tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Virtual Cyber Sex Pond

The Virtual Cyber Sex Pond


Chapter 1 An Afternoon at the Pond

After a long slow tender kiss, his hands began to roam all over her luscious body. She felt like a queen under his skillful and slow careful caresses. But she wanted him badly, now.

Full, beautiful ruby colored lips slowly worked down an erect, throbbing cockshaft. She could feel his balls against her chin as she kneeled before his upright, muscular, lean body. His huge potato sack nuts were hot and large. She wanted to suck his testicles, but did not.

Although each one would fill her open mouth, "not yet", she thought, " he is going to cum soon." Gail could tell.

She now could taste his slippery, sweet precum. She loved to tease a man with the sight of her beautiful, leggy body until his erection glistened with drops of that clear juice. It turned her on just to see it, now she was tasting, sticking her tongue down his piss slit, trying to get more. She felt outrageously turned on. Her mouth went up his shaft as her hand fondled his scrotum. She tickled the smooth, hairless area in the back of his balls. His breath slowly turned into a pleasured grunt as his cock throbbed erect against the roof of her mouth. His swollen cockhead stuffed her willing mouth, allowing her vibrating tongue to lick his hot spot.

She let her fingers wander lightly back over his anus. He shuddered as his face grimaced. She slowly and evenly inserted her index finger. He moaned even louder. She felt his puckerhole tighten over the tip of her inserted finger. She began to rub it in small circles, pushing her finger slightly in and out. Meanwhile she let her mouth suck hard while her flat tongue rapidly stroked the sensitive spot near the top of his huge, ten-inch, thick member. His sphincter squeezed her finger, his balls went tight. His marvelous manshaft frantically throbbed against her soft, furious tongue. The swollen, purple glans that filled her sucking mouth started to pulse. He tried to push his cock further down into her soft, sucking, licking sweetness. She let his organ feel her velvety throat again until her nose touched his pubic hair. She inhaled his musky scent into her lungs, into her soul, which got her more excited, more wetness between her legs.

Tiny rivers of moistness found a way out of her quivering cunnyhole, past her swollen labia, over her anus, and then down her soft, slender, silky-smooth thighs. She shoved her finger in all the way to ream him good as she felt his anus ring tighten and expand. Her other hand that had been selfishly grabbing his perfect ass and pulling him toward her cockfucking mouth, now tickled the bottoms of his swollen nut sack with her fingertips.

She closed her lips down tighter around his throbbing fuckshaft, forming a grabbing, sliding orifice that allowed her to work her mouth back up his turgid cock toward his cockhead, pulling his cockskin along with her suction. Her teasing tongue kept up its rapid pace, rubbing up and down his sensitive spot just under his glans. Her mouth pulled his cockskin tight and her face again slid to his scrotum again, but not quite. He frantically slid his cock in further, as his rigid shaft hardened even more. His frantic fuckshaft pulsed, now squirting hot, thick, salty, semen into her velvety throat. It filled her mouth with it's wet volume. She backed her mouth up his shaft, squeezing her red lips tighter. Her free hand made a ring around his long dick, pulling his cock skin down tight to allow the soft roughness of her tongue to closely stimulate his erotic nerves. Her tongue worked faster now as he came in ropes of salty orgasmic relief in her mouth, prodded on by her finger fucking in his asshole.

White pearly cum rivulets driveled out of the corners of her lips, running down her chin and onto her luscious, soft perky breasts. The salty, musky, smell and surprisingly sweet taste of his thick white cum filled her nostrils. Her pussy now ached to be filled and well fucked for relief. Her pink clitoris stood at attention, as did her dark, erect nipples. She continued, bobbing her head to keep control of his cock in her anxious, receptive mouth.

His knees wobbled with each burst of warm jizm worked its way past her probing fuck finger, up his throbbing cockshaft, spewing in long ropes from swollen pulsing cumslit.

He felt her finger penetrate his rectum deeper as his failing knees forced his asshole down onto her finger. Her finger fucking excited him, adding delicious pressure to the pulsing of the escaping fluids from within. His slippery jizz flood climaxed shooting almost all of his sweet hot cum down her throat in strong spurting jets of hot pearly man milk.

