The Visit


When you told me you finally got approved to check out of the prison facility for two hours to go out to dinner, I joked that we should head straight for Canada. I then quickly made it very clear I was just playing, just in case anyone on the facility screening team overheard my quip.

Finally on the night in question, I arrive after hours of driving. It's almost dark out but I made good time, and it isn't that late in the evening. It feels crazy to see you after almost four years apart, even though we stayed in touch with phone calls and letters. If anything we're closer than before you were taken into custody, but it's been long enough that I almost feel like I'm about to meet you for the first time.

I drive us to a basic, local restaurant in Grants Pass. You slide into the booth after me, and we look at menus but I'm distracted and not hungry at all. As the server stands there reciting a seemingly never-ending list of specials, I feel your hand on my skin at the small of my back, slid under my t shirt.

Your touch sets off a churning of butterflies in my stomach. Once you've touched me at all, need you to touch all of me. As our oblivious waitress moves on to list the drink specials I move my hand under the table, sliding it across your thigh. I feel your cock swell through the thick fabric as I'm looking the poor woman in the face telling her I think we need a minute to decide.

As our server walks away you ask me if I'm hungry enough for dinner now. I tell you I'm hungry, but not for food. You laugh and smirk at me as we stand up to leave. I slide out of the booth after you and you take my hand, leading me through the door into the warm summer night. You pull me close and we kiss for the first time in years. You taste familiar, even after all this time. The same rush I always felt when you kissed me hasn't gone away.

We get in the SUV and I drive us around the corner into a darkened lot. You climb into the expansive back seat. I follow you, looking around surreptitiously to make sure no one is walking by. You take my face in both hands and kiss me slowly, deliberately, with intention. I pull off your shirt and you help me wriggle out of my clothes. I'm mesmerized by your body. During video visitation I could tell you had obviously been working out, but that was on a TV screen and in person your chiseled body looks even better.

I'm sitting in your lap feeling dwarfed by your shoulders, you lean in and kiss my neck. I tell you to lie on your back on the wide bench seat, then I unzip your shorts and pull them down. I climb on top of you, circling my fingers around your thick cock and sinking down onto you slowly, from the head all the way down to the base.

I stay motionless for a second, enjoying the feel of you filling me again, then you slide your hands around the smallest part of my waist and I start slowly rotating my hips. Your hands slide down and cup my ass cheeks in your palms as I start rocking back and forth. You reach up and cup the side of my face in your hand, brushing your thumb across my lips. You pull my face to yours and kiss me deeply, pulling my hips down as you push up into me. It feels like our bodies are sealed together.

I stroke my fingers through your hair, I'm breathing more heavily, beads of sweat form on my lower back. I'm riding you, we continue to kiss as you're fucking me deep and slow, my heart rate rising.

After a minute I pull back a little, letting my tits brush against your face. You suck my right nipple then my left, my heart starts pounding and I whisper "Oh God, don't stop." I ride you until I'm so close it feels like my body could levitate, then just before I cum I twist 180° around while you're still inside me and lie on top of you with my back pressed to your chest. You wrap your right arm around me tightening your hand around my left tit.

I let my head drop back with my eyes closed. Your mouth is kissing on my neck then sucking on my earlobe. I hear your breath quicken and you sigh in my ear. Your other hand is between my legs, stroking me slowly, deftly with your fingers. I can feel your heart thumping in your chest, I'm rocking my hips back and forth, my pussy stars to contract and squeeze on your cock, all I can manage to say is "fuck..." and I cum, like waves spreading throughout my body, my back arches up, gasping.

I flop back against your chest. I turn my head and kiss you lazily, but I'm not done with you yet and you're just getting started with me.

I pull myself upright and kneel on the bench seat facing the back of the car, you kneel right behind me and I arch my back, inviting you. I know from experience that your cock is big enough to hit my g spot like this. You secure a handful of my hair, gently yet firmly pulling my head back and to the side. I suck your lower lip and bite it playfully, then you thrust inside me and I gasp softly.

You take both of my hands with our fingers interlaced, kissing and softly sinking your teeth into my shoulder. I lean my head back, and you kiss my throat. You start out slowly, fucking me deep. You skim your hands down my sides, stroking my curves, then up my front holding my breasts tight in your hands. You start to fuck me a little faster, then you wrap one arm around me so that your forearm is across my chest pulling me in tight.

I don't know why I love the feel of your chest against my back so much. You breathe out hard then inhale quicker, I bend forward more with my elbows on the back of the seat. You hold my hips firmly, fucking me deep and hard until it almost takes my breath away. I take one of your hands and suck your finger into my mouth, your grip tightens. Your fingers are digging into my flesh, your breath heaving. I feel your cum spill inside me. Your forehead drops on my shoulder and you're panting, circling your strong arms around me. Eyes closed, I relax in your embrace and reach back to touch the side of your face as I lean back in your arms.

I want you again and again. I want to fuck you until I'm tired and sore. I want to feel the ache when I lie down to sleep tonight, but you can't stay and I know we have to take you back. I wish I could keep you all to myself. I don't know whether tonight will make the rest of your time easier or harder, but goddamn did I need it.

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by Anonymous08/11/18

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