tagFetishThe Visit Ch. 08

The Visit Ch. 08


It was still dark out when he woke up. The pain was excruciating. The device digging its way into his swollen cock. He was bent over double as he struggled into the main bathroom and into the shower. The cold water did the trick, though it took longer than he expected. He tried to go back to sleep, but awoke again a short time later racing back into the shower. He spent the rest of the night trying to keep from getting hard, but the more he thought about his device the more excited he got.

By the time the sun came up he had taken another shower and took a swim in the pool four times. He began breakfast when he heard her in the other shower. He was tired and cold from his restless night. Naked except for his new metal cage. Daring him to test its strength. Mocking his plight.

He had just finished setting the table when she entered the room. Wearing nothing but a floral silk robe and simple necklace with a single key as a pendant. He spied her ample cleavage and long shapely legs. He fought off his urges as his cock began to stir. A nervous energy surged through him as when he first got up the nerve to ask her out to dinner. "Good morning honey."

"Good morning!" she gave him a peck on the cheek and a long embrace. Her robe slid across the head of his dick causing an instant reaction. "Oh my. I'm sorry. I forgot you had your new device on." She let go and sat down. After he calmed down he served her breakfast and waited on her for the entire meal. She would purposely interrupt him while he was eating for any trivial thing she could think of. More coffee, more toast. Different jam. Another egg, a fresh plate. Judging his reaction. He jumped at every request without hesitation.

When they were finished he nervously cleared his throat. "Tweets, I know you've been so good to me and I've feel bad about neglecting you. I mean. . . I . . . Well, you've done so much and I should have been more attentive to your needs. It's just that. . . Well, I know you would have liked our honeymoon better if we. . . You know. . . consummated it like. . ."

"Like what? We did consummate it. Don't you remember our first night on the balcony?" she paused for a moment. "Did you forget that you asked me to take you, no, to fuck you, remember, to be your first?" she held out her coffee cup for a refill, which he did without a word. "And what do mean a better honeymoon? I loved our tropical paradise. Didn't you? I loved every moment. Giving my groom everything he asked for. Never refusing him once."

Her tone began to change. "Night after night. Trying to satisfy him. Now would it have been nice to have gotten fucked half as good as I did you, but you weren't able to satisfy your bride like that were you? Did you once ask if you could at least use the strap-on? Once, just once?" He sat dumbfounded. "Did you? Did you once ask to eat my pussy?"

"I. . ."



"No. Of course not. You were too busy enjoying yourself. Weren't you?" she leaned in and pointed a finger at him. "And don't tell me you didn't."

He thought of the lust filled nights they spent together. When he, with all of his pent up passion, begged to be taken. "Yes." he said sheepishly. His cock began to swell and the teeth dug in quickly.

"Yes, oh so selfishly. Just like before. Just like in college. Always about you." The previous night and his denial was taking its toll on his train of thought. "Tweets. . . I. . .Your right. . .I want to make it up to you. I just don't know. . .I'll do. . ."

"Let me guess 'anything'!" she said coldly.

"I. . .well. . ."

"OK, how about I take a lover."

"A what?" Panic spread across his face.

"A lover. Your locked up and enjoying it. Are you not?" He nodded. "And you haven't yet to even asked to so much as touch me. Right?" He nodded again. "So why shouldn't I take a lover to keep me satisfied? Would you like that? Mm? Maybe you'd like to watch. Perhaps you'd like to clean your wife up when she's done. Would you? Would you like to be my little cuckold?"

"God no!" he shouted. "NEVER!"

"Good. Neither do I." she was so relieved he responded the way he did, both in his words and his tone. "Well maybe I could dress you up in some pretty outfits and frilly undies. Then I could parade you around the town as my little sissy boy. Would you like that instead? Mm?"

"WHAT!?! No, Tweets, no! What are you saying?"

"What I am saying is that we can now we can safely say that the word 'anything' can no longer be used when making amends. Right?"

"Yes, I understand." He paused, thinking. "I could. . ."

"Let me ask you something. What turns me on the most?"

He stared blankly. She sat back and let out a huff. "How about my favorite position?"

"Kinkiest thing I've ever done." Silence. "Let's make it easy. Color? Food? Movie? . . . No? . . . Nothing?"

