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Usual disclaimers, though if you are already browsing stories on this site, you must have an idea what you're getting into by now. ;-)

This story contains explicit sexual and Dominant/Submissive themes, so if this is a problem . . . wave off!

This story is fictional story based on a fantasy of mine. While it is fiction, I did use myself and locations I knew as a basis. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to send your thoughts, dirty as they no doubt are. It's always good to get feedback!


I have a secret. I sometimes look at naughty pictures and stories online. Ok, I do it a lot. After a while of trying to hide this side of myself from others on my computer I decided to just create a new profile just for this activity. This way I'm not worried about an embarrassing website, like cum2eat.com or DickgirlBride.com, popping up when my girlfriend goes to look something up. In general it's worked well. It isolates my purvy side from others and I'm not so easily distracted. Well, that's usually the way it works.

When I got up the other day, I had every intention of getting some work done on several projects that I'd neglected. I popped on the computer to check my regular email while I ate breakfast. When I finished I was about to get up when a little voice in my head stopped me.

"Did you get any mail in your 'other' account? Wouldn't hurt to check. Then you can get on with your day."

I was curious if that guy who liked my stories emailed me back. I guess a quick look wouldn't hurt. So I just logged into my naughty profile for a quick check. The other profile loaded and my breath caught. I had left the browser open when I was last on. The web page was tiled with pictures, mostly of women's faces. Faces with cum dripping off them. Faces with obscenely large cocks buried in their mouths. A chill ran up my spine, and in my panties . . . my cock twitched.

Wait a minute. I just wanted to check mail! I shook off the feeling and pulled up the page with my mail account and noted a few new ones. There was the response I was looking for. I opened it and started reading. It was a fairly long email. He told me his fem name was Rebecca and that he too had fantasies of sucking cock. Of being forced to service a well hung man. He said he wished we could do it together, dressed as cheerleaders . . . on our knees . . . with some college stud feeding us his huge cock.

"You'd love that!" The voice whispered in my head. "You'd make a great cheerleader-slut and the skirt would show off your cute ass."

Yeah, that would be . . . hot. My mind held the image Rebecca's description had inspired, and my cock strained against my panties. I was getting a little light-headed reading it. The story went on for a while, describing in great detail how we would please our man. Offering our eager mouths for his pleasure. His cock fucking . . . our mouths . . . our . . . throats. Using us . . .

Ok, that's enough! I shook myself free of the thoughts. Gotta focus. I have work to do. I don't have time to sit and read porn all day!

"At least read the rest of the letter." Came the purr in my head.

Yeah, I guess I can do that. But then I'm signing out! There was only one paragraph left, so why not. Rebecca continued that if we serviced this stud well enough, he would bring his friends from the basketball team over and then we'd not only have more studs to service, but we'd also get to taste some black cock. My mouth was dry and I could feel the pulse pounding in my chest.

"Oh yes! Big, black cock is what you need!"

Oh! Mmmm . . . I don't know why, but the image of me being used by a black cock made my temples throb. It was wrong to think that, wasn't it? Was it racist? Why did the idea of a well hung black man towering over me so hot?

"Yes, yes, yes! You need one of those black monster cocks in your mouth!"

I wasn't really thinking as I pulled up my bookmarks. Hands moving almost without my direction. There it was. I selected one I hadn't looked at in a while. I felt a little tremble as www.blackmeatwanted.com loaded. I just stared, mouth open a little. I should close this and just step away. I should stop now. Stop looking at all these beautiful black cocks. I have things to do.

"You're right, you do have things to do. So don't think about being on your knees swallowing your black master's cock."

I gasped and bit my lip. My master's big black . . . cock . . . No, I need to-

"What you need to do is suck cock!"

I know . . . I should . . . have a cock in my mouth. I felt a little dreamy. I was so flushed, I could almost feet the heat radiating off my face. At least 20 pictures filled my vision, tiled across the screen. All showing very large, black cocks cumming on women's faces or buried inside their mouths, pussies and asses. God, they were so big! So powerful!

"Such lucky sluts. I hope they appreciate being allowed to worship all that back meat. Allowed to be filled . . . stretched and penetrated by those powerful cocks. Bodies pumped full of chocolate cream."

I nodded, rubbing my throbbing dick. So lucky. My mouth was starting to water. To be allowed . . . to be filled . . . with black meat.

"Look at that slut with the amazing ass."

