tagIncest/TabooThe Villa Ch. 08

The Villa Ch. 08


The characters in this story are all over eighteen and the age of consent, sex if it happens is consensual. UK English is the rule: if the spellings Mum, arse or colour annoy you, don't go any further, for the rest of you enjoy.


Shortly after midnight a taxi arrived outside, but Maria and Lola were both deeply sleep, so they missed their Mother's return. Julia opened the door and carried her small case into the kitchen. Locking the door and putting on the small light over the oven. Kicking her shoes off she sat at the table and massaged her feet. Smiling she stood and hefted her case from the floor, turned off the light and walking quietly she made her way to the stairs.

Depositing the bag by her bed, she undressed and pulled on a short nightdress, found her slippers and padded to the bathroom. Sitting down she sighed as she released a thick stream of piss into the toilet, patiently waiting for it to die away. She half stood and passed a piece of tissue from the front of her pussy to her anus. She dropped the used paper into the toilet and flushed. Straightening she came to the washbasin and washed her hands and cleaned her teeth.

Walking back to her bedroom, she paused at the girls room. slowly opening the door she peered in. The pale moonlight showed both girls naked in Lola's large bed, Maria's bed lay made up but unused. Draped across each other they lay soundlessly dreaming, their hands touching. Julia, felt a tear well up and withdrew from the room, finding a tissue on her bedside table she wiped her eyes and blew her nose. Perhaps it was this or another sound, but her bedroom door opened and both girls appeared and came to their Mother for a hug and a kiss. they sat either side of her on the bed and asked how her visit had gone, how was Auntie Vikki and their cousins. Julia placed an arm around the girls and gave them a brief outline of her visit and said they would talk more tomorrow. They kissed her again and slipped off to bed.

Julia came down in the morning to find both girls showered and dressed. They had begun breakfast and she could smell eggs cooking and rolls warming. She watched the girls efficiently and carefully lay the table and set out the preserves and fresh butter. Smiling she clapped her hands and they turned and smiled as she entered the kitchen. Sitting her down they produced fresh coffee and fruit juice and joined her for breakfast.

Once breakfast was over they joined her in the garden, as the warm sun bathed the area and the scents of the flowers and scrubs began to appear.

They sat in the long swing chair and gently moved the seat backwards and forwards..

"So Mother, how is Aunt Vikki really?" said Lola, eyeing her Mother.

"She's well but, oh dear!l Jose is not as well as I expected, he is very sick and poor Vikki is at her wits end. The Doctors don't know what's wrong with him and he seems to be weaker every day." Julia sniffed and Maria patted her knee.

"Mum," said Lola, "Do you need to go back and take care of Auntie Vikki, sounds like she needs you there too,"

"I would go, but Vikki is insistent she can cope, your cousins Alba and Christina are helping out and taking care of the house so Vikki can nurse poor Jose, so I would feel a bit in the way."

"But you're very worried aren't you?" Maria said.

"More than I can say, I need to think for a moment as there's something I need to say and I must somehow put it in the right way."

Maria and Lola looked across their Mother and shared a "What" moment with their eyes, Julia unaware sat back and reached for their hands.

"You know that Vikki, Jose and I go back a long, long way, we were children together and Vikki and Jose moved to their home many years ago."

"Yes Mum," the girls chorused, confused on where this was leading.

"Well, they had to move because the family disowned them, Mum and Dad refused to have anything to do with them. Your Grandparents refused to acknowledge Alba and Christina, never sent a birthday present, Christmas present, or anything."

Julia looked at the girls with tears in her eyes,

"Vikki, Jose and I were Brother and Sisters, but Jose and Vikki were so much closer to each other than to me. Oh they loved me, their little sister, but they were in love. Mum and Dad threw them out, there was a huge row, I was about sixteen, Vikki was nineteen and Jose was twenty two. My world fell apart, the most precious things to me were torn away. I didn't know what to do. My parents told me that they were cutting off the cancer of their deviant children. they called them animals, depraved, perverts. They gave them two days to leave before Dad contacted the Guarda Civil to arrest them. Luckily Jose had been planning to leave and just accelerated the moment. They left without word and disappeared. I never saw them for four long years.

