tagGroup SexThe Visit - A True Student Story

The Visit - A True Student Story


Shelly had gone out with a good friend of mine for over a year, and their break-up was sudden and dramatic. To cut a long story short, they were both at a student party where Shelly – brunette, sex-kitten, and always a party girl – had ended up fucking a guy she had just met.

It wasn't as though she tried to be discreet about it either; one minute, she was sitting on the lounge, chatting and laughing with this stranger, the next minute they're all over each other. Then, taking his hand, she suddenly stands up and drags him up the hall to a random bedroom.

They didn't even bother closing the door! After a few minutes, some of us who had been observing the rapid escalation of this love-play couldn't resist, and wandered up the hall to see if things had progressed. They had.

There was Shelly, sprawled on her back, blouse pushed up, the guy's mouth clamped over one breast, his hand kneading the other, her skirt up around her waist, long legs in the air, and this stranger's white bum bouncing up and down as his big wet cock slid in and out of her. You could hear his balls slapping against her bare arse with each stroke. She had her head arched back and was whimpering with pleasure. Her pretty face - eyes shut, mouth agape - told a story of pure lust. This girl loved to fuck.

I tried closing the door, but the others would have none of it. The love-birds themselves, if anything, seemed to be getting off on it. As word spread through the party, more people came to have a squiz. A couple of giggling girls with glasses of wine even squeezed past us into the room and stood at the foot of the bed staring, hands held to mouths in disbelief.

Shelly's (soon-to-be-ex-) boyfriend, who had been smoking joints out the back, walked into the room just in time to witness the guy's last few frantic lunges as, with a final deep push and a low groan, he shuddered and came, his buttocks clenching as he let go inside her.

Amid a scattering of spontaneous applause and cheers from the audience, I bundled my mate, the cuckold, out of the room and out of the party before he could do anyone, including himself, any harm.

As it turned out, he wasn't that surprised, only angry with embarrassment. Seems this was just the last straw. It wasn't Shelly's first public infidelity, apparently – a female housemate had reportedly 'caught' her giving a blowjob to another (male) housemate of theirs at the breakfast table one morning a few months earlier. Far from making any excuses, Shelly had apparently offered the girl a turn at sucking the lucky guy's dick. She had politely declined and told my mate about it at the first opportunity.

Anyway, the party fuck effectively ended that relationship.

Fast-forward six months, and Shelly's now shacked up with the guy from the party. His name was Mike – not a bad bloke, actually. Bit of an arty type – goes into a spontaneous interpretive dance routine after a smoke or two. Anyway, they're living in a big shared place in town and, like me, they're staying in town during the semester break, when all the other students have gone home to Sydney or wherever.

I had gone over to hang out with them one evening and we'd had a few joints and a few glasses of wine and were feeling quite mellow. The old armchair I was sitting in was so enormous I was almost lying down, and combined with the sinuous music we were listening to – Roxy Music or some such – I had achieved an almost trancelike state. On the lounge opposite me my hosts were snuggling, as couples do. After a while, though, as I watched them they progressed to some serious necking. In an apparent re-enactment of their first encounter, they soon had their tongues down each other's throats and their hands wandering to more and more intimate parts of the others' anatomy.

This was a bit different to the party, though, as I was alone in my voyeurism. Not quite sure where to look, I shifted uncomfortably and sipped my wine, slightly nervously. I was wondering if I should just go when, without warning, Shelly suddenly detached herself from her new boyfriend and, levelling a cheeky look at me as she stood, said 'Wanna have some fun..?'

Before I had time to gather my thoughts, she had crossed the floor and dropped to her knees between my legs. Leaning forward, she kissed me full on the mouth as her hands began tugging at my belt and undoing my fly.

'Hang on. What's...?' It was hard to talk with Shelly's tongue in my mouth. The musky, mysterious smell of her sexy perfume filled my senses. I vaguely noted that I should remember to ask what it was. Once she got my jeans open, she sat up and started tugging them down. Still confused, I looked across to where Mike was still sitting, but he just met my gaze with stoned, red eyes and a knowing smile. With a wink, he leaned back and lit up a joint.

