tagBDSMThe Virgin East Ch. 03

The Virgin East Ch. 03


Part 3


Colin felt the hot stream hit his face and gritted his teeth. He had a hard-on again, and this time it just wouldn’t go away. The whole flight home, all he was able to think about was the blonde-haired bitch at the airport. Face-fucking her was the ultimate power trip…and he could get used to that.

He grinned maniacally. Soaping up his hands, he reached down and started stroking his hard cock. He imagined the bitch in the shower with him, in her suit and heels. He’d push her into the shower still dressed, just to show her he was boss. He’d be hard already, so he wouldn’t have a use for her mouth. But he’d bend her over at the waist under the hot stream, and he’d yank up her skirt and rip down her panties and then shove his hard dick all the way into that slutty twat. And he’d bet a Buffalo nickel she’d be wet too.

But if she wasn’t, he didn’t care. All he wanted was to take her for himself. He wanted to feel that hot cunt, and he wanted to pound it like there was no tomorrow.

Colin stroked his cock faster, but he needed more. Her ass, yeah, her ass. He’d have her asshole too. Wonder if it’s tight. I’ll bet it is. A tight little ass. He’d take his dick out of her cunt and shove it into her ass, hard, all the way to his nuts. He hoped it hurt her and he hoped she’d scream. Scream loud, bitch, there’s no one around to hear you.

She’d struggle and try to get away, but he’d already be stuck in her cute little butt. Just like a plug. As she’d stuggle, her anus would contract around his dick, tightening down even more. She’d be sobbing and pleading for him to stop, to be nice, but he wouldn’t have it. He’d grab her hair and force her head under the shower, so that she’d have to quit sobbing in order to breathe under all that water.

Then he’d move in and out of her ass til it loosened up a bit, not caring if he made a mess. He’d thrust hard and fast, and then faster, and he’d rape that ass….. “Uuuuhhhhhh….” He grunted, as his cock spurted hot cum all over the shower wall in front of him.

With shaky knees, he turned off the water and towel-dried his body. A plan began to form in his mind. Oh yes. He’d have that ass….one way or another.


Stephanie felt something akin to pride course through her stout little body. She’d made the other woman cum! That was a first and she was actually pleased with something for the first time since she’d arrived that day. But now what was the other woman going to do to her? She wasn’t sure she wanted to find out, but she wasn’t given a choice as she felt herself being hauled up to a standing position.

Matt told her, “Now Minky here is going to teach you a few things. You’ll do as she says.”

Stephanie nodded, miserably. She didn’t want to take orders from another woman. She’d convinced herself that orders from Matt might be ok, but this strange woman? No way. But she didn’t have a choice, so she’d at least act like she was enjoying herself. That way maybe Matt would be pleased enough that he’d send that other woman away and she’d get him for herself at last. The thought of Matt making love to her brought a smile to her lips.

“Oh look, Minky, I think she likes you already.”

Crap. I don’t like her. In fact….I….I …. hate her!

The other woman’s voice broke through her thoughts. “So, slut, you still gotta pee?”

Oh shit, that’s right, she’d told the other woman that her bladder was full. Shit. And it was too, almost bursting.


Oh, she hadn’t answered the question. “Um, yes.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Oh Christ. She had to call her ma’am? “Yes, ma’am.”

“Good. Now, I’m going to unhook the chain from your foot, and the handcuffs. You will not run away, because I’d catch you, beat you and then kill you. Is that clear?”

Stephanie swallowed hard, a catch in her throat. Why couldn’t that woman be nice? “Yes, ma’am.”

Stephanie felt her chains released, and then the woman led her across the room and pushed her into sitting position on something round and cold. “Now, this is a bucket. Do your job. If you can’t go, Matt will help you out, and I think you know what I mean.”

Stephanie was near to tears for the umpteenth time, but she had to go so badly that she let loose a hot stream into the bucket. She finally didn’t care. They both could go straight to hell.

