treasure as quickly as possible, and return to the boat. He would deal with the woman...

His men looked at him with a mixture of greed and envy, but hurried about their task and soon left the two of them alone.

Leif strode back and forth before the primitive alter, took the crucifix from the priest and raised it heavenwards.

He sought the approval of Odin and his countless lost brethren in Valhalla.

He felt a rage and a lust that was overpowering; his final reward was to come now, before he had to return this beauty to her kind.

He forced her to lay across the alter, held her bound hands behind her, lifted her flimsy skirt and freed his stiffening cock.

"No!" Inga cried, "Please!"

He took one of the alter candles and moved around in front of her, presented his cock to her soft red lips and waited for her to perform.

She sobbed, and hesitated.

Hot wax dripped onto her naked bum.

"Sug!" commanded Leif.

Inga dutifully took his member between her lips, licked him, sucked him, looked at him with tear-stained eyes and tried to avoid more dripping, hot wax on her tender young backside.

Each chafe of teeth on his cock caused fresh drops of wax to fall.

Inga was surprised to feel her quim becoming moist as the wax fell and Leif's cock filled her mouth.

Once hard, Leif withdrew from her mouth and extinguished the candle on her pale and delicious arse.

"Ayah! Bastard!" she cried.

And thought, "Fuck me now, please."

Leif moved behind her, held her down, took some of the holy oil for anointment and let it trickle between her cheeks; dipped the still warm candle into oil and pressed it slowly into her anus.

"No! Please! Not that! Aarghh!"

Slowly the tip of the candle disappeared, stretched her slowly, deeply, until only the wide base of the candle was protruding, a thumb's length.

Leif took her hands, lifted her head by pulling back on her hair, and thrust his cock mercilessly into her cunt.

A simultaneous moan of pain and pleasure escaped their lips.

Each thrust pushed the candle deeper into her anus, Inga feared that he would damage her, but was surprised to enjoy the sensation of being totally penetrated. In fact, she almost wished she had another cock to suck...

Leif breathed heavily, oh God please don't let him come yet, mm if only I could rub my clitoris, she thought.

Leif contained himself, and withdrew, wanting to feel this girl's hot arse around his member before he came. Wanted to fuck this Saxon arse and let her live to tell the tale of the potent Viking invaders who would take what they wanted from her and her kind.

He spread her thighs around the corner of the alter, allowing a fine view of the candle penetrating her anus, but happily for Inga this pressed her clitoris onto the now warm and slippery surface.

Her breasts and nipples too enjoyed contact with the oil, through her flimsy but coarse clothing.

She gasped, as he swiftly withdrew the candle from her, felt the cool air of the church enter her stretched and aching hole.

He pressed into her anus, slowly, slowly, she gasped as his cock passed the outer ring.

"Aaah no! Stop!" she cried as his cock head butted against a tender inner sphincter.

Leif was unsurprised at the tightness but found the hot roughness of her arsehole to be incredibly exciting. He smacked her bum and she involuntarily relaxed to allow his cock to penetrate fully.

He slid slowly back and forth, enjoying this new and ecstatic pleasure.

There was no stopping them now, Leif fucked in a wild frenzy, so unusual to see his member disappear into her in this way. So hot, so rough, so slippery, so good...

Inga's clitoris was being pounded into the alter, this pagan penetration aroused her as she knew it would, she was close to coming, would she be able to feel his warm seed inside her...?

With a roar, Leif came, and Inga felt his hot come deep within, she bucked her hips and rubbed her clitoris onto the alter until she too shuddered in a powerful orgasm.

Leif was surprised again as her strong internal muscles clenched around him and prolonged his orgasmic contractions.

Finally, both spent, he slipped from her behind, and covered himself. He took his dagger and cut through her bonds. He admired the beauty of this hot, wet and violated Saxon arse, one last time.

He smacked her cheeks as one would a faithful horse, and turned and headed for the door, clutching the golden bejewelled crucifix.

Inga panted for breath and wanted to rest awhile, but saw her future disappearing. She

lifted herself from the alter, felt the hot come of a stranger drip from her violated anus, felt the heat of the candle burn, felt the tingling of her cunt and a post orgasmic euphoria.

"Leif!" she cried, "Wait!"

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