Shelly's hot breath on my now exposed crotch brought my focus back to her. She had worked my jeans and undies down around my ankles and, with hands holding my thighs apart, was engaged in a close examination of my dormant package in its nest of hair.

Needless to say, the proximity of her cute face and her tickling breath on the hairs of my balls soon had my dick stirring. Taking hold of my burgeoning hardness in one hand, and cupping my balls in the other, she extended the pink tip of her tongue and started lightly dabbing and flickering it against the underside of my scrotum. As my cock hardened in response, she began to slowly pump her hand up and down its length. The sudden sound of a zip made me look up, and I saw Mike, still on the lounge, fishing in his jeans and then pulling out his stiff cock. He began slowly pumping it as he smoked and watched us.

In my stoned state I felt removed, detached from the scene somehow, and yet the heightened physical sensations sweeping over me felt more than real. I watched, fascinated, as a small bead of clear liquid appeared from the eye of my now rock-hard cock. Waves of pleasure rolled over me, and my body shivered involuntarily as Shelly's tongue started slowly making its way up the sensitive underside of my throbbing tool. When she reached the top she swirled her tongue around my cock-head, gathering the pre-come in the process, before plunging her soft, cushiony lips down over my aching pole.

A jolt of pure pleasure shot from my cock to my brain as I watched a good two-thirds of my eight inches disappear into this cute girl's mouth. I groaned and my body jerked involuntarily. I thought I was going to come. So did Shelly, but she knew what she was doing and immediately stopped all movement, squeezing the base of my shaft with her hand. There were a few tense seconds there as we waited for the twitching of my cock, still deep in Shelley's mouth, to subside. Finally, almost a full minute later, my dick and I had regained our composure, and Shelly slowly, tentatively, resumed fucking me with her mouth.

Having survived the near crisis I felt I had more control over my body, and knew that I could now probably last a while without coming.

Reaching down between my legs, I cupped Shelly's bra-less tits through the fabric of her faded t-shirt, as she continued working on my cock. Although I had seen Shelly's breasts before, at the party, I was amazed at how good they felt through the thin cotton. Each a good handful in size - no more - they were deliciously pert and firm, and swayed lightly against my palms to the rhythm of her sucking.

Mike, who had been watching and smoking and stroking his substantial tool, finally finished the joint and, stubbing it out, got up slowly and came to stand next to us. Slowly pumping himself, he stared intently at my cock as it slid in and out of his girlfriend's mouth.

Shelly was murmuring softly as I gently squeezed her stiff nipples through her top, and her big eyes looked from mine to Mike's and back again as she worked on my rampant tool.

With her head still bobbing up and down over me, she started unbuttoning her jeans. Mike moved around behind her and gave her a hand. Dropping to his knees, he tugged at her pants and knickers, pulling them off her hips and over her small, round arse. I couldn't see what Mike was doing with his hands, but judging by the sounds Shelly started making, it must have felt good. Her moans vibrated through my shaft as she continued to pump me with her mouth. The sensation was exquisite, and then got even better when, after a minute or two, Mike pulled back slightly and, steadying her with a hand on her hip, used his other hand to slowly guide his big prick into her from behind. Shelley lay her cheek against my stomach, her head to one side so she could watch her boyfriend's face, and he could see her mouth being fucked.

Mike didn't waste any time, but started steadily fucking her, gripping her hips with both hands as he rammed into her over and over again. His grunts matched her moans as she slipped a hand between her legs to play with herself. Despite having my dick in her mouth, I felt almost like a voyeur watching this couple build towards a shared orgasm.

The smell of raw sex filled the air. Shelly's rhythmic moans were now almost continuous, and were getting louder and louder as Mike's thrusts reached a frantic pace. Sweat was dripping off his nose and his eyes were fixed on his girlfriend's mouth, her lips stretched and sliding around my throbbing tool. Suddenly, with a final grunt, Mike's whole body froze and, face distorting as he held himself inside her, he gave several jerks as he poured his juice into her. Simultaneously hitting her peak, Shelly gave a little scream, and collapsed forward onto me, her breasts crushing against my stomach and my temporarily forgotten penis as she wriggled and writhed out her pleasure.