She heard Matt say, “Hey, Minky, she went faster than you did….and she didn’t need any help.”

“Oh fuck you,” but the woman sounded like she was grinning.

Likely grinning at her, Stephanie thought, her face burning. Having done her job, she stood up uncertainly. The woman grabbed her arm and guided her back across the room. “Now, kneel.”

Stephanie knelt on the cold cement floor, and then she felt something hit the side of her face. “Ever sucked a dick, Stephanie?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Ok, then. You’re going to practice on me. And be thankful…I’m much easier to get along with than Matt.”

Stephanie was confused. On her?

The woman must’ve seen the look and explained. “I’ve got a strap-on. Rubber dildo, straps, the whole schmear. While you were doing your bucket jobbie, Matt helped me get into this getup. Luckily for you, it also has a vibrating egg inside that’s nestled right up to my clit, so I’ll be so full of pleasure I won’t be able to holler at ya. Now, c’mon over here.”

Stephanie felt her guide her face, and she reached up and felt the rubber dong with her hands. It seemed fairly large, and she hoped the woman wasn’t going to fuck her with it. She really wanted Matt to take her virginity.

She stuck out her tongue and licked the toy. Tasted like…rubber. But she’d rather have this than a real dick right now. She wasn’t sure how she felt about sucking cock and she’d surely rather spit than swallow. She made an attempt at sucking the head, but it was large.

“You call that sucking dick?” the woman asked sharply.

Stephanie stopped. More tears. She just didn’t know what to do.

“Ok, I’ll talk you through it. Youch! No, not you slut; fucking MATT won’t stop pinching my nipples every time I’m too nice to you.”

The woman continued, bringing Stephanie’s face back to the dildo. “Ok, now, lick, long licks up and down, pretend it’s a real dick. Start at the base and lick up to the head. Suck on the head for just a second, then lick again. Lick, lick. Yeah, like that, that’s really good….such a good slut. OUCH, Matt, you want her to suck your dick like a talented slut or what? I’m trying to teach her here. Yeah, Stephanie, that’s good. Now, relax your jaw, open your mouth wide, and take the whole head into your mouth.

“Yeah, that’s it. Suck it, now suck it harder. That’s it. Work more and more of my dick into your mouth now, yeah.”

The woman’s hips were thrusting just a bit, and Stephanie tried to suck as much of the dildo into her mouth as she could. She licked and sucked and then there was a buzzing noise. The woman must’ve turned on the vibrating egg, because her hips started moving faster and she began moaning. “Oh god, yes, that’s good. Swirl your tongue around the tip, then use it as pressure all the way down the shaft, now back up, oh yeah, girl. Suck it bitch, suck my dick, take it.”

Just when Stephanie didn’t think her jaw could take any more, she heard the woman moan faster and faster. “Oh god, oh god, fuck, Matt, please….please may I cum? Suck my dick, bitch. Please Matt?”

There was a pause, and then Stephanie heard Matt say, “Yes, now.” And the woman came hard, violently. She grabbed Stephanie hair and pulled her down onto the dong. Stephanie panicked. She gagged. She was choking, couldn’t breathe. Then the woman let her go.

“That was good slut,” her voice was husky.

Then Matt joined in, “Yeah, but let’s see what she does with a real dick. Move over, Minky.”

Stephanie no sooner got her breath than a real warm dick was hitting her on the cheek. Finally she could suck Matt’s cock! She took it in her hands and caressed it, licked it up and down the shaft, then sucked on the head.

But Matt didn’t let her explore. He took her head in a tight grip and started fucking her mouth. He was hitting the back of her throat and she was gagging. Tears ran down her cheeks. This wasn’t what it was supposed to be like. Not at all. And yet, she was strangely getting aroused. She didn’t like being used like a little whore, but she was so wet between her legs that she could feel it running down her thighs.

