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The Wager


I must admit from the beginning that alcohol fuels most of the dumb ideas I get involved in. Why, after a few drinks, do I either come up with ideas that under sober circumstances I'd never do, or if one of my equally inebriated buddies comes up with a harebrained scheme would I ever go along with?

Like most men, after a few beers, placing a bet on the outcome of an athletic competition just seems logical, so far so good, right? Then you add a wife who teases your inability to pick a winner, I would even say it is a logical step to challenge her to remove certain articles of clothing just to see if she will put the money where her mouth is. So if on the rare occasion, she has spent a period of time topless around some of my drinking buddies, or if she was challenged to jump into the pool au natural in front of said buddies, I see no real harm in letting her do so. After all she agreed beforehand to the wager.

Add to the mix the fact that my wife Emily is absolutely drop dead gorgeous, and I love seeing her naked. Lately the idea of seeing her naked in front of my friends has somehow seemed more and more appealing to me. She thinks I'm crazy, and maybe she's right. What man actually wants to strip off his loving wife's clothes and parade her in front of his friends? Well, I guess I am one of those guys. Lately however for some insane reason, she has been putting up fewer objections to the idea when I bring the subject of her nudity up. It still takes a lot of convincing and even more booze, but lately she seems less inhibited to flashing a tit or letting me take off her bikini top when the time comes.

She actually seems to enjoy it even though she feigns embarrassment.

Let me describe her for the record. Emily is 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 128 pounds. Her measurements are 38D-25-37. Her boobs hang with just a little droop because of their size, but are still firm and soft to the touch. By the way, they are natural. Her nipples are so sensitive that when she gets really aroused, just sucking on them can make her cum. Her nips will stick out about ½ an inch when aroused. She has long brunet hair, down past her ass when she wears it down. It shines in the sunlight. Her eyes are so deep blue that most people think she is wearing colored contacts, she doesn't. Her face is what I would call oval shaped, just right to hold between your hands to kiss her full lips. Her legs are long and strong, her thighs and calves are hard and sculptured from hiking trails, one of the things we like to do best. Just to add, I've finally got her to warm up to the idea to try nude hiking. I just can't wait to see her out on the trail with nothing but her smile. She keeps he pubs trimmed; you might call it a bikini trim. She's tried fully shaved smooth, but neither of us like it that way. I like to see a woman's pubic hair; it reminds me of a mature ripe pussy, not some underage child. To each his own, I always say.

Emily's personality is what I call infectious, everyone likes her although several women have voiced that they are jealous of her beauty. Men absolutely fall in lust with her at first sight. She is a bit of a tease without knowing it. She seems to be promising more when she is around men. I've mentioned that to her on occasion and she doesn't have a clue as to what I mean. Maybe it is the pheromones she gives off, but she attracts men as if she were in heat.

Getting back to the main reason I'm retelling this incident. It's not one of those little friendly wagers I am about to relate. Why, would you ask, would a man in his right mind wager his wife in total for a designated length of time over the outcome of a minor athletic event? That's what I'm trying to get to.

It came about on a hot summer weekend, the beer flowed freely around the home swimming pool Emily dressed (and I put the word dressed meaning that she was covered) in a small revealing bikini that barely remained in place and exposed considerably more of the parts it was supposed to cover. Three of my male friends, Allen, Bryan and Chris, had come by to watch a baseball game between our local team and its biggest rival. The game wasn't nearly as interesting as watching Emily move amongst us, so silly little bets on the outcome of each batter started being brought up. The bets were for chugging the remainder of our beer or who would get the next round and such. Mostly it was to get Emily to walk around us, leaning over showing all but her nipples in front and ample amounts of butt cheek in the rear. The guys were giving her a pretty good round of razzing and she was dishing it back in equal amounts.

