The Wager



"Fuck me," Alicia said. Well, not said exactly. She thought it as loud as she could, but she wouldn't be saying anything. Instead she ground her teeth into the rubber cock shaped gag in her mouth. A slight noise escaped her mouth and the man sitting at the desk looked up curiously. He raised an eyebrow as if to ask her a question but then shrugged his shoulders and turned his attention back to his screens, typing rapidly.

Alicia swayed there tied to a cross bar, wearing heels, the mouth gag and her favorite diamond earrings as she contemplated how she got in this position. The bet was a sure thing. There was no way to lose. How could she lose? And yet she did lose and was swaying naked in her friend's office while he ignored her to work.

The Bet

Two years earlier Alicia had met Rick at a coffee shop near his office and struck up a conversation. She was trying to make money for her home business and had just spend $12,000 on a website but didn't get anything from it. She and her web developer were sitting a table over and the developer had just asked for more money to build a Google AdWords campaign. Alicia said, "But I just paid you for a new website and SEO! But I haven't gotten any leads yet. And now you want even more money for an AdWords budget? When will I get results?" The developer shrugged and said, "Sometimes you don't! It's not my fault. Blame Google!" before storming out.

"Pardon me, but that didn't sound positive," Rick introduced himself. Alicia spent the next half hour talking through her frustrations with spending money on marketing and not getting any results. Rick listened carefully and asked her if she was serious about growing.

"Yeah, I just blew a bunch of money on that jerkwad. What do you think I'm trying to do? But I haven't found anything that works!"

Rick explained how he built growth plans for companies and he'd be interested in doing some free coaching for her. She was cute and he appreciated both her ambition and frustration in wanting to grow but getting screwed by a vendor who didn't have any clear metrics to abide by. The next week she met him at his office and they began a coaching relationship that lasted a few years. Along with the coaching went a little flirting, of course.

Both of them were married but enjoyed the banter with each other over a business driven conversation.

In May this year Alicia had gone into Rick's private bathroom and seen a picture on the wall of a nude woman standing on a sheet of ice in the middle of winter. Returning to the chairs and coffee she brought the picture with. "Who is this?"

He blushed, "Just a friend. Well, more than a friend. A few years ago we fooled around but then she found someone new. But that picture was beautiful so she let me keep it. I like beautiful women and I thought her standing on the ice in winter was stunning."

"Is that why you put up with me?"

"No! Well, kinda. You think about what we talk about and do some of it. That's why you've doubled your business in the past few years. But, yeah, you're sexy as hell. I'd love to have you standing in the corner as a piece of art for my office," Rick winked mischievously.

Alicia laughed, "Yeah and I'd love an all-expenses paid trip to Puerto Vallarta for me and my girlfriends. But neither of us are likely to get what we want, are we, Mister?"

She leaned forward to grab her coffee and flashed him a little cleavage. She had paid good money for these tits, and flirting with men was a good way to justify that purchase.

Rick laughed with her and made no attempt to hide his ogling. "Well, that may be true."

The two of them tittered nervously before Alicia changed the subject. "So, you watching the NBA finals?"

"Absolutely! Cavs in six!" He replied confidently while grabbing Alicia a Coors Light and himself a Summit Saga from his fridge.

"No fucking way. Warriors in five. Maybe even four!" Alicia taunted as she opened her beer at him.

"Keep dreaming, girl. LeBron wants this one. He can taste it."

Alicia grinned and said, "Wanna bet?"

Rick smiled and said quickly, "Yeah. If the Warriors win I'll buy your trip for you and your galpals. If the Cavs win, you come here and be some artwork for me for an afternoon."

"That's not fair," Alicia blurted.

"What's not fair about it?"

"You don't stand a chance. That's what's not fair. Agreed Mr. Sales Consultant Guy," Alicia grinned as she reached out to shake hands on the deal.

The Office 2:00PM

Who would have thought the Cavs would come back and win? But win they did and Alicia kept her end of the bargain. At 2PM sharp she stepped into Rick's office. He was on the phone with someone and pointed to the soft brown couch in the corner of the office. He was typing away on his laptop furiously, asking quiet but direct questions of the person on the phone.