He fidgeted in his seat. He didn't want to say the wrong thing, but knew saying nothing was worse. He was broken. "Tweets, I know I probably don't deserve a woman like you. . .I love you. . .I want to please you, make you the happiest woman on the planet. I need you. You're my rock. This past year has been so trying and the only reason I'm getting through this is because of you. . . So. . . I want to make you happy and I'll do what it takes. Please. . .Give me a chance."

She sat in silence sipping her coffee. How ironic she thought. Here he was apologizing for the year she had planned out. Oh well, c'est la vie.

"Look, how about the job Mistress offered you? Is that something you'd be interested in? My paycheck would be more than enough to support us."

"Yes, that would be something I'd be interested in. If your secure enough to know I'd do the right thing; by us I mean. You'd have to trust me on that. I saw things last night that made me so horny. I want to see more. Her pets, so eager, so devoted. Are you that devoted to me?"

"Yes, of course I am!"

"Mm, really?" she giggled as a devilish grin spread across her face. He laughed nervously in response. "We'll see. I don't think so, but we'll see."

"Really, Tweets I am. Let me prove it to you. Please. I know I can. . . In fact I'll bet my orgasms on it."

"Is that a fact? Tell me." she said as she leaned in and her face took on a mischievous look.

He cleared his throat. "I would like you to be my key holder. As you said I'm selfish and perhaps with you as my key holder you could decide if I have improved enough to earn the reward of an orgasm. However long you decide it takes."

"Mm, what if I decide that I'll need six months of you worshiping my body and soul without release for me to be satisfied?"

"Fine." he said without hesitation.

"A year."

He swallowed hard. "Yes."

"Mm. A year of hot steamy sex with your wife. All without any relief." She licked her lips then bit her lower lip. "All this on top of almost a year of denial. Ohhh and think of how close you were last night. So very close." She sighed and fell back in her chair. "Tsk, tsk, but your lust for my fake cocks got the best of you."

She watched him closely and he could no longer hide the fact that his hardening shaft was now causing the teeth of his device to bite down hard.

"You developed quite an affinity for them haven't you?"

He felt his cheeks flush. She was right, but he was still unsure why. His cock grew harder and the teeth dug deeper. "Yes." he hissed.

"It's ok. Really. I mean look at yourself. Your probably thinking of me standing over you, stroking my strap-on. Guiding your head onto my shaft. Not even kali's teeth can stop your desire." He was squirming in his seat. "I'll tell you what. As a token of my devotion to you I will fuck you with my strap-on every time I permit you to cum."

He croaked out a thank you. By now he was almost doubled over at the table.

"Go take a shower or jump in the pool. I'm going to get dressed and do some shopping. When I get back and if you've been good, we'll get that thing off you, but for now I think you need a reminder of what could happen if you are naughty." She mocked him with a condescending tone. "So naughty. Sneaking around and trying to make himself cum by fucking himself with my dildo." She wagged a finger at him. "Bad Hubby!"

She giggled. "Now go cool off."

He ran past her doubled over clutching his groin. She slapped his ass as he did, laughing.

When he came back inside she was already gone. He set about cleaning up the house. All the while trying to digest what had happened this morning. Another year? She couldn't. She could. He wouldn't let that happen. She'll see. He thought of her working for his Mistress. He was consoled by the fact that he never even touched his Mistress and she only showed him her breasts once. 'Trust her.' a voice said to him. 'Right' he said to himself. She just said she didn't want a lover and she wanted him to fuck her and please her. Relax.

He thought of how it all worked out. Or rather how it will, eventually. He'd gotten himself into this and now he was digging his way out. He would show her. In no time at all she would be releasing him regularly. Allowing him the satisfaction he would deserve. She'll see. She'd have no choice. He smiled, thinking of Tweets and how pleased she'll be.

Later that day on the other side of town a different view of the mornings events were playing out. She met Mistress for lunch and they laughed like school kids as she explained it all to her.

"Wait," said Mistress "he agreed to all that? Even when you told him you'd be wearing a strap-on if he was to cum?"

"Yes. I don't think he realized that all he'll ever be getting for a long, long time will be jerking himself off while I drill him good." Tweets replied. Emphasizing her words and feigning masturbation with one hand and pumping her fist back and forth with the other; laughing.

"How long will that be?" her eyes sparkled as she listened to Tweets.

"Till he realizes what's going on and begs for something more. Then it's back to the negotiation table and I'll ask for something more in return."

