tagBDSMThe Visitor Ch. 02

The Visitor Ch. 02


Later that afternoon I found myself securely spread-eagled face-down on our bed with my mid-section raised by three pillows. As the two of them were tying me down, M. asked Emma if she wouldn't mind removing the giant steel butt plug.

"Won't he feel empty and denied if we take that pleasure away from him," Emma asked. "You need for him to get something out of all of this to keep it going, don't you?"

I felt her hands exploring and suddenly, like a rush of cold air, a very empty feeling. It's amazing what the body can accept in order to further a sexual fantasy. I groaned, "Please stuff my empty hole. My pussy needs cock." Uh, oh.

"Can you see that he's just gotten a lot of what he needs in the form of complete humiliation? The slut boy is in the house," said M. Then someone put a blindfold over my eyes. I could hear a squishy sound and some giggling; then fingertips rubbed my gaping hole with lube.

Something fairly large and unfamiliar was quickly inserted. More giggling and the butt plug started to grow. I had bought the inflatable plug long ago and we had never tried it. Now it was about as large as the giant steel butt plug. I felt it surge larger two more times.

I was filled up again. Beyond full; stretched to the limit; painful but turning to more arousal. Emma said, "It was so cute how your cock bucked in its little tube each time you squeezed the inflation bulb." "Of course," M. replied, "more of what keeps him submitting." Then they left the room.

Its not like I could possibly hide anything from M., but I had just begged my mistress AND her beautiful lover to fuck me in the ass. Not simply, "I enjoy anal play;" but, "Give me cock." I had never been turned on by the fantasy of physical love with a man. At the same time, anything nasty that M. could persuade me to do added to the depth of my submission and pushed me further. I didn't have to think about a man back there to enjoy the sensation of being fucked.

Then, no analysis. I simply reveled in my status as a passive recipient. The sensations from my pussy kept her cock (my clit) fully stimulated, and me wanting more. The pressure of the cage, the fullness behind and the constant tickle against my P spot had me at that point of continuous explosive readiness.

But no way to get there.

Through my reverie, I was aware of the two sweet voices talking in another room, the splashing and playing in the pool and the sighs and moans which eventually wafted from the terrace loungers. Those sounds faded in and out of my consciousness until I heard both voices coming closer.

I felt weight and movement on the bed around me but little sound at that point. Someone removed my blindfold. M. and Emma were kneeling on either side of my head. My mistress was naked with a big black and white marbled strap-on which she had not used before. On the other side, Emma knelt in her own naked glory, displaying a huge and very realistic dark brown cock with bulging veins. I was not computing size; it was more of a "what have I asked for" moment.

Only a moment because, before either of them spoke, I pleaded, "Please fuck me." They both laughed out loud as they moved around behind me. Suddenly the inflated plug deflated and was quickly removed. Then, without prompting, I wailed, "Someone fuck me now."

An instant later, Emma was directly in front of me. "I get to start here so I can watch how much you love getting fucked," she said. "I can also see you drooling at the thought of sucking my big black cock." She pushed her hips forward as I looked up past her luscious breasts to see the sly smile on her face.

As the tip of her cock brushed my lips, I began to lick it. M. said, "C'mon, baby, you know how much you want to suck that cock until it explodes in your mouth."

I licked the brown balls dangling below the rigid tool and then stroked with my tongue to the tip. I was trying to focus on what felt good on my clit. I swirled the tip with my lips and then sucked in a good four inches, pumping it with my cheeks.

When I felt the tip of M's marbled monster touch the puckered hole of my man-pussy, I jumped and sucked down another two inches of brown cock. M. pushed through; I moaned loudly around the cock that I had almost deep-throated and Emma hissed "OMG. This is hotter than I ever imagined. Do I get to try both ends?"

"Whatever you want, lover," M. replied. At that instant she bucked forward, giving me all she had. That pressed on my P-spot and I lurched in my restraints, feeling like the plastic cage was about to explode. No such luck. The two mistresses began to pump in rhythm. As M. filled me from behind, forcing my body forward, the cock I was sucking pushed further down my throat. Then each withdrew slightly only to slam back with greater force.