"Are you sure that's what you said? I think you should walk away from this deal. I know. But if they won't work with you on your terms, you have to work with them on theirs. Are you sure that's what you want?" Rick's brow furrowed as he shook his head. "Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you." A pause. "Yes, come by if you need me. I understand. Bye."

Time stopped as he hung up the phone and Alicia inhaled deeply. Rick looked up, his driven business personality still there even as his mouth twitched with amusement. "Well, here we are. And frankly, when the Cavs were down 2-0 and then 3-1 I thought I was going to have to call a travel agent. But I was right about LeBron! I won't rub it in." He stood and went to the bar and poured Alicia a light Vodka Tonic with a wedge of lime. "Drink this." He raised his full coffee mug and they clinked glasses. "Here's to lucky bets and beautiful women!"

Alicia blushed and sipped her drink. "Yeah, I was so excited there, I told my friend I expected to win a trip and that she'd be coming with! I think I got her hopes up. But yeah, you won. So what exactly are you going to do with me?"

"You have five minutes to finish that drink, and then you will stand and I will prepare you to be my piece of art! Meanwhile, I have a bit of work to do," Rick winked and took off his suit coat and hung it on a hanger in his closet. He went into the bathroom and then opened a door Alicia had not been through before. It was always locked and even now, he didn't let her peek in. He leaned out and told her to keep her eyes on her drink while he rummaged around.

Two minutes later he reappeared with a box he seemed to struggle with. He set the box down and sat down on the floor. From the box he extracted an Allen wrench and a heavy disk on the floor. The disk was about two feet in diameter and had a hole in the center of it. A power cord trailed off but Rick did not yet plug it in. First he attached a three foot segment of steel chrome pole. And then to that he added a second.

"Stand up, please?" the question offered politeness veiled in the steel of command.

Alicia stood up and Rick directed her to stand next to the pole. Her five foot six body stood next to the six foot pole as he pulled out a cross bar and began to attach it. "You may sit and finish your drink, but you only have a minute or two before I will take the glass from you."

To the three feet wide chrome cross beam he hung two carabineer hooks with silken rope attached to them. Then he affixed a similar chrome tube through the base of the device and attached two similar hooks with rope. Stepping back he looked at Alicia and then back at the contraption. Alicia began to wonder exactly what she had gotten into and started with, "Um . . . "

Rick sat down with his cup of coffee. "I'm going to turn you into a work of art for a few hours. But that is all. We're friends and business associates so I will thoroughly enjoy my win but I won't take advantage of the situation. But now, Alicia, bottoms up with your drink. It's time to strip." He handed her two hangers and a cloth bag for her extras. "If you like you can do so in the bathroom but I will come get you in three minutes if you are not out here." He then quietly bent over and plugged in the device.

Alicia took the hangers and drained her drink. All the years of light flirtation had never led her to think she'd actually be nude in front of Rick. Sure, she had occasionally imagined herself in bed with him when her husband tried his boring attempts at lovemaking. Rick was firm and controlling in any situation - as he was here. But also patient to explain things she hadn't been trained on. He had admired her ambition but enjoyed seeing her curves and beauty. So. There it was, except now even more so. She handed him her glass and said, "I have nothing to hide from you, why start now?" with a smirk. She swiftly unbuttoned her blouse and stepped out of her skirt. As Rick had occasionally suspected, she rarely wore anything underneath and today there seemed no point. Her full breasts popping out and swaying slightly. She placed her blouse and skirt on the hangers provided and walked over to the closet.

Rick gulped as he took in his first full vision of this beautiful woman, her ass bouncing as she moved to the closet. But seizing command of himself he took her hand and led her to the contraption. "Stand on the disc," he said while lifting her right hand to the rope hanging down. Deftly he secured her hand in the rope while neither cutting off circulation nor giving her any hope of wiggling free.

Alicia breathed heavily, her breasts swelling up and down. She was wondering how far this would go. Just being nude in this office where she had done so much was an immense turn on. But also losing the ability to control the situation for three hours had her more than a little nervous. Then he took her left hand and did the same while looking straight at her face. She believed in action and here she was deprived of it. Her left hand was secured and then Rick tied both her feet to the bottom cross bar and she stood exposed on this gray disc. She could move her limbs a few inches each, so she wouldn't cramp up, but there was no illusion. If she tried moving too much, she would fall over on her face and not be able to stop it.