I had just about given up hope when a note came to say there was a parcel for me to collect. So I walked into town and the parcel was Jose and Vikki, I was overjoyed, we cried and kissed and hugged. They swore me to secrecy but gave me their address, it was the house where they still live. And I would write and phone when I could and keep them up to date with the family. They came to Mamma's funeral, but hid and laid flowers after everyone else had gone. Papa saw them there the next day but he didn't remove them, in fact I saw him pick them up and kiss them, before laying them back down on the grave."

Julia began to cry quietly and tears fell from Maria's eyes. They held their Mother tightly and continued to rock the seat with their heels.

"When Papa died they came back openly, as brother and sister, returning from their homes re-united in grief with their families, they met Jao and they liked him and he them. We four had fun then, just before you were conceived Lola. I was with my family again, it was beautiful. You and Alba played together, then Christina came along, then you Maria. But then my world imploded. Jao became ill. Vikki came to stay for a while, but she had to go home, Jose could only take so much time off before he had to go back to work. After your Father died, they came and packed our bags and we had three wonderful months with them. They helped me to get my life back in order, to realise I had Jao around me all the time, in you two, his wonderful gift to me for ever."

Tears streamed down their faces and the swinging stopped as they held each other and lost themselves in the grief of their loss.

"Now my dear brother is dying and my beautiful sister is falling apart. Alba and Christina are just about coping but they too are losing faith in the doctors ability to cure Jose. I don't know what to do, how to help. What is to be done!"

Maria considered her Mother for a few minutes, then looking at Lola said, "Is uncle Jose well enough to travel? could they not come here, where the sun is warmer and they can relax in the clean air."

"Yes," said Lola, "we could clear out the spare room and there would be room for them here. Mum, you saw that Maria and I are sharing a bed, well perhaps Alba and Christina could come here."

Julia looked at the girls, "Perhaps I could share your room, I'm single and it would be fine with me if you wouldn't mind?"

"Mum, are you worried about us, you know, sharing the bed. We're kind of nearly lovers but not, sort of, oh how can I put this, we enjoy each others company and we enjoy being together, we love each other, but well we don't actually , ohh, we haven't really make love that often."

"Well somethings changed in the last two days, and may I say for the better, you both have smiles a mile wide and you seem very comfortable with each other. I saw you in bed last night, you could have been six and nine again. Look, if it will be a problem I'll sleep somewhere else. I don't want to cramp your style. if you two need privacy then I'll sleep in the shower."

Lola grinned, "You'll do no such thing, we're all adults here, if we can't keep our hands off each other for Uncle Jose's sake were not the girls you brought up. This is bigger than Maria and I, this is about our family. Ok it's decided, you sleep in our room. Uncle Jose and Aunt Vikki have your room and Alba and or Christina can have the spare room." Lola kissed her Mothers cheek and reached over for Maria's hand. "Deal?"

"Deal" the other two chorused.

"Thank you, both of you, I love you both so much and this is perfect, I'm going to phone Vikki now, hopefully we can get Jose here and get him on the road to recovery."

As Julia left Maria climbed onto Lola's lap and kissed her. As they separated they saw their Mother standing next to the swing.

"The phone lines busy, but I need to get some things organised, you two stay here, I can see you're busy as well." she giggled and waved as she turned away.

Lola winked at Maria and the pair sprang up and ran at their Mother, grabbing her hands and spinning her round. they hugged her and kissed her, dragging her back to the swing couch.

"Come on Mum sit with us, sing for us, like you used to. It'll be fun." Maria said as they pushed Julia backwards onto the swing.

"Stop it, you pair, I'm busy, there's so much to do, so much to organise, leave me, don't." the last part came out as a squeal as both girls began to tickle her. Julia wriggled and squirmed, flattening onto the swing as they mercilessly attacked her. She slapped at their hands but wasn't quick enough. Screeching and laughing they moved in and out of range, avoiding the swatting, flailing arms of an increasingly desperate Julia, they rolled her over and took potshots with their hands on her backside.

Her skirt had rucked up until it rested on her thighs revealing her round white cheeks, she had stopped wearing knickers after shaving her pussy. The girls began to pluck at the elastic waistband of her skirt pinging it on her backside. Eventually they pulled her skirt up over her belly revealing her plump rear and slapped it playfully. Julia screeched and laughed. Her backside now had a small red mark on each cheek and she felt for the first time in many years a trickle of moisture in her pussy.