That seemed to go on forever and I was not about to ask for it to stop. I heard M. begin to moan as she pumped into me harder and faster. Her dildo went both directions, so I knew the harder she fucked me the more stimulation she got. Her moans got louder and more frequent until it sounded like she was gasping for breath, "Uhh! Uuh! Uuuuuh!!"

Then her voice turned to a low hiss, "Oh, yes," a few more deep thrusts, a stifled scream and suddenly I was empty on both ends. My mouth was drooling and the sucking continued involuntarily, rewarded only with gulps of air. My man-pussy also felt like it continued to spasm around the emptiness.

M. said, "Just what I needed and you heard him beg for it. We call that win/win—I get an orgasm and he gets denied again. Now trade places so you can see his pussy begging for more."

Emma's brown, veiny cock slipped right in and she drove it balls deep in one thrust. She pulled back and began to fuck me with long, hard and fast strokes. My clit throbbed more with each stroke. She must have been very hot from fucking my mouth because after a very few minutes she let out a piercing scream, "Oh, fuck. I'm cumming." She rocked backwards again, leaving my pussy gasping while my little clit swelled out of the ventilation slots in its cage.

M. stroked my head lovingly and leaned in close to ask, "Did my little boy get what he wanted?"

"Oh, yes, mistress, haven't I been very good?'

"Yes dear you have, but what is your point? I hope you're not about to ask to cum now. That would just spoil everything. And you know you always get to come when the time is exactly perfect for you. You wouldn't want to risk it being the wrong time."

"No, ma'am. I just thought each of you had very much pleasure just now, and so..."

"Don't try to tell me that wasn't all for you. Emma and I do everything we can to create a beautiful afternoon for you and you want MORE?"

"How much more pleasure could you stand? And you know that without your cage it would just be an empty, meaningless squirt, with all of the mess. All I'm trying to do is make it much easier for you to cum pleasurably, just in a way that pleases me too. Are you giving up on me?"

I replied, "No, ma'am. I want what you want."

"Tell me again what that is, so Emma understands your needs too."

Taking a deep breath, I said, "I want to cum when you fuck me while my useless clit is locked up tight. That is the most pleasure I could imagine and what I strive for."

"Good boy. But what about Emma fucking you; do you want to come then?"

"Yes, Mistress. If that pleases you as well I would love it."

And M. added, without caring about my response, "You know it would please me to see you eventually cum every time you get fucked no matter who is slamming your sissy cunt. I want you responding to the sensations regardless of who the person might be."

"Yes mistress," I sighed, grasping the implications of her position, now stated to another person.

A few minutes later they freed me from restraint. Emma first noticed and commented on the puddle on the towel under me, "So did he cum then?"

"No," M replied, "that's just ejaculate he couldn't really feel, or just something like a 'dribbly pee,' he told me. It happened when our pounding massaged his prostate."

Then I was alone, with instructions to rest a few minutes, clean up and then start on dinner. In the kitchen, Emma handed me a frilly apron that I had not seen before. More surprises. I put it on, smoothed it down the front and twirled for them, as I had been instructed to do any time I was offered clothing.

The next day, M. and Emma went to the beach while I stayed home and cleaned. Before they left, they made sure to model their very skimpy bikinis for me. I had never seen M. in anything quite like hers. Neither suit was a thong, bowing to some sense of propriety in our area. The bottoms had only tiny little V-patches of very thin material in front. Their smooth labia were clearly outlined by the thin patches of fabric. The tops were strips of cloth offering only nipple coverage. If the desired effect on me was more straining against plastic and the resultant frustrated desire, it worked. Anyone on our relatively deserted beach would certainly enjoy the display. They never talked about the day.

When they got home from the beach, they told me we were all going out for dinner and music that night.

A couple of places in our area have live music one night per week. That night we were headed to hear a blues band and eat some Mexican food. I wore shorts and a tropical shirt. My chastity device was generally not noticeable under my clothes. M. was not likely to out my situation in our little community, but as she got more into her control of me, there was no telling what she might do.