I clicked on the pic and a movie started loading. I watched as one girl held open the ass cheeks of another and urged on the black man who was lining up his cock, at least 10 inches long, to take her friend's ass. He put the tip against it and pushed. I watched the shaft bow up slightly as it strained for entry. Then suddenly, her ass released and his cock surged inside making her throw her head back and moan lewdly.

"We need to see that again."

Yes, again. I replayed it over and over. That instant when her ass released, it was if her body sucked it inside. My own hole tingled at what that must have felt like.

"Bet your little boy-hole could use some attention."

I slid my hand down the back of my panties. My index finger gliding down the hairless crack and over my rosebud.

"Slide it in!"

Mmmmm. I sighed as I plunged my finger inside and stroked a few times. The tight, little hole sucked in my finger. Penetrating my . . . my boy-pussy . . .

"No, a sissy little boy-cunt! Women have pussies, sissy-boys like you have cunts. And it needs more. Fill it!"

Yeah. Something to stretch open my . . . tight little boy-cunt. I shiver a little. Getting up I went to rummage through my secret stash of toys and retrieve a nice medium sized plug. In a daze I strip my pants and panties off, lube the plug and begin pressing it home. I'm breathing rapidly as I push it deeper and deeper. There's a little pain as I near the thickest part and I hesitate to let myself relax.

"Take it all, bitch!"

Yessssss, take it all. I whisper as I jam it forward. The little pinch of pain suddenly vanishes as the widest part goes in and then my cunt swallows the rest eagerly and I sigh. Yes, mmmmmm. I smile at the feeling of being filled. The term 'boy-cunt' floats around my brain, sending little jolts through me.

"Good girl! You follow orders so well, don't you?"

I do. I like to be told what to do.

"You need to be told what to do! You need something tight to wear."

I go to my stash of girly things and find a hot pink and black pair of women's lycra running shorts. Perfect. I pull them up my shaved legs. So Tight. I pull them into place . . . but it's not quite right.


I pull them up and up and up till they are tight between my cheeks and mash my . . . my . . . clit, back between my legs. I give them an extra tug and sigh. Feels so good to be wrapped so tightly in lycra. Hugging my ass so tightly. I slide my had over my crotch. My clit is down between my legs. The tip, rubbing the sensitive skin just behind my balls.

I walk back to my computer, hips swaying a little. It feels so sexy that I keep rubbing my hands over my hips, ass and crotch. It feels delicious! Can't help but pause to admire myself in the mirror. My clit, almost invisible. Such a cute, perky ass. Oh, I'd fuck me! I sit down in the chair and moan a little as the plug surges up inside me and moves around.

"You should always have something in that tight cunt! It needs to be trained for men to use."

Yeah. Train my cunt. I bite my lip and rock my hips. Enjoying the feel of the plug. Suddenly I feel a little drop of pre-cum travel through the length of my clit and I slide my hand down over the lump. I can feel the cool, wet spot. I love than I'm oozing into my shorts. I open my eyes and start clicking. I open window after window. So much cock!

"Yes, so many big black cocks that need to be drained. Men with cocks like that should be serviced."

Uh-huh. So big. So much bigger than my little clitty. Why wouldn't I get on my knees? Shouldn't we all service cocks like that? A strange surge runs through me as I picture a black man approaching me at the gym. He pulls out his huge cock. Naturally I kneel and service him with my mouth till he empties his manly balls into my tummy. Mmmm, if that happened the only exercise I'd be getting that day would be lifting big cocks up to my lips to drink. An image of me in the middle of the weight room, on my knees in just panties, services cock after cock.

"Exactly. Real men with real COCKS who were born superior to you. Born to be serviced. By submissive, sissy-boys like you."

Wait! No, I'm not like that. I'm a normal guy. I like women. I love the female body!

"Normal guys don't wear panties! They don't shave their legs! They don't fill their hungry CUNTS with rubber toys! And they don't look at foot long, black cocks and drool!"

My thoughts swirled. But . . . but I love pussy. I love to lick a wet pussy!

"Of course you do, dear. But wouldn't that pussy taste soooo much better with cum oozing out of it? Another man's cum? Dribbling out of her stretched, satisfied pussy. Just fucked by a huge cock that has made her cum like you never could. A cock that you will soon beg to clean with your mouth."

A part of me tried to rally, but my mind played the images. Yesssss. Big cock, dripping cum and pussy juice . . . sliding into my mouth. Wait, NO! No, I'm just curious. It's just a tiny part of me. It's just healthy curiosity, that's all!

"Only curious? You really think it's just 'Curiosity'? Be honest with yourself. Think about your fantasies. So many revolve around one idea . . . you on your knees. In your place. Where you were born to be. Even your fantasies about women. Submissive. Remember your fantasy about Carl visiting. Do you remember that fantasy?"