She knew his cock would be shooting ropes of warm, white fluid high into the air if it were not for her wonton mouth. She could feel the pulsing of his glans on her finger in his asshole followed by a jet of pressure toward the back of her mouth and throat as her mouth filled with his manjuice. His cock came as it never had before in repeated ropy shots. She never thought any man could be so full of so much viscous, sweet-salty, hot, tasty cum. With each shot of white cum, her tongue renewed its vigor as her mouth filled. But her sucking continued almost as if she knew exactly what he wanted. Her mouth had a perfect grip around his wooden erection. She felt its veins slide into and out of her wet, slippery orifice as his cock skin seemed to get even thinner. His spurting piss slit now began to pulse it's hot emissions with less frequency, huge wads of lumpy man juice rewarded her efforts as she desperately tried to swallow, suck, mouth, tongue, finger-ream, and fondle his beautiful, expanding and contracting, ejaculating masculinity.

She let Todd's orgasm subside while keeping her mouth on his cock but very still. Then, she slowly removed her index finger from his hot, pulsing anus. Her other hand that had been busy on his balls now drifted to his thighs, around again to feel his small, rounded, muscular-firm buttocks, then back to the inside of his thighs. He let out a sigh of relief as she continued to drink his leaking cum.

Her perky upright breasts with their dark brown erect nipples glistened with her juicy reward as it trickled down out from the corners of her mouth. She was beautiful woman with a slender leggy body, large breasts, a well formed six pack tummy and a perfect ass. She kneaded both of his gorgeous buttocks with her hands as her mouth sucked and did not let go of his still erect, but somewhat softer penis.

"I'm not letting this great cock out of my mouth until it is hard enough to fuck me good... in my asshole," Gail thought to herself, feeling her wetness grow.

She had always wanted to assfuck a real cock, reminiscing about her ex-lover who licked and orally reamed her copper penny in their dorm room at college sending her into ecstasy. Now she was going to allow this lovely cock to enjoy her velvety, tight, virgin anus. Gail eyes gazed up, wandering over his dark tanned muscles, rippled abdomen, over his manly chest hair, to his gorgeous, sweaty face. Small streams of sweat poured from Todd's dark black wavy hair and across his prominent forehead. He had a cute nose, and a handsomely chiseled face with high cheekbones that gave way to big blue laughing eyes that she could get lost in. Their eyes met. She melted taking in his beauty as his cock remained in her sucking mouth. He grinned sheepishly.

"Mmmmmm," she hummed on his cock. " Aahhh, ohhhh, ahhhh, " was all he could reply as his dick leapt back to life.

Todd liked the way Gail kneaded his ass. The way she teased his anus. He liked the way she let her hand wander over his asshole, and when her index finger found its way up his anus. In fact, he liked anything she did to him back there. He had not realized just how sensitive his asshole was until now. It made his cock grow hard quickly. It made him want to cum. Gail's long wavy blond locks bounced as her mouth continued soft sucking and licking courses up and down Todd's long, thick cock. He enjoyed her blowjob, and was VERY content with just that but knew there was more to cum.

Gail fingered her anxious, sopping wet pussy, spreading her own juices down across her perineum to her anus. In one motion, she took her mouth off his wet cock, stood up on her stiletto high heels facing away from him, and bent over holding her ass cheeks apart. "Stick it in, stick that great big cock in, " she commanded. He leaned forward, and guided his long, ten inch, wet slippery fuck stick into her slippery vagina. Her clean-shaven pussy still sported a sensuous trimmed landing strip that ended on her protruding mound. "Unnggghhhohh, that feels good, umm, umm," she moaned.

Todd wanted to please this woman, and was happy that his erection could please her sopping pussy. She was getting very excited from being stretched to the limit by his big velvety hardness. He began to thrust his cock in and out in deeper strokes. His large cock pulled her vagina walls tight as he thrust into her tight pussy exposing her erect, throbbing clitoris. She was more than ready to cum. The taste and smell of his jism still filled her senses.

" Todd STOP! " Gail suddenly cried loudly.

He froze still in the middle of another languid thrust.

" I, uh, don't want to cum yet, " she gasped.

" Don't you want me to fuck you? " He said half in shock.

" Take your cock out of me. Take it out right now!" Gail again pleaded in a desperate voice. " Okay, okay, I'll do anything you want me to. Especially after a great blowjob like that one."

Todd complied reluctantly readying to remove his large cock from her tight wet pussy. He thought he did something that hurt her. He was about to say something...

"Let me do it." Gail panted, getting on her hands and knees and straightening up enough to guide his beautiful, veined, long cock towards her open anus with her hand.