M. and Emma were again flaunting it a little. M. wore a cotton sundress that she had previously declared to be only a top. It was very short and was cut to a deep V in front and very low under the arms. Emma had dressed in a loose, silky, brightly-printed tank top that draped enticingly across her breasts and let her nipples stand out proudly. Below, she had on a very short flared skirt.

Before we left the house, they each did a little dance to model their outfits. I could easily see that neither of them had anything on underneath. I wasn't sure if that was more teasing for me or a display of their intent to put on a little public show. M. was generally modest but I was seeing a different woman that week.

The margaritas were tasty and the fish tacos hit the spot perfectly. We finished dinner just as the band was warming up. The three of us stepped out on the beach and had a few hits, putting us in exactly the right frame of mind as the music started.

I danced a slow song with M. and she clung to me as if we were not engaged in a total power exchange. She pressed herself firmly against the hardness in my groin. That felt very good and reminded me how loved I was. M. and Emma danced a couple of faster songs with enough restraint so as not to show themselves off to all of the other 50 or so people in the place.

I had noticed two attractive younger women whom we did not know. They appeared to be 30 something, both blonde and I guessed them to be German. They were dancing together like friends just before the band break. M. and Emma spoke to them as they left the dance floor and all four women headed to the ladies room.

When the four of them came out, they approached our table, where I had been sitting. M. introduced me to Erin and Gina, who were vacationing from Germany. "Let's go outside with the shooter," M. said, "Our new friends need a little buzz."

We walked out on the beach again and I took a hit from the shooter, passing it to M. As it went around the circle of five, M. and Emma were hugging and fondling each other. Erin and Gina sometimes held hands. We probably had one or two hits more than we needed and everyone seemed looser and there was some definite giggling.

Gina asked, with German directness, "What is the relationship here. He is M.'s husband but M. is loving with Emma."

M. responded, to my surprise and humiliation, "He is my wimp husband. I keep him locked up in chastity so Emma and I can play, but he stays really horny for whatever he gets, which is almost nothing. He is very talented with his tongue and that is what keeps him involved in our playing."

I couldn't believe she had so casually disclosed my situation to almost complete strangers. They were grinning at me and I just wanted to crawl in a hole. Of course, at the same time I was increasingly aroused, swelling in my cage, as a result of the humiliation. M. knew.

Did she just say, "Come home with us and see for yourselves?"

Erin asked, "Does he have it on now?"

M. replied, "Yes. He wears it all of the time and I can guarantee that the humiliation from this conversation has him swollen and straining in his tight little tube. If you want to come up to the house for awhile, you'll get to see it, but that's not the main reason to come."

Then M. took the hands of our latest friends and pressed them against my groin. "Oh, its small and hard, like a shell," giggled Erin, as she squeezed. Gina added, "We have to see it."

"What is the main reason to come?" asked Gina.

"So we can all cum together but he can't," Emma said.

Our new German friends were quite striking, both with toned bodies, small breasts and long legs. As we entered the house and I removed all of my clothing, they did also. We found ourselves in the living room with Gina and Erin staring at my cage. M. and Emma ogled the younger women, who seemed happy for an excuse to display themselves.

Erin then turned, and with a sly smile on her face grabbed M. around the waist, pulled her close and began kissing her hard on the lips. M. looked a little stunned, but then, as Erin pulled back for a second, a broad smile crossed M.'s face and she pulled Erin back while letting one hand drop to caress Erin's smooth pussy.

I was still speechless when Gina took a step toward Emma, grabbed the hem of our visitor's wispy top and lifted it over Emma's head in one fluid motion. Emma dropped her skirt to the floor. Only M. remained clothed and Gina quickly remedied that.

Hand in hand, the four of them headed for the master bedroom. Erin turned and looked at me then whispered to M. Would I get an invitation to at least watch? M. said, "We have no use for tiny sissy clits tonight. Go to the other bedroom." They all turned to look at me, laughed, and practically danced off to the bedroom.