I remember. He visits for a while after his divorce. He's lonely and hasn't had sex in a while. I'm sure he jerks off a lot. Such a waste when I'm here. He finds my panties and my porn. All those pictures of tranny-girls and sissy-boys. Stories of submissive men 'forced' into their place as sissy cocksuckers. Our eyes meet and our relationship changes in an instant. He sees what I am, and knows that my mouth is his for the asking. Why do I see myself on my knees pulling out his big cock? Why do I imagine him thrusting into my throat? Why do I want him to . . . use . . . me. I imagine him waking me each morning with his hard cock in my mouth. And going to bed, each night of his visit with the taste of his cum in my mouth.

"You would become his bitch. His toy. His personal sissy slut."

It's true. I want to know he doesn't see me as an equal any more. I want him to know . . . to know, I am a sissy! His sissy! His mouth to fill anytime he wants.

"Yes you are. A sissy who needs a man to use you for the cum receptacle you really are."

I do need it. My mouth is watering. It needs to be filled. I look back at the screen. The stretched holes and the cum covered faces. I lick my lips. They are open and wiling. How would it feel as the head pushes my lips apart? The friction of the shaft sliding inside? His hands on my head . . . guiding me . . . controlling me.

"Controlled. Used. Slut! Cocksucker!"

Yes! Yes! I am a cocksucker. I need hard cock inside me. My body is almost vibrating. I am clicking more movies. I hear the slurping sounds of the women sucking and watch those magnificent cocks erupt all over those pretty faces. Cum running out their slutty mouths. All that cummmmmm, dripping and oozing . . .

"You know exactly where to get your sissy mouth filled, don't you slut?"

I feel a shiver up my spine. Yes, I know. The video arcade . . . has glory holes. I think of those booths. Dark and smelling of stale cum . . . mmmmm . . . from dozens of men jacking off. All those horny men who hang around outside the booths.

"They know what you are. They can sense why you are there. What you need. That you are a born sissy."

Yes, they'll know. They'll smile and follow me. All those strong men. All those hard cocks . . .

"All of them in need of a warm, eager mouth to unload inside. They will see you as prey and line up to fill your little tummy with their seed. Knowing you won't resist. That you can't resist. It's your nature . . . your purpose."

But, I can't . . . I . . . I can't go there. So dirty. I can't go to a place like that.

"You've been there before, right?"

Yes. Sometimes, but I never did anything.

"But you wanted to, didn't you?"


"You would peek through the glory holes and watch men stroke their cocks. Wishing and fearing that they would shove it through the hole. Afraid of what you would do if they did."

It was true. Knowing that a part of me wanted so badly to offer my mouth, but scared too. So vulnerable with all these strangers.

"This time you will finally do it. This time you will go with only one goal in mind. And you'll wear these shorts, with nothing over them. One look at that hot pink color and they'll know you're in heat. They may even fondle you as you walk by. They may even find your well plugged cunt."

The thought of those pawing hands playing with the plug . . . maybe pulling it out and pushing it back in. Maybe bending me over, pulling the plug out and . . . fucking me right there in the hallway . . . one after another . . . all of them. I whimpered in need. Oh, god! I can't . . . I -

"Yes you can. Yes you WILL! You WILL go. You know you want this. You need this. You will parade past them and swing your hips like the slut you are. Find a booth with two large glory holes, so there will always be a cock waiting for you. Put at least $10 in the machine. Get on your knees in that sperm soaked booth. Open your mouth and do what you NEED to do Do what all those men want you to do. What you were born to do."

Need . . . need to do . . . need to suck. A faint voice whispered that I should jerk off. If I relieved some of the pent up lust, I could break this spell.

"You will not touch your clit or your cunt! You are not allowed to cum, bitch! Understand?"

My hand pulled away. I had to do as I was told. I wanted to do as I was told. I wanted this feeling to last. I loved this primal feeling. No inhibitions. My mind was just a swirling cyclone of lust. It felt sooooo fucking good.

"It will feel even better with your mouth full of a stranger's cock. Don't come back until you are out of condoms or they close."

But they're open 24 hours a day . . .

"Better take the whole box, Slut!"

Oh, fuck yesssssssss . . .

-- The End . . . or is it only the beginning?


This story is copyrighted by the author. You may post it on other boards, but it must be posted in full, with all headers and credit given to the author. Don't mind dissemination, as long as I get any fan/hate mail for my work! :-)

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