"You are truly wicked. I can't wait for you to start work! What do you want him to finally do for you?"

She smiled wickedly as she sipped her wine. "It's not what I want him to do, it's what he's going to want to do for me." She put the wine down and slid her hand across the table grasping Mistress's. "Denial will break down any barrier."

"You're so naughty. I'm free this afternoon. How about you?"

"Mm, I think I'm going to my new job and spend the afternoon sucking up to my boss."

"Good. You can pick up the panties you left behind last night."

They both laughed as the got up and left the restaurant arm in arm.

She called him from her last stop and told him that she would like a light romantic dinner, poolside and she'd be home in an hour. He hurriedly fixed up a chef salad. Set the table with candles and flowers, lit the tiki torches and tidied up.

She arrived home shortly after he was done. Her greeted her with a long and passionate kiss. She wickedly stroked his exposed head. "How's my hubby? Been a good boy today?" He bit his lips as his cock began to swell. "I know I'm exhausted. My feet are killing me."

"Go to the pool. I'll get you a drink and give you a nice massage."

She gave him a pat on the ass as she walked by. He quickly finished up in the kitchen and in no time was kneeling before her and tending to her feet as she sipped her drink. She sat there in the light of the torches and thought of the afternoon spent in the arms of his Mistress. All the while droning on and on about going from store to store, fighting traffic and other shoppers.

From his position he could not help but look up her skirt and notice she had no panties on. He tried to concentrate on her feet but his eyes kept returning to her freshly shaven mound.

"Enjoying the view?" she asked as she brought up her free foot to toy with his cock.

The pain. The excitement were all too much. "You. . .Your panties. . .You. . ."

"Mm. I'd hope you notice. Is you cage too much for you?"

"Yes. It hurts. . . so. . . much."

"Did you ever get this hard when you looked at your Mistress's pussy?"

"She never let me see it."

"Oh, you poor thing! Ever?" She shook her head. "Well at least she let you jerk off for her. Tease yourself for her."

"No. . .I was. . .couldn't. . .touch. . .my. . .self."

"Oh, no! How terrible. That's such a turn on for me. To see a guy play with his own dick. Mmmm!" She pushed her thighs together and rubbed them. "My oh my. I get so wet thinking of it."

"I'd love it if I could masturbate for you Tweets."

"Really!?! You would? We can't have any accidents though."

"No. I promise. Please. Let me do it for you."

She had him stand in front of her as she unlocked him without taking the necklace off. So close to her, so very close. He had a fanciful thought of her actually taking him in her mouth, but she just sat back. He looked down to see his swelling member checkered with the dents from the teeth.

"Kneel down and tease yourself for me." He eagerly complied. "Don't stroke it. Tease it. Get me horny. Show me how hot you can make me by playing with yourself."

It took every fiber of his being to comply. Almost a year without being able to so much as touch himself and now he wasn't allowed to stroke himself. He spread his legs, kneeling before her, his fingers lightly dancing up and down his shaft. Desperation filled his eyes as he wrapped his hand around his shaft and began squeezing and releasing it. The other swirling beads of pre-cum around his head.

"Look at you." Her hands slowly hiked up her skirt as she watched him. "So horny. So hard. I bet you've had a lot of practice at this. Playing with your cock. Wishing you had this." By now she was fully exposed, her legs spread wide. Fingers tracing over the shaven mound of her womanhood. "Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yes. Oh God yes." Without realizing it he brought up a finger covered in his juices and smeared his lips and then stuck it in his mouth and sucked it.

"Holy shit! You're so fucking hot right now." Her fingers probed her pussy. "Yes, stroke it. Stroke it now. Stroke for your wife. Do you like it? Does it feel good?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes!" One hand slid up and down his cock. The other cupped and massaged his balls.

"Yes. Of course yes. Stroke it. Fuck your hand for me. Make love to it." She could feel herself rising to a massive orgasm. Her mind drifted back to the one she just received from his Mistress earlier in the day. She felt it building and building. "Yes, faster. Faster. Pump it. Pump it." Thinking not of what he was doing now, but of the things he would soon be begging her to do

He fed off of her passions and felt his own cum boiling over in his sack. His hips began to buck, matching the thrusts of his hand. "Please, oh please. Let me jerk off for you. Let me tease myself for your pleasure."

