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The Wager


I would like to extend my thanks to BaddKittin for her work on this tale. Thank you M'lady.

I must admit, I'm at a loss for words to explain how I ended up here. My life isn't exactly thrilling. It's filled with normal things, the mundane if you will. At least it was until a few days ago.

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm, well for the sake of this story, why don't we call me Madame V. I tend not to use my real name when I play on the site, the game site I favor. I play backgammon and other board games with people I've met on line. Some I talk to, some I don't. Some I laugh with and some I...well, you'll see.

I remember looking in the waiting room, where people post games and seeing his name. Something about it seemed dark, almost mysterious. I sat at the computer wondering what the "Master Of Illusions" might mean? I was no stranger to the traditional master/submissive scenario. I had at one time...well, that's another story.

Clicking on accept to start the game, I waited for his first move and he didn't disappoint. His words were as cryptic as his name saying, "Good evening Lady V, shall we play a game?"

In for a penny, in for a pound I replied, "Why of course good sir, would you care to wager on the outcome?

His silence lead me to believe I might have overstepped my boundaries so early in our repartee. But anon I read his reply, "An interesting thought my dear but are you willing to pay the price, should you lose?"

I must admit, I was a bit taken aback by his words but foolishly I quickly replied. "I pay my debts Sir, might I ask if you do the same?"

My words must have spoken volumes as he replied, "A thousand pardons M'lady, I did not mean to insinuate such. Perhaps it best we simply play and I will curb my tongue. A thousand apologies."

I couldn't help it, I had to let my own special personality spring forth. "Well, that would depend on where you're going to put that tongue, boy. But if you're afraid of losing, I understand."

A momentary pause and then, "I fear no man nor no woman Miss, I accept your wager, whatever it may be. May the best player...win", and with that, the game was on.

The game was backgammon and as move followed move, the lead swung back and forth like a pendulum. Neither side enjoying too much of a lead, the outcome certainly in doubt until the final roll. I sat there, staring at the screen, a single player remaining on the board. One single die away from victory which had been snatched from my hands, his final roll staring back at me, the double threes.

I saw the indicator flash; the message which had came through and I opened it. "A well-played game M'lady, both ways. It seems victory, is mine. You owe me...a wager."

I sat there, once again my eyes affixed to the screen. My fingers shaking a bit as I typed back, "Yes, it would seem that way."

Sitting there, waiting, watching I felt my heart race and he must have sensed the same. Not allowing me the easy way out, he said, "Very well then, you will find the price of your loss tonight, here, in a message to be read at nine. Until then, farewell."

The rest of the day was a blur. Watching the clock, which seemed to take hours to move minutes, the pace a crawl. Walking back and forth, wondering, waiting, watching to see if he would reappear on the site. My watch was to no avail until finally I simply gave up. Laying down for a brief minute to rest only, to fall into a dream filled slumber.

The next thing I knew, I awoke to find the room filled with darkness. My heart jumped from my chest as I turned to see the clock on the nightstand showing thirteen minutes past the designated time. I literally ran to the computer to find he had been as good as his word.

Once again, I could feel my heart pounding as I read, "11 o'clock tonight, 1105 Oak Lane. The door will be open, your instructions will await you. You shall pay your wager, this night. M.O.I."

The message had been precisely at nine, he had logged off immediately after. To send a reply would be useless. My body collapsed into the chair, reading his words over and over again, trying to find a way out.

Of course, the easy way out would be to simply not go, to block him from contacting me again. For some reason, I couldn't, I wouldn't. My life had been staid, boring for far too long, and I sensed this might be a moment in time. One I would regret if I didn't accept it and pay the price of my wager.

With a sigh, I stood, moving slowly toward the door, picking up my keys and heading out into the night. It seemed so silent, no sound at all as I started the car and began to drive. I knew the address, the part of town an affluent one. As, I drove slowly towards the destination, my mind was awash with thoughts, though none of them prepared me for what I would find.

I arrived only two minutes early, shaking my head as if awakening from a dream, seeing the house in the darkness ahead. I walked up the steps, looking all around, for a sign, for something to tell me if this was wrong or right. The night and its silence was the only answer I found.

Walking to the front door, I saw it stood slightly ajar as he had said it would be. A single candle flickered from within, the only illumination I would find. There lay a red rose, atop a single piece of parchment, written in ink as if from olden days. I couldn't help it, my hands trembled as I picked it up to read.

"Your wager is to play your part in the act which is about to transpire. I'm sure you are familiar with the age-old tale of The Man In The Iron Mask, fair lady. Well tonight, you have the opportunity to relive the tale, playing your own role. One of the tormentor, the beautiful woman who would use him for her own decadent pleasure with no regard for another's desire but her own. Go up the stairs, he awaits you. Do not leave this place, not until you find your desire...sated. Go...now."

I looked up, the stairs awaiting, another candle flickering from an open door. I saw shadows play against the darkened hallway. Shuddering, feeling as if a ghost had walked across my path, I began to take the steps, one at a time. Walking slowly towards my destination and who might await.