Pulling a small leather strapped cock from his pocket he instructed her to open her mouth and he slid it in when she did so. Then securing its straps around the back of her head, he tugged the straps tight to make sure it didn't move.

When he was satisfied Rick stepped back and sipped his coffee to appreciate his creation. He always thought Alicia was beautiful and now he was able to enjoy her in the full flower of her body. He stepped close to Alicia and kissed her quietly on the cheek. "This should be fun, my beauty. Try to enjoy it."

Then he stepped back and pointed a remote control at the base of the device. With the push of a button it began to turn slowly, exposing her naked body at every angle to the master of the room.

The Build Up

Two weeks previously Alicia watched game two of the NBA finals. Her Warriors were up a handy 2 games to none over the Cleveland Cavaliers and it didn't look like there was any fight left in the Cavs. She was sitting with her friend Nikki and let slip that she had something cooking.

"Do you watch basketball?"

"No, not really. I don't really do much with sports other than take my kids to practice. Why?"

Alicia nervously smiled and said, "I sort of have a bet going. The NBA finals are going on and I made a bet with that guy Rick I told you about. He thinks I'm hot and I bet him that if my team won the finals, he would buy us all inclusive tickets to Puerto Vallarta. My team is the Golden State Warriors and they are leading the series two to nothing!"

Nikki's eyes opened wide, "How many games more do they have to win?"

"Just two more and we get the trip!" Alicia gleefully said.

"Yeah, but what happens if the other team comes back and wins?" Nikki was curious. She knew that Alicia's relationship with Rick was flirtatious and often wondered why Rick gave so much time to her. She was sure that her friend was sucking him off or more and had occasionally asked, but Alicia always said no. And the two of them didn't keep secrets between each other, but still Nikki wondered. Alicia got a bit nervous, but Nikki pushed and asked, again, "What happens if you lose the bet?"

"I have to be 'art' in his office."

"What does THAT mean?!" Nikki panicked.

"Well, he gets to put me on display. I saw this nude picture in his bathroom and I asked about it. He said he likes the art of beautiful women on display in places you are surprised by. That led to our bet. He said he wants me to be living art for a few hours. But I'm not sure exactly what that means," Alicia felt nervous even telling her friend that much.

Nikki grinned, "He probably just wants to fuck you. Although why you're not fucking already I don't know. Or are you?"

"NO! I mean, I've thought about it when fucking Mark, but it's always so business with Rick. Plus, he's a bit scary."

Nikki smiled and asked, "What do you mean by that?"

"Well, he's very driven. He gets what he wants but has respect. Like, I don't know what he'd do if I'd lost the bet. Might be scary," Alicia tittered.

"Good thing you're going to win it then!" Nikki laughed. "You're taking me with you, right?"


Later that night Alicia watched her Warriors lose to the Cavs. Still up 2 games to 1 she was pretty confident she would win the bet, but if the Cavs made a series of it, that could be exciting. She thought about what it might be like to lose the bet. What would Rick make her do? Two nights later, she was beginning to make plans as her Warriors stormed back to take a commanding 3-1 lead in the series.

That night she climbed in bed with her husband and he started grabbing her tits. His breath smelled of whisky as he squeezed them artlessly His lips found hers and then her neck and a few short thrusts with his hips and she felt him dozing off on her chest. Fortunately he didn't orgasm this time and she didn't have to get up to wipe. It certainly wasn't the best experience she'd ever had. But he was her husband. And that was what she had. She rolled her husband off of her and her fingers found her buttons and begin playing with them. If her husband wouldn't get her off, she could imagine about what might have been at Rick's office. It was almost a certainty that she would win the bet as no team had ever come back from being down 3-1 in the NBA finals. The games would play themselves out, but Steph Curry would win her a trip and she would have fun. But what if she had lost? Her fingers circled her clit as she pondered and enjoyed a small orgasm at the thought of being naked in Rick's office.

The Office 2:20PM

Rick looked up from the clock. It was 2:20, but only he knew that. He had deliberately removed all time pieces from view and only the lower right corner of his computer screen kept him on track. He stood up and walked over to Alicia. Leaning back against the desk he looked at how beautiful she was. The gag was the only mar on her body, causing her to drool a little bit. Rick reached over with a tissue and wiped the drool off Alicia's chin.

