tagAnalThe Violation of Lena Ch. 4

The Violation of Lena Ch. 4


Lena slept the rest of the day & night, wondering whether or not if the trashmen were going to actually show up the following morning. Like clock work, her doorbell rang at 9:30am on the nose. She opened the door to find not seven of them, minus Rusty, but ten men. There were two more black guys & another white one. The white one had to be at least 70 lbs. bigger than TY & and inch or so taller. They all helped themselves to the liquor behind her parent's elaborate bar except for Mike who unzipped his pants & pulled out his already semi erect cock.

"Get over here & get to work bitch." he demanded as the others laughed. Lena walked over to him, she was in a T-shirt & panties. He pushed her down so that his now hard dick was in her face, she began sucking it's head. She felt another hand rubbing her ass as Mike started to face fuck her. Suddenly, she felt the hand that was rubbing her ass tear her panties off. Ripping them up both sides & tearing the little remaining pieces off, exposing her ass. Lena was able to glance over her shoulder long enough to see that is was one of the new black guys, naked from the waist down. His long 10" thick dick stuck out in front of him, just as hard as Mike's. He noted Rusty's tattoo & laughed, showing the others. Lena was humiliated.

"That Rusty is one sick little white boy." he laughed, "You let him know to put our visits on account, sweetheart." he said to Lena as if she were going to demand that they pay Rusty before they all fucked her.

The guy fingered her clit for a few moments & then slowly slid his cock into her pussy, filling her completely. He rode her steadily & hard, slamming into the back of her pussy each time as she moaned with pain, still sucking Mike's dick. Out of the corners of her eyes she saw a few more of them taking their pants & shorts off. Lena squeezed her eyes closed trying to get the sight of so many enormous cocks out of her mind.

After the first black guy exploded his cum deep in Lena's cunt, she heard them decide to do a "train" in her ass. Mike came in her mouth hard at the thought. Lena tried to reason with them, there were so many of them, she couldn't possibly handle getting fucked in the ass repeatedly by all ten of them. But they led her to the bar, bent her over one of the stools & used a pair of Ty's handcuffs to cuff her hands to one of the bar rails. Lena sobbed & pleaded with them still but they ignored her pleas. Lena began to cry as she felt the first one get started, she howled in pain as she felt a monster cock piercing into her little asshole.

Whoever it was didn't even try to start slow, he just proceeded to fuck her good & deep. Lena let out gasps of air as the pumping became more intense. After about ten minutes she felt the dick let out a sharp spirt of cum in her ass. No sooner had the first guy pull out did the second one slide his even larger cock inside her just used hole & start pounding away. Lena felt this ones balls slap feverishly against her pussy lips as he forced his dick in & out of Lena's ass. Soon she felt long streams of hot cum inside her ass again and the next one began to shove his dick up her ass as quickly as the second guy pulled out, it was Ty.

Ty wiggled his cock back & forth as he pushed into Lena's ass, stretching it wide as he shoved it in deep. Lena cried loudly now, like a child who was refused candy. She now felt how the last couple of days had taken they're toll and Ty could care less as he fucked Lena powerfully in her asshole. Each thrust pushing his 14" long 3" round cock balls deep inside of her. She could hear his grunts of gratification as he squeezed inside of her over & over again as her hole resisted his thrusts each time he entered her.

"Damn baby. This shit's tighter than the first time. Uhhh.." he moaned. Finally, he forced his load up into her. Lena could feel it burn from within. Ty backed up & popped his dick out of Lena's tiny ass. She continued to whimper. Then someone else began his turn by cramming his cock into her painfully puckered hole. Lena wailed as this next guy started fucking her as hard as Ty had just finished doing. Each thrust filling her again & again.

"Ohhhh.. ohh... " Lena lamented as this one lasted longer than the first three. After about twenty minutes, the forth guy ultimately came. She thought his constant issue of load after load of cum would never stop. When he took his dick out of her hole, her ass felt like it was on fire. Then the fifth one started his turn. Another enormous cock almost like Ty's wiggled it's way into her still resisting asshole. Lena felt it's head pop into her asshole & make it's way deep into her. She let out another wail again as she begged him to stop but he commenced his fucking by shoving his dick in even further & rhythmically worked a fast, hard pace. He groaned in satisfaction as she screamed, her ass tightening around his shaft.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her by the face and tied a Ty's gag on her mouth. It was Troy.

"You might as well stop all this crying bitch." he whispered in he ear as the guy behind her continued to fuck her. "There are five more of us waiting to get that butt & I think Ty & Scott want one more turn." he chuckled & walked away, his erect dick bobbing in front of him. Lena grunted as the fifth guy slammed his dick in & out of her. Soon he pulsed his hot load deep in her ass as well. Eventually they all got their respective turns at fucking Lena in her throbbing little asshole. Each one of them making sure they sprayed her insides full with steaming cum. And as Troy had promised, Ty, Scott, Tony & Mike all fucked her a second time around.

When Troy took off her cuffs & untied the gag, Lena could barely stand nor could she sit on her sore ass. The group laughed at her as she stumbled to the bar to lean against it. Troy walked over to the bar & threw two pieces of paper onto it. Lena wiped the tears from her face & eyes.

"This is a list of the liquor we want in the bar when we come back next Tuesday & the other is a note from your owner, Rusty." he said as he zipped up his pants. Lena just blinked & stared straight ahead, not acknowledging his presence. She could still feel where they all had dug their fingers into her butt cheeks when the took their turns fucking her. Lena's small hole was now gaping wide open & she could feel the mixture of 14 loads of cum trickle out as gravity worked while she stood. The trashmen let themselves out & Troy reassured her that they would all be back next week. As she heard the front door close & automatically lock behind them, Lena picked up Rusty's note.

She was astonished to read that he wanted her to buy a 24 pack of condoms each in various sizes & to get the largest salad bowl she could find. Lena put the paper back down on the bar. She'd forgotten about Friday & Saturday night. She walked as best as she could out the back patio door & turned on the Jacuzzi. She lowered herself into it & tried to get the mornings events out of head. She was ashamed to admit it but she'd cum herself many times during the train the trashmen just pulled on her asshole. Even though she was exhausted, she knew she'd better get to the mall & get what Rusty had told her to pick up or she knew she'd have Hell to pay.

To Be Continued...

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