Considering how erotic I found all this I was amazed that I hadn't come yet, but – maybe thanks to the pot and the wine - I was in that rare 'zone' that men may recognise, where I felt I had control over my orgasm and could fuck forever if I wanted to.

After a moment Mike stood up, his softening dick slick and dripping, and returned to the lounge. As if all this was perfectly normal, he casually began rolling another joint.

I could feel Shelley was still trembling slightly as she roused herself a few moments later. Standing shakily, she took my hand and said "Let's go to bed". Without a word I let her lead me, leaving her boyfriend to his business on the lounge. She had discarded her jeans and panties on the floor and was now only wearing her old t-shirt, which barely reached her hips. I kicked my jeans and shoes off and followed her up the stairs, the cheeks of her pretty arse moving inches from my face. In the semi light, I could see a trickle of come making its way down the smooth skin of her inner thigh.

A typical student bedroom; the unmade bed - a queen sized futon on the floor, rumpled sheets and a couple of squashed pillows – dominated a landscape of discarded clothes, cushions, forgotten mugs, ashtrays and books on otherwise bare floorboards. An upturned milk-crate served as a bedside table. Shelley lit a couple of candles and cleared a place for them on the milk-crate before lifting her t-shirt over her head and dropping it on the floor. Following her example, I quickly shucked my shirt to stand naked, my erection pointing at her and bobbing in time with my pounding heart. She looked magnificent standing before me in the candle light, absently brushing an engorged nipple with one hand as she returned my gaze. I stepped forward and pulled her to me, pressing my chest against her pretty, round breasts, my stiff prick trapped between us. The pressure of her soft, warm belly against the underside of my cock was amazing, and I felt a pang of delicious pleasure as a drop of pre-come oozed out of me. Reaching down, I gently pushed my fingers into the triangle of damp, dark curls between her legs. She tipped her head back, allowing me to kiss her mouth as my fingers slipped easily into her lush, slippery groove, and on into the wet, soaking warmth of her recently inundated cunt.

She shivered and groaned as I eased two fingers into her, lightly stroking my thumb over the hard button of her clitoris. She was trembling noticeably and, sensing her legs were about to give way, I let her weight pull us down onto the mattress. Now lying half on top of her, I started exploring her neck and breasts with my lips and tongue. I kept my fingers between her legs, stroking and sliding around the delicate wet petals of her outer pussy before diving in with two or three fingers to fuck her for a few strokes. I particularly enjoyed the sounds my fingers produced, both from her soaking cunt and from her gaping mouth as she writhed and ground against my hand.

She had been distractedly squeezing my cock with one hand and running the other through my hair, but now she put both hands flat against my chest and pushed me off her. I was momentarily confused, but quickly realised what she was up to, when she pushed me onto my back and stepped over to straddle me.

I could feel the hair of her bush against my stomach as she rubbed herself against me. Reaching behind her, she grabbed my straining pole and lined it up between her slick, swollen pussy lips. I felt my cock head sliding along her slit before finding the entrance and slipping easily into her, my shaft throbbing with delicious sensation as I slid into her channel in one smooth motion. She gave a little sigh as I bottomed out, and fell forward onto me, her breasts against my chest as she began to move her hips in a circular motion.

I could feel the grainy wetness of her boyfriend's come, making soft, sexy squelching noises as my rod moved inside her. Despite having been fucked only a short time before, she was still very tight, and I could feel her pussy muscles squeezing me rhythmically as moved on top of me. Little jolts of pleasure ran from my cock to my head, making my face tingle as I felt little bursts of pre-come leak from me, to join the swampy wetness inside her.

