tagFirst TimeThe Villain Ch. 06

The Villain Ch. 06


Cupid watched from on high as the woman tried to discreetly shift through the crowd to get to the bar. Heads turned to follow her path anyway. There was no way this young woman would be able to sneak through an establishment like this. In truth, she would be hard-pressed to remain unnoticed even among the models of a Paris fashion show. Those flat-chested, anorexic, wannabes couldn't help but pale in comparison to this full-figured Latino beauty.

She was proof that a percentage or two of body fat only made the female form more perfect. Of course, the D-cups and full hips didn't hurt either. And all of that was completely independent of the bright red-white-and-blue spandex outfit that clung to every curve to leave no hint of her body to the imagination.

And she had turned eighteen only days before.

For reasons known to very few, Cupid kept a very close eye on the PRA. Oh, he didn't have nearly the penetration of the organization as he would really have liked, but he at least kept track of every scrap of public knowledge they let slip. And it was hard not to know about the baby girl that had been discovered with the ability to float, literally since birth.

Initially, Cupid hadn't taken much interest in her. What did it matter to him if the group that monitored and licensed paranormals had adopted some brat to be officially raised by them? The answer was, nothing more than any other agent he could get info on. It wasn't until a year or so ago that he became aware of how alluring she had become.

Lust was nothing to be scoffed at. All of Cupid's life revolved around the carnal emotion. It was the heart of the strip club he ran and the attached hotel rooms that he owned. And it was the focus of the ability he kept secret from everyone. Oh, there might be a few that had guessed he was a para, but as long as he kept away from the telepaths and power sensors, no one could prove anything.

Then again, someone at the PRA had guessed a para operated out of Cupid's Desires or Sparrow wouldn't have been there right now. That was fine by Cupid, however. In fact, he had cultivated that sentiment very closely, over the last few months.

Shortly after Sparrow had come fully onto his radar, Cupid had quietly sought to discover who her handler was. Once he knew, it was pure simplicity to arrange a chance encounter. After that, her handler had taken advantage of the at-cost drinks that friends of the owner got at the strip club.

As the date of the magnificent heroine's majority approached, Cupid began to use his ability on her handler. Every time a certain dancer took the stage, the club owner shot the tiniest bit of lust straight at the handler's libido. The greater the sensation, the more he would tip the girl. Over time, he gradually increased the effect until, days ago, it must have been great enough that the handler finally realized it wasn't a completely natural effect of the woman's gyrations and unspoken suggestions.

It wasn't an uncommon occurrence for Cupid, though he usually made certain to vary both the targets and the recipients of their attentions. A little here, a little there, and his club had a reputation for having the most alluring dancers around.

Now, Sparrow had been sent to investigate her young handler's suspicions. Just on schedule.

As Cupid watched, the bartender pointed the luscious heroine towards the stairs. Per protocol, she would seek out the owner of the establishment in order to arrange a conversation with the suspect. Cupid pressed the intercom button on his phone and hit the number of his manager's station, back stage.

"Pearl. Please have Ruby sent up to my office?"

"Yes sir, Mr. Cupid."

"Darling. How many times have I told you? It's just Cupid."

"Many, I suspect, Mr. Cupid." Cupid rolled his eyes at the endearing byplay. "If you're in need of some relief, however, I would be more than happy to accommodate you. I think things will run smoothly without me for a short while."

Bless her. Like all things, use of his ability came with a price. While not nearly as potent, Cupid was afflicted with a fraction of the lust he inspired. It was a small boost each time but by the end of the night it could become nearly unbearable.

A few of the longer-running girls had noticed his burden, although they thought it no more unusual than being forced to watch the erotic displays for hours on end. They had taken it upon themselves to help him relieve the tension. It was by no means a condition of working there. He had never even approached a single girl about it. One of them invariably showed up, sometime near closing time, and worked her wiles on him in the privacy of his office. When a newer girl showed up, he knew she had caught on to the action, been set to rights about the nature of it, and had chosen to offer herself.