She rubbed his cockhead around her puckerhole, spreading more of the juices on his shaft where it would be needed.

" Fuck me here, " she softly whispered, feeling the size of his glans against her anal opening.

It was like a small, warm, slippery, lemon against her dark pink, puckered anus. Gail was nervous, but incredibly excited, wonton, hot. She wanted to assfuck his cock more than anything, ever...

He slowly applied pressure to her inviting sphincter. She relaxed her anus and took a breath in. The entire head of his huge cock popped in.

" Oooohhhhhmmmm, " she responded. He pushed a little further. She breathed out. She tightened her sphincter around his dick.

" That's good darling'," he encouraged. " That's real good."

His cock felt good, she wanted more. She thought it would be painful. It felt wonderful. Gail relaxed her anus and pushed more.

" Slip it in baby," Gail breathed as she reached down and grabbed his large nuts, pulling him in to her waiting, ready, hot, tight, asshole. " Ahhhhhhh," Gail exhaled in relief as Todd's cock found it's way to the hilt in her rear passage.

She enjoyed the warm sensuous feeling of his sliding cock at once, and, scrotum gently slapping her pussy lips. He withdrew a little as Gail squeezed his hardness with tight intensity, pushing his organ out of her even further. She had great sphincter control. She then relaxed her hot little ass, now getting used to his size.

He pushed his hips slightly, the soft, warm, tight feeling against the sensitive area below his glans encouraged him to thrust further. Gail noticed that her pussy was very wet and dripping juices wet his balls as they touched her cunt lips..

Todd began to thrust his cock in and out of Gail's asshole, in a slow, but increasing rhythm. Her perfect ass looked just right being penetrated by his massive cock. The sight of his love pole going into her asshole excited Todd further. The tightness of her warm, slippery asshole was too much. Gail began to meet his thrusts. The g-spot in her vagina was being stimulated through her thin walls by the slight bend of his erection in her rectum. She slammed her smooth, white hips into his hard manhood, forcing her anal sphincter down to his shaft hilt. She breathed harder through her mouth forming an 'O' with her lips. Todd had his erection jammed all the way in when he bent over slightly, and put his arm around the front of her, feeling her pouting pert, firm tits. He lightly squeezed and twirled her erect nipples with his fingers listening to her increased breathing. He pulled her ass toward his cock. He reached down, fingering her juicy clitoris. She ached for release. He was filling her, filling her all the way up like she had never felt before.

His strong dullness in her ass filled her, excited her. She felt as if she were hooked upon his thrusting fuckstick that ramrodded her asshole. His thrusting asshole reaming cock did it's work on her newly discovered g-spot. His masturbating finger on her clitoris put her cunt over the edge. " Oh! Oh!, I'm cumming!," Gail gasped. " I'm cumming, oh, oh, ungh, oh, oh fuck...oh ffff-fuu.. ooo, I'm ungh cumming! " She cried in the fever of the fuck, not realizing completely this wonderful thing that was taking place in her beautiful body. Her vagina reacted, clenching nothing, but pushing the nerve knot of her g-spot against his throbbing shaft. His balls tightened. She felt his cockhead throb in her asshole. Her dripping wet pussy continued to contract in wave after intense wave of orgasmic ecstasy. " Unnggggghh!" Gail screamed, " don't stop, fuck me, don't stop, ungh, don't, ung'h, don't sto--op fff-f-fucking my, ungh, my asshole," she desperately cried in the midst of multiple orgasms. " Fuck my asshole," Gail said breathily, between convulsing waves. " Fuck my asshole, my asshole, mmmmmmm, fuck...mmmmm my...ass....ssss.... ohhhhh".

His finger was more erratic on her clitoris. Todd was taken over by an aching in his balls. He could not hold on much longer. He could feel the contractions of her orgasm through her membranes, that squeezed his throbbing, pulsing-with-pre-cum, assfucking cock. Gail felt him run it up her ass all the way, lifting her as he held her to him in his arms. She felt his huge member again release ropes of hot man juice deep in her bowel. His liquids spread, making her feel more slippery, more fuckable, she continued to rock her hips up and down on his spurting jizzmaker as she too came in huge waves of purple swirled multiple orgasms. Orgasms filled with light, orgasms filled with colors, orgasms filled with the slow dullness, the hot jism, the cramping fuckmuscle, the throbbing erect clitoris, the aching hard nipples, the constant fucking, the assreaming good creaming reliable hard cock that filled her up. The fucking, the assfucking, fuck. It was good. It was fun.

