tagIncest/TabooThe Villa Ch. 07

The Villa Ch. 07


The characters in this story are all over eighteen and the age of consent, sex if it happens is consensual. UK English is the rule: if the spellings Mum, arse or colour annoy you, don't go any further, for the rest of you enjoy.


Maria wandered back to her home after her final job, walking in to find a note from her mother, who had decided to visit her sister for a couple of days. She looked through the cupboards and fridge to see what she and Lola could organise for their evening meal. Lola walked in and sat at the kitchen table, taking her shoes off and massaging her feet.

"What a day, where's Mum?"

"She's gone to see Aunty Vikki, left this note," Maria pushed the note across the table, leaving Lola to read it as she made some coffee.

"Well that's a bit sudden, I know Mum and Auntie Vikki are close, but they seem to be happy with a weekly phone call."

"It doesn't say there's a problem, but it does seem a bit rushed, oh well, there's a few bits and pieces in the fridge we can use, or we could walk down to the village and eat at the bar."

"I'm fairly tired, let's just put whatever on the table and open some wine and just relax, I really don't want to rush around getting ready to go out again, is that alright?"

"Lola, that's fine, anyway I need to talk to you, so it's good to be at home so we can relax."

Lola raised her eyebrow and looked at Maria.

Maria sat opposite Lola and pushed her bare feet across the stone flagged floor.She gazed at her elder sister and thought hard before almost whispering,

"Lola, tell me what you really are and how you think about me, you know physically?"

"Maria, I've never made any secret of how I am, how I feel about you,but, as you are my younger and prettier sister, I won't make any attempt to touch you sexually, unless you are clear you want me too. You are my best friend, my sister and I love you for it. My sexual feelings are another matter, and I don't intend to share those with you at the moment."

"Why not, what holds you back, why have you never tried to touch me other than as any sister would, what do you want from me?"

"Maria, my love, I am your sister first of all, that is far more important to me than anything else. Not seeing Mum for a year was torture, not seeing you would be death."

"But, what is it you want from me, what can I offer you that any man can't? I don't understand what it is you need from me, a sign, a word what?"

"Maria, what I want is for us to be the best of friends, sisters, together always. That is what I want. I can't see any man giving me the love and kindness, the joy of life you give me, I can't say more than that." Lola looked Maria deep in the eyes and smiled. "You do something to me inside, I can't describe it, ever since you were a baby I have loved being around you, holding you, kissing and hugging you, bathing you when you were little. Dressing you for school or to go to church, it was never a chore always a lovely thing to do, I can't think of life without you."

Maria smiled and moved her toes over Lola's feet, "But there's more isn't there, come on tell me, you're gay aren't you? You told Mum that just before she threw you out. Come on I'm a big girl now, talk to me, tell me, be honest with me." she pushed her toes into Lola's feet and scraped the nails down the soft skin.

Lola screeched and moved her feet. "Yes, yes I'm a lesbian, I found out at school when I was about eighteen I made out with Consuela, you know the big girl in the top year, above me. She came on to me and I found I liked the feel of another women touching me, I didn't have much up top compared to her, but she said she wanted me, I got to feel her tits, they were massive, and I loved the smell of her pussy, it was like nectar and musk and oh just everything. We just groped each other and kissed a bit. Then she left to go to university and I was out on my own. So there you have it." Lola looked down at the table.

"But that's not all is it; is it dear sister?"

"That's all I'll say, except, it's no fun being like I am in a small village, word gets around, so I keep my self to myself, it's safer that way."

"And your true feelings for me are what, what is it you really, really feel for me?" Maria's eyes flashed and Lola sat back startled.

"I can't say, I daren't even admit it to myself, leave it Maria, please just leave it be!" Lola stood and the chair clattered backwards.

Maria stood too, "No not this time, I want you to tell me the truth, tell me Lola, say it out loud, go on say it."

"No, no, no I can't you wouldn't understand, I'd lose you, I can't bear that! Please, please leave it alone, please Maria, please I beg you, leave it."

Maria came round the table and grabbed Lola by the arms and shook her,

"Say it, say it to my face, go on say it, what you're thinking, tell me!"

Lola's shoulders sagged and her breath became ragged and deep, tears ran down her cheeks and she held onto Maria's arms, she sobbed uncontrollably,

"I love you, but not as a sister should. I want to hold and kiss you, run my hands all over you, lick you, make love to you. I want to eat your pussy and suck on your tits. I get wet watching you walk around naked after your shower and I want to rub your beauty cream all over you so I can touch every inch of you. I love your smell, I love your whole being. To be honest I'd crawl a hundred metres over broken glass just to watch you piss. There are you satisfied, are you happy now you've humiliated me, do you feel better now."