Cupid found himself a bit disappointed that Pearl might think he would ask for it himself. At the same time, he was flattered that she was willing, even eager, to help him. He considered it proof of how well he treated the girls that they had to work out a schedule to allow everyone who wanted a chance to help. He'd never seen the list, but he'd caught whispers when they thought he couldn't hear.

"No, thank you, Pearl." He responded quickly. "Actually, we have an unexpected guest I believe wants to speak with her."

"Understood, Mr. Cupid. I'll send her right up."

Cupid smiled and shook his head once more. She was a bit incorrigible but he could not fault either her devotion or her capabilities. Without her, the club would never run half as smoothly as it did.

A knock at the door turned his head. Sparrow had vanished into the stairwell just long enough ago that it should be her. The push of another button on the phone unlocked the door even as he called out. "Enter."

Cupid was every bit as susceptible to attraction as anyone else. The door opened and his breath caught. He had never seen Sparrow in person. She was taller than he expected, even though he knew her exact dimensions from his research. She also walked with full confidence in the authority granted to her as one of the most trusted agents of the PRA.

Red boots climbed to her knees but the lack of any significant heel proved the height was all hers. Above that, her outfit shone shockingly white. Somehow, the very purity of the color drew attention to her perfect curves. A deep blue began beneath her arms and traced the upper curve of her breasts to plunge between them like a dagger and further accentuate her perfect figure.

Cupid couldn't help himself. His power reached out to tickle her. The moment he saw her, his need became achingly acute. In a fitting reciprocal of his normal ability, whenever something attracted his desire so strongly, he could not help but reflect a portion of that need on the object of his desire.

"Mr. Cupid. My name is Sparrow. I'm with the PRA and am here on official business."

No one could own an establishment dedicated to desire without understanding the slightest signs of it. Likewise, he had learned early as a result of his own abilities. A small flare of triumph curled through his breast as he watched the young heroine try to cope with her sudden desires, however small.

Muscles low in her body clenched ever so slightly. Her lip sucked in to be nibbled on during each pause in her prepared speech. Her eyes darted about nervously, though he obviously couldn't tell if she instinctively sought escape or looked for any possible witnesses should she succumb. Either way, her focus settled on the window behind him that looked out onto the whole of the club.

"Welcome, Sparrow." Cupid managed to offer without too many signs of the strength of his own desire. "Please, have a seat. And call me just Cupid."

"Thank you." The look in her eyes demonstrated exactly how honest her grateful reply was.

He understood completely. Sitting, they both found themselves less likely to reveal their aroused states. Unfortunately, seated in front of the desk as she was, there was nothing to mar his sight of her as there was her of him. The faux-spandex material of her costume continued to entice him so neither felt a measure of relief from his need.

"How can I help you, Sparrow? Does the PRA suspect I might harbor some super-powered villain?"

"In a manner of speaking only." She quickly assured him, unaware of her increased desire to please him as he pleased her. "It is far more likely that we've merely uncovered someone with an innate ability they were simply unaware of. If there's anything here at all, of course."

"Of course." He agreed. "How may I be of service?"

Cupid added a hint of innuendo, along with the slightest intentional use of his ability, with the offer. He was pleased and heartened to see her breath catch, almost imperceptibly. What surprised him, however, was the way she began to fidget immediately. If he had to guess, either it had been quite a long time for the girl or she had never actually consummated a relationship before. He had suspected she might be a virgin, but he had no proof of it. That would make this conquest that much sweeter.

"I need to speak with one of your dancers. I believe her stage name is Ruby?"

"Of course. I assume you would like to use my office for a private audience?"

Sparrow's flush of embarrassment came as a bit of a surprise to him. After a moment of reflection, he realized the possible, and completely unintended, innuendo. He also realized that her allure only increased when her embarrassment flared. He knew he could easily bring about the same reaction in much more pleasurable ways. That caused another pulse of his ability between the two which very nearly set up a recursive loop when she thought the spike of lust might have come from her own thoughts and caused further embarrassment.