"Stop! stop! you'll make me pee myself. I give in please, please stop." she begged.

The girls response was to roll her over onto her back. Julia twisted round, tears in her eyes. The girls saw her clean shaven mound and they couldn't fail to notice the small beads of moisture as she opened her legs to try to push herself up. They redoubled their efforts and Maria stood up and pushed her Mother back down on the seat.

Julia sat back on the swing and widened her legs, revealing herself to her daughters. She didn't bother to pull her skirt down. the tears streamed down her cheeks as her chest heaved with laughter. sitting back she widened her legs even more, then a soft hiss was followed by a steady stream of piss erupting from her pussy.

"Oh Dear, I haven't laughed like that for years, now I'm literally pissing myself with laughter." she looked down at the thick stream surging from her and laughed again, causing the piss to make little jumping patterns in the air. "I haven't peed in the yard since I was ten," she gasped, the piss spurting in time with her laughter.

"Oh Mum that's amazing, you really did need to go," said Maria, staring at her Mother in awe.

"Mum, is it always that thick and strong," said Lola in fascination.

"Yes normally, why is your's so different.?" she said.

Lola stood next to her Mother, bending slightly she reached under her skirt and pulled her knickers down and stepped out of them, bending she picked them up and popped them on the swing, she hoisted her skirt and placed her hands on her bare mons. Using her fingers she carefully peeled open her outer lips, drawing the skin back as far as possible. A short hiss and a jet of piss flew out from her open lips straight out in front of her. Maria and Julia stood transfixed.

"You have got to teach me to do that!" said Maria in open admiration of her big sisters pissing ability.

"Oh my God, that is just unbelievable, " said Julia watching her elder daughter move slightly left and right to send her stream arcing across the dry ground.

Maria pulled her knickers off and tried to imitate Lola's stance, her piss erupting just in front of her.

"Maria, try pulling you lips open wider and tilt your pelvis up a bit, widen your feet." she shouted.

Maria tried to follow the instructions and gradually her stream of piss began to lift higher and fly further, but quickly her stream slowed and stopped.

"Damn, I've run out," said Maria, releasing her lips from her fingers., "ohh, there was a trickle left and it's run down my leg, ughh!"

Julia and Lola laughed as Maria grinned at them.

Sitting down beside their Mother both girls hugged her. She slipped her arms round them and kissed them on the cheek.

"Oh darlings, I hope we can have this much fun always."

A Week Later

The taxi lumbered up to the House and Julia and the girls walked out onto the shaded porch. Vikki emerged from the front passenger seat and waved. She looked like an older version of Julia, but was not so well endowed. The rear doors opened and Alba and Christine appeared. The girls were around Lola and Christine's age, but they looked sadder and had bags under their eyes, as if sleep had not visited for some considerable time. They gave a cursory wave then bent back into the taxi, until emerging on Christine's side the gaunt figure of Uncle Jose appeared. He had lost a lot of weight and his skin was stretched tightly across his frame. His face showed the waves of pain coursing through him as he stood up to walk to the house.

Maria and Lola gasped at the sight of their Uncle, so visibly ill and walking slowly towards them as if each step were agony.

"Oh my God," whispered Maria, "Poor Uncle Jose," she stepped forward then ran towards him, slowing down so that as she reached him she could hug him with as little force as possible.

"Hello darling girl, how are you?" his voice was a whisper, but he had placed his arms round her in a hug. Maria held him gently and tears began to fall down her face. "Shhhh," he whispered, "It's all right, I'll be fine soon, you see, some sun and good food, I'll be fine."

"You will Uncle," Maria soothed, "you wait you'll be digging holes and making sandcastles with us again so very soon."

Maria released her hold and stepped back. Lola, moved in and cuddled her Uncle, as gently as Maria and with just as much affection.

"Hello favourite Uncle, I'm so glad you're here," she whispered in his ear, kissing his neck and feeling his arms around her.

"Hello Lola you beautiful girl, word is you're in love, and she's a beauty like you," he whispered, "Just like her mother too."

"Uncle you're incorrigible, and I love you so much for it." said Lola, stepping back and holding his hands. Maria stepped forward and took a hand from Lola and the two girls walked their uncle round to the rear garden. Settling him a large garden chair, they covered him with a blanket from lap to feet, kissed him and ran back to the front again.

