The Void of Forget Me Not

byJames Cody©

Tamara felt the subtle twitches in Darvish's cock that indicated his approaching orgasm and she pinched the base of his shaft as the first pulses happened -- she sweetened her torture by continuing to lick his shaft even when his orgasm was postponed. Darvish stared at Tamara while his reason felt like it was swimming through the thick haze of pleasure.

"Don't stop!" Darvish pleaded, fighting the urge to grab Tamara's head and forcing her down on him.

"Oh baby, I want to feel you come in me -- its gonna be last thing you give me for the next 6 months."

Darvish slid back into the water, allowing for Tamara to take his place. She hoisted the upper part of her body out of the water and rested it on the transparent floor of the wash chamber, crushing her pert breasts against the diamond-glass while she lifted her right leg so it rested on the edge of the pool while her left leg dangled in the water.. Darvish moved behind her, licked the tip of his fingers and touched the tip of his cock before sliding it into her pussy -- after two orgasms her cunt was still wet and craving his limb.

Standing in the pool, Darvish began to slowly thrust in and out of Tamara, his intention to burn the sensation of her flesh around his and the image of her breathtaking body upon his neo-cortex before he was implanted with the sub-dermal comm and access terminals the Gate Keeper Alliance demanded of all personnel serving on their ships.

Darvish was fucking Tamara with a steadily increasing pace as the orgasm she had halted began to spool within his loins -- but it also acted like a sexual singularity, drawing to it all the residual feeling of contentment and bliss he had accumulated throughout all the time he had spent loving this woman. He wished he knew how to include the pure joy he felt in her presence in the orgasm she'd asked him to leave within her.

Tamara felt her love for Darvish grow and -- as his cock pulsed deep within her pussy -- she was proud to love him. She glanced over her shoulder and met his eyes and the mutual feeling they shared passed between them, without the need for words or other conveyances -- their actions spoke louder than words.

Darvish was crazed with desire for her and he translated the desire with the mad pace of his thrusts -- he could no longer differentiate between his flesh or Tamara's and for a moment, he believed it was possible to occupy a single, perfect strata in time and space -- it was then that his need overwhelmed and he came, filling Tamara with a torrent of come.

Tamara accepted his offering as her pussy instinctively milked every last millilitre of his seed -- the ruminations of her sex triggered another orgasm and Tamara was lost in the temporary blankness of bliss.

Darvish fell from Tamara, embracing the warmth of the water while Tamara shifted her position and faced him, her feet dangling if the water.

"Do you have to go?" Tamara asked, wiping a tear that was forming at the corner of her eye. Darvish swam to her and kissed the tear away.

"I do," Darvish. "But we still have a few hours. I love you."

Tamara kissed his fingers. "I know."


The emotional singularity flickered and the homogenous conscious avatars disengaged and their identities reformed and Kenton Darvish and Tamara Rennic faced each other as individuals.

"I'm happy, Tamara," Darvish said, his emotions shining like soothing rain as they enveloped her conscious avatar.

"Kent ..."

"You don't have to say it."

"I do," Tamara Rennic said. "I ... love ... you."

Kenton's avatar began to glow as he reached out to her when a sudden hollowness seized Tamara -- a dark funnel surrounded her and she felt pulled away from him as his conscious avatar dissipated, leaving a lingering after glow of his eyes following her down the tunnel until they disappeared just as the were about to reach her.

The private action pod Tamara occupied on Capsys station flew open and the neuro-conductive fluid rushed out -- Tamara emerged shakily from the pod and onto the cold tiles in front of the quantum state share module.

An attendant android came to her and helped Tamara to a cool bench. "You should have advised us that you were pregnant, Ms Rennic," the android said as it placed a hand on Tamara's belly. It then looked at Tamara's eyes and noticed half the irises in each was green while the other half was hazel.

"Something came back with me, didn't it? Something of him?" Tamara asked, her eyes lost in a hopeful daze.

The android was quiet for a moment and said, "It is unknown. There was an odd power surge and the entanglement unravelled. The incident appears to have left you you with a residual after effect. You should consult a physician immediately."

"Yes," Tamara said dreamily. "But that's okay ... because he's with us now."

The android tilted its head to the left as another attendant came to her side and escorted Tamara out of the chamber where a human team of med technicians were waiting for her.

*Kepler-11 planetary system, 2000 light-years from Earth*

There are 6 planets orbiting Kepler-11. The planets were still there, but the Temperate Void and the joint Commonwealth-Alliance battle group that accompanied it was gone. Debris littered the near orbit of a gas giant where the Void had been preparing to install a hyper-gate. The debris would join a disc of other extra solar material that had been captured by the planet's gravity well.

Two spherical objects were also manoeuvring around the planet -- they were both a few dozen kilometres in diameter and comprised of layers of gas encased in overlapping rings of crystal. Long spires of crystal reached out from the centre of the spheres through the cardinal points of the poles and the equators.

They appeared to be investigating the debris field until one halted and a beam of light emanated from its crystal spire and retrieved a minuscule object -- it was roughly three metres in length and contained a single, redheaded individual kept alive by the neuro-conductive fluid contained within the private action pod.

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