They weren't loud or I slept soundly. When I opened my eyes to daylight, Erin was leaning in the door frame watching me, still naked.

"M. says you are a good man and that you chose this for yourself. Is that true?"

"Yes, I'm a good man. As far as choosing, I clearly had a fetish for being put in chastity and some related fantasies. I don't chose the course of my sex life now."

"Ah, but you do," she retorted. "Obviously your chastity is a game you are playing with M. You have not surrendered control to her because you have it in your power to end it using a simple tool and with no physical risk."

She continued, "I know about these things. My husband waits in Germany with Gina's boyfriend. Both are locked. But for us it is no game. They are secured by steel."

"I am not critical of M.'s choices for you and herself but we have told her about how we live and she seemed interested. She actually got very wet. I'll let her tell you more about us when and how she decides. I know having a friend who has tried everything will help M. broaden her explorations of her power."

"Now," she said, "That is enough talk. Please use your skillful tongue to clean and please me." As she straddled my face, Gina walked in the room. A moment later as I began to worship the new offering above me, I felt warm breath and a wet tongue at the tip of my cage.

After a very long time, Erin groaned deeply and raised herself up. She sat on the side of the bed as Gina took her place on my face.

When they were both leaving the room, Gina gave me a big smile and Erin said, "You have a long and happy life ahead of you. M. will take you beyond your fantasies. And we will all meet again."

I entered the living room as the four women were heading out to the car. M. asked, "Did you enjoy your playtime with our newest friends? I hope I don't need to be jealous, letting you have your greatest desire—licking two lucious pussies. We'll make up for it when Emma and I get home."

It was Emma's last night and there had certainly been broad hints about me getting out and cumming. In this entirely new experience, I could only drive myself crazy guessing what M. would permit to happen.

"You're going to love it," M. began. The cage will come off. You will fuck each us and your release will be ecstatic. Let us just secure you on the bed so no one gets hurt."

As soon as the restraints were tight, a blindfold was slipped over my eyes. I heard the lock open and felt the rush of air on the outside and blood on the inside of her cock.. I knew it was standing up hard.

Two sets of hands started stroking it with lotion. She was right about approaching ecstasy. A condom was rolled down. Of course, another person involved. Then another condom was rolled down. That's not good. Then a third condom, or so I assumed from the limited sensation remaining after the numbing cream.

The blindfold was removed and I looked down to see Emma stuffing the still hard cock between her swollen lips. She began to ride it, faster and faster. The show kept me hard but the cock felt somewhere else. She panted and screamed, "Fuck me," and collapsed on my chest with a moan. Her hug was the most tender moment I've had with another woman. I turned to see M. smiling happily.

But, no orgasm from that. M. noticed my agitation and said, "You didn't think you were going to spew your seed inside Emma did you, even with a condom. Don't worry your release is coming right after I enjoy that flesh dildo." The next few minutes were heavenly. Actually making love with M. and she came. Not me.

M. caressed the side of my face and spoke softly, "You've been very good my sweet boy and you've made me happy. So while we have the chance, I'm going to reward you by maximizing the humiliation of your milking. You will have an ecstatic release when Emma becomes your milker."

"But, Mistress, you promised."

"I am doing everything I promised and you enjoyed almost unlimited freedom leering at Emma all week and then having a threesome with two hot German woman. I'd swear you think you're a swinger, not a submissive wimp. You need to focus on who you are."

"Yes, Mistress. I apologize for my lack of gratitude for all of the pleasures you have permitted me. And my milking will be another special moment."

Emma learned quickly how to find and massage my prostate so it did not take a long time for the steady, sensationless drips to coat the saucer below. She said, "What a role model you are for other men. Letting this health need and our pleasure take precedence over your male lust to cum."

As she continued for any last drops, she said, "You are an inspiration. I've already figured out how to start my boyfriend toward thinking he asked for chastity himself. The next time we get together, I hope it will be the four of us."

M. had remained silent, but at that, she chuckled and said, "Change is good!"


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