Lola sagged more and Maria held her weight as she lowered her to the kitchen floor, watching as her sister curled into a ball, sobbing and shaking. Maria sat down by her side and then lowered her body over Lola and pressed herself against her. Finding Lola's hand she wrapped hers round it, trying to lace their fingers together. Lola sobbed uncontrollably. Finally Lola's sobs became intermittent then she lay there with just an occasional little gasp. Maria lifted herself off Lola and still holding her hand began to stroke her hair.

"My darling sister, I had no idea you felt so passionately about me, I don't deserve you. You are so kind and loving and yet here you are hiding such a terrible dark and lonely secret. I am flattered that you think so much of me, I don't deserve such passion, such love. I always loved you as my beautiful older sister, you were perfect. How I longed to wear a bra like you, to have breasts like you. I watched you shave your pussy and so wanted hair to grow on me so I could shave too.

I wanted to be as tall as you or have clothes like you, or sing and dance like you. I always looked up to you. I still do, nothing will ever change that. I am so sorry to have pushed you like this, I never meant to hurt you, I will try not to again. I want to be with you forever, to be around you and see you smile and laugh and sing again. I was so lonely whilst you've been away. It's only since you've been back home in my life that everything has been safe and warm and light and... Oh everything."

Maria leaned against Lola again and kissed her cheek.

"Lola, my darling, I've never had a boyfriend, or a girlfriend. I know nothing of love or anything, so I don't know what to say or how to respond to you. I know I love being with you, and seeing you and holding and hugging you. But I don't know if that's love like a sisters love or something more. I would be devastated to lose you now. Life is unbearable without you, but I don't know what it is I feel. Please Lola, be yourself with me, if you want to kiss me kiss me. Touch me, love me, but please don't hide from me."

Maria lay back over her sister and held her hand, the other hand still stroking her hair. Lola lay quietly and felt the warmth of her sister moving through her.

"Maria, my darling, I tried to keep my feelings to myself, it would be more than I dare ask for, that you could love me as a woman, not just as my sister. I only want to love you, not hurt you, I'm so afraid, afraid that you will reject me and find any excuse not to near me, if that happens I really will die."

"Shhhh Lola that will never happen, whatever my feelings, I will always love you as a sister, that I promiise. Now stop crying and we'll sit up and dry our eyes and go and sit together in the garden and enjoy the Sun til it goes down, come on."

Maria sat up and began to pull Lola up, they struggled to their feet and then feel into a hug. After a while Maria kissed Lola's face, near her nose, then again a little lower until with the third kiss their lips met.. After a few seconds their mouths opened and they pressed together in a lovers kiss. Maria suddenly broke away and giggled then returned her mouth to Lola's. they began to dart tongues into and around each others mouth.

Maria pulled Lola to her and Lola's hand strayed from Maria's back to her buttock. Maria felt Lola's hand move across onto her buttock and murmured into Lola's mouth, pushing her body a little harder against her sister. Eventually they parted lips and began to peck at each other. Laughing they pulled apart until they were joined just by their hands,

"Well," said Maria, "now that doesn't feel so bad does it?"

Lola looked at her sister with lust in her eyes,

"For God's sake don't tease me now. Do you really like this, can you feel your heart pounding, your pussy getting wet, what is going on?"

"Well my hearts certainly pounding, but why don't you find out how my pussy's doing?"

Maria parted her legs slightly and grabbing Lola's hand pulled it under the hem of her dress onto the outside of her knickers. Cupping Lola's hand, Maria pressed the palm against her mound feeling her sisters finger flexing along the mid line of her crack. She moved her hand away leaving Lola's to explore her treasure. Lola's other hand moved to Maria's breast, as she brought her face into Maria's again. Suddenly Lola emitted a low growl as Maria's hand found her breast and began to squeeze and release it. Making little circles around it before squeezing again. Lola's finger found it's way to the edge of Maria's knickers and she slipped her hand inside.