With the score tied in the 8th inning, finally wagers on the outcome of the game became heatedly discussed. My buddies wanted to include Emily in the prize, both she and I being a bit more than under the influence agreed. If we had won, the guys would take us out to dinner at one of the better eating establishments, and for Emily alone; they would take her out shopping for a "suitable (meaning sexy)" new dress. If the three men won, one of them would win Emily for 24 hours. They would choose who would get her, and the debt would be paid the next Saturday night. There seemed to be an understood silence as to what that would involve.

To hasten the story, the game went into extra innings in the 9th inning both teams scored 6 runs in addition to leaving the bases loaded on the last out. The outcome finally came after 13 innings; the guy's team won on two stolen bases and an error Emily was now the property of one of them for 24 hours.

I thought it was funny, Emily was pissed and wanted to back out of the deal. All of us guys told her no way, mostly because of the trash talk she had been dishing out. We teased her about running with the "big dogs" and living up to one's wagers.

Friday night Emily was really getting cold feet, and begged me to let her get out of her wager. I told her that if she wanted to play with the big boys, she had to keep her word. Plus, I secretly wanted her to learn a lesson. I told her that she knew all the guys and I really didn't think that they would do anything that she didn't want them to do. I trusted each one to stop when she said she had had enough. I also told her to take advantage of the situation and have some fun, turn the tables and she controlled what went on. I knew she could handle any one of them. Hell, if she called their bluff, they would back off in a heartbeat.

Saturday came and at noon, one of the guys (Allen) showed up. He was a bit embarrassed when I answered the door, not knowing for sure that I was okay with the outcome of the bet and if I was really going to let them collect. After a little small talk, he reassured both Emily and I that no harm would come to her and he would bring her home anytime she said she had had enough. Emily was feeling better about the whole thing.

Allen told her that she would need to dress casual, skirt, top, comfortable shoes, because she was going shopping with him. She had packed an overnight bag with toiletries, a change of underwear, pj's, and a change of clothes for tomorrow.

With a kiss and a half frightened smile, Emily was off to pay off her bet. She promised to call that night to reassure me that she was okay.

Allen drove her to the local mall where to Emily's surprise, the other two guys, Bryan and Chris met them. They explained that they had been unable to come up with which one of them would get to spend the 24 hours with her so they decided to all come along. They told her that they were going to take her shopping for a nice dinner outfit and after dinner there would be dancing before she would choose who she would go home with. Emily said that she liked the idea that she wasn't going to be alone the full time with only one of them, and that "going home" with one of them didn't mean a free jump in bed. She only agreed to spend 24 hours with them, not to fuck them. They agreed and said they wanted to take her out, and have a fun evening.

After trying on what seemed to be 50 dresses, each modeled and critiqued by the three guys, they ended up buying her a somewhat simple blue dress. It was snug enough to show off her figure, low cut to show ample but not sleazy cleavage. It was held up with simple spaghetti straps and could be worn with or without a strapless bra. They also insisted on buying her lingerie, which she didn't model, and high heel shoes, ones she could dance in.

Emily also went with the men as they bought clothing for themselves, using her for the woman's point of view.

By early evening, she was at Allen's place where they all sat around talking, laughing, and drinking wine. Emily relaxing drank a bit more than she really should have and being encouraged began her teasing with the guys. They good naturally went along with it, even encouraging her.

Finally around 6 p.m. she excused herself to clean up and change for dinner. Allen directed her to his guest room and bath, told her to take her time as they were all going to change clothes themselves.

She showered, dried and brushed her waist length hair, and dressed in her new outfit. She admitted that she looked pretty damned good.

When she walked out into the living room, each of the men was dressed in casual slacks, button shirts, no ties, and jackets. Emily thought they looked really nice; they all would make a striking group together. The men all praised Emily on how hot she looked, complementing her to the point of blushing.

Dinner was in short a riot. Drinks before, bottles of wine with, and drinks after, all mixed with stories and laughter. Each guy telling embarrassing tales how they had made fools of themselves. Emily found herself being comfortably wooed by 3 charming young men who far from ignoring her sexuality didn't make it seem as if they were slobbering over her. Her relaxation made her let her guard down where she let her cleavage show lower, and her hem ride up her thighs higher. She playfully scolded each as she caught them looking at her breasts or thighs.

