tagIncest/TabooThe Visit Ch. 01

The Visit Ch. 01

bydroopy dog©

Tony and Kim had been married for 25 years. Their daughter was grown with a child of her own. Since early in their marriage Tony had enjoyed stories of Kim's sexual exploits before they were married. The twist to this was, Kim had been taught and taught well by her step dad, Bill. She told Tony how he taught her to suck cock and was the first to eat her pussy. Bill would visit Kim's bedroom after the rest of the family had gone to sleep. Here he would stand by the edge of the bed and fuck her face before turning her around and plunging his cock in her doggie style. Sometimes she would have to suck him till he got hard only to listen as he went back and fucked her mother royally. Their escapades eventually grew into group settings. Bill's friends would drop in when only he and Kim were home. There were times when Kim found herself taking on Bill and three of his friends. Bill once took her to a party thrown by a group of his swinger friends. Kim did it all that day. She sucked plenty of cock, got her sweet pussy eaten by a ravishing older lady with big firm tits, and even enjoyed a double penetration. Although she did admit the cock in her ass was long and slim.

The highlight of this party was when she was sought out by a guy whom Kim described as having the biggest cock she had ever seen. He held it out for her to suck. She said that she had trouble getting the head in her mouth. She proceeded to bathe the length of this monster with her tongue. When questioned about its size, Kim says it was long enough to get 2 hands on and still have plenty left to suck on. She also let it be known that her fingers came no where near meeting as she closed them around this piece of meat. Bill watched intently as she did her best to suck this cock. He replaced it with his own as big dick slowly inserted it in Kim's pussy. She said she hooked her legs around big dick's ass and encouraged him to go deeper. Bill soon got so excited watching her pussy swallow this huge cock that he blew his load in her mouth. Kim swallowed it all and continued squirming against big dick. As big dick felt his orgasm building, he pulled out and sandwiched his cock between them. Kim said he kissed her passionately while his cock throbbed and shot its massive load on her stomach and tits.

I could go on forever about her exploits, but it brings me to current times. Kim's mom divorced Bill a few years later. Kim married Tony and everyone lost touch with Bill for about 20 years. One day on a whim Kim and Tony stopped to visit Bill. He looked the same as he always did. Kim had matured nicely and it seemed Bill took notice. As she leaned over him looking at an old photo album, Tony saw Bill ogling Kim's big freckled tits. This got Tony's mind spinning. Several weeks later he had convinced Kim to go along with his plan.

On their next visit Kim did as she was instructed. Immediately she began pulling and tugging on her top complaining that it was driving her nuts. She said it keeps "riding up" and it's just not fitting right. Just as Tony predicted, Bill half heartedly suggested she take it off. Tony smiled at Kim and she pulled her shirt off. Bill gave a low whistle at the sight that greeted him. Kim sat their in a black lacy half bra. Her hard nipples on display for all to see. No one said anything for several minutes. Tony spoke up and told her she might as well lose the skirt too. Kim stood quickly and unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Bill grinned from ear to ear as he looked at Kim wearing a black garter belt, black stockings, and spike heels. She took it one step farther and removed her bra. She walked over to Bill and shook her big tits in his face as she asked if she looked as good as when he used to fuck her? Bill responded by taking her tits in his hands and sucking her nipples. Kim reached down and pulled his hard cock from his pants. It had been years since she sucked an uncircumcised one.

She knelt before him and pulled the foreskin back. Bill groaned and thrust it in her mouth as she ran her tongue around the head. Tony wasted no time in getting behind his wife and plunging his cock in her wet pussy. He and bill changed positions several times. Bill ate Kim to an orgasm while she sucked her husbands cock. Just as she came, Tony shot his load down her throat. He left Kim all to Bill as he retrieved his digital camera. Tony took close to a hundred pictures that day. He took pictures of everything. Kim getting eaten, getting fucked doggie style, blowing Bill, bent over the dinning room table, every imaginable position for two people to have sex, Tony has a picture of it. The last two photos are of Bill between Kim's spread legs, and him shooting his load on her tits. As Kim was getting dressed in the bathroom, Tony was making arrangements for Bill to contact "Bigdick" for their next get together. But that's another story!

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