Maria stepped back, and reached under her dress, pulling her knickers down she stepped out of them and back towards Lola. Reaching down she lifted the hem of Lola's dress and found her panties too. pushing firmly she lowered then to the floor, and Lola stepped out of them. Lola reached for Maria and the sisters came together again, but this time Maria's hand went beneath Lola's dress and snaked round to Lola's arse. Lola pushed against her sister as Maria's small hand began a slow sensual slide over her sisters buttock, as the other covered her sisters breast again. Lola began to push herself against Maria, feeling the lips of her pussy opening and the sweet juice she was making beginning to seep down her leg. She bucked and heaved against her sister, losing herself in the mounting crescendo of her impending orgasm.

Maria's hand pressed between Lola's buttock and touched her pink rosebud. Lola jerked against her sister, as Maria moved her hand to the front of Lola's pussy and her finger pushed against Lola's clit. , sliding in the juices she slipped between her lips and entered her, Maria crouching slightly to ensure her finger fully entered Lola's vagina. Lola screamed and threw her head back , Maria, bending to lick and suck on Lola's skin by her throat. Lola stiffened then her knees began spasmodically thrusting, forcing Maria's finger in deeply and out again. Maria bent her head lower and placed the mound of her sisters breast in her mouth and sucked. Lola went over the top and jerked and heaved against Maria, before screaming Maria's name again and again. Slowly she stopped and slowed, reaching down she pushed Maria's face off her breast and her hand from her crotch.

"Please, no more I can't take anymore, I've never cum like that in my life, I ache, but I feel so good. My God you're amazing, I just took off there, darling baby sister have you ever done anything like that before?"

"Never! Was it okay, did you like it, I loved it, wow that was incredible, I came without you touching me much, I got off on your orgasm. I came too." Maria grinned and pulled her sister too her. They hugged and kissed and held hands. Finally Maria pulled Lola to a chair and sat on her lap.

"Lola, my darling, I don't know if I'm gay or Lesbian, whatever it is you are or call yourself, but I do know I love you and I want to be around you and I want to do that again, a lot. I don't want to ever hurt you, but I am so elated at the moment, I don't know what's what. except I know I need to be near you."

"Maria, hush, this is not a problem is it. You accept me as I am, you love me for who I am not what I am, that is so precious to me, let's just see how things go, no pressure for either of us, agreed."

"Agreed, big sister."

"Now I need a shower, would you do my hair when I finish?"

"Only if you do mine too, let's go in together, like when we were little and you washed me and dried me." Maria's eyes sparkled.

"Okay, I gotta pee, are you joining me for that?" Lola eyed her sister. daring her, just as she did when they were younger.

"Yes I am, last one there gets peed on." Maria pushed Lola and ran for the stairs, Lola screeched and grabbed Maria's dress, yanking back and watching Maria lose balance and touch the wall. Darting past she hit the stairs, only for Maria to tap her ankle with her outstretched hand, Stumbling Lola felt Maria try to pass her, rising she blocked her sisters route and squeezed her against the wall. Pushing off the squealing girls rose together and headed up the stairs. reaching the top Maria half turned to Lola and pulled her dress up. Reminded that she had no knickers, Lola grabbed for her dress to pull it down, leaving Maria to let go and grab the door handle for the bathroom. Inside Maria pulled her dress over her head and began to unhook her bra. Lola screamed in and manically pulled her dress and bra over her head. the two girls looked at each other, the toilet and both made a dash for the seat. They collided and sank to the floor in front of the toilet, Maria feeling Lola slide over her, grabbed her sisters thighs and hung on. Unable to stand, Lola tried to push Maria off her, feeling her breasts in her hands. Maria pulled Lola to her and began to lick her belly. Lola screamed with laughter and let go of Maria's breasts, trying to escape the tickling tongue on her belly. Suddenly she stiffened and frantically told Maria to let go, but it was too late, a stream of piss escaped from between Lola's pussy lips and began to spray over both girls. Maria howled with laughter as the pee soaked her belly, but just then a stream of pee escaped from between her legs, soaking Lola's legs and feet.

As the two girls calmed down they looked at the pool of pee around them and their wet skin, looking at each other they started laughing again. Lola ran her hand across the pool of pee and flicked it at Maria, who splatted her hand down and splashed Lola. Slowly they calmed down and helped each other up, they found some old towels and carefully cleaned up the pool of pee, then they found the bucket and mop and took turns to wash and clean the floor. They trooped downstairs naked and bundled the wet cloths into the washing machine. Adding powder and conditioner they set the machine off and walked back upstairs, holding hands. Lola turned the shower on and the waited until it came up to temperature. Stepping in they began to slowly and carefully wash each other.

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