Next they went to a local club to dance. Emily called me from the ladies room when she arrived reassuring me that things were fine. She was actually surprised how much fun she was having and how gentlemanly they had been. She gave me a quick version on why there was a "they" rather than a "he".

Emily loves to dance so with 3 partners, she was on the dance floor for nearly every song. Doing so much dancing in a warm room makes a person very thirsty the men made sure there was always a full drink at the table whenever she needed one. Because of this, Emily didn't realize just how much she had consumed. When there was a slow dance, the body contact became more and more intimate. At first it was no more than holding her tight against their bodies, which progressed to low back touching which led to gently cupping her ass. Light kisses on her neck and ears progressed to full open mouth deep kissing. With enough to drink, Emily's resistance became nonexistent; in short it felt good so she let it happen. When sitting at the table, it seemed there was always at least one hand on her leg, way, way up her leg. It felt good, it made her tingle, she let it happen, hell, and she wanted it. She was supposed to be having fun wasn't she?

By closing time, Emily found she could barely walk and needed help getting to and in the car. Sitting in the back seat between Bryan and Chris, she found herself being kissed while her dress hem was pushed up and the top pushed down. It wasn't long before there were two hands trying to slide into her panties and into her bra. With the last tiny bit of resolve she still had in her inebriated state, she finally realized what was happening and pushed their hands away, protesting that she didn't want to be forced into this in the back of Allen's car. That isn't what was supposed to be happening.

Bryan and Chris quickly backed off and apologized for getting out of control. They then slowly started taking turns kissing her, their hands staying on her back, gently stroking her.

When they arrived at Allen's place, she was gently helped inside where she was placed on the couch and given another drink. Music was turned on, slow dances where each man took turns dancing. Emily wasn't sure who or when it happened, but she suddenly realized that her dress had been unbuttoned and unzipped and was just hanging on her shoulders. When she started to protest, they all said that they had seen her in a very small bikini and she was wearing a bra and panties that was as large as the swimwear. It wasn't as if they were going to see any more than they had already. In her drunken logic it made sense, so she allowed her dress to be removed, leaving her in only a strapless bra and tiny bikini panties, and heels.

The dances continued and each man whispered to her just how lovely they thought she was and how good it felt to hold her. Each also whispered how they wished she would let them see just a little more, how they wanted to see her full breasts and nipples, how they would love to touch her and kiss her nipples. The talk had its desired effect and with only a token protest she allowed Allen to unfasten her bra and sip it off her swollen breasts, her rigid nipples pointing almost straight out in front of her. She first stood still in front of the three and let them look at her near nudity, they kept telling her how beautiful she was and how they couldn't believe she was allowing them to see her like this. They all agreed it was a dream they all had come true. Her body was tingling with excitement; her nipples were swollen and sensitive.

Chris asked her if there was any chance she would agree to removing her panties. Emily wasn't thinking straight and asked why, did they want to see her naked? They all agreed that every man who had ever met her wanted to see her naked. Emily thought that was funny and irrational. What was the big deal of seeing a woman naked, why did every man want to see women naked? They agreed it didn't make sense, but it was just how men are wired. They wanted to see her, they all agreed that from the first time they saw her, each wanted to see her tits and pussy. Would she let them see her, she was so close and what harm would it be?

Emily's mind was foggy and they were being open with their request, and after all what was the harm of showing them her naked body? She always liked the feel of being naked, and lately, with Jim's prompting she had begun to like the feeling of being naked in front of other men. Is this what Jim had wanted, for her to show them her naked body? Wouldn't Jim be encouraging her to take off her clothes if he had been there too? Weren't her tiny panties almost sheer anyway? They could see the shadow of her dark pubic hair through the nearly invisible material so what would be the harm of just a little bit more? With a sigh and remarking that they probably wouldn't stop until she did it anyway, she slid out of her heels and slipped her panties over her hips and down to the floor. She now stood totally naked in front of the three men who had won a bet over a stupid baseball game. Try as she might, she couldn't see how things had gone so far in this direction.