With each passing step, my heart felt as if it were to leap from my chest, my hands gripping the railing with such force that my hands were snow white. Afraid to let go until suddenly I stood on the landing, where the open door beckoned me. I took a deep breath, straightened my shoulders, and walked into the room. My eyes growing wide at the vision which lay before me.

As I had said, I was no stranger to the seamy realm if you will. The man who lay before me oozed sex from every pore, though in reality there were none available but one. You see he was encased from head to toe in black leather. His entire body was as dark as the night with the exception of his manhood.

The almost straightjacket-like device kept him motionless. The hood he wore provided him with no sight, no ability to speak, a form of a gag going along with the restraints that kept him as still as if he were not of this earth. The only visible sign of his being alive, the way his chest would slowly move up and down. That, and his obvious arousal.

Walking closer, I wondered if he knew there was another there I took in the sight of him. His body was obviously muscular, the leather fitting him like a second skin. My eyes did not stray for long. Looking down, I saw the rings which captured his lone visible flesh, simultaneously assuring his arousal and I licked my lips, my pleasure.

I undressed slowly, letting my garments slip to the floor until I stood there in garter belt, stockings and heels. The color of black was now as predominant as the night outside the abode. There would be no need for foreplay; my body now screamed its desire. The ache purely physical, the need great. With a single motion I took him in hand and guided him home.

On my knees, my eyes closing in pure delight my audio senses heard the muffled moan which escaped his leather clad lips. I smiled, knowing full well this was what not just one, but what both of us, had wished for. His need to serve was now united with my search for the perfect man. One who existed merely as an instrument of my own decadence. A vessel to be...used.

Slowly I began to move, letting him slip free inch by inch only to once again slide downward, my sex capturing his, the feeling of fullness, the intensity of the moment almost beyond words. I know not why but words did come, they slipped from my lips as easily as he did between my legs. I heard a voice, my voice say, "You must have displeased the king greatly my good sir to find yourself here in such a manner, did you not?"

Once again words failed him, a soft groan following as I continued. "A lifetime of servitude in this manner might bring a man to madness, don't you think?" With that I let my hands slip to my breasts, the fingers capturing nipples, the hardness quick, the flame burning even brighter. I had read of such somewhere and as I pulled, tugged and twisted harshly at the pointed flesh. The point...was well taken.

I felt it rising, the tide which signaled my orgasm as my body began to move a bit faster. I concentrated while my partner played his silent role, lost in his own world as I was in the fantasy. Suddenly, without warning, it hit, my back arching, my cry almost like a wild animal, my eyes rolling back in my head. I flooded him, the leather quickly coated with my desire. The proof of my pleasure gleamed against the material even in the dim candlelight.

Finally I allowed my breathing to slow, my body to relax as I leaned down. My body now resting on his, my face next to the mask he wore. My voice, almost purring, certainly seductive in sound saying, "That's the first of many my pet, 'tis a shame you can't join me, isn't it?"

I felt his body tremble underneath mine as I smiled once again. I let my hand trace his face, the leather both cool yet the skin underneath so warm. I wondered where his thoughts might lie. If his mind had simply surrendered to his physical need, allowing it to rule him as I did his body.

So, the night continued. I lost track of the number, one moment of pleasure melting into the next until finally I had fulfilled my part of the wager, I was indeed to the point where I could continue no more. For the last time I slowly withdrew, my eyes watching as he came into view. His hardness coated almost completely white, the remnants of my own desire a testament to his efforts.

I sat down beside him on the bed, dawn still a few hours away as I looked down upon the helpless prey before me. My hand reaching out, my nails almost gently tracing him, the metal apparatus which encircled him. He trembled yet again, a muted sound, almost pleading with me, and I knew I could not resist the call.

It was not an easy thing, freeing him from the rings which had kept him from joining me this night. Somehow, though, I thought that this could not end, not without a fitting climax, if you will pardon the pun. With that, I allowed him to slip within the folds of my sex. This time though I knew that in a matter of moments he would join me so I simply said, "What the king does not know, I shall not tell him good sir. Now, fill me, my pet." I felt him shudder, his seed exploding deep within, joining my wetness, marking us as one.

I freed myself, this time his desire and mine easily seen as I dressed in silence. My eyes unable to look away from the figure who lay there silent except for his labored breathing. Finally I walked to the headboard, leaning down, kissing him softly where his lips would have lain, the leather forming the pattern. With a sigh, I took his leave.

I was only a mile or so from the home when my cell rang. I picked it up. There wasn't even time to say hello, only to hear, "Very well done M'lady. I watched it all. A magnificent performance."

With that I gasped, quickly turning the car around, within minutes returning to the scene of the crime. I found the door open, the leather suit laying on the doorstep, the rose, its red in sharp contrast to the black garment resting on top.


Thank you as always for taking the time to read my words. Please take a moment to vote and I would ask if you so desire comment. I welcome your feedback.

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