Gail drifted off into a dreamless slumber while still impaled on his Todd's enormous cock as he gradually softened and slipped out. ........................................

A tech lifted the lid on a smooth oblong metal compartment that looked like a coffin except it was about 20 feet long and silvery metallic. The familiar aroma of cum wafted up and into the room. She smiled knowing that here was yet another satisfied customer that was probably sexually spent - at least for the next week.

She then observed the monitor readings inside next to the compartment's occupant. The tech scanned the occupant with a lasarcorder.

" He's waking up, " the tech said into a wall monitor.

" Clean him up and pull him out, " the bored supervisor's female voice squawked in monotone from the worn speaker in the wall monitor.

The tech began to systematically uncover Brian's naked body, removing a fine metallic neuro-mesh that encapsulated every square inch of Brian's body. Brian's still plump but wet and lubricated penis slipped from the penis sleeve as the tech gingerly held his beautifully still plum cock, lifting the sleeve away. She observed that he had a well-defined long, thick, circumcised cock. She mentally noted to have some fun on her off time with Brian's computer cyber body model in the company main frame. The tech then reached down between Brian's slightly spread legs and pulled on a ring attached to a long dildo like device known as a neuro-anal insert. With just an easy tug, the insert slipped out of Brian's puckered asshole. Yes, she would have fun with this one...

The tech then removed neuron gloves from Brian's hands, a mouth insert, and finally he unfastened the 'helmet' that covered Brian's head. She then took an absorbent cloth and wiped the now partially milky, sticky, but still warm fluid that covered most of Brian's lower body. Yes, it was Brian's semen. This was her favorite part of the job. She carefully spent time slowly wiping his abdomen, cock and balls. She enjoyed the aroma, but even more so; she was stimulated by the thought of how hard and how many times that this man had an orgasm. Still more slippery cum was on his abdomen and mixed with the mesh covering. As unconventional as this might seem, this was just routine to the tech; she only worked here at The Pond, preparing Virtual Sex users for the real world again.

After a revitalizing in the whirlpool bath, Brian then showered. He slowly dressed himself for the short trip home. His sated body felt wonderfully fulfilled, and spent. He recalled how long it seemed for The Pond to match him up with another user whose cyber-persona description had perfectly matched what he wanted.

The Pond was a spa that took the visitor into a computer generated virtual network where any number of users could meet and act out fantasies as virtual people in cyber reality. The special helmet was designed to read the Brian's brainwaves and input feedback so that the user could do anything, be anyone, and go anywhere he could imagine.

Of course, as with any club, there were rules regarding age, and the like. The Pond had a small facility in every neighborhood making it easy to get away to any location for a few hours, or, on vacation for a few days. A visitor could go on safari, tour a foreign city, or have an all night long sexual tryst with a cyber lover. Even with someone as far away as one of the planetary colonies.

The Pond was the result morphed from the chat rooms and bulletin boards of the early computer days. As technology developed, computer imaging moved away from screens to life size 3-D holographic projections in the center of any room. It had many uses for education and training.

The adult erotica industry skyrocketed to new heights after someone used 3D Hologram Video for sex-ed in classrooms. About 25 years later, the 3DHolo as it was called was coupled with another new invention that could read minds of those that wore a special scanning helmet. After that the technology developed to where the computer could communicate with a person's mind. It was a pool of minds interfaced with a computer. Thus it became known as The Pond.

After the mind reading could work in both directions, then a special computer program was developed to make it easy for the users. The computer fed the user's mind with all the sensory input as to where she or he was, indoors or out, what it looked like to be there, what it smelled like, how hot or cold it was. Most importantly, the computer interfaced with a person's nervous system so that the user could feel a cyber lover's body, and be felt by a cyber lover as well. No longer did one need a room for holographic projection. No longer did one need a sculpted body to attract the opposite sex. All that was required; was a brain.

Brian could look and be like anyone or anything he wanted. It took a week or so for The Pond to put it his cyber fantasy-persona description into the database. Then, the Pond turned into a matchmaker service for Brian. Once he was matched with his fantasy mate, the virtual network at the Pond was hooked up to his body with all the neural nets gloves, and inserts. He was then in the cyber pond to swim with the other cyber fish. Brian and his cyber partner both chose to remain anonymous for this virtual sex session. Perhaps it was someone like himself that wanted to fulfill a fantasy safely, completely, and in a cyber world where anything goes.

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