She closed her eyes and started to sway to the music that was still playing in the background. She began to loose herself in the music and before long began feeling that maybe this wasn't so bad after all. She did feel really sexy, her nipples and pussy tingled at the thought of three men seeing her like so few others had before. She liked how they looked at her and how gently they touched her nipples and ran their hand up her inner thighs to just brush her pubic mound and along her slit. God how hot that made her feel and how wet it was making her down there. She decided she liked showing them her big firm breasts and hard nipples and especially showing them her neatly trimmed pussy.

What she really wanted was to see if she was having any effect on their cocks, were they getting hard? She wondered how big they were. Why not ask them to show her? That sounded like a good idea after all why shouldn't she be able to look at naked men? They were always trying to see her naked why not look at their cocks and their balls? She suddenly wanted to see some real live hard man-meat. Guys were always bragging about their balls, she wanted to see just how much these three men had hanging between their legs.

Alcohol takes away inhibitions and Emily had been drinking all evening so to her fuzzy logic there wasn't any harm to ask the men to show her their cocks. After all she liked to see hard cocks especially real ones that she could touch, ones that were hard because she was naked and showing these men her most intimate parts. She felt wicked knowing that she really shouldn't be naked with these men, after all she was married and her husband wasn't even there. She wondered if he knew she was naked and if he would care. After all Jim had taken her clothes off her in front of some other men. Many times during their love making they would talk about her being naked and letting other men see her and touch her. This didn't seem too much different, she was sure Jim wouldn't mind. She did kind of wish Jim were here. She sure would like to have sex now. She would like to have sex with Jim right here in front of all three of these guys. She would just love to let them see her pussy open up and take all of Jim's long cock. The more she thought of making love to Jim, the hotter she got and the more she wanted to feel a cock buried deep in her pussy.

Chris was standing in front of her when her mind suddenly came back to the party. He reached for her and gently pulled her close as his body swayed with hers and the music. They danced, she completely nude, he only having removed his coat and shoes. She let him hold her, his left hand between them open on her right breast his right hand holding her ass cheek and fingers sliding up and down from her ass hole to nearly her pussy. He was reaching far enough that his fingers were picking up some of her natural lubrication and sliding it up and down her crack.

With more effort than she realized, she pushed away from him and whispered that if she was going to be naked, so should he. And with that she unbuttoned his shirt ever so slowly and then slid it off his shoulders and arms. Next she unbuckled his belt, unzipped his trousers and lowered them to the floor. As he stepped out of them, she removed his socks.

Kneeling in front of him she slid her hands from his ankles up the length of his legs and up to the waistband of his shorts. She ever so slowly pulled them down his hips over his erect cock and finally down to the floor where he stepped out of them and was as naked as she was. She then slid her hands back up his legs to stop at his throbbing cock where she put both hands around it holding it and slowly sucking the head into her mouth. She held it in her mouth for what seemed a long time but maybe was only 15 -- 20 seconds before sliding it out of her mouth and licking the spittle and precum off the head.

Emily next went to Bryan and repeated the dance and the stripping and sucking like she had done to Chris.

Last of all she went to Allen and again in a slow dance stripped him and sucked his cock.

Standing naked in front of the three naked men, Emily spoke to them in a voice barely above a whisper. She could barely stand by herself, the room seemed to tilt and spin slowly. She had to concentrate really hard to make sense to herself let alone to the men before her.

"I know I shouldn't be here like this with you three; I should be home with my husband. You shouldn't be seeing me naked like this and I shouldn't have stripped each of you and sucked on your cocks. Jim's not here, you are and I need someone to fuck me right now."

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