To break the cycle, Cupid quickly stood and hurried over to the door. He knew that to look at the young woman would cause him to lose the last shreds of control. It had only happened once before but a lack of focus with his ability so near meltdown could cause the entire club to devolve into an orgy of desire that only stopped when he finally passed out.

Cupid leaned heavily on the doorknob as he pulled it open and crossed the threshold into his waiting room. Ruby stood immediately the moment he came out. One look at him and she began to advance with a playful glint in her gaze.

As turned on as he was, he desperately wished he could take full advantage of the promises those eyes made. His body hummed with demands that he except her offer and release every bit of sexual tension by making her scream in pleasure. Not to mention release himself as deep as he could bury himself between her thighs. Only two things stopped him. The first was that there was no guarantee that it would corral his perilous control. The second was that he knew he would lose any chance to be with the lovely young heroine in the other room.

Cupid waved Ruby off and collapsed into a chair. Concerned, the dancer hovered over him. She knew his body cried out for her but just as certainly could sense it wasn't really her he wanted. After a few deep breaths, he managed to explain to her who was in his office and what she wanted.

More confused than concerned, Ruby crossed the room and closed the door behind her. Cupid gripped the arms of the chair and continued with his deep breaths. He could think of nothing else but control. Slowly, his pulse came back under control and his body didn't feel quite so hot.

He nearly jumped when a hand came to rest on his shoulder. He hadn't heard the door open and had no clue that Ruby had crossed the room to him. When he looked up, she looked concerned, but not necessarily for herself. It was more a sisterly, or friendly, kind of emotion.

"You okay, boss?"

Cupid nodded. "Yes. I just had to get a bit of air."

Ruby's eyes twinkled mischievously. "I can see why. She's quite a piece of work. I think even Camille would be tempted at that sight. You thinking about trying to hire her? A little extra cash on the side of her real job?"

There was a bit of worry behind the question. Cupid understood it perfectly. No matter how much she might like the girl, or admit her appeal, she would be afraid of her stealing all the best customers. If the Latino heroine did decide to dance, he had no doubt those fears would be confirmed.

"Don't worry." Cupid assured her. "She's not here for a job. Given the high profile nature of the PRA, I don't think even the most misogynistic handler would allow an agent to work at a place as controversial as this."

Ruby's relief was instant and obvious. She nodded and headed towards the stairs. Cupid watched, thankful for something familiar to further help ground him. She glanced back a couple of times and continued her offer to help his situation. He took a deep breath and walked over to the door of his office and opened it a crack.

"Yes sir, I understand......I will sir......Right away."

Cupid opened the door before her voice faded. He imagined that had been her report and could only assume that the young woman had confirmed what he already knew; that the dancer showed no signs of ability whatsoever. What her handler had asked of her, he didn't know but suspected he would find out soon enough.

Sparrow still sat in the comfortable armchair he had offered her. Now, she had her knees pulled up to her chest and her feet on the edge of the seat. Cupid found himself relieved that he was behind her or else the sight of her exposed crotch would have driven him nuts. Instead, the pose endeavored to suggest every bit of youth and inexperience he knew she possessed.

"Is everything okay?" Cupid didn't care. It was a platitude, nothing more. He knew, however, if he simply thrust his power at her and overwhelmed her with desire, he wouldn't get what he really wanted. He had to play confidant, if only just this once, if he wanted her to come back to him begging.

Sparrow jumped in her seat, as if she had just been caught off guard. Her head spun around to look at him over her shoulder. The look of mingled panic, confusion and disappointment was not what he wanted to see, but he knew he could work with it. He had worked through worse in his time without having to resort to his abilities.

Cupid crossed the office under the weight of that accusing stare. As he passed her, his hand dropped lightly to her back, by the nape of her neck, to trail across her shoulder where he lingered a moment before he passed too far away and let it drop. He spun and leaned back against his desk. He was more than a little relieved to see that her ankles crossed and kept her from inadvertently offering herself up on a platter before him.