As she stood on the spinning disk she started to sway her hips to some silent soundtrack in her head. She only had a few inches to work with but her ass moved back and forth, in and out while she played within her confined space. Rick stepped forward and touched her hip with two fingers and as she spun around he traced a line on her, the curve of her hip, her left ass cheek, the divot between them at the top, the right ass cheek and then around her right hip across her thigh and right at the top of her narrow tuft of hair.

Reaching for the remote in his pocket, Rick stopped the device, asking, "You probably should have some water. And would you like to use the bathroom?" His captive nodded yes but kept swaying her hips. He untied the silk ropes from her legs and while he worked on the ropes securing her arms Alicia slid her heeled foot up Rick's leg, enjoying her freedom. When she was completely free she stepped off the platform and slid her ass against Rick's body, finding him turned on. With a quick wiggle she felt him stiffen in his pants before she sauntered off to the bathroom, hips swaying.

Rick reached down and adjusted his hardening cock while she was temporarily absent. Shaking his head and smiling he grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. "Let it all come out now, you won't get another bathroom break for a while!" He got a mumbled response from the gagged woman which he presume meant she understood. While she was absent he made a quick adjustment to the poles on the device to mix things up.

When she returned, Rick removed the gag so she could drink the water. "Are you having fun?"

Alicia, sipped the water slowly, "Oh yes. God, it's so hot being there. I think I love it best when I watch you working and realize I really am just decorating your office. But then you look up and watch me for a minute. You bite your lip and it is cute."

Rick grinned, "Yeah, it is kind of a bigger version of what it is like to coach you. We flirt, I see you aren't wearing a bra and I lose track of where we are. I see you smile because you've caught me and then we get back on track. But finish your water Ms. Work of Art." Alicia finishes her water and tosses it expertly in the trash basket behind his's desk.

Alicia was led to the contraption, but this time the cross bar was only halfway up her body. As she was tied to the device she would have her arms out at her waist and not have them held above her head. Hands and feet tied, Rick leaned in as if to kiss her, but stopped just shy. She reached to kiss him back but he remained just out of reach, and slid his fingers up her chest and caught her throat between his forefinger and thumb. "Comfy?"

"Absolutely," she grinned lasciviously. "How do I look?"

"Ravishing. But unfortunately, I will need to put this on for the next little bit. I'm sure you'll understand." Reaching in his desk he drew out a red artists face mask that covered her whole face.

There were only holes for her nose and eyes, and as he secured it to her head, she asked,


"Because I wish it. I also wish silence at this time. Do you need the ball gag as well?"

"No. I'm just curious," She replied before swaying her hips at him again. Her eyes smiled and he turned the rotation device on again.

Rick returned to his desk, and began typing, catching himself biting his lip but he let it go because she had mentioned it. A few minutes later there was a quick knock at the door. He stood and went over, and opened it slightly. Alicia's heart jumped. What was going on? Here she was, fully nude on display and now someone else was coming in the office. Seconds later, the door was opened fully and another man in a blue striped suit walked in and immediately noticed her.

"Rick, my god man, is that even legal? Where do you get one of those?" The stranger was British, but that didn't stop him from ogling Alicia's naked frame as her red masked face turned to look him in the eye. Looking her up and down he commented, "And where did you get that rotator device? That's delightful - and quite perfect."

Rick quickly stepped between the stranger and Alicia. "She lost a very creative bet. I admired her for making it, and I admire her even more for being a good sport in losing. But Roger - it's look but don't touch." Roger was reaching his hand out to caress a breast but quickly drew back at the rebuke.

The man called Roger leaned in, looking carefully at Alicia as she spun slowly. "Damn. Well, excellent catch. Those arms look like she has some martial arts training or aggressive lifting. Those tits look expensive, though. You remember how I bought Martha some a few years ago and the really good ones - like these - are NOT cheap. The trick is to leave no scars." Then squatting down to get a closer view, "And runners thighs and those abs, wow. My grandmother could do laundry on those." They all could see Roger looking closely at her pussy, but no one commented about the obvious explicitness of the scene. "Well, if she likes making bets, I'd be happy to wager with her!"

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