Alba and Christine were taking suitcases from the boot of the taxi and Aunty Vikki was paying the driver. As Alba and Christine finished. Lola and Maria ran to their cousins and embraced. They swapped and embraced again. Kisses were exchanged and Maria and Lola grabbed the two biggest bags and led their cousins in to the house. Taking the bags upstairs they explained the sleeping arrangements. Alba and Christine seemed very satisfied with their room and helped distribute the bags accordingly. Meanwhile Vikki and Julia hugged and kissed as the elderly taxi reversed and maneuvered out of the gate.

They made drinks and all assembled in the garden. Chairs were gathered and the family sat down together.

Jose smiled at the assembled group, "I think I have died and have gone straight to heaven, I am surrounded by beauty, six angels I can see, bless you all." He coughed a little then more and his face reddened. Alba and Christine were on their feet and had a thick paper handkerchief up to Joses face, allowing him to spit into it to clear his throat. Alba found a carrier bag and placed the handkerchief in it. Christine adjusted her fathers collar to free his throat from the grip of his shirt.

"Alright Dad," said Alba, patting where his knee was under the blanket. He nodded and his hand closed over hers.

Christine smiled and patted his other knee and he turned and held her hand too. "It's so nice and warm here Daddy, we hope you get better soon."

"Thank you girls but please don't fuss so much, you should be going to the beach, not sitting wiping your Dads snotty nose." He grinned at them and patted their hands.

"Hey why don't you show Alba and Christine the beach, Vikki and I can look after Jose, we'll organise some food for later and we can eat out here tonight." Julia said smiling at the girls.

"Ohh we didn't bring costumes or towels or anything like that," said Christine.

"Well we laid them all out on the spare bed and forgot them," said Alba grinning. "sorry, can we borrow some of yours?" she look at Lola and Maria pleadingly.

"Come upstairs and we'll sort it out, said Lola winking at Maria. The girls went inside and followed Lola upstairs, they went into the bedroom Maria and Lola shared.

"Look the truth is, the beach we use is a nudist beach, so we don't actually need any swimsuits, is that alright with you?" she looked at Alba and Christine, smiling at Maria.

"Wow, cool, do you have sunscreen, I don't want to burn my ass or boobs," said Alba.

"Don't worry your tits are so small it won't be a problem," said Christine grinning, "But my arse will need loads."

"You've got a lovely arse," said Alba, reaching out and sliding her hand across the material stretched across Christine's bottom.

"Careful," said Maria, "I'll be getting jealous," she reached out and pulled Lola to her and kissed her hard on the mouth.

"Oh my God, " said Christine," so it's true, you as well, well welcome to the secret family, we've been playing around for a few years now."

"But don't take that the wrong way, we don't do it with anyone else, we're lovers not tarts." said Alba.

"However, beautiful cousins, for you we'd gladly make an exception." The girls all laughed, Lola went to find some towels and Maria filled the other two in on her and Lola's relationship, Alba and Christine laughed and hugged Maria, then ambushed Lola as she came back , hugging and kissing her, much to Maria's delight. Lola pretended to fend them off but enjoyed the contact with her cousins.

Leaving the house they set off for the beach, sharing the load in the two canvas bags. Finding a free spot away from the others they stripped and rubbed sunblock over themselves, giggling and playfully swatting at each other. Laying out they enjoyed the warmth of the sun, turning slightly every now and then to make sure the tan was even. Alba and Christine were both dark haired and clean shaven. Alba had very small pert breasts, whilst Christine's were larger. Unlike her declaration her arse was a perfect taut pair of buttocks as was Alba's. Each had a flat stomach and meaty mound. Their tans were not as dark as Maria and Lola's, but the summer sun would adjust that.

"There's a young boy staring at me," said Alba quietly, Christine cracked an eye open, then to focus added the other.

"Bit young," she sighed.

"Alba, Christine, meet Antonio, Antonio this is Alba and Christine." Lola said without moving.

"His sister is Olvido, she's staring at your breasts," said Maria, "She's just starting to get them and she likes to see what's on offer."

Christine and Alba waved without moving, and Antonio and Olvido found a spot on the edge of the towels to sit down, then stretch out.

The sun swung in its lazy arc and moved across the sky, only a few high wispy clouds interfered with its warm rays tickling across the beach.

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