Sparrow dropped her feet to the floor. Her knees pressed tightly together as they dropped to the edge of the seat, in firm denial of what he knew she must feel pulsing between her legs. Her hands folded in her lap in another subconscious defensive measure. She leaned forward slightly to ask her question.

"Is this a brothel?"

"No, my dear." Cupid smiled gently. "Of course, you might think I would say that to any authority figure but, remember, I know your organization's mandates. You have no authority in this case. True, you could go to the police if I told you it was but let's be honest, it would be your word against mine. In a trial we both know how a jury would lean in the case of a norm against a para."

Sparrow's eyes dropped; ashamed, he assumed, of her own status as a "freak". Just because she had been raised by an organization peopled with those with powers didn't mean they were more enlightened when it came to the abnormal. If anything, the PRA was even harsher on paras as a means to keep them under control despite the vast difference in personal power.

"So, you don't rent out rooms so that the patrons can...can..."

"Make love with the dancers?" Cupid finished for her. He was further enticed by the way she blushed. By the end of the evening, he would see her whole body so flush. "Yes, in fact, I do."

Sparrow's eyes snapped up to look at him, full of shock and confusion that he would admit it so openly. Rather than explain right away, he pushed himself off of the desk and closed the distance between them. He tried not to think of how close his standing position placed him in regards to her full lips but didn't mind if her gaze had wandered down to note how tight his slacks were.

Cupid placed a hand on her shoulder. It caused her to jump once more. Her gaze whipped back up to his, another blush fresh on her cheeks at being caught staring. Rather than acknowledge it, and cause her even more embarrassment, he gently guided her from the seat. In a bit of a daze, not to mention conditioned literally from birth to follow the authority of a norm, she allowed herself to be walked from the chair over to sit at the end of the soft couch against one wall of his office.

"You forget, my dear, that this whole establishment revolves around desire." He explained as he guided her and then positioned himself at the opposite end of the couch, facing her. "Lust is not something to be reviled. It is completely natural. Let's be honest, more often than not it is the foundation upon which love is built. Even when it isn't, love does not feel complete without a healthy dose to lend excitement."

"I wouldn't know." Sparrow mumbled as her hands began to fidget. Although Cupid smiled inwardly, outwardly he only allowed himself a hint of understanding pity.

"I do rent the rooms out, for those couples who find themselves overwhelmed by desire while here. Couples frequently come to the club together, only to become so enthralled that they find themselves too impatient to return home.

"And, yes, often a single patron will find him-, or her-, self needing a room for an assignation with one of my dancers." He continued, but quickly qualified himself. "I won't prevent lovers from offering or accepting gifts with each other, no matter how expensive, but it is no more a requirement than in any relationship. But the only time money changes hands around here is for the room itself or drinks at the bar."

"Or when stuffed in the dancer's g-strings?" It was wonderful to hear the slightly teasing tone from the young woman as she glanced awkwardly at the window that nearly covered the far wall. She was beginning to relax a little.

Cupid chuckled lightly. "Actually, we discourage that kind of thing. The patrons are expected to leave it on the edge of the stage. Actually putting it anywhere on their body is just asking for someone to go to far and grope one of the women. Or worse."

Very slightly, Cupid sent the first intentional brush against her with his powers. Once more, her hips instinctively clenched. She squirmed slightly in her seat. Rather than let her stew, he stood, stepped over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder again. As before, she automatically followed his guidance.

Initially, Cupid felt her relax, now that her position no longer added pressure to the building discomfort between her thighs. Her confusion mounted again when he led her over to the window. His hand slid from her shoulder to the small of her back. The gesture could be viewed as comforting but also worked on her subconscious as a barrier from escape.

"I understand it is not your own curiosity which makes you ask such questions. I have seen a man I have suspected is a PRA handler in the club. I'm certain he has been too concerned over appearances to inquire himself. Instead, you are expected to appear interested where none of this holds any appeal for you."

Cupid maintained the low level of influence throughout his speech. With his parting shot, however, he increased the effect. Even if the dancer on stage had been choreographed, instead of the improvisation that she and many of the other dancers used, he could not have asked for better timing.

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