tagIncest/TabooThe Villa Ch. 03

The Villa Ch. 03


The characters in this story are all over eighteen and the age of consent, sex if it happens is consensual. UK English is the rule if the spellings Mum or colour annoy you, don't go any further, for the rest enjoy.


Following the directions given, Jack directed Chloe to the house behind the dunes. Chloe drove the scooter at a good pace without speeding and was able to follow Jack's shouted instructions faultlessly. They arrived at a small Villa like their own, with brightly coloured lanterns strung on two lines from the gate to the veranda. the wide front was flattened soil with here and there an odd shaped stone slab. to one side sat a car, dusty and slightly tilted to the drivers side. Opening the gate they paddled the scooter in with their feet. Jack hopped off and closed the gate as Chloe pulled the little machine up onto its stand.

The door opened and the girl Olvido stared out, smiling she looked happy and bright.

"Hola!" they shouted together,

she nodded back, "Hola! come in Mum and Dad are in the kitchen, Antonio and I are setting the table in the garden."

She ushered them in and directed them past the lounge into a reasonable sized kitchen in which the parents were moving round each other like a pre-rehearsed ballet as they completed the cooking.

"Hola! Jack and Chloe, welcome to our house. Please go through to the garden we will eat outside," he gestured to the rear door, where Antonio's head appeared with a huge grin on it.

"Hola! Jack and Chloe," said Antonio, gazing in awe at Chloe.

"Hola! Antonio," they chorused.

"I brought some wine, it's from the local supermarket, I hope it will be ok!" said Jack thrusting two brown paper wrapped parcels.

"Candela, this is from your brother's place, think it will be alright?"

"Pepe, you rat, it will be fine, or I'll be over there getting a refund," Candela laughed and took the wine from Pepe.

"Out, out, this kitchen is too small, outside. Olvido, can you get our guests a drink whilst we finish, what would you like? we have beer, wine or maybe an aperitif, perhaps."

"Wine for me," said Chloe, "Jack want a beer?"

"Yea sure that would be great."

Outside a large table had been decorated for the six of them, with salads and fruits already set out. Antonio had asked Chloe to sit next to him and his Dad Whilst Jack was to sit between Olvido and Candela. They spoke of school and their holiday plans. Antonio said he wanted to play on the beach all day, every day. They laughed and relaxed.

"Well it seems our children have become quite the good hosts, amusing our guests whilst we work hard in the kitchen,"Pepe smiled and ruffled Antonio's hair. Settling on the other side of Chloe he pulled the open wine bottle towards them, "More wine Chloe?"

"Yes please, it's delicious, is this your brother's Candela?" she asked.

"Yes, although we've had this around for a while waiting for a special occasion, so it's a treat for us." she raised her glass.

"Olvido, as it's a special occasion, do you want to try some?" Pepe raised the bottle to Olvido.

"Ok daddy, if you want me too?"

"Here, sip it slowly and make it last, don't rush it and enjoy." He poured a full measure despite Candela's tutting and sighing.

"Antonio, you are a bit too young for this, however, as it's a special occasion, a little in the glass with water is okay."

Pepe poured a small measure into a wineglass and topped it up with some cool clear water from an earthernware flagon.

"Like Olvido take small sips and make it last, if you don't like it just leave the glass alone and drink your fruit juice."

Antonio nodded, lifted his glass and raised it up,

"To Jack and Chloe, for being the best couple we have met and Mum and Dad for the best meal of the week and to Olvido for just being beautiful," Olvido blushed as the others repeated the toast, but smiled broadly at her little brother.

As they raised their glasses together and sipped a special wine laid down for several years they drank in the life and heat of a Spanish Summer.

"Come on eat up, eat up, before it spoils, children help our guests," Pepe passed plates and trays around as they helped themselves and enjoyed a hearty family meal.

Later they sat in some comfortable chairs set in the garden and watched the moon rising over the trees at the bottom. Eventually the children were sent to bed amid much protesting. The adults settled into a quiet conversation as they each explained the best parts of their homeland.

"Chlo, are you sure you want to drive home, you have had a few glasses of wine now?" Candela said as Chloe sipped a coffee, "we have a spare room and we can make up a bed, Jack there's a couch in there too".

"Don't worry Candela, it's not far, we'll walk, it will do us good after all we've eaten, that was an amazing meal, thank you both so much, we've really enjoyed ourselves haven't we Jack?"

"Sure, that was absolutely fantastic, the best meal we've had in Spain and we've had a few now. thank you both so much." Jack rose and executed a regal bow.

"The sofa's very comfortable," said Pepe, "I've slept on it a few times when we've had an uncomfortable night," he winked at Candela.

"Pepe, Candela, it's ok, we'll walk back, then tomorrow we can come down to the beach and pick the scooter up on the way home. Now I must just pop to the bathroom one last time," he walked out to the corridor towards the bathroom.

Having said their good nights the pair set of up the footpath to their Villa, the footpath ran up and down but cut their journey time back by half. On the way Jack told Chloe a tale from his last term at University she roared with laughter and said she wished she'd been able to be there to see him fail in a way that was so epic. He chased her along the path, trying to grab her boobs as she tried to grab his cock. They made it back to the Villa and stripped of and lay in Chloe's bed for the first time together.

Falling asleep they were woken by Maria walking in naked with three steaming mugs of coffee and some freshly baked rolls. She sat down and they told her of their new friends and the nights events. Maria sighed and said she wished she had a brother or that her sister would come back home.

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