Matt suddenly took his dick from her grasp. “What the hell was that? You don’t know the first thing about sucking a dick. Get up here.” He hauled her to her feet and leaned her over the table. Her tits mashed flat on the cold surface.

“Minky, teach her a lesson about sucking a dick properly.”

SWISH! Stephanie squealed, as much from surprise as from pain, as the leather thongs on a whip struck her bare backside. SWISH, SWISH. Two more times. It didn’t really hurt. Sort of stung, and her ass began to feel warm. Wow, she could get used to this. Was this what the other woman had screamed about? She must really be a wuss.

“Minky, here, let me show you how it’s done.” SWISH SWISH SWISH. Now Stephanie yelped in real pain. Matt wielded the whip much harder than the woman.

SWISH. “Owwwwww…..”

Matt whipped her and whipped her. Her ass was hot, then hotter, then felt like it was cut open and then she was sobbing for him to stop. “You’d better suck my dick right, now, slut,” he said, panting from his efforts. “But first, Minky, get down here by her. You didn’t teach her well enough, so you’re to blame!”



SWISH. Stephanie trembled as she heard the whip on the other woman. Minky cried out in pain and was also sobbing before Matt was through.

Stephanie felt herself being hauled up by her hair again, and then forced to kneel and then Matt’s dick was in her mouth, pumping in and out. She held her jaw as wide as she could, and sucked as best she could.

“Minky, get down here,” Matt said in a tight voice.

Stephanie felt the other woman kneel beside her, and then she felt her MOUTH by hers on his dick. She felt her tongue. Wow, this was different. Another woman? She didn’t know about this, but suddenly she forgot the pain on her ass. She felt the woman lick her mouth and then she kissed her straight on the lips. As they kissed, Matt’s dick slipped between their lips and he fucked through their mouths.

Stephanie felt Minky’s hands on her nipples, tweaking gently, then harder, then she felt her hands go lower and then, oh Christ, her hands were dipping between her legs. She spread her knees as wide as they would go as the other woman rubbed her clit. She’d found it right away and Stephanie was amazed. She rubbed and rubbed and Stephanie started to pant and moan. She was so surprisingly aroused. She…..well, she LIKED this.

Stephanie was getting close to orgasm and panted out, “Please, may I cum?” She wasn’t sure if she was supposed to ask, but she didn’t want to be whipped again so she thought she’d better.

“Not yet, slut,” was Matt’s reply. “You hold it off til I say you may.”

Stephanie took deep breaths. The other woman was still rubbing her clit, hard and fast, and Matt’s cock was fucking their mouths alternately, faster and harder. He pistoned his hips and then he grunted, “Ok, slut, cum, NOW.”

Just in time, too, because Stephanie didn’t think she could hold back any longer. Her hips bucked into the woman’s hand and she ground herself into it. “Oh….yes….yes…..”

“Uh-uh……uhhhh…” Matt grunted out his release, stroking his cock fast, his jism shooting over the two women, landing on tits, face, stomachs, hair. Minky was panting with the excitement of it all, saying things like, “Oh, fuck, yes, yes, cum on me, yes….”

After a few moments to collect themselves, Stephanie felt the blindfold being lifted away. She blinked several times, then looked up at a man with blue eyes and over at a slim woman with blonde hair and all she could say was, “Wow.”


The two women were coming along nicely, Matt thought to himself. He’d make slaves out of them before they knew it. But now they had to rest, or they wouldn’t be ready for that evening. They’d make him back the money he’d spent to get them there and then some, or there would be hell to pay.

He showed them to their room, and told them to clean up and rest before dinner. “After that, you’ll both dress like the sluts you are and we’ll go out dancing.”

He saw Stephanie smile slightly. She worked at a dance studio, and probably thought she’d feel right at home. Minky, however, didn’t smile. She looked rather worried in fact.

“Minky, you look worried.”

“Oh, no reason,” she muttered.

Matt bit back a grin. She had EVERY right to be worried. He’d let her stew a bit and then have his fun.


To be continued.

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