Her head fell back as her eyes rolled up into her head and mouth went slack. Her legs quivered and trembled; her toes curled as her climax washed over her. He too felt his own orgasm closing in on him. He raced to the edge like a runaway train. Hoping she would let him release. Closer and closer he sped. Waiting for her words to finally grant him his reward. Stroking until he could bear no more. His mind screamed as his hand fell away.

She held up her drink to her forehead, panting, her eyes trying to focus. "Oh my God." She dipped a finger in her wet and swollen mound, bringing it to her lips. "That was great. You were great. Did you like that?"

He knelt there, his throbbing member leaking like a sieve. Elated with the fact that he had pleased her so well. "Oh, yes dear. Very much. I'm so glad you enjoyed it as much as you did."

She bolted forward and caressed his cheek like a mother to a child. "If you could do that for me more often I doubt it'll be anywhere near a year before I let you cum."

'I knew it!' he thought. 'I knew I could do it.' He was oblivious to the fact she was herding him like a lamb to the slaughter. "Absolutely, I can do that as often as you'd like. Every day in fact."

She pushed her skirt down as she got up. "Honey, that was so good I'm not even going to lock up you back up tonight."

'WHAT!' his mind did cart wheels as he got up "Thank you."

He served her a candle lit dinner and waited on her hand and foot the entire meal. His cock leaking and aching the entire time. She would playfully ask him to stroke himself during their meal if she noticed he was hard again.

Once dinner was done she went skinny dipping while he cleaned up. She then had him sit on the diving board and stroke himself for her while she swam. "Stroke it nice and slow for your bride. Show me how horny you are for me."

He thought he was the luckiest man in the world right now. Expertly teasing himself for her as she slid across the water, under the flickering light of the torches.

"Edge for me. Get as close as you can for me. So good isn't?" While she did her laps she toyed with him. When she would swim towards him he had to stroke, when she swam away he could rest. Although she would take her time, barely moving, when he had to stroke; she would fly across the pool when he was to rest. After about a dozen laps he was hitting the edge before she reached him. She made him suffer though a few more laps before stopping.

"Are you ready? I hope you are. You've made me so hot and wet watching you." She climbed out of the pool and dried herself off. "I've been looking forward to this moment for a long time. Wanting you, needing you, craving you. On top of me, inside of me, all over me. Taking my breath away, over and over. Again and again. Are you up to the task? Are you ready to make tonight all about me?"

"Of course. I've been wanting this as much as you Tweets." he was aching and ready to explode, but he knew he would have to wait. He knew if he did what was expected she would give him what he'd waited so long for.

She sauntered off and he followed behind, his eyes glued on her ass. Laughing to herself as she made her way into the house on to the bedroom. 'Too easy.' she thought 'Too easy.'

She turned to him as soon as he entered the bedroom. He was shocked as she crashed into him, embarrassing him. Her hands ran through his hair as she kissed him passionately. His cock throbbed with a life of its own. She slid his cock between her legs and began to rub her thighs. His hands roughly explored her body. She could feel him squirm and writhe, desperate to control his urges. They continued to kiss each other for sometime before she broke away.

"Do you want this?" She pushed her breasts together and pinched her nipples. "Are you ready to take me as you took me in college? Pleasure me as no man has before?" Her hands ran down her body to her pussy. "Show me. Fuck me good and hard, just like you used to. You remember my favorite position don't you?" She turned and bent over the foot of the bed, spreading her legs.

He moved up behind her. His hands kneading her firm ass as his thumbs found there way through the soft folds of her moist pussy. He slowly guided his aching cock to her wet and dripping lips. He moaned softly, almost whimpering, as his head pushed into her.

Suddenly, without warning she thrust back into him. He felt his knees buckling as he fought to keep from collapsing onto her. "I said fuck me not tease me. Fuck me hard! Now!"

He grabbed her hips and began thrusting forcefully. She moaned in ecstasy. "Yes. Yes. Like that fuck me just like that. Fill my pussy." He bit his lip as he felt his orgasm building quickly within him. "Harder. Take me. Fuck me. Fuck your wife good. Yes. Harder. Harder." He crashed into her, faster and faster. "Yeah! Yeah! Fuck yeah!"

Then without warning he pulled out. Confused she looked back to see him tensed up, not breathing. He appeared to be frozen. "Please tell me your not cumming already." She turned and stood up, her voice becoming stern and stoic. "Please tell me that this is all you can handle. For Gods sake; you weren't even in me two minutes."

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