I had my hands on her arse, and now reached down to slip my fingertips into the lining of her cunt, where her lips were stretched around me. I moved my fingers around to gently brush against her clit, getting the desired effect when she moaned loudly and started rocking her hips back and forward, making my cock slide in and out of her. Moving my hand again, I pushed my slippery fingers between the round cheeks of her arse to locate the small knot of muscle that was her arsehole. I pressed gently but firmly until I felt it give, as the tip of my middle finger slipped into her.

She went off like a fucking cracker! Grinding against my cock and finger, her hips jerking, she gave a low scream that quickly developed into a series of rhythmic grunts as she began bouncing on me, determined to get every last centimetre's worth of my rigid pole.

She was beginning to settle down into a gentle, sensuous rhythm, rocking slowly back and forth on my pole, her nipples brushing my chest with the swinging of her breasts, when I became aware of her boyfriend, Mike, standing next to the bed watching us. He was hard again, and was again slowly wanking his big tool with one hand.

The guy might not have much staying power, but it seemed his recovery time was amazing! I mean, it couldn't have been much more than ten or fifteen minutes since I'd witnessed him emptying his balls into the same warm, wet tightness that I was now enjoying.

While I pondered Mike's impressive recuperative powers, Shelly reached for him and, taking hold of his prick, pulled it (and him) a step closer to us. His large, twitching tool, still bearing traces of its recent adventure inside her, was now level with Shelly's pretty mouth as she sat atop me, making exquisite grinding motions with her pelvis.

Still standing on the bed beside us, Mike placed a hand on either side of Shelly's face and guided her lips to his fat cock. There was no pussy-footing around, no licks and kisses this time, as Mike, holding Shelly's head, began to fuck her delicious mouth in earnest, each stroke going deeper than the last, until almost the whole thick shaft was disappearing, over and over again, down Shelly's throat.

Needless to say, this had distracted both Shelly and me from our own coupling momentarily, but as I watched the underside of Mike's cock, slick with saliva, sliding over Shelley's plump bottom lip, I felt her start to move her hips again, this time in rhythm with her boyfriend's steady thrusting. Occasionally Mike would stop and hold himself fully inside for a few seconds, his balls pressed against her shiny wet chin. On these occasions Shelly would also stop moving her hips, but would give my happily-embedded pole a few delicious squeezes with her internal muscles to let me know I wasn't forgotten.

The sheer raunchiness of this little tableau was beginning to take its toll on me, and I began to feel the pressure building in my balls. Mike must have been close too, because he began to moan a little as his strokes became shallower and slower.

Shelly must have also sensed it as well, and she began a slow, snaky, back-and forth motion of her hips, causing my cock to move around inside her with a churning motion, the head rubbing around her smooth inner walls. At the same time she took hold of Mike's shaft with one hand and began stroking him, the head of his slippery cock still in her mouth. With the other hand she reached behind her to grab and fondle my balls.

As Mike began to come with a series of grunts, she moved her hand from his shaft to his balls, and I could see the taut ridge along the underside of his cock throbbing and pulsing as it pushed spurt after spurt of his fluid into Shelly's eager mouth. One white gout of come escaped her swollen lips to run down her chin and fall onto her breast.

On the verge of my own crisis, I watched as the clot of jizz slid down her jiggling breast to hang tenuously for a few seconds from the tip of a firm dark nipple, before dropping onto my stomach. I felt a fleeting second of repulsion, before the eroticism of the moment overrode any other emotion, and I closed my eyes and started gushing into her, sending long, almost painful, jets of scalding juice up into the deep, dark recesses of this beautiful girl. It felt like I would never stop coming, and I was still twitching and bucking and thrusting up into Mike's girlfriend as he withdrew his spent cock from her mouth and stepped back to watch our final throes.

Shelly was still squeezing my balls to extract the last drops as she used the back of her other hand to wipe her lips. She leaned forward, eye to eye, and pressed her lips to mine, eliciting a final spasm along my subsiding cock. 'In for a penny...' I thought, and opened my mouth to receive her tongue, still slippery with her boyfriend's come.

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